I decided to delete my old Avengers stories from years ago and rewrite from scratch. It'll follow a completely different path and will hopefully be miles better.

It's obviously AU, you'll see why as you read along.

Chapter 1

SHIELD BASE 603, Codename: The Bunk, NYC, 2012

Steve did not expect to be training trainees when he'd arrived at SHIELD full time. Soon after the Battle of New York was sorted, he'd signed a contract that allowed him to be a full time worker at the shadowy organisation. There honestly wasn't much going for him otherwise, they were the only people who he could really work with. He had been a little naive in thinking they'd send him straight off on some daring mission, but it had been like the early Captain America days.

Instead, Fury had decided that Steve would be training the new recruits in combat. Steve was a natural born leader, but he'd never been a teacher like this before. Instead of daring soldiers who followed him in the fight against Nazis, he was up against recruits fresh out of college who were starry eyed at the oldest Avenger. They were nice enough, but he couldn't help noticing most of the girls trying to ask for him to spar with him one on one. Steve wasn't great when it came to girls, but he knew exactly what they were doing. They batted their eyelashes, played with their hair and put their hands on their slender hips, waiting and hoping that the handsome captain would suddenly fall in love with them.

Peggy wasn't like that.

Oh Peggy, he missed her more than anything. Her face, along with Bucky's, kept him up at night. What he didn't want was to think about her all the time, because he felt like he would break down in tears when he imagined her ruby red lips and beautiful English accent. At least training the baby agents distracted him from the woman who had slipped through his fingers. She was alive, albeit with dementia in a London care home. She'd married and had two children, had a life full of adventure. She'd been a trailblazer, a founder and later director of SHIELD. Had Steve not dive bombed into the Atlantic, he was sure that he would have at least proposed marriage to her.

At least she had made it. He'd watched Bucky fall off a train. That was the one that gave him the most nightmares and flashbacks, he woke up trembling.

He didn't want to think about them, especially right now. Steve could afford to mourn his best friend and the woman he loved when alone in his cold Manhattan apartment, but not when a bunch of early twenty-somethings were staring at him with a mix of awe and fear. Whilst Steve was only physically and mentally three years older, they felt like children to him. They had grown up learning about him in history classes and watching cartoons about him on PBS, he was fighting in a war in a generation where their grandparents were only kids. He was taller than all of them, naturally, only adding to the feeling of oldness.

They talked of bands, movies and TV shows that Steve had never heard of. Fred and Ginger were merely pop culture used in quizzes, the radio was an antiquated medium and the idea of running to a telephone box because you didn't have one at home was something extremely alien to them. These trainees did not carry the grim nature of the Great Depression on their shoulders, only a handful having been truly affected by the financial crisis only four years before.

He just couldn't relate.

"I'm just saying, I could kick anyone's ass."

Well, there were some things that hadn't changed- being a dick was still a thing. This modern day Gilmore Hodge was a guy named Conrad Bridges, a talented albeit arrogant young man. Tall, with a sort of sneering affliction upon his face, he had managed to prove himself physically powerful. He'd found himself the enemy of his group, mainly because he believed he was superior and because he constantly tried to suck up the unreceptive Steve. Steve could see Conrad's jealousy when the girls flirted with him, simply because the younger man repulsed them. Though Conrad had not been untoward, Steve would have absolutely no problem dealing with him if he harassed any of the women in his group. They deserved respect, as did everyone who had made it to the highly selective and difficult programme.

Steve groaned quietly, about to tell him to shut up when...

"How about I give it a go?"

The female agent had arrived halfway through the session, going to work out in the corner without a peep. Steve had barely acknowledged her himself, for he had no reason to. He did now, as the young woman with the workout clothes approached the group. Her eyes were directly on Conrad, with the look of being distinctly unimpressed by him.

"Excuse me?" Conrad asked.

"You heard me," she replied slowly, as if he were mentally deficient, "If you're so badass, you'll be able to give me a run for my money. Is that ok with you, Captain?"

The blond blinked in surprise at being addressed, nodding, "Not a problem, if Bridges agrees."

"I'm happy to," Conrad sauntered over to the brunette, who merely nodded.

