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Love Kaleidoscope

Chp.21 That's the Power of Love

The weary secretary let out a troubled sigh as she stared at her work. It had already been an hour, and she wasn't even half way done. However before she could sulk any further she was met with a pair of two soft deep violets. "Umm, excuse me is this Kaiba's office?"

The secretary about melted at the sound of the sweet voice as she looked up from her desk and met the young boy's gaze. However, she was quickly startled when standing next to the boy was an almost identical, and slightly more intimidating version of himself and a rowdy looking blonde teen.

"Uh, umm I'm sorry, but Mr. Kaiba is very busy right now." Stammered the bewildered secretary as she eyed the three boys uneasily.

"Oh well do you know when he will be back in his office?" questioned the smaller boy.

"Well actually he's-"

"Is this Kaiba's office," demanded the smaller teens darker looking counterpart. However, before the secretary could answer his question he had already opened the door and was making his way into the office.

"No wait you can't go in there!" shouted the secretary as she jumped from out her chair.

"I'm really sorry about him, he can be kind of impatient." frowned the smaller boy apologetically. "I hope we didn't cause you too much trouble, but we really need to see Kaiba."

The secretary was so taken by his adorable attempt at a pout that she could no longer find it in herself to argue with him. 'Oh well, Mr. Kaiba would have probably fired me anyways."


"What is it Kairi!" snapped Seto errantly as he heard the door to his office open. However before he could turn around and scowl at his secretary he was met with a hard punch to the face.

Seto briefly blacked out as the shock of being caught off guard and less the force of the punch surprised him. "What the Hell is wrong with you Kaiba. What are you thinking!?!" demanded an infuriated voice.

However, rather than answer the blatant question, Seto pounced on his intruder, and easily pinned him to the floor. However, to Seto's regret, anger had clouded his mind as he completely forgot about his already injured hand.

"Dammit," he shouted in pain as his hand made contact with Yami's face. Yami smirked deviously as he took this opportunity to knock Seto on his back and give him another punch. However, just before he was able to land a hit he was swiftly grabbed by the back of his collar and pulled off of Kaiba.

"Tsk, tsk Yami, this isn't usually like you." Scolded Jonouchi as he pushed Yami back against the wall. "Now as much as I would like to see Kaiba's stupid face get knocked through, I can't let you make a fool of yourself like this. Besides I want to be the one to pound him!"

"Let go of me," thundered Yami as he struggled to escape from Jonouchi's hold.

"Yeah let him go and let me show that little pint what I can do when I'm not taken off guard!" smirked Kaiba as he got off from the floor and loosened his tie.

"Sorry no can do, now even I gotta admit that this ain't gonna solve any of our problems. Violence is never the answer." Mouthed Jonouchi in a 'matter-o-fact' voice.

"Mind your own damn business mutt!" growled Seto as he pushed him out of his way.

"Aye, whatcha call me you stupid asshole? Don't make me shove my fist down your throat." Threatened Jonouchi as he jumped in front of Kaiba.

"Stop it! Everyone stop this right now!" shouted Yugi as he jumped in between Jounouchi, Yami, and Kaiba. All three of them stared at Yugi in shock, surprised that he could ever yell so loudly. "I don't know what is wrong with you all, but I didn't think we came here to fight!"

"Shutup Yugi, your no less guilty then that back stabbing Yami!" snarled Kaiba angrily.

"Don't talk to my Hikari like that! Besides you have no right to talk! How dare you hurt Anzu like that! I thought I could trust you?" shouted Yami in an equally furious tone.

"Trust!?!" retorted Kaiba with a cynical laugh  "Don't make me laugh. You have a lot of nerve. If anyone should be feeling betrayed it's me. I was the one foolish enough to make the stupid mistake of ever thinking I could ever trust you!"

"What are you talking about?" snapped Yami as his confusion rose.

"As if you had to ask! Don't play dumb with me! I saw the two of you kissing that night!" growled Kaiba as his piercing azures flared up.

"What!?! Is that what this is about?" exclaimed Yami incredulously.

"Don't say it like that," barked Kaiba as he felt his rage meet it's peak. "Don't say it like it's something so trivial! I don't know what you and Anzu are up to, but I'm not going to be fooled by you again."

