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I looked, around, seeing for the first time the sight of the Vatican.

After Asia made her bags with Valerie, Vasco decided to use a teleportation device to go directly to the Vatican instead of going the normal way. And while the inhabitants of Asia's church tried to stop us from taking their holy maiden with us, we made it clear to them that they lost Asia's custody right when they started using her like a tool and that they had no rights to stop her from doing what she wants.

We all arrived at the Vatican without fanfare and we have been admiring our surroundings with Asia chatting excitedly about everything while making our way to the Exorcists headquarters.

Vasco said that I needed to register as a new member of the Order and that he needed to see a friend regarding Asia and Valerie exorcist training.

He said that he was only allowed to take one apprentice by orders of the higher-ups and that he will already be busy enough training me and that his friend will take care of Asia and Valerie.

I didn't really know if I should feel pleased and excited that I'm going to be trained by the Greatest Exorcist in History, Vasco Strada, or feel terrified out of my mind by said training.

I am not a stanger to hellish training as Sun Wukong, my shishou, is an hard task master but for some reason I felt like it would be much,much worse with Vasco.

I sighed and thought that I should be happy that I was lucky enough to be chosen by such a man. I smiled while looking at Asia babbling happily with Valerie about all the new things she is going to discover and stroked Kuroka's head to calm her down as she was looking around anxiously, no doubt feeling uncomfortable in this Holy place.

I then decided to ask Vaco about something that I've been worried about.

"Your Eminence, am I going to be partenered with someone during missions." I asked as I know that all exorcists moved in team of 2 or 3 and I didn't want to be hold back by my soon to be partenered.

Some would say that I was arrogant to think like this but it is what it is. I alrady know that I was much stronger than any exorcists bar Dulio, Griselda, Cristaldi and Vasco. It would be much easier if I did mission alone as I didn't want anyone to learn about my True Longinus by accident but I know that only top exorcists were allowed to move alone in the supernatural world.

All exorcist are precious ressources to the church and it would be suicide to send lone exorcist on missions.

Vasco looked as if he knew exactly what I was thinking and answered. "Don't worry Cao Cao, I know exactly who I am going to partner you with. Two of our top exorcists have been getting cocky lately and I believe your presence may humble if I make you team leader and to make them understand that they are not top dog among the people close to their age."

I raised an eyebrow and I nodded in understanding. Inwardly, I wondered who he was talking about but I had the feeling that I already know.


I was startled from my thoughts as the voice of a woman was heard. I looked at the figure approaching us.

It was a beautiful blue-eyed woman wearing nun clothes . Se looked to in her late twenties or early thirties. She had a polite smile plastered on her and was looking at us curiously. She was also accompanied by a blue-haired girl around Asia's age with an emotionless look on her face. "Is that Xenovia ?" I thought, recognising the child.

"Griselda." Vasco greeted with a smile and my eyes widened.

So this is Griselda Quarta, the future Queen of Hearts and the Top female exorcist of the Church.

Not a single day has passed and I already met two legends of the Church.

"So why did you call and me and who are these cute little duckling following you around ?" Griselda asked with a raised eyebrow.

Asia hid herself behind me and looked at Griselda shyly, no doubt timid in front of such an imposing figure.

Griselda cooed in delight while looking at Asia. "Ooooh, you are so cute. What is your name, little one ?" She asked crooching herself to her level.

"A-Asia Argento, nice to meet you, S-Sister Griselda."

"Oooh you are the holy maiden of Rome, aren't you ? What are you here for ?"

"I-I am going to become an exorcist like big brother." She said with a stutter but with conviction nonetheless.

Griselda raised an eyebrow. "Really most holy maidens doesn't really take the path to become an exorcist." She said while looking at Vasco questioningly.

Vacsco coughed. "Mmmh yes, that is one of the reason I came to see you." Vasco looked at me and Valerie. "This is Cao Cao and Valerie Cain. They are both here to join the exorcist ranks alongside Asia."

"It is an honour, Sister Griselda." I said, bowing while Valerie imitated me. Griselda nodded at us with a smile.

"I have a favor to ask you. I would like you to train Asia and Valerie alongside your own ward. I believe that they both have potential and thay would only grow under your tutelage." Vasco asked.

"Are you sure ? I mean, I don't mind but I am not the kindest of teacher." Griselda said uncertainely.

It wasn't Vasco who answered but Asia. "P-Please Sister Griselda, Take me and miss Valerie as your students." Asia asked clasping both hands together and looking at Griselda with the ultimate weapon of cute, the puppy dog eyes.

Griselda's eyes sparkled and her smile stretched from ear to ear. "How can I say no to that ? Of course, I'm going to teach you sweetie." She said patting Asia's head.

"Yes !" Asia cheered.

"In fact I have a good idea on how to use you Sacred Gear for combat." She said and looked back at Valerie. "What about you ? I already know about Asia's Sacred Gear but I do not know what you are capable of and Vasco wouldn't have asked this favor for you if you were not special in anyway." She asked Valerie.

