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You've always heard the saying, "When it rains, it pours."

Well, Clay Spenser's life has been a bit rainy recently to say the least. An arrogant father, who continues to try to ruin his career and his relationships. Then came the loss of his best friend Brian, and then Adam's death that came right after losing their team leaders wife. And then add the loss of his girlfriend, so yeah, life had not been easy for any of them recently, but none more so than Clay. He had finally felt like he stepped out of his fathers shadow, found a spot on Bravo that made him feel more at home than he ever had. He had found his people, brothers who would love and protect him. He had finally found his home. That was one of the only good things that had happened in recent years. His team didn't seem to be rattled by Ash and his antics. Clay always knew if anything were to happen, his team would be there, to come get him, protect him. He never doubted that, but had really hoped he would never have to, but like just about everything in Clay's life, fate didn't have it planned out that way...

"Only Clay freaking Spencer would end up in a mess like this.."

Thought Clay as he laid in a dark cave, wait was it a cave? Or maybe a dirty cell? No, wait it had to be a cave, he could hear echos every once in a while. Man he was really losing it, he thought as he tried to get some sleep. He had lost track of the time he spent in this awful place. Had it been days? Weeks? Months even? He honestly wasn't sure. That didn't really scare him, he'd been through SERE training, he didn't get too rattled by this kinda stuff. The only thing that kept creeping up in his mind was, is anybody even looking for me? He was sure Bravo would've found him by now. Ellis and Blackburn are the best there is.

The only thing he knew for sure is that he hadn't eaten, not one bit of food had been offered since he got here. Someone comes by with a little water occasionally, just enough to keep him alive. Was he even hungry anymore? The same guy who brings the water has also brought clean cloths for bandages when he brings water. He actually wasn't really sure when he had gotten shot, to be honest. He's pretty sure they drugged him at some point, he honestly hasn't been feeling the best recently, the no food agenda they have going around here has made it hard for him to keep track of all this thoughts. He is also pretty sure he's running a fever. Since he can't really do anything about it, he just lays there trying to get some shut eye.

"Where the heck are you guys.." he thinks sadly as he finally drifts off.

Bravo POV:

"Its really been a crap show around here..."

Jason Hayes is known for his calm, cool and collected attitude. Hardly anything shakes the man. High stake missions that would make other crumble are kinda what he lives for. That's why he's the best.

The only two things that could make him show his human side are his family and one of his brothers. When he first met Clay Spencer, he didn't really like the kid. His team didn't really either. He wasn't sure if it was the cocky attitude, his good looks or his mop that he called hair. It wasn't what Jason thought a rookie should be. But dang was he talented, and had the guts and grit to go with it. Clay Spencer had quickly wormed his way into Jason's heart, and the rest of Bravo also. Especially Sonny. Jason thought it would never happen, but those two had grown real close recently. Maybe it took Sonny almost dying? He wasn't sure. But it was quite a miracle.

Jason currently felt awful. Bravo had been on mission, they had been traipsing through a Jungle, listening the Sonny complain and Clay tell him to man up. Sonny Quinn was one of Jason's favorite people on the planet. And although he complained a lot, he knew it was just a way to process the stress of their job. One second Sonny and Clay are sent to send out a diversion, and the next, Clay is gone. Sonny never heard one thing. The vegetation was thick and it was raining pretty hard. Clay has been gone for 13 days. Almost two weeks. The worst 13 days of Sonny's life. He'd never felt so guilty and embarrassed. How did he lose Clay Spenser. It had really been a crap show. After 13 days, they had finally caught a break. A local extremist group had advertised a blonde American operator on a dark website. They were gonna get there boy back, no matter what it took.

Somewhere in a cave, i think;

Clay awoke to some suppressed gunshots. Had his brothers finally come? He weakly lifted his head, praying that it was who he hoped it was. His brothers...


They weren't really sure what they were expecting when they found Clay, not this, Brock thought regretfully. When they cut the lock, Clay was laying there, with just his boxers on. It smelled like piss and something else they didn't want to think about. You could also see every bone in Clay's whole freaking body.

It was Trent who snapped out of his shock first, then Jason. Clay was laying on his side, he had moved his head to look up at them after all the commotion they made getting into the cell. His eyes cracked barely, it didn't really seem like he recognized them at all. No reassurance that he was fine, no sign that he was even alive really. Sonny shook that thought out of his head the second it entered it. Clay was gonna be fine, he had to be. Sonny couldn't live with himself if he wasn't.

Trent was trying to rouse Clay, when Sonny finally got out of his head. Clay was now on his back, Trent on Clay's left side trying to get him to respond, Jason watching intently on Clay's right. "Clay, hey c'mon, i need you to wake up,can you tell me if you're hurt anywhere else than what i can see." Trent asked loudly.

Clay didn't really respond, other than roll his head toward Trent, eyes still cracked. Jason looked at Trent concerned. Trent then slapped Clay on the face, trying to get something, anything out of him. After the third slap, Clay weakly started to move his feet, he still with his head toward Trent, eyes blankly staring at him. Dehydration and infection were the main things Trent was worried about, when he had checked over Clay, he didn't find any visible wounds on the front of his body, he had found a deep cut on his side that Clay was laying on. It wasn't actively bleeding, but was definitely infected, Trent wasn't surprised, this place was filthy. As Jason was now talking to Clay, who seemed pretty content on just listening to Jason and weakly moving his legs, Trent readied the needle and tubing to get in IV in Clay's arm. "Maybe this will wake him up a bit," Trent thought, he was right, as Trent was preparing the IV supplies, he called Sonny to come hold Clay's arm down. A disoriented navy SEAL probably wasn't going to take kindly to a surprise pain in his arm. He was already confused enough, given his condition, poor guy.

As Trent inserted the needle into his vein, Clay lashed out with surprising strength, swinging his arms in whatever direction he could, moaning and hoarsely screaming, although not much sound came out. This is gonna be a fun ride to EXFIL, thought Trent sadly as Clay continued to thrash weakly...