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Genre : Romance, Hurt/Comfort

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"You just asked me what kind of things that can make me cry? Even the death of my parents and brothers couldn't made me cry. Why shinobi has to cry? I hate to hear a question with an irrational answer!"

-Tobirama Senju

Chapter 1 : The Encounter

"Hey, wake up!"

That morning, I was surprised by a voice of an unknown boy. Without paying attention at my effort to woke up from my very-comfortable nap, He tried to shout as loud as possible and finally, his voice becoming quite clear to hear.

"Hey, wake up! You shouldn't sleep at this place! Hey, wake up!"

Now, the boy was trying to shake my body. Maybe, that was his reaction for my none-action. Perhaps He thought that I didn't want to wake up from my deep sleep. Slowly, I tried to open my eyes, to saw who was talking with me right now.

I had a trouble with my eyesight. I couldn't see an object clearly in a far distant. As a kunoichi, this was a great distraction because I lived in never-ended-war era, when shinobi had to fight so hard to got whatever they wanted. I realize, maybe that was the boy's reason waking me up. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a silhouette of a 9-years-old boy with a shaggy hair.

"Oh mean! Have you wake up yet?"

And the boy tried to pull my hand, forced me to wake up. I was grimacing a little and tried to sit. Finally, I woke up from my deep sleep this morning. And also, I took my hand back from him.

Now I could see the boy clearly. That boy, I thought I had ever met him before. He had a fair skin with a white shaggy hair and a pair of sharp crimson eye. He wore a navy vest and brown-stripped trousers, tied with a black rope in his waist. The boy gave me a sharp gaze with his crimson eyes.

'Is he, an Uchiha?'

I tried to pay a lot of attention on his eyes. It was a crimson eyes but ir was different with sharingan. There were nothing inside his crimson eyes. Differ with Uchihas, they had three (or two or one but I've never seen four) spots which looked similar with a coma who called 'tomoe'. I ever saw them in a battlefield.

"What are you looking at?"

The boy's question made me so surprise, it was force me to bring back my focus on him who standing in front of me right now. His eyesight made me quite uncomfortable.

"Err, nothing" I said simply.

Now the boy paid a lot of attention on me. He looked at me from my head to toe like he had never seen a human before and it made me scare of him. I knew it wasn't a good thing to took a rest in this area. This area was a borderland between Senju, Uchiha and my clan, Hagoromo.

"And you? What are you looking at?" I ask the same question as him.

I thought my question had made him quite surprise.

"What are you talking about? It's me who have to ask, What are you doing here? This is a dangerous place!" The boy seemed annoyed.

"Take a rest" I answered his question simply.

"What? Take a rest here? Are you dumb or you don't understand anything? I repeat my words. This place is DAN-GER-OUS!" He used a different tone in his last word.

"Hey! I know this is a dangerous area" I also used a different tone in 'dangerous' word. "I think even the newborn child already known it"

"So, if you have known about it, why you still laid down in this area?" Are you really stupid or..."

"Hey! Stop calling me stupid! We don't know each other but you already calling me stupid" I gave him a hard protest.

That boy. I didn't know why. He gave me a strange smile (i didn't know what's the meaning of his smile, but I thought he was laughing at me or he was mocking me?)

"If you're not stupid, why you choosed to take a rest in this area?"


I thought he said a right thing. This wasn't a save place for laying around. Also, I didn't remember why I decided to take a rest in this place.

"Somebody's coming" said the boy suddenly. Soon, he took me to hide the bushes nearby. He also put his hand on my mouth to avoid us making some noises.

From my glance inside the bushes, I could see two big man walking in front of us. That men seemed unaware of our presence. I tried to look at their armor. That's it! They were my dad's bodyguards from Hagoromo Clan but unfortunately I didn't remember their name. I guess they came here to looking for me.

'Oh My! How long I have slept here?'

I changed my look to the boy beside me. His crimson eyes stared at them sharply. He kept following their movement with his sharp eyes until that men had walked further.

My breath started to running out. He put his hand so tight on my mouth. I was trying to get away from him, to make me breath normally.

"Ssh! They're not going farther. Don't move!" He spoke to me slowly as he put his hand tighter than before.

All that I could do was only sighing. His grip was so strong and it was quite hurt. I just followwed his instruction as I tried to took the oxygen as much as I could. I thought I had gotten a lung disfunction in this long 10 minutes.

At least 10 minutes long, He set me free from the bushes (I thought I was reborned!). I still catched my breath, then I looked at the boy. His sight still on the way where that Hagoromo men had already disappeared.

"They have been gone from our view a long time ago but why you just set me free right now?" That was my first words towards him when I had managed my breath. "By the way, what are you looking at?"

"Nothing" replied the boy toneless. "Just go home!"

The boy stood in front of me and walk away. He kept walking without paying attention on me who still sitting at the ground.

"Oh! And one more thing.. " He looked down at me. "Don't sleep everywhere! This earth isn't yours"

Huh! That boy! Finally, I had found a word to describe his attitude. He was an arrogant boy. Or, should I said he was a rude boy? But however..

"Thank you!" I said it loudly to made him hear my voice. Because now he had already quite far from me.

I could see he smiles to me vaguely. I didn't know what kind of smile was that but I was pretty sure He really smiled at me.

"Hey, I haven't introduce my self to him!"

I looked at him again and surprisingly he had already gone.

