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Professor Ivy Chapter 6

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The Orange Islands. An archipelago of islands that span southwards of the Kanto Region, further south than Cinnabar or Seafoam Islands. A rising tropical region that many Pokémon have varying spots and stripes

And right now, Ashley, Brock, Misty, Pikachu and Togepi were taking the boat to the first island in the Archipelago: Valencia Island. The Island Professor Oak told the group to go to talk to Professor Ivy. A Pokémon Professor that researches alternate coloured Pokémon from different regions.

"Wow, look at this place. It's so warm!" Ashley smiled, feeling the tropical sun on her skin

She had taken off her jacket, tying it around her waist like a belt

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Brock asked

"Yeah. It brings back memories." Ashley nodded

"Memories?" Misty asked in a blue one-piece swimsuit

"My mum used to bring us here, there was a load of friendly Pokémon and just...great fun." Ashley sighed and reminisced

"That's good to hear." Brock nodded as they neared the island

"Valencia Island! Next stop!" The captain spoke through the tannoy.

"Alright!" Ashley cheered

"Ashley, calm down!" Misty laughed as Ashley was almost jumping over the edge

"Sorry, but I'm just too excited!" Ashley answered as the boat began to dock.

She ran off the boat, her shoes in her bag

"Ashley! Hang on!" Misty called out and followed.

"Oh boy." Brock rolled his eyes and followed lastly.

The three enjoyed the sun and sights, the island looking truly beautiful, as they walked around looking for Professor Ivy

"So, you think Professor Ivy will be around here?" Brock asked

"I think so. It's a big island though." Ashley answered

"Hey, look!" Misty yelled, everyone following her finger to a figure sunbathing in a bathing suit

It was a purple-haired woman with DD-Cup breasts, wearing a blue one-piece bathing suit, blue flip-flops and a white professor's jacket by her side.

"Excuse me!" Misty called out as Ashley ran towards her.

"Heeeey!" Ashley yelled as she ran close

"Huh?" The woman mumbled, having seemingly been asleep

"Oh, hello there." The woman waved back. ' that-?'

"Are you Professor Ivy?" Ashley asked

The woman smiled and got up. "Yes, I AM Professor Ivy. Welcome to Valencia Island."

"Sweet! I'm Ashley Ketchum! I was told to meet you by Professor Oak, to pick up the GS Ball!"

'Ashley? It can't be then. We had a boy.' Ivy thought 'But that last name, Ketchum. Did Delia have...'

"Ashley... Don't run off like that." Misty panted

"Huh?" Professor Ivy asked as she saw Brock and Misty follow behind her.

"These are my friends." Ashley smiled

"Oh, nice to meet you. Please follow me." Professor Ivy asked, picking up and putting on her lab coat.

'Holy. CRAP. She's gorgeous.' Brock thought lustfully.

'She's very beautiful.' Misty thought to herself.

Suddenly the ocean roared and a Gyarados emerged from the water

"WHOA!" Ashley, Misty and Brock screamed as they saw the behemoth of a Pokémon. Having a terrible experience with some wild Gyarados from before.

The Gyarados roared, acting like it was a raging monster

"Don't worry, Professor Ivy! We will take care of this!" Misty said, pulling out her PokeBalls...


Ivy had jumped into the ocean, swimming towards the WATER/FLYING type

"What's she doing?" Ashley panicked as she saw Professor Ivy swam towards the Gyarados.

Seconds later the Gyarados flouted to the shore, Ivy sitting in his head and rubbing his head

"There, there. Just playing a little; weren't you?" Professor Ivy asked kindly, almost playfully.

The mighty Pokémon growled softly, happily

Gyarados soon gently brought back Professor Ivy and then went back under the water.

"There. Shall we go?" Professor Ivy asked with a casual smile

*time skip*

Professor Ivy and the group were now at her lab, seeing what Professor Oak had sent them for

A solid gold PokeBall with a rough 'GS' written over the button

"I...Guess THIS is why it's called the 'GS Ball' for a reason." Misty blinked

"So, what kind of research do you do here, Professor?" Ashley asked

"I work on 'Regional Differences' in Pokémon, seeing how different climates affect their growth and bodies." Professor Ivy answered

"I discovered this PokeBall a year ago. It's giving off energy. Several types of signals. There is SOMETHING in there but after a solid twelve months using every method I could think of with the equipment in my possession... Nothing. I can't open it. Which is why I asked Samuel to study it and have a try."

