Chapter Four

Protection from Kidnappers

Four weeks since the accident in the lab, two since their trip to the Barton's farm, and they were finally back in the cabin where everything could start to calm down.

Peter sighed as he helped Happy set their bags in the living room before falling back onto the couch with a huff. "Why is everyone so intent on my taking over for Mr. Stark? They were all against it before Thanos showed up!" He tilted his head over to where the older man flumped onto the couch next to him. "Am I really that important to them now that Mr. Stark isn't here to serve them?"

"I wouldn't say serve, but yeah, he gave a lot to help them before." Happy agreed as he picked up the TV remote and turned the TV to the news channel, watching as the weather flickered on before them. "And if there's a chance for another Iron Man who was just as smart, if not smarter, than Tony to help out, then yeah, they'll be all over you kid."

Peter groaned as he scrunched his eyes closed tightly. He hated that thought! How could he ever be as good as Mr. Stark when he was now struggling to get his powers to work for him properly. He hadn't had this problem after Ben, instead his powers seemed to have gotten more powerful after Ben to the point he could catch a car with his bare hands. Now he could hardly pick up the engine to throw into the hover car he had been working on.

"Just give yourself time Peter." Happy said as he wrapped an arm around the other's shoulder. "I know it's been tough, and people have been on you about things lately, but you can't let it all get to you. Focus on you and get better and then you can start worrying about the world."

"Yeah, I know, but when I have a one eyes pirate on my ass about becoming the new Iron Man…well, it get's stressful really fast." He rubbed his face tiredly before turning his head just in time to see Morgan come running into the room with an Iron Man action figure and a Spider-Man one in each hand. "What's up Mor?"

"I wanted to see if you'd play Daddy and Spidey with me!" She exclaimed as she held up the two dolls to showcase her idea. She hadn't gotten to have just her and Peter time in a while, and now that they were home and away from all the other once upon avengers and their kids, she thought it would be perfect timing. "Please! I'll let you be daddy!"

Peter smiled and nodded his head. This would take his mind off of the fact that his powers were not currently working. That he was currently vulnerable and of no real use to SHIELD or to the Avengers at this moment.

Either way, he'd have fun hanging with Morgan and then he would go and have some tinkering time down in the lab before bed.


"Peter! Come down here please!" Pepper yelled from the kitchen, scooping a pile of scramble eggs and cheese onto the plate in front of Morgan. The little girl waited patiently for her mother to plate the bacon and the toast as well, waiting for that nod that would allow her to eat her breakfast. "Peter!" Pepper shouted, giving a sharper tone than before as she became impatient with the teen.

"I hear ya!" Peter shouted back as the sound of a door opened and closed before steps headed upstairs from the lab. "Sorry, had to put something away before I came up, otherwise there would be no house."

"What have I told you about dangerous experiments in the house?" She questioned with a raised brow, ignoring the 'Ooooooooh!' from Morgan.

"Not to do it when you and Mo are in the house." He replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "It normally isn't dangerous, but I got startled from that first yell and I crossed the wrong wires." He explained as he settled at the table that was quickly gaining his plate of food. It was nowhere near what he used to eat, but it satisfied himself for the time being. "I was able to uncross then put them where they needed to be. Danger averted."

"Well, I'm sorry I scared you, didn't mean to." She said before setting her own plate down and getting everything that she wanted to eat on it. "Either way, there are some things we need to talk about before we do anything for the day."

"Oh, what things need to be talked about?" He questioned, shoving eggs in his mouth and making a face at Morgan, making her laugh.

"We need to go into town and hit the stores. Most of my jeans are all worn and getting holes in the upper thighs, along with a few new dresses for the upcoming galas. Morgan needs some new clothes as well, especially as summer is coming up and all of her old clothes are too small. She'll need some dresses for those galas as well, since some of them she'll have to go to."

"Okay, sounds like a plan. I hope you two have some fun." He said with a smile on his face. He shoveled more eggs in and then took a bite of his bacon to go along with it.

Pepper rolled her eyes at the teen before tapping the table to bring the attention back to her. "You are going to go with us." She stated and ignored the look of horror on his face. "You have outgrown all of your jeans and you've worn nothing but sweats since. You've even taken to wearing Tony's old t-shirts, which swamp you."

