A Heart of Amber

Chapter One
It was a sunny day in Domino, Japan, and Yugi Motou and his friends, Joey
Wheeler, Triston Taylor, Duke Devlin, and Tea Gardner were standing around
Yugi's desk, discussing the latest news.

"So there's a new student arriving today?" Joey asked, leaning over
Yugi's desk.

Yugi nodded.

"Yes, and they say he or she is just visiting Japan for a while,"
Yugi replied.

"Well, that's cool," Duke said, twisting a lock of hair around one
of his fingers.

"I wonder who he's going to be," Triston muttered.

"Choto Matte!(wait a minute)" Tea cried angrily. "It could be
a girl too you know!"

"It darn well could be," An icy voice from behind them snapped.

Funny thing was, it was female.

Behind them stood the oddest-looking girl Yugi had ever seen. She was
wearing a pink T-Shirt with black jeans and a black necklace with an
amber pendant was around her neck.

She let her long brown hair hang loose behind her back, and she
wore purple earings and purple eye-shadow.

"Am...Amber?" Duke cried, stepping backwards.

"What has Duke got against the girl's necklace?" Yugi wondered, but
the girl didn't seem to care.

"Duke," she said with a smile, walking over to him.

When she got close enough, she slapped him across the cheek.

"Just where have you BEEN, Duke Devlin?!" she snapped angrily as
he rubbed his red cheek.

She spoke quick English, which Yugi and the other's couldn't quite

"Amber! I've been...busy!" Duke replied, in English.

"Ha! That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard!" she snapped.

Yugi and the others looked from Duke to Amber, confused.

"Yugi, why is she yelling?" Joey whispered.

Yugi shrugged.

"Really, Amber, you've got to believe me!" Duke begged.

"Why should I?" Amber snapped. "You promised to e-mail me everyday! I never got one note! Do you know how worried I've been?!"

"I meant to e-mail you, I promise I did!" Duke cried. "But the second
I got back to Japan, I ran into Yugi here, and his friends, and they
Were in trouble! They needed my help.

"And that took two weeks!?"

"No! I had to go with them to their tournament they were in and
I didn't have computer access. I only got back last week and I've been
Up to my neck in work!" Duke said.

"Stuff that was more important than giving me ONE LETTER?!" Amber

People in the classroom were staring at her, but luckily, no one
Else could speak fluent English.

"Um..." Yugi muttered. "Duke?"

"Doshta?(What's wrong)" Amber snapped, in Japanese. "We're having a
conversation here and I don't need you butting in!"

"You can speak Japanese too!?" Joey asked.

Amber nodded, angrily.

"But, why are you so mad at Duke?" Tea asked.

"Well, it all started a few weeks ago, when I was in America," Duke
explained. "I had decided to hold a DDM tournament for players in the
country and one of the contestants was Amber Johnson," he pointed to
her. "The new National Duel Monster Champion."

Amber nodded proudly.

"I had just finished beating Rebecca Hawkins and Bandit what-ever-
he-calls-himself," she declared.

"Anyway, she WON my tournament, (of course I wasn't competing)," Duke
explained. "So afterwards, I decided to get to know her better."

"We had lots of fun, hanging out and everything," Duke said, slightly
blushing. "But I had to come back here soon."

"So we exchanged e-mail addresses and he promised to write every
day!" Amber finished, glaring at Duke. "But he never wrote once! That's the
reason I came here...to visit the school during my trip here." She added

"Amber, I'm really sorry," Duke apologized, in English again, so no one else could tease him about what he was saying. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"Well you did anyway," Amber said sadly, turning away.

"Look," Duke said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Let's talk
about this..."

But the bell rang at that exact moment, and all the students ran over to their desks, getting ready for school that day.

"Later," Amber said, brushing by him and sitting down in the back of the room.

"Yikes, she sure has an attitude," Triston muttered to Duke as the two sat down next to each other. "I wouldn't even WANT to e-mail her."