"Wow. Okay." Ashley blinked in shock

Ivy nodded, picking the Ball up while looking at Ashley 'She looks just like her.'

"Is. Something wrong, Professor?" Ashley asked

"It. It's nothing." Professor Ivy answered "You... You're... Just... Don't worry."

"Okay." Ashley frowned, feeling like she did something wrong.

"So, Professor Ivy...Can we stay the night? The boat doesn't leave until the morning." Brock asked while checking her out

'Brock.' Misty groaned as she saw him.

"Is it okay though?" Ashley asked

"Yes, it's fine." Ivy nodded

She patted Ashley's head, smiling gently

A few hours passed, Ashley and her friends were getting ready for bed. All of them were in their own rooms, and Ashley felt something was a bit off since that head-pat from Professor Ivy...A familiar feeling.

Knock knock

"Yes?" Ashley asked as she opened the door. "Professor Ivy?"

"May I come in?" She asked

"I... Sure." She blinked

As Ivy walked inside, she shut the door behind her. "Can we talk?"

"Okay." Ashley nodded as they both sat down.

"Your mother. Her name's Delia Ketchum, correct?"

"Yeah, that's right." Ashley nodded, answering truthfully.

"... How is your brother?" Ivy asked, looking sad suddenly

"My...Brother? I don't HAVE a brother." Ashley answered in confusion.

"W... What?!" Ivy blinked in shock

"I'm an only child." Ashley answered. "Professor, what's with that question?"

"I... But... Our child was a boy..." Ivy muttered, her mind coming to a stop

"'OUR child'? Professor...Do-do you know my mother?" Ashley asked. "Am-Am I-?"

"Delia and I... Were lovers when we were younger. Met when we were on our own Pokémon journeys. I had to leave though, getting this job. We agreed to break up, knowing neither of us could do a long distance relationship. But we agreed that, if we did not find someone else when I returned, we would continue where we left off. And when I left... she had given birth to a baby boy two months before."

Ashley's eyes widened in shock. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Professor...Are? Are you a-?"

"I'm intersex. I have both male AND female genitalia." Professor Ivy answered "More commonly known as a Futanari, or futa for short."

Ashley blinked and looked at the floor. Was. Was Professor Ivy? "Professor...I. I was BORN a boy."

"What?" Ivy asked, looking at Ashley.

"I was born a boy. But, I'm more comfortable being a girl. I've BEEN a girl for most of my life." Ashley answered "I was born a boy called... Ash Ketchum."

Upon hearing that, Professor Ivy's gaze and eyes turned to Ashley. Holding her face and looked intensely at her. "Ash? L-Little Ash. My..." Her eyes welled up as she looked at her...and saw it.

"My baby." She muttered before she pulled her into a tight hug, crying her eyes out

Ashley couldn't believe it. Professor Ivy was...IS her parent. Her 'father', for lack of a better term. She found her father.

"D... Dad?" She blinked softly, holding back tears as she returned the hug

"Yes. Though...It sounds weird, you calling me that." Ivy laughed happily, not letting Ashley go.

Ashley cried softly and smiled, nuzzling against her 'fathers' neck... And felt something against her stomach

"Dad...Is. Is that-?" Ashley whispered

"I'm sorry! That-that's my penis. I...Guess I haven't had any sexual contact in years...and. You look SO much like your mother." Ivy apologised. "So much like her."

"But... She's got big breasts." Ashley said, feeling sad and self conscious

"Ashley. You're beautiful as you already are." Ivy whispered, kissing her affectionately.

Ashley's eyes widened slightly before she happily returned the kiss

Ivy panted gently, stroking down her daughter's body and gently lifted up her shirt and lowered her trousers

Ashley was soon just in her bra and panties, panting in lust as she looked at the bulge in her father-mother's swimsuit

"It. Looks big." Ashley whispered, seeing the bulge.

"Delia could handle it. I know YOU can." Ivy whispered lovingly. "I... I want both of you. At the same time. You would be so beautiful."

"You do?" Ashley whispered, imagining her parents making love with her.

Both of them... She shuddered in arousal

"My love and my baby girl... Heaven." Ivy panted in love and lust, her nipples visible through her swimsuit as she freed her cock "Come on baby. Suck mummy's cock."

