Chapter 5

Duke stood there for a few moments, stunned. Amber was...leaving? He heard the elevator door close, which indicated Amber had left.

Gone for good.

Duke walked over to her neatly made bed and sat down on it. How could he have let things get this bad?

"This is terrible," Duke thought. "I can't believe it."

Duke sat there for a few more minutes, trying to accept what had just happened, when suddenly, he looked up at the door again. Then, he bolted up and sped down the hallway.

"I'm not going to let her run away like that," Duke thought as he pressed the elevator button a few more times than necessary. "I've got to talk to her; make her believe me!"

A few seconds later, he was down at the bottom floor and sprinting out of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Amber had chosen to walk to the airport, rather than call a Taxi. She wanted to think and be alone.

"I can't believe I came here to see someone who hasn't thought about me in weeks," she thought sadly to herself, lugging her rolling suitcase behind her.

She walked down an ally to take a short cut, when she heard a sound behind her. She whirled around, but no one was there.

"It's just my dumb imagination," she hissed to herself and continued walking.

A second later, she heard a voice behind her.

"Hello," It said, in a very familiar voice.

The reason it was so familiar was because it was English.

She whirled around again to see a blonde man wearing the American flag as a bandana around his head. He wore black sunglasses, to look frightening, but Amber wasn't scared. She knew who he was.

"Hey, aren't you Bandit-whatever?" she asked sharply when she recognized him.

"Bandit KEITH," he snapped angrily at her.

"Whatever, I'm busy so buzz off," Amber snapped.

She wasn't in the mood to be patient. She turned around and continued down the ally, but two other boys walked in front of her way.

"What's this all about?" she asked Keith angrily.

"Well, you could say I'm a bit soar about losing to you back in America a few weeks ago," Keith said playfully, as the two boys cracked their knuckles menacingly.

"So?" Amber asked, her voice shaking slightly as she backed up a bit.

"So, I've decided to get some revenge," Keith said evilly, beckoning the two boys forward.

Amber dropped her suitcase and started to run, but one of the boys tripped her.

"Ow!" she cried as her ankle twisted at an odd angle as she fell.

She backed away from the three, but she was no match for all of them alone...
"Amber?!" Duke called breathlessly as he ran down the road. "Amber?! Where are you?"

He halted to catch his breath in front of an ally.

"Where could she be?" Duke asked himself, looking around.

His eyes caught onto something in the alley. It was a suitcase and a back pack.

"These are..." he muttered, running up to them. "Amber's!"

"AMBER!" he called, looking around, his voice echoing in the alley. "What could have happened? She's been nabbed and it's all my fault!"

He took off down the twisting alley, looking down every section of the maze for a sign of her.

Finally, he approached a large open area, where the burnt warehouse stood. Yugi had mentioned the story to him once, how someone had accidentally set it on fire.

It was now condemned.

Duke looked at the sign next to the building.


"May 2nd?" Duke asked. "That's today! I'd better get out of here before they start moving in with the wrecking equipment."

Duke started to move away from the area, then he stopped. He thought he had heard a noise from the old warehouse.

"That's ridiculous," he thought, starting to walk away again. "No one would be in there..."

He turned around again.

"Or maybe they would," he thought, running up to the place.

He ran up to the door, expecting it to be easy to open from the fire, but instead, it was bolted shut.

"Hey!" Duke called, banging on the door. "You'd better get out of here! This place is condemned you know! And they're going to tear it down today!"

There were a few footsteps coming up to the door, then, the door opened.

"You are...Bandit Keith!" Duke cried, stepping back. "Hey, this isn't the best place to be hanging out, you know..."

His eyes wandered toward the inside of the house, where he noticed someone tied to a chair inside.

"Hey...what are you doing...AMBER!" Duke cried, starting to get very angry.

"Duke?" Amber asked, looking up from where she was tied.

"Get him," Keith told the two boys from before.

Duke backed away, his fists up. There was no way he could fight three guys at once, save Amber, AND get out of there before the place was torn down...but then again, he WAS Duke Devlin, wasn't he?

"Yeah," Duke thought to himself. "I've got to try at least."

However, no matter how bravely he fought, he was over-powered by the three, and tossed into the warehouse.

He landed on the floor next to Amber's chair.

"Duke! What are you doing here?" Amber asked, looking down at him.

He was a wreck from the fight.

"Amber, we've got to get out!" he cried, but the door slammed and locked behind him.