Valerie who looked disinterested in the conversation until now looked at Griselda nonplussed. She then lifted her fist and a golden light envelopped it. "I can do this." She said with a small smile that looked like a smirk.

We all looked with wide eyes, including me, as Valerie use Holy light in front of us. Granted it was just a small amount but I never thought that Valerie would be able to use Holy Light thought after reflection I shouldn't be surprised.

It is the Holy Grail after all. The ultimate and most holy tool in the world, second only to mine in terms of holyness. It would have been stranger if Valerie couldn't use Holy Light.

Vasco looked at Valerie, seemingly reassessing and most likely never thinking that she had a light attribute. Griselda looked at Valerie with an odd glint in her eyes. "Oh, Holy light though a small amount. Strange for someone who is not from the faith, who is not using holy equipments and hasn't been blessed by an angel. Though it is a small amount, it seems to be enough that she could be potentially a natural holy sword ."

"Indeed." Vasco agreed no doubt praising himself for bringing us here.

I was kind of surprised that they would think that Valerie is a natural holy sword wielder but again if Valerie in canon was capable of using Incinerate Anthem and control holy flames then she can most likely wield an Holy Sword with no problem.

I was kind of afraid that Valerie showing so much would gather suspicion but it seemed that they couldn't possibly deduce that she has the Holy Grail with so little.

Valerie looked back at me with no expressions but there seemed to be a small trace of smugness and pride as if she was saying "Praise me for my bluff Master."

I looked back at her with smile and patted her head. She still had no expressions on her face but seemed to preen under my ministrations. Kuroka looked at Valerie proudly no doubt thinking that it was her teaching that enabled her to bluff so easily.

"What about this young man ? You didn't ask me to train him." Griselda asked, looking at me curiously.

"Don't worry about him. I'm going to train him personally." Vasco smiled sweetly while loking at me and I shivered, feeling cold creep up in my spine.

Griselda and Xenovia's eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh, you never took an apprentice before apart from showing those who caught your interest a few things." Griselda said while seemingly reassessing me. I coughed under her attention.

"Cao Cao is special. I believe that he has the potential to surpass me like Dulio. He is also the disciple of The Great Sage and was able to go toe to toe with me." He said while gripping my shoulder.

'Toe to toe ? But you kicked my ass.' I thought while looking at my new teacher as if he was crazy.

Griselda and Xenovia both looked at me intently. They may not be related by blood they sure have the same reactions to surprising things.

"So this is him, the higher-ups have been really smug and eager since you informed them of his coming. Wasn't Heaven going to send one of their angel to welcome him as a sign of respect to the Great Sage." She mused out loud.

I may have looked calm on the outside but I was inwardly panicking. I really didn't want to meet an angel as they could potentially identify my Sacred Gear with a glance.

I trusted Mephisto's talisman to hide my Sacred Gear but I really didn't want to take the risk.

Vaco coughed. "I convinced them not to do it. It would have been too much for a single recruit."

'And thanks Gabriel for that.' I thought in relief.

"So, are you going to present him to the higher-ups ?" Griselda chuckled. "I wouldn't want to be in your place right now, young man." She said while I looked at her confusion.

"I'm not that much of a bastard, Griselda. I'll take him there only after Cao Cao aclimated himself to the Church." Vasco said with a wave of his hand.

"Fair enough. Anyway it is time for me to train my ward." Griselda said with a sweet smile while patting Xenovia's head. Xenovia shivered in terror. "Bring me the two girls at dawn tomorrow. I'll see you around Vasco, Cao Cao, Asia and Valerie." She said with a polite smile.

"Very well."

"Say your good bye to your fellow exorcists trainee, Xenovia." Griselda said to Xenovia while prepapring herself to leave.

"Goodbye." Xenovia said with a monotone voice and followed after her guardian.

Asia bid her goodbye enthusiastically while Valerie and I nodded.

Vasco then took us all to a small house after I registered where Asia, Valerie and I will live in. Ah yes and Kuroka too.

It belonged to Vasco though he doesn't use it often due to his numerous responsabilities and offered it to us so that we could have a place of residence in the Vatican.

I first installed Asia in the biggest room of the house and took her to bed as it was getting late.

"Good night, Big brother." Asia said with a smile while preparing herself to sleep.

"Goodnight Asia." I said warmly while stroking her hair gently.

I then made my way to my own room, opened the door and what greeted me was Kuroka's naked body. I stared openly as Kuroka was stretching her body while Valerie sat down on my bed without care of her surroundings.

"Nyaaaa, I can finally stetch my legs." Kuroka said and remarked my presence. "Oh Darling, you're here, we can finally have our sexy time together."

I got ahold of myself and pinched the brigde of my nose while sighing. "Kuroka, we never had any sexy time together. You just sneak in my bed every night and sleep naked next to me without my permission."