"Listen to yourself! Your so bitter and mistrusting that you've made the stupid mistake of pushing away the only woman who could probably ever love you (er umm not including the countless fangirls)! I hope you're satisfied, because your pride will be the only thing left to comfort you!"  Frowned Yami in a somewhat sympathetic manner.

"Well at least my pride has never let me down!" glared Seto back as he tried to ignore Yami's frown.

"Listen to me Kaiba that kiss didn't mean what you think it did. Now if you just listen-"

"Shuddup!" interrupted Kaiab fiercely. "I've heard enough of your lies! Now leave right now before I have to kick you and your stupid looking mutt out of here!"

"Aye what was that?" barked Jonouchi as he about tackled Kaiba.

"Fine then Kaiba," sighed Yami as he set his hand on Jonouchi's shoulder in order to calm him down. Finally he had regained his usually cool demeanor as he realized that violence would never get through to Kaiba. "Be that way. However, I must admit that I'm really disappointed in you. I mean I figured that if Anzu had fallen in love with you, then there was at least some kind of good in you that was worth my effort. But now I see I was wrong."

"You are such a hypocrite," thundered Kaiba as he clenched his fist tightly into the air. "How dare you come prouncin around my office giving me your 'Good Will Towards Men' speeches? You're the one who backed out on your word and stole Anzu from under my nose."

"Steal!" piped Yami with disbelief. "You should learn to get facts straight before you go pointing fingers. Besides, did you even stop and take the time to see what card I drew?"

Seto eyed Yami suspiciously as he made no attempt to answer his question. Now that he thought about it, once he found out he had won the duel, he had completely forgot about his eargerness to see Yami's card. That was careless of him.

"Here, I was going to give it to Mokuba to give to you, but now that I'm here I think you should see this!" replied Yami calmly as he tossed the card at Kaiba.

Kaiba easily caught the card as his eyes suddenly widened with shock. "What!?! My blue eyes!?! But how….."

"That's right Kaiba. This is the card that I drew. Now do you understand? I had no reason to try to lie in order to take Anzu for myself. You should know by now that when it comes to games, I always win." Smirked Yami somewhat tautly.

Suddenly Kaiba was unable to find his voice as his thoughts became jumbled. He averted his gaze towards the floor as he struggled to find something to say that could once again give him his edge. There was no way he was going to let his foes see him crack.

Finally after a moments silence Kaiba found his voice. "I don't need your pity! This solves nothing. This only proves even further that I don't belong with Anzu. Like you said this was all dependant on fate, and in the end I lost to that too!"

"Screw fate!" Thundered Yami harshly. "Have you learned nothing Kaiba? Didn't spending all this time with Anzu teach you anything? I know that after going through all this with Anzu, I was able to learn something from her that has changed my life!"

"And what's that Yami?" questioned Kaiba coldly.

"That when it comes to love, nothing else matters but your heart! Nothing! Not me, not your stupid pride, not some duel, and not even fate!"

Kaiba clasped onto his chest in an attempt to keep himself together as the severity of Yami's words hit him. He felt as though he were choking as his mind began to wander away. Was that what it was? Was that the message that Anzu had been trying to give him all this time. Was that what his subconscious had so desperately tried to keep hidden away from him.

"Get out," half whispered Kaiba desolately as his eyes suddenly began to darken. "I want you all to leave right now."

Both Yugi and Jonouchi gave Kaiba a concerned look as they realized that Yami had finally broken him. However, Yami made no attempt to move. "Fine then Kaiba, I will leave, but only after you answer me this. Do you or don't you still love Anzu."

Kaiba opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. Finally his gaze fell to the floor as he tried his best to hide his face from all stares. He knew that at this point his eyes were an open book to his heart.

"I…." chocked Kaiba as he tried his best to pull himself together.

"Kaiba," called Yami in such a warm and comforting voice, even Yugi had trouble recognizing it. "Kaiba, why don't you just let go? Isn't this worth it?"

Kaiba stared back at the trio, causing all their hearts to stop and all mouths to drop. His normally cold and icy eyes had turned about twenty shades softer and were so clear and blue, that even the sky would have cried from shame. "I do. No matter how much I try not to. No matter how hard she breaks me. I do and always will love her."

