Bond by WyldClaw

Plot: second dumbo 2019 drabbly-one shot. Slight Holt/Colette romance requested by Cheerleaderhenni , Colette's thoughts before the plan to get Dumbo and his mother back to India. I made up what Vandervere told her . I own nothing .


french trapeze Colette Marchant's eyes and heart had been opened. After years of being told by V. A. Vandevere-the owner of the presently smoldering Dreamland amusement park- that love and family was a weakness and that the only real love a performer needed was the love of the audience and the crowd - the cold exterior around her heart was shattered within a few days. Shattered by an elephant calf and a war amputee.

She hadn't been impressed by the elephant calf at first when she'd first seen him. later she began to change her tune when she had seen the two Farrier children- Millie and Joe make the little elephant fly. She had been so shocked to see the calf in the air she'd nearly fallen off the trapeze ring into the safety net. After training with the family for a few days the iciness around her heart slowly began to melt. She began to envy the love Holt had with his children and the closeness he had with the rest of Medici Brothers troupe members. She noticed how friendly and warm Holt was to everyone – even the stagehands. The troupe members would stop in to see the trio and say hello to the little elephant and talk to the family.

Her eyes and heart opened during Dumbo's debut performance. She had to do a double take when she saw there was no security nets- her boss always had the nets ready for performances. She nearly fell off the platform to her death… Or she would have if Holt hadn't rushed into save her. When she confronted Vandevere he claimed nets were only for rehearsals. She couldn't believe he had risked her saftey like that and refused his offer of going in the car with him. It was then- and finding out about his plot to dispose of Mrs. Jumbo that she realized she had been played for a fool.

She realized then that she loved Holt and his family more than being Vandevere's trained trapeze monkey. No more would she follow him around like a shadow and do what he commanded. Her bond with that vile man was broken.