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Megs' jaw dropped. "What the-?!" she gasped, not quite sure she'd heard what

she just thought she'd heard.

"Bra," Trunks growled in good-natured anger. "I don't talk about you like


The girl shrugged, feigning innocence with a mischievous grin on her impish

face. "That's because there's never been any worry about me, Torankuso-San. I've had

enough boyfriends that no one's ever had to worry about if I was into shounen-ai."

Trunks just laughed, and putting his arm around Megs' shoulder, pulled her into

the hall, grinning.

Megs eyes were very wide. She couldn't quite believe this. This had to be

Trunks' little sister, Bra, although to be honest, she was pretty sure the girl was older than

she was. And she was pretty sure Bra'd just accused Trunks of being into yaoi or

something, which made the hairs on the back of Megs' neck stand on end. She certainly

hoped not. It was bad enough all the bishounen pretty boys separated themselves from

women, don't let the buff-est God's gift to women do so too!

"Where's mom and dad?" Trunks asked casually, squeezing Megs' shoulder

reassuringly. Maybe he knew what she was thinking about. "I really need to talk to them."

Bra jerked her thumb over her shoulder, and began leading them down the hall.

"In the living room. Ignoring each other, as usual."

Trunks sighed, shaking his head a little. "As usual."

Bra shot Megs a curious look. "Soo...who's the girl?"

Megs swallowed. "Megs," she said softly.

"I rescued her out of a flaming and near-to-exploding bus," Trunks added. "She

needed a bit of help, so I grabbed her."

"And haven't let go, huh?" Bra grinned. "A little different than your normal fare of

aliens and renegade androids, eh, Trunks?"

Megs' eyebrows shot skywards, so they were lost among her red bangs. "'Aliens

and renegade androids'?" She gave them both a bemused expression. "Sounds like a

whole lot of fun."

"Yeah, barrel of laughs," Trunks said grimly as they entered the living room.

Two people sat on the couch, both with their arms crossed and glares set firmly

on their faces as they stared down the television. The woman had chin-length pale blue

hair tied up into a bun, and wore a loose pale pink jumpsuit. The man was quite a bit

shorter than her, though his large and spiky black hair seemed to more than make up for

that. Trunks had been the most muscular person Megs had ever seen, but he looked like a

wimp next to this man. When Trunks coughed, both turned to look at him, mixed

expressions on their faces.

The woman reacted first. "Trunks? Who's this?"

"Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Megs. Megs, this is my mom, Bulma, and my

father, Vegeta."

Vegeta scowled. "Prince Vegeta, of the Saiyans, from the Planet Vegeta."

Megs smiled slightly. "Pleased to meet you."

Bulma rose, and moved to shake Megs' hand. "Such a nice young lady. Nice to see

Trunks' finally showing an interest in girls."

Vegeta didn't rise. "Got any Saiyan blood, woman?"

Megs blinked. "I...I don't really know."

"You don't know?!" Vegeta blinked. "Stupid Earth women," he grumbled.

"Don't even know where they're from."

"Well, if it's any consolation," Megs crossed her arms, anger radiating from her,

"my father also had that crazy black hair and he was also usually in a bad mood. If that

means that he was one of these wonderful Saiyans, then I would suppose I do." She stalked

forward, standing directly in front of the seated man, whose eyes had gotten very wide at

the idea of a girl confronting him like that. "If he's not, however, and I turn out to be

purely 'stupid Earth woman', then what does it flaming matter to you?!" By this point,

she was leaning forward, her face a mere foot from his. Her eyes were narrowed, and his

had begun to shine with a bit of admiration.

Turning to his son, Vegeta nodded once. "Good job, Trunks. Not a bad woman."

Glancing back at the now slightly confused Megs (hadn't she just practically yelled at

him?!) he actually smirked, which is pretty close to a smile. "Well, you can't be an Earth

woman. You've got a backbone. I'd say you're Saiyan."

Megs jumped back as he stood. Trunks watched him warily, and Megs swallowed

as the prince of the Saiyans stalked past her. "Hurry up, boy."

Trunks scrambled after him, the three women following a few steps behind.

"Where are we going?"

Vegeta smirked again. "I say we try your girlfriend's heritage out in the gravity