"I'm fine!" Peter stated as he pushed his plate away from him. "I have everything I need, and I don't need anything new, I promise Pepper." He tried to assure her, but he knew that the ACDC T-shirt wasn't making his argument valid.

"Peter, I haven't seen you wear jeans, nor have I seen you wear shirts of your own. You can't continue wearing things that came out of the boxes in the attic." Pepper explained as gently but firmly as possible. She knew that the clothes that once belonged to Tony were up there, ready and waiting for Peter to go up and grab clothes as much as he pleased. "I know you'd be wearing his jeans too if you could, but you're still too short for those and that's why you've been taking his sweats instead." She pointed down to where she knew the ends were rolled up.

Peter flushed as he crossed his arms over his chest and tucked his chin down. He really didn't mind wearing what he was. It wasn't like he was going out to see people or galas or leave the cabin in general. Not unless it was going to eat out with Pepper and Morgan or to go and gather materials for projects for Stark Industries. There really was no reason to go out other than that. Not like anyone was waiting to hang out with him in the world, especially as MJ and Ned were in college and his own was all online.

"I also need to get you fitted with a tux and business suits. With you taking over the mechanical side of Stark Industries, we'll need you to represent it." That stopped Peter completely and his entire complexion turned white.

"What?" He squeaked out as he grabbed the corner of the table to keep himself from toppling over. "You can't be serious!"

"I am." Pepper stated calmly as she finished off her breakfast. "Go and get dressed Morgan, we'll leave in ten." Only once the girl had left did she turn fully towards the teen boy, still with a pallor that worried her slightly. "This is something that was going to happen at some point, Peter." She sighed as she steepled her hands together. "I have not spoken of what Tony has left you, and I realize I should have, but I have put it off to give you time to grieve and recover."

"Tony…." Peter gulped as he looked at the woman, taking in the crow's feet at the corner of her eyes, the greys in her hair, and the frown lines on her forehead. She had lived a hard life and it hadn't gotten any easier. "Tony, he, uh, he wrote me into his will?" He coughed at the end as he tried to bring himself to understand.

"He did. You were his kid after all. Not by blood, but by choice. He loved you dearly Peter." She smiled and stood up so she could walk over to the boy and place a hand on his shoulder. "If he hadn't of loved you, he would have never figured out how to time travel to change the path we had been on."

Peter clenched his jaw, trying to stop the tears in his eyes from falling. He had never known how important he was to Tony. He had never known that he had been the reason why he had found a way to time travel.

All he knew was that hug he had gotten after showing back up on Earth. It had been the only hug he had gotten from the man, an actual hug that wasn't from distress induced. He would treasure that and curse upon it the rest of his life.

"Because of that, he left you a few things in his will. I held back because of your grief, but now I need you to step up and help with the company. You have already built new items for it and I've opened the account that Tony had created for you, depositing all of the shares of your creations to you." She explained as she pulled her purse over to her and pulled out a debit card, settling it in front of him.

It had his name on it. Peter B. Parker. With the whole numbers and expiration date and so on. It was a huge thing for him to have since his old one had been shut down when he had dusted before. All of the money he had then gone into Aunt May's account at the time. She had needed it more.

"Then there is the contract he had written up just before the snap occurred. It was just a simple one, a contract that you'd work for Stark Industries and you would get thirty percent of the profits and then the royalties as well." She laid out the paper for him to look over. "You can take your time reading this over, I don't need it right away and I can even put it off for a while too."

Peter nodded his head as he looked over the official looking papers in front of him. he could see things such as terms and periods and about conditions about his grades and extra curriculars. There were places for him to sign and for his guardian to sign. No wonder Pepper wasn't worried about it at the moment, she was his guardian after all.

"The final piece is here." She laid a simple black case in front of him. "This was something he had been working on at the end and thought would become in the future. Just after he figured out time travel, he had made some changes and made sure you'd be able to have access to this."

Peter pulls the case to sit in front of him but doesn't open it right away. "What is it?" He questions, looking up at the woman in confusion. Tony wasn't half assed and did things in full. If he was going to give Peter something, then it was going to be big, much like the Iron Spider suit had been.

"He called them EDITH. It's an AI that controls the weaponized drones that were launched into space about two years ago. A back up plan incase someone comes to Earth, and extra help was needed." She began as she tapped the case. "She can do more than that though. Much like Friday, Edith can hack into any computer in the world, given enough time, and can help give information that you may need."

