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Author's Note: The line is from "King Lear" by William Shakespeare.



"Let go, slave, or thou diest!"

Unable to suppress her laughter any longer, Catherine removed herself from the doorway and entered the office, "You know, I don't think
they can appreciate the word of Shakespeare."

Grissom peered up at his new visitor before tilting his head to look into the various cages of spiders on his desk, "You'd be surprised,
Catherine. Plus, weren't you the one who kept listening to Beethoven when you were pregnant with Lindsey cuz you wanted her to grow up to
be a world-renowned musician?"

Taking her usual seat across from him, she frowned, "Are you comparing your spiders to my daughter?"

"I'm just trying to make a point."

"Well when your little buddies start quoting Shakespeare, you can call me wrong but I wouldn't bet on it. Lindsey hates Beethoven."

"I remember how she used to cry everytime you put it on." Grissom chuckled, "I guess she got sick of it."

"Hmm." Catherine peered into the cages and shook her head, "Honestly, Gil, I think you have better ways to spend your time than to read
Shakespeare to spiders."

"Really, Catherine? Any suggestions?"

"Actually, yes." She sat up, grinning, "And you don't even have to stop reading Shakespeare."

"What are you talking about?"

"Instead of wasting your talents on these little guys, maybe you can waste them on me."

"You?" Grissom paused then shook his head, "You want *me* to read Shakespeare to *you*?"

"Well technically..."

"Cath, what aren't you telling me?" He asked cautiously.

"You know, my Beethoven plan failed so miserably on Lindsey that I decided to try it again. Except this time, instead of Beethoven,
it'll be Shakespeare."

"Wait...so you want me to read to Lindsey?"

"No. I want you to read to me."

"Well that doesn't make sense, Catherine. If I read to you, how will Lindsey benefit from it?"

"I'm not talking about Lindsey." The smile on Catherine's face seemed to grow by the minute.

"Then who *are* you ta..." Grissom froze midway through his sentence when he realized exactly what that big grin on Catherine's face
meant. "You're pregnant?!"

"With a Shakespeare baby." Catherine nodded excitedly.

Grissom, getting over his initial shock, smiled, "With *our* Shakespeare baby."

The End