Ashley's eyes dilated as she nodded and released her father-mother's cock and saw it slap against her stomach. "So. Big."

"I want it in your mouth baby. Suck it, please." Ivy panted and kissed her

Ashley tongue kissed Ivy and left a small saliva trail from their lips, before Ashley went down and began to kiss and suck on Ivy's cock head

'The cock I came from... My penis.' she thought in a strange sense of joy

"Hmm~, ah~. A-Ashley. Baby. Your mouth." Ivy moaned, feeling Ashley's lips suck her member. "Deeper. Deeper!"

Ashley tried her best, pushing her mouth over Ivy's member, feeling it prod deep into her throat. This was bigger than Sabrina's!

'This is possible?!'

She was gagging over Ivy's cock, feeling it throb within her mouth and her saliva coat it.

The saliva bubbled around her lips, dripping further down the meat

"Your tongue. Your mouth. Keep going, baby!" Ivy moaned lovingly holding Ashley's head as she continued to suck it. "As good as your mother! Deeper! Deeper!"

Ashley did her best, feeling her cocklet getting hard as she took ALL of Ivy's cock into her mouth, going straight down to her hips.

She was getting like she was going to throw up, smiling around the dick proudly

"I-I'm gonna cum! Ashley~!" Ivy moaned as she climaxed into her daughter's mouth "Take it all down your pretty little mouth baby! I want to see you swallow all of it!"

Ashley took as much as she could. Gulping down the thick hot white substance down her slender throat. She could feel it warm her insides.

'It's in me.' she shuddered

Ivy saw that Ashley took all that cum. She was so proud. "I. I want you, baby. I want your hole."

"Mama..." She whimpered with tears of joy, pulling her head back and off the tasty meat

"Let's be one. needs praise." Ivy whispered going down to Ashley's cocklet and began to kiss and suck it.

Ashley's eyes rolled into her head as she gasped, having never felt this before

Ivy's lips wrapped around Ashley's cocklet, sucking it affectionately as Ashley did for her. She didn't gag on it, but enjoyed its size. Her daughter's cocklet in her mouth.

It was three inches at most, it didn't even fill her mouth. But it looked so cute and her daughter's moans where adorable!

'Cum, cum for me baby. Give mummy your cum.' Ivy thought

"M-mummy!" Ashley gasped and moaned, climaxing in her mouth.


"AH...Tasty, baby." Ivy whispered, getting into position. "Are you ready? Do you want mummy's cock?"

"Yes! Yes I want mummy's big dick!" She nodded, grabbing her own legs from under the knees and spreading them as wide as she could while pulling her legs close to her chest

With a single thrust, Ivy's cock pushed into Ashley's hole, stretching her out and made a bulge in her stomach. "AH~! ASHLEY!" Ivy moaned happily

"Mummy! I'm so full!" Ashley's eyes rolled up

"A-A bit more, baby. You can hold more!" Ivy moaned happily, slapping her hips against Ashley's soft ass.

Ashley screamed softly, kissing her again

There they were, mother and daughter, in an incestuous but loving embrace. Damning everything but enjoying the taboo...and one thing was for certain. They wouldn't get sleep tonight.

*Time Skip*

It was the next day, the sun shining on the tropical island

Brock was ready to make his move on Professor Ivy. He was gonna try and sleep with her.

Misty and Ashley were sleeping next to each other on large beach towels as they soaked up the sun

Ivy came downstairs, having made some food

"Awe~, isn't that adorable?" Ivy whispered as she saw her daughter and her friend.

"H... Hey, Professor Ivy?" Brock asked, gulping as he walked towards her

"Oh, hello Brock. Sleep well?" Ivy asked

"Y... Yes." He gulped "I was. Well, I was just wondering." Brock began to fumble over his words.


"Do you...Want to go out?" He asked

"Oh? Oh. Ha, ha. Brock. I'm flattered but..." Ivy began to answer only for him to grasp her hands

"Please go out with me!" He confessed

"... Pardon?"

"I-I think you're beautiful. Please go out with me." Brock begged

"Brock. I'm flattered but...I doubt you'd want to go out with me." Ivy answered

"Why? Because I'm too young?" Brock asked

"No. It's because I'm a futanari." She answered simply.




"Huh?" Brock squeaked


"...Well, that went well." Ivy commented simply with a neutral nod.

To Be Continued

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