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Warning of panic attack/ PTSD attack scene ahead.

Taking a deep breath Izuku bounced the baseball in his palm, How was he going to do this? He couldn't use One for All, not fully without breaking his whole arm. Just like Aizawa Sensei said, I would be a burden if I did that….wait, whole arm….THAT'S IT! Pulling his arm back, feeling One for All pooling into the limb, he pushed the power down his arm and threw the ball. His quirk didn't activate until the last moment; pain seared his finger. The force of the wind knocked some of his classmates to the ground as he turned to face his teacher. Holding his balled fist up, a grimace on his face, he met Aizawa's gaze.

"I can still go, Sensei!" Izuku said, his finger throbbing as he stood up straight. Just as Aizawa began to speak, explosions went off. Turning, Izuku was met with burning crimson eyes.


Instinctually, Izuku dropped down, covering his head, body shaking and eyes shut tight. Aizawa had already grabbed and restrained the blonde bomb, his gaze shifting to his shaking student. Shooting Bakugou another warning glare, he walked over to greenette.

"Midoriya." Crouching down, he softened his voice. "You're okay, you are at UA." The shaking began to lessen, the shallow breaths becoming deeper and slower. "That's it, can you look at me?" Wide watery green eyes peeked up at Aizawa, tears still flowing. "What do you need?"

"Hug?" Izuku's whisper came out questioningly. Smiling softly, Aizawa opened his arms. Instantly, his student was clinging to him. Closing his eyes, he simply held the young boy until the shaking stopped and his breathing returned to normal.

"Better?" Aizawa asked? His student nods but doesn't release his hold. Turning his gaze to the group of students, he holds back a sigh. Aizawa stood up, lifting the teenager to hold him more easily. "Let this be the first lesson. What do you know about panic attacks derived from PTSD?"

Yaoyorozu raises her hand. "It's a sudden feeling of acute and disabling feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, usually when a person has experienced a traumatic event involving intense fear and threat of bodily harm."

"To react that quickly he had to have been in constant contact with the event," a monotone voice stated, drawing everyone's attention to the young man who spoke; his red and white hair shifting in the wind. "This is more consistent with the signs of abuse, Sensei."

"Correct. When dealing with someone who is in the middle of a panic attack, you must remember to not touch them. Get their attention by talking softly and calmly. Remind them of where they are. Once you have their attention, ask them what you can do for them. Do NOT assume they want something, always ask." Aizawa took a deep breath, feeling the young boy in his arms nodding off. "Now, class is dismissed, but make sure you pick up a syllabus in the classroom on your way out. Bakugou, follow me."

Walking around the side of the building, Aizawa paused, blinking up at the worried face of the number one hero. Readjusting the sleeping teen in his arms, he lets loose a sigh. Jerking his head, he continues to walk to the teachers' lounge. Once they finally get there, Aizawa gently set Midoriya down on the couch. Pulling his chair over he pointed at the two chairs across from the couch. Bakugou slumped into his seat, eyes narrowed, hands still shoved into his pockets. All Might folding into the other chair, kept his blue eyes trained on his fellow teacher.

"Tell me what your relationship was with Midoriya before coming here." Aizawa relaxed into his seat, red eyes meeting crimson.

"What's there to tell? He's fucking Deku."

"What does that mean young Bakugou?"

"He was fucking quirkless, or at least that's what he fucking told us, the little shit. He could have stopped us at any point, fuck him." Bakugou snarls eyes flashing to the other teen, who started to move waking up. "He's a fucking crybaby that is always looking down on me. So I showed the shit stain his place; below me and only good for use as a punching bag."

A whimper came from the other teen who had woken up, his wide green eyes trained on the explosive boy. Izuku pushed as close to the back of the couch as possible.

"Midoriya, why don't you tell us about your relationship." Aizawa turned to him, body still facing the explosive teen. All Might turned his gaze to the shaking teen, a small encouraging smile on his face.

"We were friends since before we could walk, our moms are friends. Then Kaachan got his quirk and I didn't…" Izuku took a deep breath, staring down at his hands. "Suddenly no one wanted anything to do with me; except Kaachan still let me hang out with him. But when I saw him and two others bullying another student, I got in between them. That was the first time Kaachan beat me up with his quirk and without."

"Did you tell anyone young Midoriya?"

"No, the teachers wouldn't have done anything about it. They just ignored it, all through elementary and middle school. I couldn't tell Mom, she worries too much already. She doesn't need anything else to stress her out."

"Well all that changes now." Aizawa states arms crossed, red eyes narrowed. "Bakugou, if you try to go after Midoriya again to harm him outside of training, I will have you expelled. Bullying and abuse is not tolerated at UA. You will also be going to mandatory anger management counseling. Midoriya, you will be going to counseling as well. You need to be taught how to handle your attacks and to speak with someone about your trauma."

Bakugou growled, his eyes narrowed at his teacher as he stormed from the room, slamming the door. Izuku winced. Wide green eyes turn back to his homeroom teacher.

"Thank you, for helping me."

"I'm sorry no one has helped you before."

"Young Midoriya, why did you never tell me?" All Might inquired, elbows resting on his knees.

"I didn't want you to think less of me," raising his hands to wipe at his eyes. "I didn't want to disappoint you."

"My boy," All Might breathes. Standing up he moves to the couch and pulls Izuku into his lap, his form disappearing. "You did nothing to be disappointed about. In fact, you've been very brave. All I can ask is that you tell someone if something like this happens again. Please."

"I will All Might," Izuku whispers, clinging onto Yagi's shirt. "I promise."

"Good. Now, why don't you go see Recovery girl about your finger." All Might tells him gently. Izuku noded, pulling away. Smiling softly at the both of them, he bowed then left the room.

"So you picked him as your successor Toshinori?"

"Yes, he showed me he had the spirit of a true hero." All Might turned to Shota. "You all saw it when he took the test."

"When did you pass it on?" Shota asked fixing his chair.

"The day of the test."

"I'm sorry, what?" Shota slowly turned, eyes narrowed. "You're telling me, today was only the second time he used it and he figured out how to not break his arm?"

"Yes," All Might replied wiping his mouth. Shota began to laugh, shoving his hair back with one hand.

"That boy is going to be my problem child!"

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