"That's just sexy time kid version. One day we'll have to do the adult version." She nodded to herself as if what she said made any kind of sense. She then approached me in all her naked glory, enveloped her arms around my neck and whispered sensually in my ear. "Or maybe you want the adult version right here right now nya."

I blushed despite the fact that I tried to show no reactions to her charms. "Valerie is here, Kuroka. Stop it."

"She can join, I don't mind." She said shamelessly while Valerie tilted her head no doubt confused by our conversation.

"Master." Valerie called out while I still had Kuroka glued to my body. I looked at her, waiting for what she wanted to say.

"I need your blood, I won't be able to keep it for long." She asked as I stared at her. I completely forget that Valerie needed human blood to maintain her transformation.

I sighed once again and took off my gakuran. Kuroka seemed to take great pleasure in my situation if her mischievous smile was any indication but I sweared not to show any reactions and give her the pleasure of seeing me embarrased by this.

"Let's finish this." I said tiredly as Valerie came closer. She looked at my neck for a long time while releasing her transformation and looking like a damphir once again.

She then bite me in the neck and started sucking of my blood. While I showed no outward reaction, inwardly I was really embarrassed and strangely turned on.

It went on for a few minutes as I held Valerie by the waist while Kuroka looked on, fascinated by the show. Valerie then got off me and looked at me with dazed eyes.


We were sudenly interrupted by someone knocking on my door. Kuroka immediately returned in her cat form while Valerie went back to her human form.

I opened the door to see Asia standing here timidly.

"Asia, what are you doing here ?" I asked the young girl.

"I-I want to sleep with you, if you don't mind big brother." She asked shyly.

I smiled at her gently."Of course, I don't mind. Come in."

I made some room in the bed for her and she immediately lied on the bed.

I looked back to Valerie and said. "Valerie, you can go back to your room. It's getting late." But to my surprise she went to my bed and lied herself on the other side of the bed.

"Wha-" "Master need someone to watch over him during the night." Valerie said simply as if it explained everything.

"I don- you know what, I'm too tired for this" I said tiredly and went to lie down between Asia and Valerie

"Oh, it's just like these sleepovers I've heard about !" Asia said excitedly while Kuroka looked at me pouting from my torso no doubt disapointed that she didn't get the chance to sleep next to me.

I sighed and went to sleep while trying to not think about Valerie's breats pressing against me.

I was lying on the ground, all the bones in my body screaming in pain and looked up at the one responsible for this torture.

"Get up." Vasco said with a sweet smile despite the fact that he literally beat the shit out of me and a terrifying aura was seen around him.

It has been two weeks since I became an exorcist of the Church and Vasco have been taking care of me ever since. Well, take care is a little bit big, more like tortured me for two weeks non-stop through his idea of training.

I thought at first that Vasco's training would be just a little bit worse than the one I went through under Sun Wukong But I was wrong, so very wrong. It was easily ten times worse.

Vasco Strada, that I now called Teacher as a sign of respect and to differenciate him from my Shishou, told me that Sun Wukong trained me like a creature from the supernatural which I am not.

According to him, I took the easy way by awakening Touki the way I did and should have trained my body extensively first. And because of this the touki protecting my body was like a wall made of glass, bulletproof glass but glass all the same. My touki was really powerful and efficient for offensive attacks while increasing my stamina but somewhat weak for defense compared to all the Touki users he has seen . A single good and powerful hit from someone as powerful as him could destroy that wall easily and it would take dozens of seconds time for the touki to reform and protect my body again. Seconds that could easily lead to my death. In other words I was a glass cannon.

And if a human like Vasco, though an extremely powerful one, could do this when he was just using twenty percent of his physical power then many supernatural being with powerful body could do the same and take advantage of my weak body to defeat me.

And while I could deal with this weakness by using the Graal, it would be the easy way out like he said. I needed to make my body much more powerful and durable so that my future upgrades are more efficient.

Not like I was even planning these upgrades for now. I didn't want to pressure Valerie and thought that it would be better to use the Graal after I founded my organisation as there is the risk of Valerie being found out if she uses it while being a member of the Church.

Anyway to remedy to this problem, Teacher have been putting me through the ringer and broke my body everyday so that it would grow stronger over time. I wasn't allowed to use Touki and only strenghtening magic was allowed which is in this case Renforcement, an old spell that I have not used much and only used it when I was young. It was a spell that I ripped off from the nasuverse.

When I told him of this spell, Teacher looked at me as if I was an idiot and hit me at the top of my head. He told that I was stupid to neglect such a useful spell especially the efficient way I used with Structural Analysis.

According to him if I used this spell more often, it would have increased the defense of my body and made me fight on par with supernatural creatures. I was confused at first as I could already fight on par with Supernatural creatures with my Touki as it enhenced my physical power beyond them. I didn't see the point in using Renforcement when I already had Touki for offense and defense. It basically played the same role as Renforcement but with greater power and benefits.