'Does he a shinobi? I'm sure a normal people will not disappear as fast as him'

Wait a minute. If he was a shinobi, which clans he belonged to?

"Nozu! Here you are!"

Suddenly I turned around. Such a familiar voice and I found my older brother, Nozomi not far from me.

"Bro, what's going on?" I walked towards him. He came with 3 bodyguards from our clan.

"You went too long and Dad started to worry. Dad and I thought someone from Senju or Uchiha had arrested you. I have told you before. Never look for the herbs in the borderline area" He answered my simple question with a long words.

"I'm really sorry. I couldn't find the herbs in our area because of the type of soil doesn't support it to grow the herbs. The soil in these borderline area supports better. Look!" I reached out my pocket. "I have found the flower of water lily, the most important herbs at all"

"Fortunately, they didn't suspect or arrest you. Dad was so worry. He also told his men to looking for you"

'What? Dad told his men to look for me? So.. I was true. The men before were my dad's bodyguards'

"But it's okay. I have found you.. Hey? What's wrong with your clothes? Did you fall down?" Nozomi asked me.

"Emm.. yes.. I fell when I was trying to pick the cherries. But it happened in our area. Don't worry" I answered him quickly when I was looking at his worry face. I was lying to him. Actually my clothes were dirty because I hid inside the bushes with that white hairboy.

"Huh! Be careful next time! You haven't control your chakra well. You must to learn more!" He grabbed my hand. "Let's go home!"

"Eh.. seriously? You will train me to control the chakra today? Bro, please train me until I can do it perfectly" I asked him excitedly. I wished he will grant my wish.

"Of course" he replied me soon. "Let's go home and we'll make a medicine for mom" he smiled to me.

"All right!" I replied him excitedly and looked at the flower inside my hand. "If we have found this. Mom will get well soon"


"Tobirama, where have you been?"

The boy with his white shaggy hair looked at someone who called him. A taller and older boy was walking towards him. The boy had a tanned skin, a black short-bob-styled hair and he wore a white usual kimono clothes with a black armlet in his wrist.

"I went to the borderline area. There was a girl laid down in that place. Fortunately I came on time. The next minutes, two men from Hagoromo passed by. They didn't know we were there" explained the boy named Tobirama.

"Wah.. you're so kind! You helped that girl!" Said the black-short haired boy happily.

"Brothers, come in! Dinner is ready!"

The black haired boy waved his hand towards a smaller boy. That boy had a half black and white hair. "Okay Itama. Thanks!"

"Let's come in, Tobirama!" Said the elder boy, Hashirama to his younger brother.

"Yep" answered Tobirama soon. He looked at his older brother. His brother was giving a mischievous smile towards him.

"Don't give me such a smile like that" He said to his brother nonchalantly.

"Hahahaha.. I will give you a better smile if you stop pouting everytime!" Hashirama pat his brother's shoulder.


This time, Tobirama replied his brother with a sincere smile.

'I guess I have ever met the girl before. But, where was it?'

Tobirama tried to remember it, while the girl's face still on his mind.

'Is she also a shinobi?'


I didn't know how long it had been since I was helped by the white haired boy. Emm.. I guessed it happened two weeks ago. If I remembered the date correctly.

This morning I got the same task from my dad. I had to looking for herbs to made my mom's medicine. Mom had been sick for two weeks. Her body was so weak until we found her unconscious one day.

I walked down in the forest slowly. Little by little, the sunlight pierced through the trees, brought a warm and bright atmosphere this morning. This was so different with my house. I sighed as I remembered the latest condition in my home during these 2 weeks. My dad, he kept hitting many things inside our house as he yelled "That bastard Butsuma Senju! I will give you a huge revenge!". I just heard it from my room and it scared me a lot. I didn't know who is Butsuma Senju. Dad also yelled 'I will make you feel the worst pain ever!" As he hit some tree trunks in our yard. He looked so depressed with my mom's health. Either do my brother and my younger sister, Hana.

I knew that the man named Butsuma Senju was the leader of Senju Clan. But I had never met him before. I just saw his face in a painting. Wait a minute.. a painting?

I stopped in the middle of the street. I just realized I never saw the painting again. The painting of Senju Family. I remembered there were 6 peoples inside. Their father, Butsuma Senju was a man with a big body and tanned skin. He had a shoulder-length black hair. Their mother, the only woman in their family, was a woman with fair skin, crimson eyes and long white haired. They had 4 sons but I just remembered their faces vaguely. I guessed there were a boy with black hair, brown hair, half-black-and-white hair (The boy attracted me so much. When you had ever seen a boy with different hair color?) and..

A boy with white hair.

I stunned. For a long time, I just realized, the white haired boy who I met before in the forest was similiar with the boy in the painting. But was that true I remembered the painting well?



I looked at the bushes behind me automatically. I dare myself for looking what's behind the bushes.



Unfortunately, my skill for hiding was so bad. I stepped on a dry leaf. I didn't know why I didn't see it. I stunned, trying to feel the movement from the voices. Once again, I tried to see who was the man behind the bushes.

"Just get out of your place! You don't need to hide no more!"

I keep stunned. I had to train my self more how to hide myself. However, there were another thing which made me so surprised. The voice of that guy was familiar. I walked closer to him, to see who was him actually.

That shaggy white haired boy with a pair of sharp crimson eyes who I had meet 2 weeks ago now standing in front of me.

We were met again by fate. This encounter felt so odd for me.

To Be Continued..


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