She looked away for a single moment, allowing Conrad to think that he had her. To his utter surprise, the girl grabbed his arm without turning around. She yanked it so hard that it nearly pulled from his socket, bringing him over to her. Launching in the air, she wrapped one leg around his waist and used the other to bring him to the ground. Seated on his middle, she pulled his hands behind his back and stretched him closer to her. It must have been about ten seconds, but it was enough to completely disarm him.

"Now that is how you do it, kid," the brunette looked down at him, still gripping his arms, "I imagine you've never had a girl close to you like this, have you?"

That got a rousing laugh from the assembled trainees, even Steve had to hide his smirk.

"You can't talk to me like that," Conrad protested.

"Actually, I can, because unlike you I am not a cocky little shit, I am a fully trained and licensed federal agent. Tip for you all, you must have the goods to back it up if you're going to run your mouth. Don't be arrogant, because someone will always be there to knock you down a peg. If you learn anything, it is to define your own worth. Do not let others bring you down, you fight for yourself. Make sure you lose the arrogance though, because no one likes a big head. If that happens, like it did to little Bridges over here, you're going to look like an ass. People at SHIELD don't like people like this and they are happy to kick you from the programme if you act like it."

Steve liked this woman already.

Before the woman could finish, Agent Maria Hill arrived at the doorway. Steve had immediately liked the no-nonsense Hill, but she was still his superior and didn't give off the impression that she wanted to make friends with him.

"What is this?" the deputy asked.

"Me putting an intern in his place, Commander," the brunette smirked.

"Well that's enough. Session is over, get dressed and report to records. Rogers, Collins, you're both with me, we have a mission to debrief you on."

A mission?

That sparked Steve's interest. The girl, who he now knew as Collins, leapt up and dragged Conrad to his feet. Without a second look, she grabbed her kit and followed the two others out of the gym, walking out the wonderment of the trainee agents.

The three walked without a word, though Steve kept sneaking glances at Collins. She was definitely pretty, not stunning like Peggy, but pretty enough. He guessed she was mid 20s, perhaps only an agent for a few years. The words sat on his tongue, far too nervous to spill out. Collins walked along, looking straight ahead and following without question. He mostly wanted to thank her for her amazing job, but decided it could wait.

They arrived in the debriefing room, Hill heading straight to the front to stand with Fury. To Steve's delight, he noticed that Clint and Natasha were there, chatting amongst themselves. Next to them were Brock Rumlow and Jack Rollins, two of the STRIKE Team members. Steve really didn't like Rumlow, but he couldn't put his finger on why he didn't- there was just something off about him. Well, that and he was an arrogant shit.

"Agents, Captain," Fury greeted, "We have a simple distraction and detainment mission. If you'll look at the screen, you'll see Francis Overton. He lives upstate and owns an energy company called 'Power House.' This company is actually a front for illegal trading. After the Battle of New York, Overton managed to acquire several Chitauri weapons and has not handed them in to authorities. The FBI wants him in for the trading, but it is our job to get the weapons out and to have him arrested. The bureau will be transporting him as it is there jurisdiction. I need my best agents for this."

"So why am I here then?"

Steve managed a quiet chuckle as everyone turned to Agent Collins, who was sat on a filing cabinet.

"You're our honey trap, Collins," Fury told her, rolling his remaining eye, "Overton has a weakness for young brunettes, so you'll be distracting him whilst the rest of the team are in."

"Sounds like fun," she smirked.

"You and I have very different definitions of fun, Collins. Today you will be Jenny Selmy, a young woman who had just been mugged. You will go to his house and ask for help, where he will likely invite you inside. You will engage conversation and after a while, you will ask to use the phone. You will call your 'boyfriend', who is actually Captain Rogers. He will not answer unless they have found the weapons. When he calls you back, that is the signal for the FBI to burst in and arrest Overton. He will never know that SHIELD was here, as they will hand the weapons over to the FBI in a secure part of the estate. Now, here is what you are looking for."

Fury pressed a button, revealing several weapons.