He then explained to me that Touki was an aura that surrounded my body, which I already know, but the spell that I created was capable of strenghtening internal organs and muscles to the utter limits. What would have happened if I used Touki and Renforcement at the same time ?

It was then that it striked me and I cursed myself for my stupidity. Touki was an aura that protected the body and could be used to renforce my physical attacks but Renforcement could literrally strenghten my internal body through the muscles and organs.

Teacher explained to me that the body always remember and the more I use a spell the more powerful and efficient it would become over time but a spell for the body like Renforcement could make my body more powerful and durable without the use of Touki or any spells.

He took his Sacred fist as an exemple. At first it was just a basic applicaton of holy light on his fist, he then refined that technique to add more destructive power but he told me that over time the Sacred Fist grew more powerful without any refinement to the technique and without using anymore magic power that he needed in the first place.

So ever since this discovery I trained using only Renforcement to accelerate the growth of my body's physical powers and durability.

I looked up at my Teacher and got up on my feet using my halberd, Houtengeki, as a support then I dashed toward Vasco and resumed our training.

Two hours later and I was once again on the ground completely exhausted while Asia was healing my wounds with Valerie holding Kuroka looking on from the side.

Speaking of these two, their training under Griselda have been going well and while they've been coming back home exhausted every night, they seemed to get stronger by the days.

According to Griselda, they both have great potential and while both of them never fought anyone in their life, they learned fast.

Asia seemed to not like to hurt people but she was still determined to become an exorcist so Griselda have been training her in the use of a bow as she didn't seem to like hurting people in close combat. And Asia seemed to be really talented at it. Griselda also began to teach her elemental magic so that Asia could fuse it with her arrows.

I also began to tutor her in magic myself using the knowledge I gathered from Grauzeberer. I also had tons of idea for her to use after all there was plethora of magical archers in all the animes and mangas I've seen.

As for Valerie she decided to use a sword through the advice of Griselda as she may be a natural holy sword wielder. After all the Church has in its possession a great number of holy swords compared to any other types of weapons. Griselda decided to teach her alongside Xenovia while Vasco would giver her a few pointers.

Asia also seemed to have made a friend in the person of Xenovia. They seemed to be glued to each other since the beginning of their training. Asia seemed extremely pleased that she had new friend in spite of Xenovia's blunt nature and lack of common sense. Though I wagered that the both of them only needed a friend their age. It became a common occurrence for Xenovia to come by to our home to play with Asia.

"Mou, you could at least try not to hurt big brother so badly, Father Strada." I was startled from my thoughts by Asia's complaints.

"All in the name of training Asia dear, I'm sure you're going through the same thing with Griselda." Teacher said with a smile and I swear I could see both Asia and Valerie shiver.

"It's okay, Asia I'm fine." I reassured my little sister as I patted her head.

"Still, you should be careful with your body." She mumbled as I stroked her long blonde hair while Valerie nodded cutely in aggreement.

Asia-chan and Valerie-chan are so cute when they are worried, Kuroka's voice was heard in my head while she patted me with her paw and looked at both of them with sparkling eyes.

I'm sure you're asking yourself how I could hear Kuroka's voice in my head. Well turns out that two Senjutsu masters can talk telepathically if they have a close relationship. And with Kuroka considering me her mate and me seeing her as a dear friend and comrade. Well, let's just say that I've been hearing a lot of suggestive thoughts in my head lately. Fortunately, she can't read my mind or it would have been a disaster for everyone involved especially if she hear my lewd thoughts about her and Valerie.

Yes, yes they are cute, I send back to Kuroka, too tired to gush over their cuteness.

Vasco walked toward me and I got up up from the ground.

"You're getting stronger, Cao Cao." My teacher said.

"It's all thanks to you, Teacher. You've made me realise that I still got much to learn."

Vasco nodded graciously. " I believe that you are ready to go on missions. Not like you were not even before you joined us but it would have been stupid to send you on missions right away like the higher-ups wanted." I scoffed at the mention of these senile old men. "I used these two weeks to teach you what it means to be an exorcist and put the basis of our training regime as it would have been problematic if you didn't have one for when you will be on long term missions."

The higher-ups wanted to send me on missions to measure my worth not a day after I joined the Church. Of course my teacher, Vasco Strada protested, telling them that it would be too much to send me right now when I didn't know the rules of engagement and the politics involved in certain territories as I no longer had the liberties I had as the disciple of Sun Wukong and by proxy the Hindu Pantheon.

It was the reason why I could kill these devils who were after Kuroka. I was a relative unknown back then but now that I joined the Church I became a known entity and the one behind the attack most likely know who I am now but there is nothing they could do about it as back then I was protected by The Great Sage and through him by Indra, the Head of the Hindu pantheon and no one would be stupid enough to challenge a pantheon that could destroy all the factions in the blink of an eye.