Yami let out a reassured sigh and smiled. That is until he was met with a hard punch to the face. However, before anyone could recover from the shock of Kaiba's sudden mood swing, Seto spoke up. "That was for touching Anzu and this," he smirked precociously as he brought his hand back up. Yami slightly winced, expecting to be hit again, but realized he was mistaken as Kaiba held out his hand to him.

"And this is for being the impossibly unrelenting baka that I'm proud to call my rival." Yami smiled back at Kaiba as he took his hand and accepted his help up. They stared at each other deeply as there minds suddenly became one. Finally the two of them were able to see eye to eye. Now both had come to a mutual understanding, and they knew what they both had to do.


As the unlikely trio exited the towering building, Yami turned and smiled in the direction where Kaiba's office window faced. 'I guess I'll have to trust you just this once."

"Man I just don't get you Yami!" griped Jonouchi loudly as he eyed his shorter companion wryly. "Why did you help Kaiba out like that anyways? I mean don't get me wrong or anything. It's obvious that jerk is head over heels in love with Anzu, so I guess I feel a little sorry for the bum, and I guess he deserved a little help, if you guys ever quote me on that I'll kill you," Jonouchi  added in a low growl "but still….don't you love Anzu too?"

"Yes I do. That's probably the main reason why I did what I did." Answered Yami coolly.

"Well then why didn't you want to be with her instead?" questioned Jonouchi with more confusion.

"Well…." Yami's eyes suddenly drifted towards the ground and his mind began to search itself. Finally his eyes fell on Yugi who was staring back at him with just as much uncertainty as Jonouchi.

A small smile crept it's way onto Yami's lips as he finally found his voice. "Well I guess I just realized that I had overlooked something more important."

"Oh and what was that?" asked Jonouchi as he raised his brow suggestively.

Yami was suddenly silent as he stared out in front of him, as if he hadn't heard Jonouchi's question at all. "Don't worry about it Jono." He finally answered,


"Jochan, it doesn't really matter why Yami did what he did. We should just trust his decision. I know I do. It's obvious there was just something more important to Yami, and whatever it is it's important to me too." Interrupted Yugi as he eyed Jonouchi reassuringly and then turned to grin up at his Yami.

"Oh Yugi," smiled Yami back as he stopped walking and turned towards his Hikari. . "You don't know how much your words make it all the more worth it!"

 Yugi was suddenly surprised as Yami knelt down and gave Yugi a huge hug. After he had recovered from the shock of his darker half's weird behavior and seemingly inappropriate actions, Yugi happily accepted his Yami's embrace with his own equally endearing and yet more affectionate hug. "Thank you Yugi." He heard Yami whisper softly.

Jonouchi eyed the two for a moment and then rolled his eyes. "Tch, well if you say so. I guess I'll have to agree too….." Finally Jonouchi turned and walked away from the two self absorbed teens as he muttered something about never understanding the two of them. Well that is until Yugi tore himself away from his Yami and ran over to glomp the unsuspecting blonde.

Yami watched the two teens run off while chasing each other and smiled deeply as he clutched onto his millennium puzzle. "Such power in this thing called love. I don't think I will and ever want to fully understand it. If I did…would my life still be worth living?" And with that final statement, Yami quickened his pace to meet his two best friends, following the sounds of laughing coming from his calling Hikari.


Anzu stared out into the moon's luminous reflection, as it glistened serenely from off the crystal clear lake. It was the only light that could be seen from within this once bright clearing. She let out a slightly disappointed sigh as she continued to stare out across the lake. 'That's right. At this time of year the fireflies are usually gone."

Suddenly the shuffling of quiet feet caught Anzu's attention as she turned to oblige its owner. "Oh Yami, I'm sorry to intrude again. It's just that I needed somewhere to think and I-"

Anzu's voice was suddenly caught in her throat as she came face to face with a familiar tall dark image. They stared at each other in a long silence as the sound of the lakes gentle waves filled the air around them.