Peter nodded as he opened the case, looking at the square glasses that lay inside. They were sunglasses, lightly tinted and lined in black. They were simple yet spoke loudly. "These are the AI glasses he always wore." He frowned as she remembered seeing Tony speak aloud to the AI's all the time. Whether for information or vitals or passcodes. "Why would he give something like this to me?" He questioned next, eyes looking up at Pepper.

"Because he knew that you would follow in his footsteps and surpass them. You would take over what he left behind and make it better, stronger, and faster." Pepper laid her hands onto his cheeks, squishing them a little to get a smile out of him. "You'll do wonders Peter. I know you will, and I will be by your side as you do."

Peter couldn't help but chuckle as he nodded his head in understanding, leaning into the hands, ignoring the stretch he felt there. It was a comfort and he loved it. "Yeah, sure, whatever you say Pepper." He leaned away, still a smile on his face. "Well, I guess I better try them on." He placed them on his face and looked at Pepper, cupping his chin in one hand while the other settled on his hip. "How do I look."

"Absolutely ridiculous." She assured with a smirk, ignoring the teenager's indignant squawk.


"Peter! I wanna wear your glasses!" Morgan demanded from her place in her car seat. Happy was driving with the three others in the back, relaxing as they made their way to the city. "They were daddy's!"

"Morgan, those glasses are Peter's now. Daddy gave them to him especially." Pepper said with a firm disapproving frown on her face. "Not to mention that they're dangerous if you say something wrong."

"But mommy! Daddy wore those! I wanna wear Daddy's glasses!" She pouted as she kicked out her feet in a fit. "I wanna be like daddy!"

"Morgan Stark, do not start or we will turn right back around and go home." She threatened.

"Edith, child friendly mode. Don't allow Morgan access to anything that's deadly or could cause a crisis." Peter ordered before taking the glasses off. "Here, you can wear them until we get to the store. I made sure that you won't be able to accidentally set off a bomb somewhere or another." He stated calmly, allowing the child to place the glasses onto her face.

"Peter don't give in like that. She'll never learn that she can't always get what she wants with a pout." Not that her child wasn't well behaved most of the time, but that doesn't mean she didn't have her temper tantrums.

"It's fine Pepper, no worries." He said as she little girl looked around the car in excitement, seeing the way her father had when he wore them. Little graphs and temperatures were showing up on them and Edith would answer questions that Morgan asked. Though she would deny any request that would be troublesome, or she deemed unreasonable. "It looks like we're here now."

"Oh, so we are." She blinked as she looked out and took in the mall. Though she had access to grander scaled shops up in the higher ends of town, but she knew that Peter would appreciate this much more. Smaller shops that would allow the funnier t-shirts for the teen and she'd be able to find some of the cuter dresses that she knew the cheaper mall would bring. "Alright dears, let's go and get you some clothes and maybe a few other things while we're at it."

"Sounds like a forced plan that I did not agree to." Peter drawled as he unbuckled Morgan and helped her out of the car, Pepper right behind them. "This is forced and cruel punishment that I do not deserve."

The woman rolled her eyes and smiled as she watched Peter pick up the child and bounce her on his hip, scowling as they walked into the mall. "You'll be fine and soon, with new clothes that'll actually fit you."

"That or tortured into insanity from you dressing me up like a doll." He shot back.


"Is that her?" A man questioned as he looked through a pair of binoculars, watching as a red-haired woman with a teen and child walked in the mall. "Who's the kid?"

"Who cares about him, the little girl is the one we want." Another said, growling as he chewed on the end of an unlit cigarette. "We get her, then we can ransom her back for a pretty penny, especially now that Stark is dead and out of our way." His grin turned malicious as he watched the trio move towards a child's clothing store. "With Iron Man gone, they're an easy target and we can't be attacked by a hunk of metal."

"What about that brat that Stark was training?" A woman questioned behind the two. "The Spider that was always out and catching petty criminals. The one that took Toomes out."

"From what I've heard, he hasn't made an appearance since that Blip reversal fiasco." He grunted as he snatched the binoculars out of the shorter male's hands. "Stop looking so fucking suspicious you fucking moron." He growled before turning back to the woman, ignoring the apologies sent his way. "I doubt he'll show up right now, probably got nabbed by another Nazi group or died during whatever happened."

"I guess." She agreed before huffing and turning. "We better get down there and get into place. We won't have a whole lot of time before Schultz starts things off."

