Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Harry Potter walked out of Madam Malkin's with his school robes in hand. He had just met Draco Malfoy, although he didn't yet know his name, he had already come to a conclusion about the boy. "It's another Dudley." Harry would have to watch that one.

His next stop with his guide was Flourish and Blotts. Right now he was weak and stupid in the magical word, and Harry swore to himself that he would not be weak or stupid when he gained control of his life, back when he was seven. The reveal of the magical world had destroyed his original plan for his future, and his trip to Gringotts had given him many questions. Harry was never the smartest student, but he was above average. He was more aware than most his age and had a fascination with psychology, and in turn, history. He didn't know everything, but he knows enough. Or at least he thought he did.

He entered the crowded bookstore while Hagrid waited outside. He went to pickup the required books first before he started browsing for more. As he approached he saw a pudgy boy around his age, with who appeared to be his grandmother. They were definitely born into magic if the FUCKING VULTURE on the woman's hat was anything to go by. It would be good to make a friend before he was at Hogwarts, at the least he could pry some information out of them like he did at Madam Malkin's.

Harry tapped the boy on the arm and spoke. "Excuse me. Are you starting Hogwarts this year?" The books kind of gave away the answer, but was a good conversation starter.

The pair turned to face him and the boy answered. "Erm, yeah. M-my names Neville by they way. N-n-neville L-l-longbottom."

Harry's eyes briefly widened. "Longbottom!" "Are Frank and Alice Longbottom, with you?" Harry noticed that Neville's entire body tensed in response.

"They are not in a suitable condition to be with us sadly. Why do you ask?" Augusta asked with curious, yet piercing gaze.

"My parents left them a letter in a safe deposit box at Gringotts." Harry answered deciding he could trust them with that piece of information.

"Harry?" Augusta asked as she refused to lift her gaze. Neville's eyes widened when Harry nodded, but Augusta's expression never changed. She raised one eyebrow before speaking again. "Was there other letters and a vile with a glowing mist inside?"

Harry looked at Augusta in surprise. "Yes!" He answered in astonishment.

This caused Augusta to have her own look of disbelief. "Harry, that's your parents will. I can't believe I never realised it was never executed! Harry what were the other names on those letters?"

Harry delved into his mind to recall all of the names on the letters he had discovered. "Myself, Frank, Alice and Neville Longbottom. Amelia and Susan Bones. Sirius Black. Cyrus, Samantha and Daphne Greengrass. Ted, Andromeda and Nymphadora Tonks, Alastor Moody and Remus Lupin."

"Is that everyone?" Augusta asked to which Harry nodded. "I should be able arrange for everyone to gather on the 31st of August and you can stop over before you leave for Hogwarts. Will you be able to do that?" Harry nodded again. "Good now the only issue is how you will get there." Augusta mentally ran through multiple ideas before coming to a conclusion. "Yes, that will work."

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"Something that can not be done here I'm afraid. Why don't you join us while you and Neville finish the rest of your school shopping? It would be a good opportunity to get to know one another."

Harry contemplated the offer for a moment. Deciding that there was no better option, he nodded his consent. "Alright."

With that Harry and Hagrid spent the rest of their time in the ally alongside Neville and Augusta. It went apart from August's outburst at how ill prepared Harry was to take his position in the Wizarding World. Before Harry returned to the Dursley's he was introduced to a female house-elf named Jesse. Once Jesse had a slight connection to Harry's magic so she could find him, Harry headed back and began his research.

Soon at Hogwarts.

Albus Dumbledore was no fool. No. Albus Dumbledore was a artist. History, is his canvas. People, are his brushes. Actions, are his paint. And fate, was his mentor. Fate would give Albus his brushes and hint of what they desire and Albus would make it so. First Albus would inspect the brushes while they were young, pick out which ones be used to make the main focus, while the rest would work on the background. He would then use the brushes until they expired or they were of no use anymore.

But this era made Albus more excited to usual. As fate had finally given him a successor. While they were brushes, he was clay. Albus had to sculpt and model him into his image. He had practised with clay before to make his assistants, but none were as good as this. Albus was certain he would get it right. But it never hurt to check with a assistant. And so Albus found himself visiting Hagrid.

With a few knocks on the door of the hut next to The Forbidden Forest, the opened. "Professor Dumbledore sir. I didn't another visit from ya." Hagrid greeted.

"Hello Hagrid, might I come in?" Dumbledore responded in his kindly grandfather mask.