"Triston!" Duke muttered angrily, but felt to guilty to get too angry.

"How could I have forgotten her?" Duke thought miserably as he stared blankly ahead.

An hour passed before any realized it, and the bell rang for lunch.

Duke slouched over to the door and walked outside. Everyone else had already left.

"Oy, Duke!" Joey said, running over to him. "So, what's up with the "I forgot my girlfriend" thing?"

"Joey..." Duke growled through gritted teeth. "I don't want to talk about it to you."

"Fine, fine," Joey said smiling.

Duke walked into the lunch room (Joey ran off imeadiately to get in line for pizza) and looked around.

He couldn't see Amber through the sea of people swimming around in the room. Yugi was talking to Triston, Seto Kaiba was sitting by himself reading some large book that Duke was not interested in finding more about, and Joey, of course, was in line.

Suddenly, he spotted her! She walking around, looking for a table, and suddenly walked right over to KAIBA'S table and sat down at the other end.

Duke sweat-dropped.

"I can't talk to her in front of him!" he whined to himself. "I don't know if he speaks English or not!"

"Just play it Duke-Devlin-cool," he thought, slicking his hair back.

He walked over to Kaiba's table and sat down next to Amber. Kaiba looked over the brim of his book at them, then turned back to reading.

"Good, he probably doesn't even care," Duke sighed with relief.

"Uh...hi there, Amber," he said with a little wave to get her attention.

She looked up from her sandwich.

"Oh, hello Duke," she said coldly.

"Look, please just hear me out," Duke pleaded. "I'm sorry, and I promise I'll make it up to you."

"How would you like it if someone you wanted to hear from didn't e-mail you for weeks?" she snapped.

Kaiba raised an eyebrow behind his book.

"What?" he thought to himself, but didn't ask either of them anything.

Instead, he continued to read his book.

Duke sighed.

"I know, I was just kind of...busy...and forgot a few things!" he said apologetically.

Amber sighed.

"All right Duke," she sighed. "I GUESS I'll give you another chance."

"Thanks," Duke sighed happily. "Why don't you meet me tonight at the Pizza Parlor, so we can talk."

"Okay," she said brightly.

"Well, I've got to go," Duke said, backing away from the table. "Talk to you later!"

As he backed up, he tripped over Joey, who was carrying a mountain of food on a tray.

"Watch it!" Joey cried, but the tray slipped out of his hands and landed on the floor with a splat, splattering both of them with food.

"Eww..." Duke muttered, looking at his clothes, now heavily stained with lunch-food.

"Watch where you're going next time!" Joey yelled.

There was a giggle from behind them.

Joey snapped up, looking around.

"What's so funny?" he demanded to know, from Kaiba and Amber.

"Nothing," Kaiba said, looking up from his book. Then he started to laugh.

"I changed my mind. You're pretty funny LOOKING," he said with another laugh.

"So," Joey charged, looking at Amber. "It was YOU, new girly."

"So what?" she asked, rolling her trash up into a ball. "It was funny."

"Oh, and when you throw that stuff out, you can take this too," she said, tossing her paper ball at him.

Joey, steaming, allowed it to hit him in the head and bounce of again. It rolled under a table.

"DEVLIN!" he snapped, turning around. "I don't like your new girlfriend one bit!"

Duke shrugged and walked away, leaving Joey to clean up the mess by himself.

Kaiba got up and closed his book. As he walked by Joey, who was picking up the mess, he said, "Need some doggie bags for that?"

"Kaiba!!!!" Joey yelled, his patience lost.

He looked around for something to throw, and the first thing he saw was the smashed pizza on his tray.

"Take...THIS!" he yelled, throwing it at Kaiba, where it splattered off the back of his purple coat.

The whole lunch room got quiet.

Kaiba turned around angrily at Joey.

For a second, he looked as though he was going to beat Joey up, but then he simply turned, and walked away.

"Whew," Joey thought, his common sense coming back. "I can't believe I did that."