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Love Kaleidoscope

Chp.1 A Kiss is Just a Kiss

He stood there in utter silence unable to think of anything to do or say. For the first time in his life the King of Games was at a loss for words. Fighting monsters, solving enigmic extremities, and taking on top duelist was one thing, but nothing he had ever faced before could have ever prepared him for the predicament he was in now. Standing there for what seemed like an eternity of silent thought, Yami began to contemplate on just how exactly he had managed to get himself into a situation like this.


Anzu stared into the deep blue sky in awe as a sweet breeze playfully swept through her light brown locks. Puffy white clouds slowly rolled across the endless azure sea above her, as the world seemed to emit a utopian like serenity.

It was enough to drive Anzu to the brink of insanity! The world was not at all slightly in tune with the turmoil and chaotic battle going on deep inside her soul. Her heart was pounding uncontrollably as it struggled to maintain dominance over her mind. Perhaps it was a sign, a prediction that she should turn back from her venture right now before it was too late. Sure every time Anzu got ready to take this step instilling thoughts such as these always seemed to creep their way into her head, and she would usually change her mind and turn back. However, today was going to be different, or at least that was what Anzu kept telling herself as she willed herself on.

As Anzu continued to make her way towards her destination, each step became more and more agonizing as the gap between her objective and where she stood now began to slowly close. Finally after what seemed like a infinity of endless warfare between her heart and mind, Anzu had finally reached her goal, the Domino City Park.

"Hello Anzu." smiled a familiar dark figure. Catching the already preoccupied Anzu off guard from behind, Anzu quickly jumped up in surprise as she let out a faint squeal.

"Oh h-hi, sorry I'm so late" stammered Anzu as she turned towards the voice and tried to regain what little composure she could salvage. Sometimes she hated how he always managed to just show up out of the dark completely unnoticed, as if he were able to blend in with the very shadows around him, and then again that was also something about him that also seemed to drive her wil-

"So you wanted to see me?" questioned a slightly concerned voice as he broke through her thoughts.

"Uh yeah" was all she managed to stammer as she began to admire the dark and slink handsome figure before her.

Realizing that she wanted to talk to him and yet was only going to stand their speechless, looking somewhat dumbfounded, he finally motioned Anzu to walk with him in hopes that a little movement of the feet might incite some movement of her tongue.

'What's wrong with you woman, say something now before you lose this opportunity, I didn't get you all the way her so you could just sit there looking speechless and somewhat dumfounded' scolded a tiny voice in the back of Anzu's head.

"It sure is a beautiful day" smiled Anzu meekly at her partner as he nodded his head in agreement.

'Oh great small talk, score none for you, when I said talk to him you know that's not what I meant' mocked the same tiny voice. This snide outburst of the mind riled Anzu up a bit, but she knew in all reality that this crude statement was completely true. However, thinking one thing and actually doing it were two different concepts. Sure she had rehearsed what she was going to say a thousand times in her mind before, but now that she was finally here, the huge knot that had recently made a home in her stomach had suddenly migrated it's way into her throat making it difficult for her to breathe nonetheless speak.

Realizing that there was clearly something troubling his normally bright and energetic friend, Yami finally decided to speak up. At first he thought it best to just walk along the worn park path and give her time to speak on her own, but several minutes had already passed in silence, and the pained look on Anzu's face began to distress Yami more and more with each passing step. "If there's something troubling you Anzu, I'd be more than glad to help, but if you don't tell me anything, I'm afraid there really isn't much I can do for you."

For the first time that day, Anzu finally looked up into the face of the now very concerned looking Yami before her. His dark crimson eyes glistened as the sun reflected a sign of worry against his foreboding dark rubies. Anzu felt as though she could get lost into those eyes, and she almost did just before she realized that she had been staring at Yami longer than she should have. Completely embarrassed by the slightly confused Yami who had noticed this fact as well, Anzu quickly turned away from him as she suddenly felt her face go flush.

'Okay now that was a stupid thing to do' scolded Anzu to herself. She wasn't sure how, but somehow she had already managed to take this aleady awkward situation and make things even worse. Why couldn't she just tell him? Why couldn't she let Yami know how she felt about him? How could three little words, just three little word be so hard to say!