"We're right behind you Cat. Come on Flint, we don't want to mess things up now that we're so close to this deal." The shorter male said with an excited smile. "Especially since that bug isn't here to mess things up for us again."

"Flint rolled his eyes as he shook his shoulders out and prepared for the upcoming kidnapping and the chaos that was going to happen. "Yeah, I know Gargan. Just don't screw this up like the last time we tried to pull a huge heist."

"It wasn't my fault Spidey showed up! Fucker shouldn't have been anywhere in the area but there he was!" Gargan growled out as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Either way, we better catch up with the chick before Shultz really starts without us."

Flint nodded as he spat out the chewed-up cigarette and led the shorter male to where they were to be stationed to pull this kidnapping off. "Hopefully that gear he nabbed from Toomes will be of use or this won't work out like we've planned."


"How about this one Peter!? Does this make me look pretty too!?" Morgan twirled in the pink little sundress, it had short sleeves with little patterns of flowers and leaves printed in white. Pepper had paired it with cute little white Mary Janes.

"My goodness, where did this princess come from?" Peter gasped as theatrically as he could. "I was supposed to be here for my little sister Morgan, but here I am meeting a real live princess." He smiled at her before giving a bow. "It is an honor to meet you, your majesty."

Morgan giggled as she ran over and hugged his legs. "Its just me silly, Morgan." She looked up at him with a wide smile, waiting for his reply.

He gasped as he reached down and picked her up, putting her on his hip. "Wow Morgan, you look so pretty I didn't even recognize you."

"Oh, stop it." Pepper said with her own smile. "We'll never be able to keep her ego down if you keep doing that."

"Well, with who her father is, its inevitable that she gets a matching ego." He gave her an Eskimo kiss, earning a kiss to his cheek afterwards. "Might as well embrace it now before we can't handle it later."

Pepper just rolled her eyes as she looked at the pile of clothes she had gotten for Morgan. There was more than enough to last her a while, especially since she had shopped for clothes that were much larger than what the child could wear at the moment. That way she wouldn't have to shop again in a few months just in case Morgan had a growth spurt. "Alright, I think we're ready to pay and then go and get some clothes for you Mister." She stated with a stern glare at the teen.

Peter grunted in acknowledgement as he flagged down the sales associates waiting off in the corner. "Whatever you say Pepper." He adjusted the EDITH glasses on Morgan's face, pushing them more firmly against her face. He had eventually turned off all the functions so that no one would notice what they were, just incase someone noticed the data rolling across the screens.

He stood there and waited while all the purchases were made, some of which he didn't really think Morgan needed, but hey, he wasn't a mom and I'm sure Pepper was buying Morgan a mini gym outfit that most likely matched one of her own, for a reason. He just shook his head as he continued to entertain the little girl and make sure she didn't get into any trouble. She was Tony Stark's daughter after all and he was sure that she was bound to get into trouble at some point, whether they wanted her to or not.

One second he was standing there with Morgan in his arms and Pepper at his side.

The next he was laying against the counter, Morgan huddled against him and his chest while his back was facing the entrance of the store. His ears were ringing, and he couldn't really tell what was going on, too disoriented to figure out what was going on. He could feel Morgan bawling against his chest, but he couldn't hear her, only feel the shaking and the heaving that came with fear and panic. "It'll be okay." He muttered, but he wasn't sure she could hear it if he couldn't hear anything either.

He blinked as a hand landed on his shoulder and forced him to turn around and look up into the face of a large bulky man wearing a dark and light green stripped shirt, a brown hoodie thrown over that, and then a bandana covering the bottom half of his face with black gloves.

He frowned when he tried to pull Morgan from his hold, but he held on. He wasn't about to let this man take his little sister. She was his to protect and take care of.

But obviously he wasn't going to have a choice as something metallic slammed into the side of his face and everything went black.


"Okay, where is he now?" Rhodey questioned as he walked with Pepper in the compound. They hadn't been there since it had been rebuilt but it was obvious they needed some help with this.

"He's down in the workshop we had built. To Tony's old specifications just in case we needed something built." Pepper explained as she led the other to the stairs. "He's been down there running through all sorts of things, but he won't tell me what he's doing."

"If he's anything like Tony, then he's looking for a way to track down Morgan and those who took her." He stated with a serious face. "But with his spider powers on the back burner, there's not a whole lot for him to do if he finds them. He'll put himself in danger if he tries."