"Of course Professor, of course." Hagrid responded before he moved out of the away. "Would you like some tea Professor?"

"That would be lovely thank you." Dumbledore answered as he took a seat at the table.

Hagrid handed Dumbledore a mug of tea and sat down opposite him. "So what can I do fer ya Professor?"

"I came to pick up the stone Hagrid."

"Oh, of course!" Hagrid dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out the stone wrapped in cloth and placed it on the table.

Dumbledore took the stone. "Thank you Hagrid. Now, how did your trip to Diagon Ally go with young Harry?"

"It went terrific Professor! Harry even found Frank and Alice's kid!" Hagrid boomed with a smile.

"Ah, Neville Longbottom splendid."

A few days later.

Harry sat on his bed thinking over his trip to Diagon Ally once more as he inspected his wand.

"13 inch Blackthorn and Thunderbird tail feather." Ollivander had informed him. "This is a most powerful wand. The tail feather will alert you to danger and can cast curses without your instruction. While the wand has chosen you it has yet to fully trust you. You have a difficult path ahead of Mr Potter, and I wish you the best of luck. Trust in yourself and your wand, and you will have a better chance."

That was the 3rd the most important point during his trip. The first being when he asked Griphook if his parents left anything at Gringotts, and the second being his reintroduction to Neville.

Harry heard a soft 'pop' and looked up to see Jesse. "Is master Harry all packed?" She asked.

"All my things, including the letters and memory are in my trunk." Harry answered as he pointed to the trunk in question.

Jesse snapped her fingers and the trunk was gone. "We must be going Master Harry." Jesse said before she offered him her hand. Harry placed his wand in the dragon hide wrist holster Augusta bought him as a late birthday present. While there Ollivander managed to talk her into allowing Neville to get his own wad instead of using his Farther's, as well as help her with some of her grief. Harry held Jesse's hand with a soft 'pop' found himself surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

Once introductions were done and Harry collected the letters and memory, they all gathered around a pensive. Augusta poured the memory into the bowl and they all delved in. Harry, Neville, Susan, Daphne, Astoria and Nymphadora all collapsed on to the ground. While the others picked themselves off the ground, Harry didn't. Harry's eyes were locked onto the ghostly figures of his parents. He branded every single one of their features to memory.

Harry's concentration was broke when someone snapped heir figures in front of him. "You in there Harry?" Looking he saw that it was Tonks.

"Yeah, sorry. Spaced out there for a moment." Harry responded as he picked himself off the floor.

"No kidding." Tonks joked. Her mood turned sombre and her wild pink hair, turned to a more tame brown. "You know we used to visit you before it hit the fan?"

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, but we'll talk about it later. Looks like everything's finally getting on the way."

The memory seemed to take place in some kind of office, with some empty chairs to sit in. Harry noted that some of the chairs were empty.

"Is everyone ready?" Augusta asked, to which see received a variety of positive responses. With a flick of her wand the memory began.

"I, James Charles Potter."

"And I, Lilly Marie Potter nee Evans."

"Being of sound mind and free in spirit. Make this our will on October twenty sixth, nineteen eighty one."

"But first there is something we must tell you all." Lilly announced. "When I cast the Fidelius Charm, I did NOT make Sirius Black the secret keeper. It is Peter Pettigrew."

This caused gasps an murmurs among the crowd. Until the memory of James spoke again.

"Sirius pointed out that he was to obvious and wanted to use himself as a decoy. It's why he handed out a slip of paper instead of just saying it. This part of the memory may be used as evidence for Sirius' case if necessary."

The memory of James stepped forward before speaking again.

"To Sirius Black, we leave 7,000 gallons, the safe-house outside of Whitby and the cloak of invisibility to go to Harry before he leaves for Hogwarts. Although you'll have to get the cloak from Dumbledore. Oh, and some dog foot." This caused Remus to chuckle.

To Remus Lupin, we leave 7,000 gallons, our safe-house in Lincoln, it has a basement big enough for your monthly's." The memory of James short a cheeky grin.

There was a full chuckles along Remus muttering "Cheeky git".

"To Peter Pettigrew if you didn't betray us we leave you 7,000 Gallons, the safe house in Lampeter and wheel of cheese.

To Amelia Bones, or Black if Sirius finally get's his head out of his arse."


"Sorry dear! As I was saying we leave you 4,000 gallons and a top hat to go with your molecule." Amelia smirked and shook her head.