"They are code marked, there are four identical ones. Before the five of you sneak in, you will disable the security remotely to allow you to enter without detection. We have acquired blue prints of the property, though we believe Overton will have somewhere secure for the weapons. You will use this device to open any locked door. Any questions?"

"What if Overton doesn't let Collins in?" Clint asked.

"Then Collins will work with the FBI to lure Overton out of the house. If that does not work, then we will have to improvise. Anything else?"

Nobody said anymore.

"You have half an hour before you go to Hangar 1 to enter the Quinjet. Rogers, take a shower before you change back into your suit. Collins, go to clothing and pick something that Overton will like. Oh, and go take a shower as well, you've been training. The rest of you can talk tactics. Now go."

They all scuttled out, the other four leaving Steve and Collins alone. It suddenly dawned on Steve that he had no idea where the showers were. That seemed to dawn on Collins, as she turned to him, nodding slightly to follow her.

Steve continued to attempt conversation, but found that it fell flat in his mouth. He was impressed with her, for she had both made him laugh and find himself in awe in only fifteen minutes of meeting her. Still, he was intimidated, as he was with all beautiful dames. Collins had the attitude that made him guess that she would not put up with any terrible conversation he may manage to squeak out.

They arrived at a corridor, with one door clearly marked 'Male Showers & Changing.' Collins turned the corridor, probably going to get some of the clothing. This left Steve to change by himself, having grabbed the suit from the briefing room.

He returned to the briefing room, awkwardly lurking as the others talked.

"Collins will meet us at the hangar, let's go," Rumlow commanded.

Steve followed the others, Natasha and Clint going onto the pilots' seats. Only a few moments later and Collins entered. Her hair was tousled freely, she wore booty hugging shorts and an off the shoulder top, showing a large amount of skin on her long, shiny legs.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"You'd convince me," Rumlow replied, his eyes lingering on her buttocks.

"Anything in a skirt would convince you, Rumlow," Collins shot back, strapping herself in, "How long is the flight?"

"Half an hour."

After they'd gotten to a safe altitude, they were put on auto pilot and Clint and Natasha headed to the back with the others.

"Cap- you've got the floor," Clint told him.

"Oh, right," Steve stood up, clearing his throat, "Well firstly, I wish to say that I'm very excited about going on this mission with SHIELD and I hope that I get to work with you all frequently. We will be dropping the Quinjet in a small forest a little outside of Overton's place. From there, we will split- Collins will take the main road to the estate whilst the rest of us will go through the forest undetected. Collins will use the buzzer and if all goes to plan, she will be let in and will distract Overton long enough. The rest of us will enter the estate through a small tunnel, the tech team have hacked the cameras so that it runs on a loop. We'll go through the back entrance to the garage; blueprints indicate storage will be in a secret basement beneath it. Collins will telephone using the agreed method; we will only call back when we have all of the weapons. That'll be the hint, that's when the FBI will swoop in for the arrest. Underneath here we have the suitcases specifically designed to carry the weapons safely, we don't want them going off."

"What happens if Overton doesn't fall for the charms?" Collins asked, raising her hand, "I mean, he will but what if he doesn't? I'm willing to kiss him but I am not sleeping with him."

Steve went ruby red.

"Will you be able to improvise?"

"I wouldn't be here if I wasn't," Collins replied.

"Then we don't have a problem," Steve told her, "Are there any other questions?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"Ok, we'll get Agents Barton and Romanoff back in the pilot seat and do the rest of the journey."

Natasha and Clint headed back to the front, the others remaining behind her. Emily lifted up her shirt and looked around.

"Yo Rumlow, come punch me in the side."

"Excuse me?" Steve put his head up.

"Well I have to look like I've been mugged, the bruise will fade in a couple of days," Collins defended, before seeing his expression, "Ugh fine, stop looking like a lost puppy, someone just hit me on the side with the suitcase so I don't look so damn fine."

Before Steve could protest, Rumlow grabbed the suitcase and swung it at Collins' side. She didn't even hiss before looking at the light bruise just above her hip.

"Great work, thanks, now for the last part."

She squeezed her eyes together tightly before tears poured down her face. Letting out a light sob, she made her face so bright red and her eyes go sore, patting them down against her hair so that her locks were damp. She then rubbed her eyes to smudge the mascara.