"I'm just lucky that Tony never really saved any of his Iron Man blueprints on the computers." She huffed at that as they got down the stairs and stared into the workshop. "All of them were in his head and any that were on his computers were all fakes. That made it easier to track people down when they tried to steal them."

"No kidding, though now I have to rely on Shuri and Peter to keep War Machine going. Though I've noticed that Peter's updates have been more useful than Shuri's have been." He muttered as he looked through the glass doors to where Peter was messing around with a large capsule like item. "We should get in and see what he's messing with before he does something stupid."

"Oh, I don't doubt he already has done something stupid." Pepper muttered as she put her code in and entered. "Peter, I don't know what you're doing but I demand that you stop this instant and listen to what we've got to say."

"Demanding things from me rarely goes the way you want Pepper, especially when Mor is nowhere in the vicinity to do the puppy eyes to help." He replied without turning back towards the woman. "And whatever reason you have for bringing Mr. Rhodes down here is null and void. I've got too much at stake at the moment to stop and you know this."

"Yes, we know, but with your powers on the hold and without any knowledge of where they are, there is no point in running yourself down." Rhodey ignored the sting at being called Mr. again. He had thought he had the kid closer than that, but this must've pushed him into a corner no one wanted him in. "Let us help bring her home and you can stay here in the lab and lead us there from here."

"Who are the we?" Peter questioned as he whipped around to glare at the Colonel. "The fake Captain America and his toy soldier side kick? The wicked witch of the west that fucked off to who knows where or when with the wizard of oz? Or are you talking about the talking racoon and the sentient stick from space? All of whom are nowhere here to help at all?" He growled out.

"He means War Machine and Rescue." Pepper stated as she stepped up with a raised chin. "Morgan is my daughter, much like you are my son. I will not allow these people to take any of my children or hurt them without consequences." She glanced at where the bandaged was stuck over a large gash on the side of his temple.

Peter looked at Pepper with a blank face before growling and slamming a hand on a hologram in front of him. "Friday, bring forward the Rescue and War Machine suits, the ones I've built, please." He stated and watched with bitter satisfaction as the two suits appeared.

The War Machine held more of a stocky form, mostly to account for Rhodey's braces, but it would allow for it to take more hits. It was in the same metallic gray and black Tony had originally made it.

Rescue was at the moment in the nanite container unit. He had gone off of the notes that Tony had left and managed to pull together the suit without too much trouble. It helped that he had a direct contact with Shuri as well. Between the two of them, they had made Rescue more durable and quicker to call into action. It would still be slim and the blue and gold colors Tony had chosen.

"They're still the same, but with more weapons and faster. Do not stop until you have her back here safe and sound." He stated as the two stepped up. Rhodey walked into his suit, the braces becoming one with it and Pepper was covered in her own suit in seconds. "The kidnappers coordinates have already been sent and set. Don't waste time and go." He watched as the Colonel took off with a nod, one of his hands gripping the side of the capsule with white knuckled fists.

"We'll bring her back." Pepper assured as she followed War Machine out of the compound.

Peter smiled gravely as he looked back over to the capsule and released his hold on it. He stared at the collapsed edge gravely before looking back at the red and black suit inside. "Oh, I know we will."


"So, when are we making the call?" Gargan questioned as he looked down at the gagged and tied up girl. He wore a dark green hoodie with blue jeans, a phanny pack on his hip while his green bandana was hanging around his throat. The glasses she had on were now perched on Cat's own nose, showcasing her bright blue eyes while her white hair framed her face.

A dark-skinned man smirked as he looked over the metal gauntlets he wore, they were sparking brightly every few seconds. "In an hour. We want Potts panicking just enough that she'll hand over the money without a second to waste." He explained. He wore a black shirt and blue jeans; a yellow face mask was set to the side where he could grab it if needed. "Until then, we lay low with the brat and wait."

"We'll need to make sure she gets fed." Flint muttered as he pulled off his zip up hoodie. "Don't want her to die before we get out money."

"We aren't really going to kill the child, are we?" Cat questioned as she crossed her black skinny jean clad legs. She wore a long-sleeved black shirt that showed a good portion of her cleavage. She had a white vest over that, the collar holding white fluffy faux fur that tickled her chin and jaw when she moved. "She's so young and has much to live for."

