Chapter Two - Vanilla Ice Cream For Everyone! Except you.

Buffy brought the heavy axe down on the neck of the horrible demon. "Die you big evil demon thing." She shouted.

And then the demon died. It was over. It was finally over. The world had been saved, again.

"I think you may be losing your witty repartee superpower." Said Xander after picking himself up off the floor where he had been thrown.

"I didn't see you coming up with any witty comments while you were being thrown across the room." Replied Buffy.

"That's not true. I shouted, Argh!"

Buffy gave Xander a big smile, "Real witty."

"Hey, you're the superhero."

"And that means I have to be witty?"

"Yes, at least according to all the comic books I've read. And you should wear your underpants on the outside."

"For the last time I'm not going do that, Xander."

Xander was about to respond but stopped when Willow and Tara appeared. "Did we get it?" Asked Willow.

"Yep. The big evil demon thing is dead." Said Xander, grinning in Buffy's direction.

Willow noticed the grin but didn't say anything about it.

"So the world is saved?" Asked Tara.

"Yep." Replied Buffy. "Well, at least for the moment."

"Hey, we just saved the world. We should be a little happier than that. We should be celebrating. Oh! I know what we should do..."

"Xander, we're not doing that." Replied Buffy.

"But what about if I get undres..."

"No!" All three of the females shouted.

"Man, you lot are repressed." Said Xander.

"Err...Hello? Gay, here." Said Willow.

"It's not time for another parade, is it? Jez, is that all you people do?"

"Well, actually we occasionally have these picnics on the..." Tara stopped when she realised everyone was staring at her.

"So, we're not going to any celebrating?" Asked Xander.

"We could do some." Answered Buffy. "I mean it is the weekend."

"Three-day weekend." Added Xander.

Buffy looked confused, "No it isn't."

"It will be when I call in sick on Monday."

"Xander!" Buffy was outraged but that quickly passed, "That's not a bad idea."

"Buffy!" Now it was Willow's turn to be outraged.


"Taking a day off work for no good reason? Xander, I could understand..."

"Hey!" Xander objected.

"But you? You're better than that."

"Again, hey!"

"I'm really not." Answered Buffy. "Besides I just saved the world, I think I deserve it."

"That's the spirit. Anyway you are going have to take a day off if you're gonna go to..." Xander paused for dramatic effect. "...Splash-a-lot! The biggest and badest water-themed amusement attraction within driving distance."

"Splash-a-lot?" Said an over-excited Willow. "We are so there."

"What about not taking day off without good reason?" Asked Buffy.

"Splash-a-lot is a very good reason."

"So, it is settled then. Splash-a-lot it is." Xander concluded.

"Hey Xander, this isn't just some elaborate plot so that you can see us all in swimming costumes, is it?" Asked Buffy. "Xander?"