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I stared happily out the car window at the trees and buildings, trying to decide whether to get chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Maybe Dad would let me get a scoop of both. He was taking me to get ice cream —just the two of us. This was a rare occasion since he was always busy doing sports stuff with my twin brother, Emmett. Since I wasn't athletic at all, our together time was few and far between.

"Dad..." I turned to ask him but stopped when I saw he was turning into the market parking lot. "Wait…why are we here?" I asked, confused.

"Sorry, Bells, I got a call. Hopefully, this won't take too long." He glanced over his shoulder at me.

I sat back against the seat in disappointment as he stopped in front of the store. Mr. Hooper came out the front door dragging a boy about my age with him. When the boy looked up, I recognized his dirt-smudged face, even though his glasses were broken. I was shocked to see Teddy Cullen looking the way he did.

"Sit tight, don't get out of the car." He grabbed his police hat and placed it on before opening his door.

I couldn't hear what was being said, but Mr. Hooper appeared angry, and Teddy was staring at his feet, scuffling the dirt, creating a cloud of dust. Dad said something back to Mr. Hooper then placed a hand on Teddy's shoulder. He led him to the back door of the car, and with a scowl, Teddy slid into the seat next to me.

"Buckle up," Dad ordered, slamming the door.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed the belt. When he twisted his body for the buckle, he spotted me—his eyes widened.

"Did your dad arrest you too?" he asked.

"Of course not. We're supposed to be getting ice cream. What did you do?"

"I stole a candy bar," he said with a grimace.

"Why?" I asked.

Before he could answer me, Dad got back in the car. "I don't want the two of you talking. I have to bring Edward to his parents, and then I'll bring you home, Bells."

"What about the ice cream?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, but by the time I finish getting him to his house and talk with his parents, I'll need to get Emmett to bring him to his game," Dad explained.

"Why can't Mom bring him just this once," I pleaded.

Dad snorted, and his mustache twitched. "Because your mother knows nothing about baseball. Besides, I'm the assistant coach; I should be there."

I glared out the window and tugged on one of my braids, trying to hold back my tears. The ride passed in an uncomfortable silence with only the occasional noise from the police scanner. Dad turned off the main road and drove down a long driveway, coming to a stop in front of the biggest house I had ever seen. Dad got out and met with a woman who had to be Teddy's mother.

"I'm sorry," Teddy whispered from beside me.

I glanced at him, and he gave me a half-hearted smile. "Why did you steal a candy bar when it's obvious your family is rich?"

He blinked furiously and scowled. "James made me do it. I tried to refuse, but he beat me up and broke my glasses. He only stopped when I agreed. I planned on paying for it, but James was watching me too closely."

"Did you tell my dad?" I asked.

"I can't; James would kill me if I snitch," Teddy answered, pushing his glasses up his nose, but they just slipped down again.

"He can't kill you; he's only eight like us. Exaggerate much?" I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, but I don't want to be used as his personal punching bag. You're lucky you're Emmett's sister," Teddy said.

"What does Emmett have to do with anything?" I asked, growing annoyed. I hated the fact that I was only known as Emmett's sister—not Bella.

"James won't bother you since the only guy he's afraid of is him. Remember what Emmett did to Mikey for tripping you in line at the water fountain last year?" Teddy smiled slightly.

"Yeah." I nodded.

It was really gross; Mikey's nose gushed blood everywhere. Dad was proud of Emmett for defending me. Mom not as much as she thought it was wrong for Emmett to resort to violence. They argued about it while they thought we were sleeping.

"Edward, let's go." Dad opened his door and ordered him out of the car.

"You should tell them the truth," I whispered to Teddy.

He looked back over his shoulder at me but didn't say anything. Dad placed a hand on his shoulder and marched him over to Mrs. Cullen. She had a look of disappointment and confusion on her face. I was still watching him as Dad drove away.

"I'm sorry about the ice cream, Bells. I'll make it up to you," Dad broke the silence.

"Dad, Edward is the class nerd," I stated.

"That's not a very nice thing to say, Isabella," he scolded.

"I didn't mean it like that. He's the smartest kid in class and is never in trouble. He also gets picked on for it," I explained, wringing my hands on my lap.

"What are you trying to get at, Bells?" Dad met my eyes in the review mirror.

"James Turner forced Teddy to steal that candy bar. When he tried to refuse, James beat him up, that's how his glasses got broken," I told him, hoping Teddy wouldn't be too upset with me for tattling.

"Did Edward tell you that?" Dad questioned.

"Yes, he was scared to tell you, because he was afraid James would beat him up again," I explained.

"Hmmm…" Dad responded, tapping on the steering wheel.

When we got home, Dad let me out as Emmett came running from the house, dressed for his game. Even though he was my twin, he had at least two inches on me. People tended to think I was his younger sister.

"I'm ready for the game." He pounded his fist into his glove.

"Let's get going then." Dad grabbed Emmett's bat to place it in the trunk. "Son, do you know James Turner?"

"Yeah, he's a real jerk." Emmett shrugged, not interested in talking him.

"Is he friends with Edward Cullen?" Dad asked.

"I don't know any Edwards." Emmett shook his head.

"He means Teddy Cullen." I rolled my eyes. I was irritated that Dad was asking Emmett about it even though I already told him.

"Oh hell no. Teddy is a nerd, James likes to pick on him," Emmett scoffed.

"Well, maybe you can do the kid a favor and look out for him so James will leave him alone," Dad suggested.

"I guess." Emmett shrugged.

I could tell right away he'd do it for like a week before he got bored. I was angry Dad was even asking him about Teddy. Didn't he trust what I said? And why did I get yelled at for calling Teddy a nerd but it was fine for Emmett?

"Let's get a move on before we're late. Bells, are you coming?" Dad asked.

I shook my head. I didn't want to go since I was annoyed with both of them. I went into the house in search of my mother. I found her in her bedroom, packing a large suitcase. She looked up from folding a shirt when I entered and smiled at me.

"How was the ice cream?" she asked.

"We didn't get any. Dad had to go on a call," I told her as I sat on their bed.

She paused in the middle of folding. "A call? You mean a work-related one?"

"Uh-huh. Shoplifter at the market," I explained.

She closed her eyes and wrinkles formed on her forehead like it did when she was mad. "Is your father still here? I need to have a word with him."

"He already left to bring Emmett to his game," I answered.

"Your father had no business bringing you on a call. He should have dropped you off first," she said angrily, tossing the folded shirt in the suitcase.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Your grandmother's; she fell and broke her leg and needs some extra help for a while." She took the top out again and refolded it.

"Can I come?" I asked, dreading being left at home alone with the boys.

"You'll only be bored. There's isn't a lot to do for kids around there," Mom said.

"Please. It will be better than being dragged to Emmett's games and being ignored," I pleaded.

Mom sighed. "Sweetheart, your dad loves you too. He just doesn't know how to relate to girls."

"Yeah, I'm sure he can bring me on his next call. Maybe that time guns will be involved instead of just a stolen candy bar," I said with fake enthusiasm.

I knew he would never do that, but I was desperate for her to take me with her. I loved Grandma; she let me help cook and bake with her. Mom leveled me with a stare and placed one hand on her hip.

"That's not funny, Bella," she scolded.

"Sorry. But pretty please with a cherry on top. You won't even know I'm there," I begged.

She smirked. "I'll always know you are there. Fine. Go pick out some clothes, toys, and whatever else you want to bring. I'll call the airline and then bring you a suitcase.

I squealed happily and ran from the room into my own. I was excited to be going on a trip with just Mom and me.

Little did I know it was going to be one way.

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