Seto stared back at Anzu unable to think of a single word to say. True he had a right to be angry with her, however there was still no excuse for the way that he had treated her. He knew he had hurt her deeply, and even if she could, he would never forgive himself for it. Now the only thing he wished was for Anzu to find it in herself to love him even a fraction of the way she had before. Now the only thing he wanted to do was to show her just how much he truly cared for her. Now he had made up his mind that he would no longer let his pride and conceit come between his love for Anzu. All these things he wanted to tell her and yet……he couldn't.

Anzu felt her heart beat rapidly in her chest as Seto slowly made his way towards her. She wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, as she was completely oblivious to how and why he had found her. Finally Seto made his way to Anzu as they stood just a few feet from each other. Never once taking their eyes off each other.

Seto still stared out at Anzu unable to say a word. His heart and soul were literally screeching at him, while at the same time his mouth had suddenly gone mute. There were so many things Seto wanted to tell Anzu, however he just didn't know how to put into the words the feelings of his heart. Suddenly Seto started to feel uneasy as he began to fidget with his pocket. Luckily for him, a familiar object made contact with his hand, as the perfect idea came to mind. "Hello Anzu…umm, here….this is for you." Replied Seto monotonously, as he tried best to disguise his voice. Anzu stared at Seto with confusion as she cautiously took the object from him.

'This!?!' Anzu was shocked as she immediately recognized the tiny object. It was a small kaleidoscope that was not much different than the one Mokuba had shown her that night at Kaiba's mansion. Anzu looked back at Seto inquisitively, but was still unable to read his face, which was being concealed by the darkness around them.

As Anzu began to examine the kaleidoscope she noticed that it was cracked along the front edges, however despite this she still turned towards the lake in order to gather light and stare into the object.

Anzu let out a breath of awe as she stared into the tiny kaleidoscope. Although it was so much different than the one Mokuba had shown her, it was still just as magnificent. For one thing the colors were much more cooler and darker, however the way that they blended was just as beautiful. Anzu let out a serene sight as the symphony of colors danced lightly from off the reflection of her gaze, making their way down to her very soul.

"You know I made this kaleidoscope a long time ago. It was actually my first attempt at making one" Replied Seto as the sound of his voice quickly brought Anzu back to her own world.

Anzu felt her heart warm as Seto let out a soft chuckle. "Heh, but you want to know the funny thing? I had made the stupid thing so thick and strong that no light was able to shine through it. So in the end the thing was nothing more than a piece of failure, unable to accomplish the simple task that it was created to do. I had completely missed the point."

Anzu continued to stare at Seto without a word, reveling in the sound of his sultry voice. "However, for some reason I was unable to throw the silly thing away. So, instead I locked it deep away from myself and eventually forgot about it, but then…somewhere along the way the thing got cracked. Somehow, something broke it."

Anzu felt her blood heat up as Seto made his way closer to her. With each step more and more of Seto's face was revealed as Anzu anticipated the moment she would be able to finally look into his deep blue eyes. "But now I see where I had gone wrong."

Anzu about fainted as Seto brought his hand up to the one that she had holding the kaleidoscope and held it tightly within his own. "It wasn't until the thing was broken, that the light that had struggled so hard to break through was finally able to reach inside it."

Anzu's heart began to melt as her eyes finally met Seto's. There were many times Anzu had the pleasure of looking into them, however this time there was something different. All the hurt, all the pain, all the fear, anger, emptiness had disappeared. Now finally, Anzu was able to see clearly through them. Finally the moment that she had longed for had finally come. She was finally able to see into Seto Kaiba's soul.

"Anzu I'm not going to come here and try to beg for your forgiveness or try to explain why I did what I did. In all truth those words mean nothing to me. Now the only words that hold any meaning to me, are the ones that I should have told you from the very beginning. The words that I tried too many times before to foolishly hide from you." Seto let out a frustrated sigh as he suddenly felt his nerve leaving him. "Anzu I'm not really good at expressing myself through words, but…." 

Cobalt met cerulean as Seto finally spoke. Now the only thing that was holding him back, was the fact that there were really no words sincere enough that could express the way that he felt.