However if I did what I did as a member of the Church that is to say killing several High-class devils to protect a Stray Devil, I would have sparked an international incident between the Devil faction and Heaven faction. Now that I am a member of the Church I could not take such liberties anymore.

In a way I was now chained by politics. Of course that is the case of only one of my persona.

"They are also asking you and Valerie to reconsider for your choice of weapon." Vasco asked with a smirk knowing full well my answer.

I sighed in exasperation while Valerie scoffed. Seriously, I know that I will not like the leaders of the Church the moment I decided to join the organisation but I didn't know that they would be so annoying.

A week ago Griselda took Valerie to see if her theory of her being an natural Holy Sword wielder was correct. I accompanied them as I didn't want to leave Valerie alone with the superiors as they would be present for the test. Not that surprising that they would be present when you take into account as there is less than ten natural holy sword wielders in the Church. So they are really valuable much more than artificial one as they could end up being chosen by unique sword like Durandal.

What awaited us was three Excalibur fragments that Valerie needed to lift to see if she was compatible.

Valerie was able to lift Excalibur Rapidly without any effort and without the use of Valper Galilei artificial light attribute.

Of course The higher-ups were really pleased to welcome another natural holy sword wielder among the Church ranks but one of them had the stupid idea to ask to me to do the test.

I kind of panicked inwardly at that moment. Not because I thought I was going to fail but because I was pretty sure I could use it. After all if I could use the strongest holy weapon in the world then I can surely use a cheap knock off of Excalibur. And if I could lift it then it would mean that I had a light attribute and it could put the secret of my Sacred Gear at risk.

In the end I decided to do the test and fake it but I couldn't even pretend to fail as the moment I touched Excalibur Blessing the hall was illuminated by the light released by the sword.

All the people in the room looked at me in awe, even Griselda as I had supposedly a very strong light attribute not seen since Vasco himself according to them. When they asked how I could have such a powerful light I pretended that it was because I was often in the presence of Lord Indra even if I never met the god in my life and that it was his light that made mine so strong as Indra is also the God of Heaven.

They nodded in understanding and fortunately waved of the matter no doubt not wanting to speak of an Heretic God of Heaven other than theirs.

Of course they then tried to pressure to take one of the excalibur fragments as my main weapon not even taking into account that I was not even a swordsman. When I said that I already had a weapon in my Houtengeki, they looked at the spear in disdain and said that the excalibur fragments were superior to that chinese spear with no importance. I scoffed in my mind. As if these cheap knock offs could ever be superior to the weapon of a man who was considered a war god during the era of the Three Kingdoms.

Of course I had to say it out loud if their gaping at me like fishes was any indication. I didn't really want to at that time show my dislike for these things. But you can't really blame me, I never liked the nerfing of the Excalibur in Dxd and as a huge Nasuverse fanfoy, it prickled my sensitivity. If Shirou and Arturia has seen these swords, I was pretty sure that they would do their hardest to destroy these abominations and commit sepukku for the humilation. In fact I was pretty sure that Houtengeki could break them easily and beside I already have the most holy weapon in the world in my arsenal.

Furthermore I had the suspicions that they were fake in the first place. Excalibur is a weapon of the Fae and not of the Christian God. It was also taken back by the Lady of the Lake after King Arthur's death and it could never have been broken as they were no weapons powerful enough to do it during that period.

So no thak you, I don't need these weak swords. Of course they had to pressure Valerie next but she said in no uncertain terms that if her master considered these swords worthless then she doesn't need one.

We left soon after and the higher-ups have been hounding us and trying to reason us to wield one of the Excalibur fragments ever since. I know that it was mostly for politics that they did what they did. After all having two new natural holy sword wielder would send a powerful message but I honestly didn't need one and while I tried to convince Valerie to wield one as she didn't have a strong weapon on hand she refused saying that she will find a powerful weapon herself.

I woke up from my thoughts and answered my Teacher. " Tell these old men that I do not need a weak sword and that I am not a swordsman. My spear is a perfectly good weapon and superior to these cheap knocks off."

"Same as master." Valerie said with a monotone while playing with cat Kuroka.

Vasco chuckled "You might be the only person I know who qualifies the Excaliburs as weak swords but I don't disagree that your spear is superior to them. It is a legendary weapons in its own rights." He then looked at me seriously. " Come by tomorrow to the training ground. It is time for you to meet your new partners."

My mind blanched at this. "So I finally got to meet them. What are they like ?" I asked.

He smirked. "You'll see tomorrow."

I really didn't like the tone of his voice.

The next day I walked to the training ground of the exorcists early in the morning in order to meet my partners in missions.

Some would say that I do not really need a partner but the Church and more precisely the Exorcists order have always functionned in two or three man team.