"To Alastor Moody, we leave 1,000 gallons and a boat stored in my personal vault. Congratulations... captain." Moody barked out a laugh.

"Minerva Mcgonagall, we leave 5,000 Gallons to get Hogwarts some decent brooms, and you can use the rest to get yourself a box full of catnip or something." Most of the crowd chuckled in amusement at that.

With that James took a step back and Lilly steeped forward.

"To Alice and Frank Longbottom we leave 10,000 gallons, take Harry and Neville somewhere nice for me.

To Samantha and Cyrus Greengrass, we leave 10,000 gallons and my notes on bloodcurses. I don't know if they will help, but I hope you have enough time to find a cure." Harry looked over to the Greengrass family and noticed Astoria was trying to hold back her tears.

To Ted and Andromeda Tonks, we leave 10,000 gallons. And my potions notebook.

To Horace Slughorn, we leave 4,000 gallons. Thank you for all your help and looking past my blood status.

"To Albus Dumbledore, we leave 8,000 gallons to be used to help put poor children go through Hogwarts with everything they need."

The memory of James stepped forward and held Lilly's hand, before speaking. "Everything else is to be left our son, Harry Potter."

"Were sorry we can't be there to raise you sweetheart, but we'll always be watching over you." Tears ran freely down Harry's face. Tonks urged Harry to lean into her, and couldn't find in himself to resist as he was pulled into the first hug he's had in years.

The memory of Lilly whipped away a few tears before pressing on. "We have also left letters to some of you with a private word."

"Harry's good parents are Sirius Black and Alice Longbottom respectively." The memory of James announced.

"If both of them Harry is to be raised by the Tonks family." The memory of Lilly then had faint smile. "Little Dora has already taken him in as her little brother." Harry shifted to look up a Tonks' face to she she was looking down at him with a soft smile. One which he returned.

"Harry can also be raised by Samantha and Cyrus Greengrass. We have complete faith that Cyrus would find someway to word the announcement that won't threaten his families neutrality." Harry heard Cyrus mutter "Dam right I would."

"Under no circumstance is Harry to be given to my sister Petunia and her husband Vernon Dursley. I have tried to reconnect with my sister, but she is unable to see past her jealousy, and don't trust them to be anywhere near my son." At this Harry gasped which was picked upon by multiple people.

The memory of James spoke again. "Upon our deaths, everything but the previously mentioned boat is to be moved from our personal vaults to the Potter family vault to which Harry will have access to when he reaches seventeen, and only Harry will be allowed to withdraw money from his trust vault. Hogwarts has already received the pay necessary for his education."

"This is James Charles Potter signing off."

"This is Lilly Marie Potter signing off."

"This is Sirius Orion Black signing as witness." A voice from the back of the room announced.

"This is Theodora Anthony Tonks signing off as witness and solicitor." Now this really confused Harry.

But before he could say anything, they were pulled out of the memory and Alastor spoke. "Alright people! We've all got questions, but I get the feeling the letters will have some kind of answer. So let's read them then regroup." With a flick of his wand, the letters floated off of the nearby desk to the intended owners.

As soon as Harry's letter was in his hand he tared open envelope and began to read the letter inside.

Dear Harry.

We hope that by the time you are able to read this that you have been taken in by one of your agreed careers, and have been having a fun, love filled life without us.

But there are some important matters you need to know. We have signed you up for two marriage contracts. Don't worry they aren't binding, so they will only be in effect if handed into the ministry and by the scheduled wedding day, you will be old enough to cancel it yourself. Think of as more safety nets than anything. This will allow the guardian of child take in the other with little fuss.

Your first one is to Susan Bones. Your father originally had one with Amelia. The main purpose of this one is if anything goes horribly wrong for one family, the other can adopt the child, and with the way things are going that sadly may be necessary.

Your other is to Daphne Greengrass. The Malfoy family have been pushing for generations for a marriage between the family's, that would allow them to control the family business if there was any "accidents" . With the war waging on, Cyrus approached us with the idea of a contract as a final line of defence. With Samantha and Lilly being friends since their third year we agreed.

Another important matter is Albus Dumbledore. Most people believe him to be a master legilimus when the truth is he's a natural instead. This means he can peer into a persons mind with even making eye contact. Now as a Potter, you were subject to a secret family ritual which increased your natural shields by giving you a stronger than average will. When Dumbledore urged us and the Longbottoms to go into hiding he used the Bones family massacre as an excuse, but that happened over 6 months ago. We all suspected he is hiding something. Thanks to the help of a relative of the Longbottoms we suspect it be a prophecy revolving around either you or Neville, or maybe even both. Do not trust the man Harry, he's manipulative. And NEVER underestimate him.