"Your insight, your free spirit, and your passion for life pours from you when you speak to me. When I'm with you time is non-existent. You connect with me on a level that no one else seems to understand. Your very being captivates me. I'm a merciless prisoner under your spell. Everyday the mere thought of your smile, the shadow of your laugh changes me and makes my heart anew. Without you I am lost, a slave to darkness, an empty shell. You are the savior of my soul, the light of my life.  Each and everyday I look forward to learning more about you…forward to being with you. In short….I love you Anzu. I love you."

Anzu felt her vision began to blur as she struggled to keep herself from falling apart. Words could not express the swarm of emotions that were now surrounding her soul, as she refused to take her eyes off of Seto's own.

"For a long time I asked myself what it was that could possibly make a person like you, love me the way that you do, and when I thought about it I realized how undeserving I am of your love. I'm stubborn, conceited, impatient, jealous, selfish, and I'm sure not much of that will ever change about me.  However, even though I don't have much to offer you, I ask that you find it in yourself to somehow accept a pathetic man like me, and in return I promise I will give you my heart."

"Shut up Seto," sobbed Anzu as she fell into his arms and cried. "You had me at hello." She exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his waste and hugged him tightly, as if he were some kind of illusion that would disappear if she didn't.

Seto welcomed Anzu's embrace with his own as he stared down at her intently. Suddenly a tiny bright light broke his gaze as Anzu stared up at it as well. "A firefly?" stammered Seto in surprise.

Then all of the sudden the entire field was completely illuminated as a hundred tiny lights filled the area around them. Seto let out an astonished gasp as he finally caught a glimpse of the million of purple and white flowers that were now surrounding them. It was as though he were in a fantasy world as he took in the wonderful sights around him.

However once Seto looked back down at Anzu, he realized that the most beautiful image of them all was held securely in his arms, smiling lovingly back at him. Finally unable to contain himself any longer, Seto brushed the tears from Anzu's cheeks and brought her lips to meet his own.

Anzu smiled blissfully as she felt Seto's soul run through her own. Never in her life had she ever imagined she could ever be so content. All the tears, all the pain, all the troubles she had went through were definitely worth it if they could always lead up to this one moment in time. Now she knew she could finally be happy just as long as she could always be with Seto. Time and time again, their love had been challenged and now nothing could ever come between them.

"Hmm," smiled Anzu as a sudden thought ran through her head. How funny fate can be. To think that all of this started and ended….with a kiss.

The End!

Final Quote: "A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking."

::SIGH:: Okay I know I wrote this stuff and this might sound a little conceited, but HOW KAWAII!! I can't believe an arrogant, moody, cynical blowhard like me could ever write something so romantic. It was definitely out of my character. One of my best friends read this part of the fic and was convinced that I had plagiarized the whole thing.

His Exact words: "What the Hell! You didn't write this! It's too damn sappy!"

ACHOO! You'll have to forgive me now. My allergies are killing me from all the fluff floating around the room. Yeah sorry if the ending was a little too fluffy for you guys…I guess it makes it seem like Seto-kins is a little OOC, but if you think about, during the course of this entire fic, Seto's personality gradually changed. Then again everybody changed a little (for the better). I guess that's just the power of love (oh so that's why I named the chapter that…I'm so silly).

Also I'm really proud of myself for making this fic a little deeper then usual. You know all the foreshadowing n stuff with the firefly story and the kaleidoscope. (Whoa! Momo actually learned something in English class)! I mean I suppose the firefly story was a no brainer. The statue that looked like Seto, the king lost in darkness, and the spirit of light that came to save him…it's so freakin cliché I almost feel embarrassed!

However the part I like the most is the kaleidoscope scene. I'm not sure if any of you caught it but back in chapter 19 that broken thing Seto found in his drawer, yeah uh huh, you guessed it. It was the kaleidoscope. Also way back in ancient times I think back in chapter 4, the part where Mokuba talks about his brother saying his kaleidoscope wouldn't work because no light could shine in it! Yep you're right, it was the same kaleidoscope! Wow I actually thought all this through that far back (actually it was all a really good coincidence that ended up working to my advantage).