Every exorcist are precious to the Church and they want to increase their chance of survival by making them train in team. It is also because sending an human exorcist alone against supernatural creatures is pratically suicide. Only the truly strong ones like Vasco, Griselda, Christaldi and Dulio are exception to these rules as they are veteran exorcists.

And while I am strong in my own right, I am still technically a rookie exorcist and an invaluable asset with my new found status as a natural holy sword wielder even though I do not care one bit about that little tipbit. So I had no choice in this matter and had to work with others which is going to be complicated as I have always fought solo until now and that's not even taking account of them potentially finding out the truth about me.

I sighed and stroked Kuroka's fur while she was stuck in my gakuran. I could see two figures in front me already present at the training ground. They were both teenagers near my age, a young man and a young woman. There was also other people on the training ground, fellow exorcists, and they have been staring since the moment I entered the field.

Why are they staring at you darling? Kuroka asked in my mind,curiously.

I don't know, I answered back.

The teenage male is a silver haired boy with red eyes. I immediately recognised him as Siegfred better known as Chaos Edge Sieg.

As for the female, she is a beautiful young woman with sky blue eyes. I guessed that she must be Jeanne, the Battle Maiden.

"So you are Cao Cao." Siegfried said quietly and then smirked. "You don't look like much."

I raised an eyebrow at the challenging tone but before I could answer Jeanne butted in. "Don't be so mean, Sieg-kun !" She looked back at him with a smile. "Don't pay attention to him. It's nice to meet you Cao-kun."

Well, at least one of them have manners. "Nice to meet you. As you already know I am Cao Cao. I will be working with you from now on." I greeted them politely.

"Yes we already know who you are. The guy who have been fast tracked in the order through recommendations from the top brass. Tell me is it true that you are trained by Vasco Strada ?" He asked me with a scowl.

I was confused by his antagonism toward me but I answered all the same. "Yes it is true."

"Tch, so not only you payed your way to our ranks but you had the gall to have them order Vasco Strada to train you." Siegfried said with a frown.

Why would he think such a thing ? "What are you insinuating ?" I asked while Kuroka hissed at the silver aired boy.

"All exorcists need to go through a test to join the order and before that there is years of training to get to that point. All of us did it even Vasco Strada, Griselda Quarta and Dulio Gesualdo but here you come, a foreigner who is not even from the faith, literally walking to our order without any complaints from the top brass. In fact they told us that you were recommended by them and that they had ordered Strada to train you. It's too fishy and taking into account that you look like these arrogant rich boy from Asia. You must have payed them to fast track you into out ranks. What I find the most insulting is that you got them to order Vasco to train you even though he never took a disciple before you, not even me." Siegfried told me with a scoff while Jeanne looked at me with a strained with smile and the other exorcist in the field looked at me with a frown.

Oh these currupt bastards ! Don't tell me they did what I think they did.

I was recommended by my Shishou, Sun Wukong, to join the Church and I knew that they knew about this but instead to telling their men that I am the disciple of a youkai from an heretic religion, they turned it around and told them that they were the one who recommended me knowing full well that I will be surely among the strongest of their ranks thus increasing their popularity to the masses as they will believe that they were the one who recruited such a strong asset.

They even told the people that they were the one who ordered Vasco to train me when the truth is that Vasco was the one who made me into an exorcist and chose to train me. It is also kind of sad and funny they their own men believe them to be corrupt enough to accept bribe money.

Though it will be useless to tell the exorciscts in front of me this as they will surely not believe me. However I was getting kind of pissed that they will make such assuptions about me and what do you mean I look an arrogant asian rich boy ? I may be wearing expensive clothings but they were gift from Shishou and beside I grow up in a farm with the bare minimum, damnit.

I was startled from my thoughts by Siegfried. "Listen rich boy this is not a place for someone like you. Go back to your big house in China. I do not plan to carry a burden in my missions."

Jeanne looked at me apologising with her eyes. "Sieg-kun is right. You should go back to your home. We have a dangerous job." She said with a smile.

What you?! How dare they insult darling?! Kuroka hissed in anger in my head.

What the hell ? Are they dismissing me because I am a foreigner from Asia ? Does they not recognize my name, you know Cao Cao like the hero of the Three Kingdoms who defeated Lu bu.

And then it me.

The exorcist forces is mainly made of European and because the Church is the only human organisation that they know of, they seem to believe that there is no strong humans in other countries mainly because of their upbringings. They grow up in a place where the stories and legends of Christianity were glorified and all the others legends were ignored in the basis that they were from a "fake" religion and foreign countries not affiliated with the Church thus it warped their view of the world.

Of course they must have learned about other factions mainly in case they got to fight them but they must have never learned of how strong they truly are. Though I could understand why they never heard of Cao Cao as even I wouldn't have known about the Three Kingdoms if it wasn't for animes so for orphans who have never lived in society, it is understandable.

And beside I can understand their aminosity toward me. Teacher told me that I was to be the leader of our team despite the fact that I am technically a rookie exorcist so it must have pissed them of that I was made team leader on top of the supposed rumors about me.

