Not So Special

By Jessarie

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Voldemort's eyes narrowed in confused shock. "What did you say?" he asked. He was nowhere near man enough to admit his voice came out a bit breathless. Well, only to himself. He was Tom Marvolo Riddle, the only self-made Dark Lord and he was being made fun of. He was sure of it.

The younger man in front of him smirked. Harry Potter's perpetually messy hair fluttered in the slight May breeze that floated through the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"I said." Harry began stressing his words as though he was talking to a small child. "Hello, Tom. Lovely day for a duel, isn't it?" Harry repeated.

"My name is Lord Voldemort." Responded Voldemort through his now clenched teeth.

"NOPE!" Harry yelled back. "Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom."

Someone gasped. The students in the nearby crowd froze. The Death Eaters paused and lowered their wands. Who in their right mind taunts a Dark Lord?

"I could kill you right now." Voldemort said gripping his wand tighter and pointing it towards Harry.

Harry laughed. He laughed so hard he couldn't catch his breath. His stomach began to hurt, and he hunched over. He tried to stop, but the giggles kept creeping back in.

"What is so funny?" Voldemort asked, wand lowering slightly.

"Lucius Bloody Malfoy has a better chance at killing me than you do." Harry continued nodding to the blond man standing to their left.

"No offense, Malfoy." The eldest Malfoy looked shocked, then smug, then proud.

"Wha…" Voldemort began, but Harry cut him off.

"Anyone else on these grounds could kill me." Harry said. "So could a cat, if it had half a mind to."

Harry took a deep breath. "Even a very determined duck could kill me."

"The point is…" Harry said strongly. "that you Tom Riddle are not special. Not even a little bit. Because out of all the things that could kill me, you will be the one least likely to do so. You are not fucking special."

"Language! Mr. Potter!" Professor McGonagall shrieked from somewhere in the crowd.

"Sorry, ma'am." Harry said glancing in the direction her voice had come from. Voldemort looked too.

Harry swiftly raised his wand before anyone could tell what was happening and uttered two final words. "Avada Kedavra."


The inspiration for this story came from an image on the MuggleNet Facebook Page:

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