"Done," she smiled.

Steve and the others looked at her questioningly.

"Well I've just been mugged, excuse me for being upset."

"You can do it on command?" the blond captain asked.

"Yeah, it's really easy," she shrugged, "Let's strap in for descent."

Steve couldn't stop looking at Collins as they landed in the forest. There was something about her no nonsense attitude, the way she was so blasé about the entire mission. He couldn't lie; there was something hypnotic about her strength and attitude. It helped that she was very pretty, something that intimidated the shy captain. He found himself going to look at her long legs, forcing himself to then look away as to not be disrespectful. She, like him, was there for the mission.

"We've landed," Natasha announced.

"Everyone sync their ear pieces- do you all read me?" Steve asked.

They all nodded.

"Alright, let's get this son of a gun."

Collins headed out first, bidding them goodbye as she exited left onto the main path. After Natasha and Clint had sorted out the Quinjet, the rest followed to the right to walk through the forest. Eventually, Collins' voice crackled through the earpiece to tell them all that she had arrived at the house. Moments later, they heard the sound of her pressing the buzzer.

"Yes?" Overton's voice came through the system.

"I'm so sorry to bother you," Collins sobbed through the phone, "But I was just mugged, the guy pistol whipped me and took everything, my phone, my purse, everything in it. I'm not familiar with this place and when I saw your place, I just thought that you might be able to help me. I'm just so scared something else might happen."

There was a pause.

"Come on in dear, don't worry."

"Thank you," she sniffled.

There was a click and the gates swung open. Collins clicked to the front door, Overton opening it up. He was a tall man, a little rotund but you could tell that he had been very handsome in his youth. His face was the picture of concern, but Collins kept her face as sad as can be.

"Hello my dear, come on in," he ushered her inside the marbled doorstep, "My name is Francis Overton."

"Thank you," Collins sniffled, wiping her eyes, "My name's Jenny Selmy."

"What happened?"

"I was just out walking home from a book launch to get the shuttle when this guy jumps out of nowhere and he had this gun. See I don't carry, not when I'm out and even if I did, he had the jump on me. Told me to empty my pockets then give him my purse. I tried to beg not to, it has everything, but he just didn't care. I think he wanted drugs or something, so I handed it over because he threatened to shoot me if I didn't. Then he grabs it and runs off, I was all alone. I hope you don't mind me saying, but your home just looked so inviting. If I can just call my boyfriend a little later, that would be wonderful."

"No problem, just come inside and have a drink of water. Would you like me to call the police?" Overton offered.

"Oh no, I don't think there's much they can do," she whimpered, "They won't care about a woman getting her credit cards and $20 in cash stolen, especially since I didn't get a good look at the guy. I mean I understand they have to prioritise but this neighbourhood seems so safe. A friend of mine got mugged in upper Albany and the cops all but laughed in her face. I just don't want him to hurt someone else, what if someone has medication or something in their bag?"

"I understand, sit down," Overton handed her a glass of water, "That must have been so scary."

"The world is so scary at the moment; look at what happened in New York. Our parents lived more sheltered lives, so many bad things happen to us. Seeing that on the news, my God."

"Yes, terrible," Overton agreed.

Across the estate, the five had slipped inside under the tunnel and into the back of the house. Slipping past the pool, they arrived at the garage. They listened to Collins fake sob inside the house, Steve heavily impressed with her acting- if being an agent didn't work out, she should go on stage. Natasha used a pick to open the lock, leading the rest into the garage.

"Ok, so we need to find some kind of secret entrance," Steve told them, "Everyone spread out, careful not to touch the car, look for something out of place..."

Before he could continue, Natasha pointed to a set of stairs that she'd somehow managed to uncover in about thirty seconds.

"I always know where to look, let's get in- close it behind you."

Back inside, Collins was continuing to work the charm, though the subject of New York was hardly an appealing topic.

"Did you know anyone?" Overton asked.

"I had a couple of friends in the midst of it, but they were ok- yourself?"

"I lost my cousin."

"Oh my god, that is so tragic- were you close?"