When you understand what happened to us, we suspect you will want to go after the people responsible. While we are not against this, we want you to heed these words: Don't let vengeance control your life! If you do they have already won. We want you to live your life Harry. Either with one of the girls your betrothed to, or someone else entirely. There will always be monsters, and you can't stop them all, if you try you will become one yourself. But you can make life difficult for them in many different ways, even just by smiling.

With all our love. Mum and dad.

P.S. Hope you like the photos.

Once again Harry found himself unable to hold back the tidal wave of emotions. His parents loved him! He knew his relatives were lying! He knew it!

Harry continued to pay everyone else no mind as he dug into the envelope and pulled out some photos.

In the first photo Lilly was wearing a white dress while James was where emerald green robes with a black tie. Their eyes were locked on one another with natural smiles as they danced. "I remember this." Remus said over Harry's shoulder, causing the body to look at him. "It was their first dance as man and wife. Sirius had just embarrassed the hell out of your farther with his best man speech." Remus reminisced.

"Is Sirius dead?"

"No, he's not dead. Don't worry. You'll see him soon enough."

"Not without a plan he won't!" Moody called out gaining everyone's attention. "Potter's got a tracking charm on him so Dumbledore will have already figured out he's here. Even if the wards are blocking it. The question is, what else he knows."

"W-wait! Y-your serious about going against him?" Neville stuttered.

"There's more ways to fight someone than duelling them lad." Moody responded. "All evidence so far points to him compulsing Ted to forget and forging the will. But we're going to something more solid. We can't reveal that we have the real will to soon regardless."

"So if we can't use the will how do we get Sirius out of Azkaban?" Tonks asked.

"Simple. I volunteer to cover the medical training section for the latest batch of Aurors. No one will think twice about it if my daughter's involved." Andromeda announced.

"And then I invite you up to my office and we talk about the old times." Amelia caught on.

"Despite what my old family says. I was always more Slytherin than my sisters." Andromeda smiled.

"Okay, but Harry needs some actual occlumency training, and he leave for Hogwarts tomorrow." Remus mentioned.

"Best we can do today is teach him the basics and have him practice alongside Daphne." Cyrus answered.

"It's more likely to be Snape trying to take a peek than Dumbledore. Simply being caught should be enough to catch him off-guard and push him out." Moody commented, before he looked to the kids. You lot are going have to be careful; Painting, ghosts and house elves all report to Dumbledore. It wouldn't surprise me if their was listening charms on the express too. So you're going to have to reintroduce yourselves to Potter. Except you Longbottom."

"What about... where I stay for the summer?" The way Harry asked gave away that Lilly wasn't wrong.

"Susan can invite you to join us for the Yule holidays and I can hand in the contract between you two without much suspicion on our real plan." Amelia answered. Both Harry and Susan looked directly at each other, before both looked away blushing.

"Hey, you two should count yourselves lucky, dating's a pain." Tonks joked causing them both blush further as the adults laughed.

"Okay everyone, let's break for lunch. Hopefully the elves have prepared the dinning hall." Augusta announced. With various murmurs of agreement they followed their host to lunch where they remanded about their experiences with the Potters and toasted to the memory of Lilly and James Potter and the return of their son Harry.

Harry felt a warm feeling inside of himself and Harry couldn't help but smile. When Remus asked him how he was doing, and he answered Remus smiled warmly. "That's because this is a gathering of friends and family, and you are more than welcome here."

Eventually the day began to wined down as one by one the group began to head home.

"Harry, can I borrow for a moment?" Andromeda asked.

"Sure." Harry shrugged.

Andromeda drew her wand and cast some privacy charms. "There, now no one hear us." Andromeda crouched down to eye level and genitally put her hands on his arms. "Do you know what a therapist is?"

Harry nodded. "They help the mentally ill."

"True, but we also help trauma victims. In the magical world were called mind healers, but that's not important. I just want you to know that you can send me a letter if ever want to talk about what it was like living with your relatives, or if somethings bothering you at Hogwarts, or any other fears you might have. I won't tell anyone unless it's absolutely necessary. And even then it will most likely only be Madam Pomfery and she has here own oaths that stop her from telling others, okay?"

Harry nodded. "Thank you Mrs Tonks."

