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Amitie and Ringo share a friendly date at Primp Town's museum. Requested by curlyquiz on tumblr!

Potent Knowledge

Amitie wasn't the studious type. Compared to classmates like Klug and Raffina, she found herself tremendously bored whenever it came to sitting still and having facts spoken at her. While Ms. Accord tried making her magic lessons fun, Amitie preferred practicing spells rather than reading boring study sheets or glaring at pop quizzes on the etiquette of a proper Puyo battle.

It was why she mostly stayed away from the museum. While there were fun artifacts to behold like mystical crystals from across dimensions and an elegant, grassy courtyard for Puyo battles, it was simply not for her. Dust coated the corridors despite Akuma's adherence to cleanliness. The long stretches of shadowy hallways left her feeling quite alone and small in the dark corridors. The rows imposed upon her with massive selections of spellbooks, both ancient and regal, each one heavier than her head. With the impressive silence and occasional squeaky footsteps on the tiled floor, Amitie preferred the outdoors where the sun brilliantly shone through the wispy white clouds and fresh air raised her spirits.

Though, with a friend, she found the museum much more welcoming.

Ringo pulled Amitie along by her hand, her vibrant green eyes shining like sharp cuts of jade. So much mystical knowledge surrounded her. While Amitie had said that Primp Town's museum was not scientific, her little gray cells hungered for new information.

"Incredible! To think that Primp Town would have a museum of this caliber. It's nothing like what they have in Suzuran," she said, scanning the surrounding marble columns and taking in the chiseled Puyo markings.

"Yeah! Klug spends so much time in here that it's become like a second home." Amitie tilted her head, grinning as Ringo skipped down another row. She waved her hand in front of her nose, batting away dust particles that picked up when Ringo bounded ahead.

Spinning on her heels, Ringo clapped her hands and beamed at a selection of tomes. With their spines bound in worn leather and strapped with golden locks, she carefully plucked one of the spellbooks. She took a slow breath and blew off the gathered dust, missing Amitie wrinkling her nose when the dust circled by her face.

"Hm, the cover is missing a title, but based on the symbols right here-" Ringo pointed to the engraved carvings of uneven silver stars meticulously cut into the tome's spine. "-we can assume this spellbook is about cosmic power."

"Whoa! This sounds like a book Lemres would eat up," Amitie gushed, leaning into her friend.

Gingerly taking the iron clasp, Ringo pulled down on it and let it dangle in her palm. She cupped the cover and slowly pushed it open, a touch fearful that even the slightest bit of roughness would damage the tome. Each page quivered in her gentle grasp as she turned them, her eyes wide to the wild insignias, scarlet magic circles, and mystical language faintly inked on every musty page.

Amitie marveled at her consideration. She felt like she was witnessing something grand even though she couldn't make out a single word. She was certain Klug or Lemres would understand the magic instantaneously, but watching Ringo quietly absorb every hand-drawn comet and crooked letter left her heart beating faster.

"What's it saying? It's something really cool, right?" she asked, eagerly grabbing Ringo's shoulder.

With a bright grin, she snapped the tome shut and said, "I have no idea."

"Wha-?" Amitie's mouth flopped open. She hunched forward, disbelief etched on her face. "Get real! You totally looked like you understood every little detail in there."

Chuckling, Ringo reset the clasp and slid the tome back in place. "Well, I could understand the basic gist based on the pictures. It was something about summoning apocalyptic stars, and one of the drawings was Primp…" She sucked down a breath. "...I think we were reading a doomsday tome."

Blinking, Amitie let Ringo's explanation settle in her mind. A beat passed between them as she gawked at the mystical tome, horror twisting her insides as Ringo snickered.

"For something so pretty on the outside, it really had some twisted stuff on the inside!" Amitie cried, her fingers twitching and latching onto Ringo's arm. She shivered, quickly shaking her head as Ringo patted her back.

"Well, that's just one book out of, maybe, five thousand or so." She pulled out the next spellbook and unwound the leather straps. "Maybe this one will prove to be a much...safer bet."

Giggling, Amitie nodded and decided to give the tomes a second chance. It was only one book in a museum filled with countless texts, and seeing the stars shine in Ringo's eyes at the prospect of new information as she opened it left Amitie feeling fluttery. Being with Ringo in the museum gave her a new perspective on what had simply been a boring, dusty place to study, and with hundreds of spellbooks to pour over, she was certainly going to have a fun time exploring with Ringo.

"Oh, wait, this one's also talking about the apocalypse," Ringo deadpanned and clapped the book shut.

"What's with ancient fogies and the world ending?" she exclaimed, tossing her arms up and kicking up another fresh layer of dust.

"Maybe we should move to a new section of the museum. You said there were some magical crystals I could investigate?" Ringo offered as Amitie wheezed, rapidly waving her hand in front of her nose.

"Oh, yeah! They're really pretty and powerful! Akuma even wrote a really long history about them, too!"

"Sounds perfect. I'd love to see them."

Eagerly taking Ringo's hand, Amitie guided her away from the long rows of spellbooks, relief quickly flushing out her anxieties. She tightened her grip and felt Ringo return her gesture with a reassuring squeeze, happy to spend time with her dear friend.