"We were, her name was Amelia," Overton nodded sadly; "She died when a building collapsed on her when one of the alien ships crashed straight into it. It's been so hard; I have no siblings so she was the closest I had to one. Learning about it was such a tragic moment, I hadn't got hold of her but I thought that she might have been in the hospital or something, but then I got the call. So many people that day, I hear they're still finding bodies. I think about her every day."

"That is so sad, you are so brave for being so strong for her memory," Collins put a hand on his knee, scooting closer.

"You are too kind, Miss. Selmy."

"Please call me Jenny, a man so kind should have that privilege."

Downstairs, the quintet arrived at the door. With no way of guessing the pass code, Natasha placed the explosive device on the door and ushered them all back. The door blew open and they ran in. Immediately, they found the guns mounted on the wall behind some glass.

Rollins went forward, using the sticker with Overton's fingerprint (taken from the garage door) to unlock them.

"Well that was easy," Clint commented lightly as they placed the guns in the suitcases.

"Guy's an idiot, think that collecting alien guns is like collecting artwork," Rumlow rolled his eyes, "We wait for Collins to call us, let's get out of the estate and find somewhere to hide before the FBI gets in. We can't have Overton knowing we were in here."

They ascended the stairs; meanwhile, Collins was laying it on thick in the living room.

"Are you into art?" she asked, looking at the walls, decorated with portraits.

"Yes, I'm a keen collector- are you?"

"I can't say I'm too cultured in that respect, but I know what I think looks nice and what doesn't. These are so beautiful, you must really know your stuff."

"Well, I do try," Overton pretended to be bashful.

"You've been so kind to me, Mr. Overton- may I please use your phone to call Frank?"

"Of course, here you are," he handed her the landline.

"Oh, you're just such a superhero," Collins put a hand to her heart, faking awe for him, "I knew it was a risk, going into a stranger's home, but you are such a good man."

"Don't worry about thanking me darling, you call your boyfriend."

Collins nodded, dialling the fake number. Across the way, Steve was with the others in a forest clearing. His false phone started pinging, the Albany number clear as day.


"Oh Frank, it's so good to speak to you," Collins started tearing up again, "Listen honey, I got mugged- they stole everything when I was leaving the book launch. They took my phone and my wallet, it was so scary. I was all alone."

"Oh honey, that is so horrible to hear," Steve smiled down the phone, even though it wasn't real.

"This nice man let me into his house, he let me call you. Will you be able to pick me up?"

"Of course, what's the address?"

"One second, I'll ask- excuse me, Mr Overton? What's the add-ʺ

Before Collins to continue, they all heard a loud bang and a shout of 'FBI- DON'T MOVE.'

Inside, Overton and Collins both jumped up, hands in the air. The phone hit the floor, immediately cutting off and letting out an eerie tone.

"Oh my god, what is this?" Collins yelled, fake terrified, "Mr. Overton?"

"On the ground, both of you," one agent yelled, "That means you, lady."

"But I don't know him," she protested, "I just met him, I got mugged..."

"Quiet," the agent barked, "Frisk them both, then take the girl to another room."

One agent pulled Collins up, leading her to another room. As she was taken away, she heard one of the agents read Overton his Miranda rights. When they were out of earshot, she was released and immediately burst out laughing.

"Nice job, Agent Collins."

"Thanks, you guys too- couldn't have done it without you."

Once they were satisfied that Overton had been taken away, Collins was allowed to leave. Whistling to herself, she walked back up the path towards the forest. The others were nestled inside the Quinjet, looking over the weapons.

"You guys got them quickly," she commented lightly, "God, they're tiny, all that damage from such a small weapon."

"Yeah," Steve agreed, "Good job everyone, let's get back to base."

Natasha and Clint went back to the front, the other four belting in to the back. Steve's eyes slowly went towards Collins' legs, helped out by the heels that she was wearing. Collins noticed that and looked up, smirking at the sight of the now pink Steve. He looked away quickly, hearing the slight giggle that was emitted from her mouth.

He was silent for the rest of the ride, unable to bring himself to make conversation with the brunette next to him. It sounded stupid, but he felt something in his stomach when he looked at her.

Maybe he would pluck up the courage.

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