"Can't have her saying what we look like, especially since we haven't exactly been careful about that." Shultz stated calmly, glancing at the cowering child in the corner. "As soon as we got the money, I'll make it quick and painless. She doesn't need to suffer, even if she is Stark's spawn."

"I suppose." She stated, though it was obvious by the frown on her face that she did not care for that ending at all. She'd have to try and get the child away at the end, while still getting her cut of the money in the end. "Either way, Flint is right, we'll need to feed her."

"Don't worry, I got it covered." Gargan spoke up as he pulled out a bag of snacks and food and drinks. "All kid friendly in this one. I got a more adult on around here somewhere."

"Good to know you're ready at all times." Cat purred as she stood up to look through the bag. "Though it's a wonder at how you got caught by the Spider if you really are prepared."

"Hey! No one could be prepared for a scrawny little brat to jump you when you're busy robbing a bank." He growled.

"Either way, it doesn't matter now. We just keep the girl alive till we…." Flint trailed off as he looked over at the corner of where the child should have been.

"The fuck is this?" Shultz growled as he realized what had happened too. "Where is she? Where did she go?"

"Relax." The woman stated as she walked over to the corner to look in the ways the child could have gone or maybe she had crawled through a hole that was there. They were hiding out in an abandoned warehouse after all, it could be falling apart as well. "She can't have gone far, especially since we side her hands and ankles together."

That was about the time the ceiling above crashed down inwards, startling the kidnappers. "Where is my daughter?" A voice intoned and two glowing eyes came out from the dust.


"Really, they don't look up at all." Peter muttered as he crawled along the ceiling of the warehouse. He had managed to get to the building before Rhodey and Pepper by mere minutes. Using the cycle that he had built had been a great idea, pushing it to its limits even more so as he soared through the sewers below the city and straight to the warehouse that Morgan would be. It was made even more useful when the sewer had an exit right outside of the warehouse he needed.

Sneaking in from a busted window had been easy afterwards.

Getting Morgan up into his arms had been child's play when he had jumped from the ceiling silently before jumped back up. He had only a minute before Pepper would be crashing through that ceiling and he needed to make sure that they were well out of the way when she did.

He planted his feet on either side of the corner of the ceiling, curled his chin on top of Morgan's silently crying head, and curled inwards in just enough time to protect the child from being hit with any debris.

"Where is my daughter?" Pepper's voice intoned behind him, and boy, he had never heard her so pissed in his life.

"Fuck, when did Potts get a suit?" Flint questioned as he ripped his bandana back over his nose and mouth.

"Who cares, we need to get out of here. Find the girl." Shultz growled as he slammed the mechanical gloves together. "I'll distract the bitch." With that he let out a shockwave of sound that sent Peter's ears to ring and his senses screaming danger.

He couldn't stay here with Morgan. He had to get her out of here. "Alright, keep your head against my chest and try not to move. This is going to be a little tricky." He said to her, ignoring the screaming down below. Pepper, as strong as the suit is, was still inexperienced in it. She had only really worn it once during the final battle and she was soundly getting her butt handed to her.

Luckily, Rhodey decided he was going to show up at that moment. "I got ya back." He shouted as he set off a volley of missiles that were detonated early from the shockwave.

Peter used the distraction the crawl along the roof and out on top of it. "I need you to be brave, alright." He said as he untied the little girl's hands and ankles, quickly pulling the gag out afterwards. "I need you to stay here while I go help Pepper and the Colonel." He said.

"You're going to win." She stated confidently, even as tears and snot covered her face "You're Spider-Man and daddy said you're the greatest hero of them all!" She nodded with her statement, rubbing at her face to get the tears off. "You'll protect Mommy and Uncle Rhodey."

"I am." He agreed and rubbed her head gently. "I just need you to stay here and hidden until I can, alright."

"I can do that." She said as she huddled down away from the hole that Pepper had made.

"Good, I'll be back soon, I promise." With that he jumped back down the hole and into the battle below.

Rescue was currently trying to keep the three nonweaponized kidnappers from leaving while War Machine was taking a beating from the shock gauntlets that Peter recognized as a design Toomes had created. If he didn't get those things off of the man soon, then he might get vaporized like the one before him.

His Spidey Sense screamed at him at that moment and he leapt down backwards to avoid a shockwave, bringing him out of the shadows he had been hiding in. "Fuck! It's the webhead!" Gargan shouted as he leapt to the side and behind a desk, quickly coming up and out with a gun held in his hands.