"Hey!" he called, banging on the door. "Let us out!"

"Sorry," he heard a vague voice from behind him. "Too late. It looks as though the wrecking team has finally arrived."

Duke heard a loud tractor noise, like several wrecking trucks moving in.

"Oh great," he muttered, running over to Amber and starting to untie her. "What were you doing with them anyway?"

"Me? I was walking to the airport, HE kidnapped me to get "revenge" for his loss to me or something," Amber snapped. "What a soar loser."

"We don't have time for that now!" Duke said as he worked out the last thick knot and pulled the ropes off.

He could hear the construction workers muttering outside, but they had left the trucks on, meaning any attempt to scream would be pointless.

"Come on!" Duke said, starting to run for the back door.

"Ow," Amber moaned, her leg slipping out from under her, causing her to fall back down.

Duke skidded to a halt and ran back to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, helping her up.

"When I was trying to get away from creepy Keith, I did something to my ankle," she muttered, trying to get up. "Darn it."

Duke could hear the machines get louder outside. They were going to start wrecking in a few minutes!

"Come on!" he said, bending down and lifting Amber off the ground.

"Duke!" she cried, embarrassed, as they started for the door.

"This place is about to be torn down! We've got to get out of here!"

He hurried over to the door and stopped. Amber was starting to get heavy.

"Um," he muttered, putting her down for a second. "Hang on."

He ran over to the door and slammed up against it. It wouldn't budge.

"Darn it! This place is almost perfect, yet they're tearing it down because of a few burn marks?" he muttered as he tried to force the door open.

Amber looked around, trying to find something to help. Suddenly, her eyes landed on a pole lying near the dueling arena.

"How about that?" she called, pointing to it.

Duke turned around and rushed over to the pole.

"What am I supposed to do with it?" he asked as he ran back over to the door.

"Stick it through the door handle and pull! It'll yank it off!" Amber called.

"Okay," Duke said, pushing the rusty rod through the holes between the handles to the door.

"Here...goes..." he muttered as he pulled backwards with all his might.

A few seconds later, there was a sound of breaking wood, and the door handles fell to the ground with a clatter.

"Yeah!" Amber cried happily.

"Hurry!" Duke cried, flinging open the doors and picking Amber back up again.

The two ran out the door and away from the building as a wrecking ball crashed through the ceiling, showering the ground inside with splintering pieces of wood.

Duke backed away.

"Let's get out of here," he said and hurried away from the area.

When they got to the town square, Duke put Amber down on a bench and sat down next to her.

"Whew!" Duke sighed, exhausted.

Amber looked away.

"Thanks, Duke, for saving me like that," she said, rather embarrassedly.

"No...problem," Duke said, looking over at her.

A strong wind blew by.

"Um...Duke?" Amber asked, turning back toward him. "Can I ask you something?"


"Why did you follow me?"

"What do you mean?" Duke asked.

"I mean, you had to have been following me to find my luggage," Amber said.

"Oh, well..." Duke broke off.

"I wasn't going to let you run away without knowing the truth," he said.

"About last night?" Amber asked.

Duke nodded.

"It wasn't my fault. The elevator I was in got stuck half-way down between two floors," Duke said, honestly. "I tried to call for help but it was an hour before they got me out."

"You got...stuck?"

Amber started to giggle. Then she started laughing, so hard tears were coming out of her eyes.

"It wasn't funny last night!" Duke protested, slightly upset.

"I'm sorry, Duke," Amber said, still laughing. "It's just...I was so angry at you last night because I thought you were blowing me off, but here it turns out that you were..." She laughed again.

And Duke started laughing too.

After a few minutes, they stopped laughing, and Duke stood up.

"Are you still mad at me?"

"No," Amber laughed. "I'm sorry about blowing up at you earlier."

"And I'm sorry for not writing," Duke replied.

There was a pause.

"So...what are you going to do now?" Duke asked her, helping her to her feet.

"I'm going to stay in Japan for a while more," Amber said, pulling out her plane tickets. "I was going to cash these in for an earlier flight, as my real flight doesn't leave for another week and a half."

"Well, in that case, we'd better go get your luggage from the alley," Duke said. "Before someone else does."

"Okay!" Amber said cheerfully.

Duke put his arm around her shoulder, and he and Amber limped off down the sidewalk, reunited once more, and Duke was sure that this time, their friendship would last a VERY long time...

* * * *

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