But still, it was incredibly arrogant of them to dismiss me in such a way. Sometimes I forgot that the original members of the Hero Faction were really cocky and that it was the reason of their downfall.

That's not good. Not good at all. I won't have potential recruits of my organisation have such a narrow minded view of the world and have my fellow exorcists believe me to be a weakling.

So I decided to do what I did best.

Pissing of and teach a lesson to people full of themselves.

I kept silent for a moment and then I laughed, a long and mocking laugh. "Hahahahhaha !"

They were all staring at me with disbelief.

"What's so funny ?" Siegfried growled.

"I-It's hilarious that you seem to believe that you are top dog here." I regained control of my laughter. "Let me disabuse you of that notion. " As I finished talking, a pressure beared upon Jeanne, Siegfried, and the rest of the exorcists. A pressure that made them unable to even move.

"You seem to believe that I am weak and that I got in through the use of money. I can understand the latter, after all your superiors can be quite corrupt and I can't really deny that I got fast tracked but why do you think that I am not strong enough to join you." I asked them with a smile and the I got an idea.

"How about a bet to prove you wrong if this little demonstration was not enough ?" I told them.

"I'm listening." Siegfried said and despite the sweat caused by the pressure, he was grinning like a maniac in my direction.

"You and Jeanne will fight me right here right now. If I win, you have to accept me as team leader but If I lose, I will leave and never come back." I posed the terms of ours par with a smirk.

Both of their eyes narrowed.

"Are you understimating us ?" Siegfried growled.

"One of us is more than enough." Jeanne said with a strained smile.

"I'll be frank with you." I smirked. "The only chance you have to to win against me is if you fight together."

Both of them growled at my taunting and it seemed that I even succeded in pissing of Jeanne who did not seem to get angry easily.

"You'll regret this." Jeanne said with a frown in my direction.

All the exorcists in field backed away from the three of us and stayed in a corner, safe from the coming battle while I deposed Kuroka on the ground.

Siegfried summoned Gram also know as the Demonic Emperor Sword and the Sword of the Sun. He took a battle stance and looked at me with battle lust clear in his eyes.

As for Jeanne, she summoned a holy sword that looked like a rapier with her Sacred Gear Blade Blacksmith and pointed her sword in my direction as if to say to prepare myself for combat.

I obliged and summoned my halberd, Houtengeki. We were watching each other silently, the tension between us growing.

Kick their asses darling! Kuroka cheered me on from the side.

I broke that silence by teleporting in front of them using Soru. Their eyes widened and they only had a second to block the strike from my spear. The collision of our weapons created a shockwave and I could see them gritting their teeth barely being able to withstand my touki-enhenced strength.

But I wasn't finished as I cocked my spear back and sent several thrusts made of pure touki in their direction. Siegfried protected himself using his sword while Jeanne created a wall made of holy swords to protect herself.

The both of them having enough of my constant attacks decided to counterattack. Jeanne made a wave with her swords and a literal mountain of holy swords erupted from the ground in my direction.

I waved with my hand. "Shinra Tensei." A powerful force scattered the holy swords in the wind but before I could think of my next move, the burning edge of Gram came in my vision. I immediately parried the coming blow and decided to stop going easy on them.

My hands released the spear while I let my mind hold it with the use of tekinesis. Siegfried was so surprised that he didn't see my now released and renforced hand punching him in the stomach. Siegfried was thrown away but I wasn't finished with him.

"Flying Spear of the Sage." Charging my sprear with Touki and nature energy, I launched it at the still flying Siegfried. He immediately dodged but my spear followed like an homing missile and just for good measure I accelerated the speed of the weapon using time magic creating a sonic boom when the weapon moved.

While keeping an eye on Siegfried and controlling my spear with my mind I focused my attention on Jeanne. I praised myself on my mind for recreating Memory Partition in my spare time. A spell from the Alchemist of Atlas from the nasuverse, that allowed me to separate my mind so that I could do and think two things at the the same time.

Taking a martial arts stance, I dashed toward Jeanne who was looking at me with unnerved eyes. I sent several blows at her with my touki-enhenced fists but Jeanne dodged them and decided to back away and smirked.

She then created dozens of holy swords in the air and launched them at me while probably thinking that long range battle was not my forte. Why everyone seems to belive ? Maybe it's because I mainly uses my spear in combat but I digress.

Several magic circles appeared in the air courtesy of myself and lightning blots came out of them destroying every swords coming in my direction.

Wood and Light magic may be my speciality but that doesn't mean that I am not capable of using basics spells such as these.

"Enough !" A roar was heard in the training ground. I looked at Siegfried who sported a furious expression. He then sent a wave of pure fire and destruction at my spear using Gram, destroying everything in its passage and throwing my spear away but Houtengeki relentless pursuit was not without consequences. While he didn't sustain any injuries, I could see that his spirit was damaged and his strength, speed and stamina have greatly decreased.

