Note: This is the final chapter. It's classified as a tragedy for a reason.


Benjamin Matlock was always nervous just before the jury read the verdict. He believed he had presented enough reasonable doubt, but maybe this jury also held Amanda Barnes responsible for the death of Doyle Tasker. Marissa wasn't in the courtroom, perhaps she had taken Ben's advice and fled before the police found evidence linking her to this murder. Finally the forewoman read the verdict "Not Guilty." Amanda and Ben were greatly relieved, but it would be short-lived. As Amanda left the courtroom Ben began talking to Julie March. She wasn't upset, she could see how the jury found reasonable doubt. Ben wanted to have her over for dinner, so he could propose properly. But before he could ask her over, they both heard the gunshots. Ben instinctively threw himself on Julie, protected her from any stray bullets. The shooting was over in less than thirty seconds. After a few minutes the baliffs came and told them what had happened. Marissa had been waiting for Amanda, somehow she snuck a gun into the courthouse. Amanda and Marissa got into an argument, Marissa shot Amanda in the head, killing her instantly, then Marissa turned the gun on herself, both women were now dead. Ben Matlock and Julie March were taken to the hospital, mainly as a precaution. The doctors said they could leave. As they were leaving they were talking.


Julie: I feel like we should have done something, something that could have stopped this.

Ben: There was nothing we could have done.

Julie: So there was no way to avoid this?

Ben: Sure there was. If that idiot had just called a cab five years ago, Doyle Tasker would have died, but Marissa wouldn't have tracked down Amanda. Maybe if that medical chopper had just taken off five minutes earlier, Bridget would still be dead but maybe Amanda would have raised hell, but she probably wouldn't have any grudge against Marissa. But I think, after all of this happened, something like this probably was inevitable.

Julie: Truth is, I agreed with dr Stein, we should have implied consent for organ-harvesting. But he broke the law, I can't decide which laws to enforce.

Ben: I know. What happened was a tragedy, one that seems to keep repeating. I don't have all the answers but I know one thing. This whole series of events makes me realize that, I'm an old man. I'd like to sieze whatever happiness I can for, however long I have left. I had planned a big romantic evening for tonight.

Julie: Ben, are you asking me, what I think you're asking me?

Ben: This isn't how I imagined asking, but you are the person I want to ask. Julie March, will you marry me?

Julie: Yes Ben, I will marry you.


And with that, Ben and Julie kissed, for the first time as an engaged couple. Their relationship might be complicated, but it was theirs. And they wanted to sieze whatever happiness they still could.