"I'm not touching that, that thing," the red-haired girl said indignantly. "It's dirty and slimy."

The young man kneeling in the dirt sighed and looked up at her. "Come on now Tris," he wheedled. "Mom and Dad will be so much happier if you only would help me with this gardening!"

"They would not," the girl he had called Tris said. "And my name is Tristan."

"But you're so much like Aunt Trisana that Tris fits you like a glove," he said with a grin on his face. "Your magic is even similar to hers."

Tristan brushed back her hair and said nothing. But her brother was right. Tristan's magic was nearly identical to Trisana Chandler's. Her hair was the same red and her eyes were the same gray. But her skin was darker, a golden-brown color that told anyone who looked closely enough who her father was.

"Well you're so much like father that your name should be Briar," she shot back.

The boy grinned up at him and said, "I know, isn't it great?" He sighed as he continued to dig in the dirt and said, "But still, they name me Numair. Horrible name."

"I think your name is just fine," Tristan said. "It fits you well enough, if you've known you forever."

"Mother will catch you good if she hears you talking like that," Numair said. He brushed a dirty hand through his curly brown hair, his gray-green eyes shining. "She'll think you were hanging out with the street rats again."

"She'll get me good if she knows I'm out here and not inside with that wretched nurse," Tristan responded. "Luckily Lissien is in there, keeping the old hag occupied while I stay out here and get some fresh air."

Numair shrugged and went back to his garden. A few minutes later however a girl who had night black hair ran into the garden. "Mother is coming Tris," she gasped out. "Numair get those weeds gone, father's coming to inspect your work."

Then she collapsed on the ground, breathing hard. But when a sharp voice called out, "Tristan! Lissien!" she sat up quickly and ran back the way she had come. Her fair skin had been covered with dirt and her cornflower blue eyes were nervous.

Tristan stood and followed her younger sister slower. At the top of the stairway she found her mother, none other then Lady Sandrilene fa Toren. And her father, Briar Moss. "Boy are we in trouble," she muttered when her mother's eyes fell on her and her dirty dress.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* If you haven't guessed already these are the three children of Briar Moss and Sandry. It has a slow start but will get much better as it goes on, I swear that it will.