Siegfried then looked at me with a furious expression and said with cold fury.

"Balance Breaker : Chaos Egde Asura Ravage."

Four dragons arms appeared, and his six arms now were all holding a demonic swords. Swords that I immediately recognised.

Gram, Balmung, Nothung, Tyrfing, Dainslef.

I did not know where he got all these High-tier demonic swords as it was never explained in canon but it is still impressive that he could wield all of them at the time.

I took back my spear in my hands but before I could plan around this new development, I heard a woman's voice crying out with a determined tone.

"Balance Breaker : Stake Victim Dragon."

A dragon literally made of Holy swords appeared in the training and both of my opponents were looking at me with respect.

"You are strong." Siegfried said grinning maniacally despite the exhaustion he surely felt. "I apologize for doubting your strength but that doesn't mean I will accept you as our team leader."

"Sieg-kun is right, you are crazy strong and I apologise for thinking such bad things about you." Jeanne said with an apologetic smile. "So please surrender, I accept you in our team."

"Surrender ? What do you mean surrender ? I want to fight until the end." Siegfried said to Jeanne.

"Sieg-kun, we can't hurt our future teammate too badly."

I raised an eyebrow. "Even after the beating I just gave you, you still think that you can defeat me."

"But…we are both in our Balance Breaker and I do not want to hurt you." Jeanne said with a frown.

"So what ? I will not leave until you accept me as your leader." Both of this team and my future organisation.

Siegfried laughed. "I like you more and more Cao Cao." He said grinning.

Jeanne stared for a few seconds and nodded resolutely. "Very well, let us fight until the end Cao-kun."

We both looked at each other for the final phase of our fight and then the silence was broke by Siegfried who send several waves of fire, wind, ice and destruction in my direction while Jeanne's dragon roared and sent hundreds of holy swords toward me.

I breathed deeply looking at the deadly attack coming at me and thought that it was time to end this.

A red aura enveloped my spear. "Sky Piercing Art : Thrust." A red beam of power pierced through everything in my way and rendered all of their attacks useless. Moreover the penetration ended in the chest of the Dragon destroying it into pieces.

They only had a second to gape in disbelied before I made my last move.

"Wood Realese : Great Spear Tree." Thick roots came out of the ground and trapped my opponents in it. I then charged the roots with nature energy and I made it drain the life force of the trapped targets.

They tried to get out but they were getting more and more exhausted because of the life force I am taking from them and if you take into account that Siegfried spirit has already been damaged earlier and that I just destroyed Jeanne's Balance Breaker making her even more drained that she already was.

In other word they both lost spectacularily.

"It's over. Both of you fought well, as expected of my teammates." I said with a smile while walking in their direction.

"Release..us and fight us properly." Siegfried cried out from his trapped position.

"Well, I could have used more deadly techniques instead of using an immobilisation technique but we have our first mission tomorrow, a mission that Vasco Strada chose especially for us so I didn't want to hurt you too badly." I told them.

"Well, I'm not complaining. I do not really want to see what these deadlier techniques would have done to us." Jeanne said with a weak chuckle.

Of course it wasn't enough for Siegfried and he continued to protest but I cut him off before he could continue.

"Anyway this fight ended in my victory so it means you have to accept me as your team leader." I said while looked at them expectantly.

They both looked at each other and then looked back at me.

"We accept you, Cao-Kun, as our team leader." Jeanne said with a smile.

I nodded to myself. "That's good, really good. Now as my first order as a team leader I ask you to come at dawn tomorrow to see our Eminence Strada for our first mission together."

I then turned my back on them and started to leave while taking Kuroka who was smirking back in my arms. It seemed the fight drawed a crowd and they were all staring at me in disbelief.

"W-Wait, you forget to release us."

"Y-yeah you can't leave us here, L-leader."

I looked back at them with a smirk. "These trees will disappear in three hours. It will be your punishment for disrespecting me."

"N-nono Cao-kun, come back !"

"Y-you bastard !"

Well, it is certainely going to be fun with these two.

Devious, Kuroka said in my mind and I could hear the mischievous smile in her voice.

I know, I answered back with a smirk.

You're so sexy when you show others who is the alpha, Kuroka purred in delight.

I nearly face faulted but I stealed my nerves and walked as if I heard nothing.

I didn't want to ruin my badass exit after all.

Author's notes:

Thank you for reading! I hope that you liked it.

In this chapter we have Cao Cao and co makes their first step in the Church, they start their their training and we have a fight with his partners.

For Sieg and Jeanne, the MC could have avoided all this without a fight but he needed to makes them respect him but also humble them as he didn't want them to too cocky as it was their downfall in canon.

Of course, they still didn't let go of their huge ego but it was just a single fight,it would take them longer to stop understimate people and be too arrogant.

Until next time!