By this Andromeda was rubbing her thumbs on his arms in a motherly way. "Please Harry, call me Andi. You're making me feel old." At that they both smiled, before she cancelled her charms and left with her husband and daughter.

The next morning.

Harry woke up confused as to where he was until he remembered all the events of the day before. Harry was surprised he managed to sleep at all last night let alone so well. His head was swimming from last, but as soon as he lied down in the comfiest bed he's ever been in, he was out like a light.

Augusta told him that Neville would knock when it was time for breakfast. In the meantime, Harry entered the private bathroom and got ready for the big day. Soon it was time for them to leave.

Before they could board the train Augusta had some parting words for them. "Take of each other. It's what you mothers would have wanted." Both boys nodded, and Harry thanked her, for her hospitality.

Once they found a compartment, stored their trunks and Harry stopped Trevor from escaping, they sat down and waited for the girls.

The door opened and Susan entered with a unfamiliar blond. "Hi Neville." Susan greeted.

"Hi Susan. Hi Hannah." Neville greeted.

"You know them?" Harry asked.

"Kinda. Our families are progressive and every new years eve the ministry has a big ball, that pretty much every old magical family goes to." Neville answered.

"Neville who is this?" Hannah asked. Unaware of Susan's smirk.

"Oh, him? He's Harry Potter." Neville answered.

"Hi." Harry greeted with a smile. Hannah's mouth just hung open. Eventually she just collapsed onto the seat behind her.

"Well, I'm Susan Bones, and the girl you just broke is Hannah Abbott. It's nice to meet you Harry." Susan offered Harry her hand.

"It's nice to meet you too Susan." Harry responded as he shook her hand.

"You were supposed to kiss her knuckle, not shake her hand." Another female voice called from the door. Harry looked over and saw it was Daphne. "Or at least you at a formal event." Daphne offered her own hand. Daphne Greengrass. A pleasure to meet you Heir Potter."

Harry took her hand and lightly kissed her knuckle. "The pleasure is all mine."

"Heiress Greengrass." Daphne mentioned.

"Heiress Greengrass." Harry repeated. Although her face portrayed no emotion, her blue eyes were a different story. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Harry smiled.

"If I am, it wouldn't be very lady like of me to say." Daphne responded coolly, her lips slightly twitched upwards. "Help me with my trunk?"

"Of course." Daphne sat next to Susan and Harry placed her trunk above her.

With that they all waited for the train to depart. Just before the final whistle blew a gaggle of red heads arrived on the platform. Harry, Neville, Susan and Daphne grind as Tonks had told them about the Wesley's and their poor time keeping skills.

As the train set off from the station the group began to each other about themselves and their families Harry told them about the muggle world that only Daphne had some minor experience, and they told Harry some stuff about the magical world in return.

The door was flung open. When Harry saw who it was, he could only think one thing. "Hello wizard Dudley." This time he was flanked by two gorillas.

"Greengrass! Why is your family no longer accepting our owls!?" He questioned with a scowl.

"Just because your farther has time to constantly reword the same argument, dose not mean my farther has time to read them." Responded with out a trace of emotion.

He scanned the room and eyes landed on Harry. More importantly, Harry's scar. "So. You're Harry Potter?" He asked as he sized Harry up. Problem was, that Harry wasn't intimidated in the least.

"I am." Harry replied in a guarded tone of voice.

"This is Crabe. This is Goyle." Both boys grunted in response "And I'm Malfoy. Draco, Malfoy." Draco proudly proclaimed.

"Okay?" Harry responded, not sure why he should care.

"You see, there are right sort of people. And then there are the wrong sort of people." Malfoy scowled at the at Neville, Susan and Hannah, all of them shrank under his gaze. "I can help you tell the difference. So, what do you say?" at this Malfoy stuck out his hand.

Harry scowled at the arrogance. "So first you insult my judgement and then you expected me to be your friend? You are definitely the wrong sort of person." Harry responded venomously.

His tone caught everyone off guard, but Malfoy soon recovered with a glare of his own. "You don't want to make me your enemy, Potter. I will make your life very difficult." He spat back at Harry.

Harry took a step forward, so they were face to face. "Bring it princes." With that, Harry shoved Draco out the door and closed and sat back down.

Draco glared daggers at Harry to no effect, before stalking off down the corridor, with Crabe and Goyle close behind.

"Looks like you've got yourself a rival Potter." Daphne commented with a amused smile.

"Please Greengrass, call me Harry." Harry grind.

"Then you must call me Daphne."