Human Attraction

Chapter One - My Cat Eats Cat Food.

He was a man of decision, a man who was finally at peace with the worried chattering of his mind. He had decided, today was the day. No more waiting behind the cowardly face of fear. No more minutes, hours, days, of wondering, of thinking, of indecision. He had decided and that was it. No changing of his mind, no allowing fear to restore itself to the throne in his head. This was it...On second thoughts today isn't such a great day. There is a slight breeze and it is cloudy. Sure there are only a few clouds but how much can you really trust a cloud? Today just didn't feel right, maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. He would tell her tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

"Xander? What ya thinking about?" Asked Buffy. She had been observing him for some time and something was definitely bothering him. She wondered what it might be.

Xander was brought out of his deep thoughts by the sound of Buffy's voice. What had she just said? She wants to know what I am thinking. Should I tell her? Is today going to be the day after all? ...No, he would wait. "Nothing."

Buffy was now very concerned that something was bothering him. Why wouldn't he talk to her about it? Maybe he wasn't ready. She decided the best thing to do would be to simply leave it alone and hope that at some point in the future he would be prepared to talk about it. "Okay."

The two of them stood in silence listening to the music and watching the happy people dancing. Both had a small plastic up in their hand, which was filled with something Willow had called, 'Not alcohol but its cheaper cousin.' Occasionally one would look like they were going to say something but they wouldn't. Instead they would either take a sip of their drink or pick up some crappy useless piece of junk that you always find scattered around someone's room. Uncomfortable wasn't exactly what either of them would have called it but uncomfortable was what it was. How had these two friends have become uncomfortable at the mere presence of the other? What event in their friendship could have occurred to create this unfortunate situation? Well, for that you will have to join me as we travel through fictional time by the literal device known as the flashback. I hope you are sitting comfortably for I shall begin...