Notes/Summary: This is one of those fics where Relena has to learn and accept that Heero and Duo are together. But first, Duo must protect her from any potential harm before and during her peace conference. The title doesn't make any sense right now, but it's foreshadowing and has meaning now and later. Uh...never mind...just read it...This is more of a stress relief fic since I don't have to give it much direction but know what I'm going to do with it. So it will be worked on whenever I have the time and updated on and off ^^;;
Part I

Duo stared at Heero. The Japanese boy had not moved for hours, much less breathed. He was hooked to a respirator and various other things. He was alive but the doctor had said that he might be out for about two to three months. Heero had a few broken ribs, a deep gash on his head, and a bunch of scrapes and bruises. But this was Heero, he'd be back on his feet in a few weeks, according to Trowa, who had previously nursed him back to health before. Duo held Heero's hand tightly, hoping the unconscious boy would be able to read his violet eyes and his thoughts.

Come on Heero...wake up

The chances of him waking up were getting less and less as each hour passed and he lost his grip on life more and more. The American pilot was getting more and more worried. His eyes started to get warmer and warmer.

Boys don't cry, Duo. Boys don't cry.He tried to hold it in but he just couldn't. He ran out of the room and covered his face.

"Finally! You came out! You're not the only one who wants to see Heero you know!" The snobby girl quipped to the braided boy. She stormed into Heero's room. She had been waiting for three hours now. And that whole time, they all saw that Duo only sat there and looked at him. She was on the verge of breaking the viewing window and dragging him out, had he not come out a minute sooner. She paused as she was about to close the door and stuck her nose in the air. "At least you could've tried and be pleasant for Heero!" She went back into his room.

Duo put his head on Quatre's shoulder and started to sob as quietly as he could. "Dammit Quatre! Why did he have to do it!? Why!? That missile was aimed for me!" Quatre said nothing and stroked Duo's hair like a mother does for a child and tried to calm him.

"Come on Duo. Try to calm down." Quatre brought him to the waiting room. Trowa stayed behind to wait for Relena to come out.


Relena closed the door behind her. She knew yelling at Duo wasn't going to help anything but she felt it was his fault. Nothing was ever Heero's fault. Not Heero. He was perfect.

She walked up to his bed and sat down. The only noise was the respirator and the heart monitor. She tried to be as pleasant as she could in this situation, trying to make small talk. The fact that he was unconscious didn't bother her.

"Don't worry Heero. You'll wake up soon. You may not love me, but I love you. And you have to wake up. For Du-" Relena began to cry. The thought of the other boy had made her bring up too many unhappy memories. Most of which were of them fighting and Heero pointing a gun at the two of them. Relena continued to cry for a while.

Then she felt something move. The arm underneath her hands twitched a little. "Heero?"

His eyebrows moved slightly in pain and he grimaced as she unknowingly dug her nails into his arm. "...Du...Duo..."

Relena smiled a little as Heero opened his eyes in the dark room. "Heero. I'm here." She turned around to see if the others were there. She only saw the silhouette of a tall boy there. "Trowa is still here. Do you want to see him?"

The Wing pilot was still not at his full senses. "Where's Duo?" he murmured dazedly.

Relena's smile faded. She looked away from him. She was _not_ going to let him see her cry. "I...I'll go find him..." She stuttered as she left the room. She found Duo in the waiting room, still crying on Quatre's shoulder. "He wants to see you."

Duo looked up. His eyes were still wet and red. He nodded and got up. The braided boy stumbled at his feet and Quatre helped him up. Duo shook his head to show that he could walk and went to Heero's room door. He reached for the knob but he couldn't open it. He couldn't bring himself to open it. His hands were shaking. Only an inch away. He could have opened the door. But instead, he slid down on the to his knees. "I can't do it..."


Hours later, Duo finally was calm again. It was late. Quatre had fallen asleep on Trowa's shoulder and Trowa's jacket was draped over the two of them as they slept peacefully. Duo paced back and forth. He had just went into the room with Relena to see if Heero would wake up again and ran out when he felt Heero twitch a little when he squeezed the Wing pilot's hand. As the braided boy walked around the room for the tenth time, Relena came out.

"Heero is awake again." She stated this plainly to Duo. Then with a little more triumph in her voice she said "You could have at least been the first thing he saw when he woke up. And you claim to be the one who loves him." She scoffed and scowled at Duo. "Coward."

That was the final straw. Duo Maxwell was many things but he was not a coward. Or was he? Stop trying to seem brave. You know that you're afraid to see him in this condition. You know you're the cause. Coward. "Shut up shut up shut up!" Duo's little outburst caused the sleeping couple to stir a bit in their confused, semi-awake state.

"Relena-sama," he added -sama with spite in his voice. "you do not _love_ Heero in the same way that I do. You don't understand him! You weren't the one who knew what he had to go through during training, you're not the one who comforts him when he blames himself for past sins, you're not the one who knows what it means to be 'the Perfect Soldier,' you're not the one who tries and makes him forget and live in the present! What you feel for Heero is not love, it's just possesion of something that you can never get! You already own the whole damn world, do you have to steal him from me too, God dammit!" Duo slapped Relena on the face. Hard.

Relena felt the force of the angry pilot's hand, his words enforcing every ounce of pain on her pale complexion. She absent-mindedly touched the burning sensation on her cheek and opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it. Is that true? Is that how I feel about Heero?

After Duo had realized what he had done, he dropped his hand, allowing gravity to control it. "Gomen, Relena-sama." he stated calmly as he reached for the door. "But I do mean what I said."

And, just like a ghost, Quatre had watched this entire scene quietly, while pretending to still be asleep. Uh-oh...This kinda thing can never be good... And as if his lover had read his thoughts, Trowa nodded.

End Part I