"So, you aren't dead after all, are ya bug?" Flint questioned next as he pulled out his own gun from the lining of his pants. He knew that the weapon would have no effect on the Iron Man suits but it would against the Spider. "I'll have to make sure you die here." He aimed and fired.

Peter didn't waste a single second as he jumped and fired off webs, grabbing hold of the guns and slamming them into the ceiling where they stuck. "You can't really think that would have worked on me." He stated as he leapt forward and slammed a fist into his face while Pepper knocked down Gargan at the same time. "I mean really, I might not have shown up lately but that doesn't mean I'm rusty." He then webbed the man to the ground and then webbed Pepper's own as well.

"I could use a hand here!" Rhodey shouted as he held against the shockwave hitting him again and again. It was paralyzing the braces in his suit and making it hard to walk forward. He could fly, but he didn't know where Morgan was and didn't want to risk flaring up with her too close.

"Sure." Spidey stated as he shot forward and webbed the gauntlets and then ripped them downwards. They slammed against the ground where the gauntlets sparked sharply before exploding. "That's how that's taken care of." He stated as he brushed his hands against each other, getting dust off of them.

"Pe-Spider-Man!" Pepper shouted a moment later as she shot forward, her fist grabbing the man's gun by the barrel and blocking the bullet. "You should have finished him off!"

"I was fine!" Peter shouted from where he was crouched against the ceiling, away from where the bullet would have landed. "Thanks for the save anyways." He shouted back as he looked around the building.

"Anyone seen that white-haired lady?" Rhodey questioned as he looked around. "Where's Morgan?"

"She's safe up…." His head whipped upwards as a scream came through the hole in the roof. "Stay here, don't follow unless I say it's okay." With that he wasted not a second as he leapt up and crouched, his mask's eyes narrowing in anger. "Let her go."

"I don't think I will." The woman stated as she held the little girl against her chest, sharp pointed claws dragging against Morgan's throat. "She's worth quite a bit of money and a big payday."

"She's five. She's a little kid that you and your friends down there traumatized for something as petty as money." He snarled at her. "Hasn't she suffered enough?"

"She's not the only one who has lost her daddy." Cat snapped back angrily. "We've all lost people, some more than others. Now all we can do is move on and survive."

"That doesn't mean you throw trouble on other people! You don't make lives harder to make yours easier." He stated back. He looked her over, realizing that she was wearing a black domino mask on her face and then had the EDITH glasses on as well. That was how he had tracked Morgan down in the first place and he was happy he had shut it down for the most part. He couldn't have a criminal realizing what those glasses were and what damage they could cause. "You could make things better by helping those around you, but you chose to make it tougher on people, which is stupid on your part."

"Well Spidey, not everyone can have the heart of gold you do." She stated calmly. "Now, if you don't want this child hurt, then you should let me leave with her and I'll let you know how much money I want for her safe return." She purred.

"I have a better idea. Edith, Flash!" He shouted and watched as the glasses came to life and let out a bright flash.

The woman hissed in pain and surprise as she slammed her eyes shot and her clawed hand shot up to her eyes, ripping the glasses from her face. That was all Peter needed as he shot a web, grabbing a hold of Morgan and pulling her out of the woman's arms.

He leapt forward and pulled the little girl into his own arms as he came to a stop about a yard from the woman, the glasses behind him and the girl in his arms. "I think I've won this one."

"You might have but there won't be a next time. Black Cat doesn't give up that easily." She stated with a hiss before slipping back off the roof.

Peter didn't bother going after her, knowing that he had what he wanted and that they could go home now. "Pepper, Colonel Rhodes, I got her." He said as he walked over to the hole.

"Morgan!" Pepper cried as she shot up to stare at the two. "Oh, my babies." Stated as the helmet disappeared, and she hugged the two to her.

"Mommy!" Morgan shouted back, wrapping her arms around her mother's neck as Peter kept a tight hold on her. "I was so scared!"

"I know darling, but we go you." She said.

"I Love this little reunion! But we should get these guys arrested and then talk to Spider-Kid about his recklessness!"

"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten." Pepper said as she sent a glare at the teenager. "We'll be having a long talk about this and about the return of your powers."

All Peter could groan even as Morgan giggled.


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