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Cue in Don LaFontaine voice *In the world of Halo gaming...*

"Boom, headshot!" Penny shouted and laughed

*One man met his match...*

"I have told you once, you are messing with forces beyond your ken."

"Oh yeah!?" Penny yelled back and bumped against the counter top.

"Yes. And I can prove it!" Sheldon closed the last few inches of distance between them and pressed her against the counter next to the fridge.

Time came to a halt. They became quiet as Penny realized the situation she put herself into.

*One decision...*

"Sheldon... What the..." She whispered and moaned his name at the same time. No need to yell at his face now only inches away.

"Tell me I won." Sheldon demanded, as his fingers reversed. Now crawling back up her thighs, this time sliding under her shorts.

"What?" Penny completely forgot by now, how and why she ended up here in the first place.

*One desire...*

"Move, Doctor… please move." Penny begged

fanfiction dot net/s/13269220/1/The-Halo-Polarization