For most of the time that Anzu had known him, maybe even before she was quite sure about his actual nature or separate existence from Yugi, Anzu had had deep feelings for Yami. First she thought they were no different from the way she felt about Yugi, or Jounouchi, or any of her other friends, but after many battles with her mind, Anzu was finally able to admit the agonizing truth. She was in love with Yami.

Since the very first time she had heard his strong confident voice that day at the restaurant, when he had saved her from certain death, she had known this fact to be true, and even though she was blind folded she didn't have to see him to know it. After that instance, and especially after she had learned of his existence, Anzu had harbored these feelings for Yami and yet was never able to tell him. First she told herself it was because he was too preoccupied, what with him always trying to save a loved one or even the world, but now that the those crisis's were over, there was nothing holding her back, well besides her own fear....

Yes perhaps from the fear that he would reject her, but mostly from the fear that she might lose him.......lose his friendship. If Anzu was to tell him how she felt and he rejected her, the close bond that they shared might be shattered, and Yami might try to distance himself from her out of guilt or remorse. Not having Yami love her back was one thing, but not having Yami at all was enough to drive her off the edge. She wasn't willing to lose him, and up until now she had decided that being with him, even though it pained her so much, was better than not being with him at all.

'Well then Anzu ol' girl, if your just going to sit there and continue to fight me then I have no choice but to take matters into my own hands!!' beamed the tiny voice from before. 'I may not have control over the things you should say, but there is more than one way to get my point across!!!'

'Okay, now she's gone and zoned out again, and what was with that strange look she gave me before? Hmmm maybe I did something to anger her,' pondered Yami to himself as he decided exactly how to approach the distant brunette in front of him. However he was abruptly startled by the sudden movement of Anzu as she quickly turned around to meet his puzzled gaze. "Anzu?"

"Yami!! Yami I-" Suddenly without any warning and without any thought Anzu succumbed to her inner most impulses. The little voice in the back of her mind, her heart, had finally won the battle over her mind. Now Anzu's mind had lost all reasoning as it became completely synchronized with the feelings in her heart.


And now there he stood, completely speechless and at a lose for words. He wasn't sure how but he knew he'd gotten himself in real deep and no matter how much he contemplated this situation he, the King of Games, Yami could find nothing to say, no means of escape. However, had he any words to speak it would have been totally impossible for him to say them, for now the former Pharaoh pf Egypt was in a deep passionate lip lock with Anzu.

A flood of feelings burst into Yami's soul as it suddenly became completely clear what had been troubling Anzu earlier. Years of pent of feelings, hidden emotions, loneliness, and pain began to surround Yami as he felt Anzu's burning passion through their kiss.

They stood in silence both taking in rasping breathes. Yami stared at Anzu in utter amazement unable to say word. However a kiss could not lie. Tears suddenly began to well up in Anzu's eyes as her heart began to finally slow down, and slow, and slow........... almost to the point that she wished it would just stop from heart failure, let her die, and save herself from anymore grief. She had given that kiss everything she had, every thing she felt, and Yami.....

It was pretty clear Yami didn't feel the same way about her. Sure he responded to her kiss, who wouldn't have responded to such a passion felt kiss? However a kiss couldn't lie, there were no emotions, no feelings, no passion behind Yami's kiss, and now his silence, the overwhelming silence was just too much for her to bare. The loudness of the silence between them filled the air around her, almost suffocating her. Anzu couldn't take it anymore, so she did the best thing she saw fit.

"Wait Anzu!!!" shouted Yami as he watched a tear-filled Anzu flee from him. He wasn't sure what to say to her, but without a second thought he recuperated from the unpredicted kiss, caught his breath, and chased after her.

"He doesn't love me.... and now, and now I bet he hates me" sputtered Anzu through tears as she continued to run at full speed. Anzu felt as though her heart had been crushed in two. The pain she felt was indescribable, worse than anything she could have ever imagined. Unable to control herself Anzu kept running even after she heard Yami call after her. She didn't want to see him, she didn't think she could ever face him again.

So preoccupied was Anzu with her inner warfare and so blurred was her vision from the flow of uncontrollable tears that Anzu failed to see the tall dark figure in front of her.


"Hey watch where your going!" growled the dark yet slightly familiar voice.

"S-sorry" stammered Anzu as she began to wipe the tears from her face. However once Anzu managed to look up she felt as though her heart would drop again. Just as she thought things couldn't get any worse, she had to run into him of all people! "Seto Kaiba!!" exclaimed Anzu.

To Be Continued

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