So what does it all mean? Well if you still haven't figured it out the kaleidoscope was sort of a metaphor to Seto's heart. After so many years of hardening his heart he eventually forgot the true meaning of life. There was no longer any light in his heart. He basically forgot how to live. However after getting his heart and soul broken (in both the good and bad ways) by Anzu he finally was able to realize what it really means to be in love and how much you have to lose before you can win what's really important. ::Sigh:: It's also cool how that part coincides with the title of this whole fic. (Go Momo it's yo birthday…yeah modesty isn't my best attribute).

Anyways I suppose I rambled on quite enough. I'm pretty sure I could write a freakin essay about all the foreshadowing and symbolism in this fic (I think I've written one too many essays), but I think I've prolonged the inevitable enough. It's time for me to say goodbye! I think this is the worse part of finishing a fic. Maybe that's why I never usually do… I must admit I'm really going to miss all your reviews. Reading them almost made me feel like I was having a conversation with by pals. Also a few times I recall you guys mentioning that my fic helped get you through the week, well hey the feelings mutual. I love you're reviews. Especially the really insightful ones, and the creative one's, and of course the goofy crazy one's! Oh and I never minded the really long one's either. They actually flattered me because they had so much depth! I actually thought about giving a few special shot outs, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by picking favirotes. Oh what the hell I loved them all, and strangely enough I didn't ever get any bad ones. ::Does a victory dance:: Well anyways I guess it's time to say farewell for now, maybe one day I'll write another ficcie and then I can look forward to your reviews all over again! So until then I love ya guys and take care. Bai-bai! ::Suddenly burst into tears and runs away crying as if she were Anzu::

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Answer: One word, Laziness. If you haven't guessed it I'm a lazy ass and I don't want to hurt my head anymore, by thinking up another ending. It was hard enough for me to find a resolution for Yami (thank God for Yugi), and I just don't think I could really deal with a disgruntled Seto as easily as I could Yami.

Question: SEQUEL PLEASE?!?

Answer: Sadly, I won't be writing a sequel. (Don't give me that evil eye. Man you guys can be so demanding. First death threats and now this?). I just don't see anything left to write on this fic. Okay maybe I could, but nothing that could really out do all the drama and suspense in this one, and I see no point in writing one unless it can out do the first fic. Besides I'm not a fan of sequels. They usually demean the original story/movie/book and they're constantly being compared to the original. Okay so I did like the sequel to Mighty Ducks but the third one was not half as good. Also I don't have time, considering school has started again, I have a new job, and I started writing another fic already.

 It's another romance story but this time I decided to make this fic up to Yugi and let him be the star. The title of my new fic is called "I Dream a Yami" it's sort of a spin off of the title "I Dream a Genie." As much as I'm not too fond of them it's actually an A.U fic set back in ancient Egyptian times. Scenario goes like this: Yugi is a peasant boy who falls in love with a rich girl (Anzu), but knows or rather thinks he doesn't have a chance with her. Then by fate he finds a magical item (the Millennium puzzle) that holds the power of a spirit who claims he can grant Yugi any wish he wants (with a price). Well except he can't make people fall in love with each other. So Yugi decides to use Yami's power to help him win Anzu over…however, his plan backfires once Anzu starts to have eyes for Yami instead (Damn those love triangles, but hell I just love writing them)! There's also another twist. Anzu is already betrothed to Kaiba!! (Eh heh no it's not a love square. Their parents betrothed them. You see just because I love to write Seto's character I plan on pairing him with Shizuka, so I guess there's a little side romance there for all you Kaiba fans). Throw in an evil Marik and Malik bent on world domination, a disgruntled Bakura a.k.a the king of thieves, a blonde as ever Jochan, and the rest of the oh so lovable Yugioh cast and there you have a very shallow summary of my new fic to come. Yes I know it sounds like a really bad rip off of Aladdin, but believe me this fic goes far beyond that and has a lot more Yugioh style (although Aladdin is my all time favorite Animated Disney Movie). I've already wrote the first six chapters but I still think it will be awhile before I post that story up…

Well I got really off subject, but anyways my final reason is that I'm just flat out too lazy to write a sequel (the real truth comes out!!)! So I'm really flattered you all like my writing enough to request a sequel, but I'll have to decline this time.

Fin. (what ever the hell that means)!