Chapter 13 responses, may include slight Book 5 spoilers

Thanks to all who reviewed, and even those who didn't but decided not to flame.

ChrismKing208 : not sure which set up you are referring too, I'd say a H/G pairing is now more certain than before 5 while a R/Hr pairing seems less so, to me anyway, as for romping at Figg/Dursleys' house, you would be correct, not too likely

Noelle : no sequel, but I'll try to get a few more fics of some sort out

Leyton : glad you stuck it out and ended up on the positive side

Eraserhead : thank you

Rjk2005 : thanks, I'm still deciding if I enjoyed 5 at all but it certainly has a flood of material for fanfic stories

Lazylion : thanks

Moine : no, no sequel but I do have at least one idea based on 5 (not fluff), Hell I may get adventurous and do a real story

hpver7 : thank you

Michelle : thanks, I'm glad you're not too upset with me ending it there, I'm sure I will write some more, just need to read 5 a few more times

LadyBrannon : Bloody thank you! Ron's not my favorite character but I too get tired of seeing him as a dolt, and I guess Ms. Rowling was as well since he got the badge

AquaStar : Thanks, are there any other pairings? ;)

Steve Jester : well, no sequel as OoP kinda makes this all obsolete but I'm sure I'll get bored waiting for 6 and write again

StRaWbErRiEs AnD BlUeBeRrIeS : thanks, looks like we were all wrong on the death

Lourdes : Thanks you and of course I agree with you that he deserves some happiness

Nessie : thank you

Tiny Dancer : sorry, no sequel, but it will be a long wait for 6 so I'm sure I'll write more soon, thanks for the encouragement

Life, Love Sanity : I have little doubt that I'll write some more waiting for 6, not sure about fluff though, I think 5 broke my flufferer

eedoe : thanks, sorry I wasn't able to get a Fred George out for you before 5, no doubt I'll use them more if I do another fic, looks like we were all wrong on who got it, to tell you the truth I wouldn't mind if Cho still got the ax though it looks like she's out of the running anyway