Wherein Taylor is slightly more confident and perceptive, and Danny loves sharing old movies with his family.

After lunch, Taylor pulled Lisa to the side to chat. Lisa tried to give the taller girl her usual foxy grin, but even Taylor's rudimentary social skills could tell it was a little weak. Naturally, the thinker had a pretty good idea as to what Taylor would say.

Speaking before Lisa had a chance, Taylor started in. "Lisa, I'm new to this, but I'm not stupid. This is pretty obviously a distraction. Robbing the biggest bank in town at noon? Come on, we may as well be taking out an advertisement. Now, I'm not going to back out, but tell me this: did our mysterious boss actually tell you he wanted a distraction, or did he just suggest high-profile jobs?"

Lisa took a slow breath. "No, the boss didn't explicitly say to make a distraction, but there has been an expectation that I can fill in the blanks."

Taylor cocked her head to the side. "An expectation? Does that mean that you won't give me the details for the phone lines and the security alarms? Because taking those out beforehand would definitely make this safer for us."

Lisa bit her lip for a minute before shaking her head. "Sorry Taylor, I'm not willing to go against the boss in this. You should focus on what weapons and gear you want instead." She got up and walked to the fridge, turning her laptop towards Taylor as she went. The screen showed her sketch of the bank, with the locations of the landline and security system clearly marked.

Taylor was sitting in the van outside the bank, eyes closed as she focused. They were going to hit the bank in only a few minutes, and she was making sure her changes to the plan were done. Several hardy beetles were chewing on the phone line, and the security system was going to be buggy this afternoon as well. Brian-no, it was Grue when in costume-shook her, just as the phone line parted. Her mask concealed her smile as she and her swarm left the van.

The first part of the plan was going without a hitch. The Undersiders had stormed in, taking everyone inside by surprise. The guards were quickly disarmed and Bug-Girl was watching over the hostages, each one having a pair of Black Widow spiders as wardens. Her nerves had her walking back and forth in front of them, partially trying to be cool, but also because she had the beginning of a headache building. As she turned to continue her pacing, she noticed that one of the hostages was moving - and her spiders weren't! Darting over, she grabbed the brunette, twisting her wrist to reveal her palmed cell phone. Bug-Girl snatched the phone, glancing at the half-finished message to "Vicky" calling for help before dragging the girl forward and actually looking at her.

The erstwhile hostage was a somewhat plain looking girl with frizzy brown hair that Bug-Girl felt she should know, somehow. Bug-Girl glared at her for a moment before widening her eyes in recognition. She realized who this girl was, and her mind raced as she tried to figure out how to stop things from getting worse.

Suddenly, a memory came to her, and with it, a plan. Not a great plan, but it was all she had. 'Dammit dad, this is entirely your fault!' she thought to herself.

Taking a deep breath and readying her insects for speech, Bug-Girl began. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears we have a celebrity in our midst! Panacea! With a face that holds a thousand promises, and a body that stands behind each promise!"

With those words, the brunette's face turned fire-engine red, unknowingly matched by Taylor's behind Bug-Girl's mask, but the insect-themed undercover hero wasn't done.

"We can't have a celebrity of your standing groveling on the floor! No, for a hostage of your renown, only the best will do!" Bug-Girl dragged the blushing girl off to the side, toward the manager's office, dropping the phone on a desk as she passed. Pushing past the partially-open door, she maneuvered the healing heroine into the comfortable chair behind the desk before snatching the paralyzed spiders from her shoulders and stuffing them into one of her belt compartments. Without giving Panacea time to get up or protest, Bug-Girl grabbed the phone off the desk, yanking it free, and slammed the door, jamming a chair underneath the knob before dropping the desk phone on the seat. Casting a look over at the still seated hostages, Bug-Girl tilted her head to the side menacingly, ensuring they dropped their eyes back down.

As they left the bank through the front doors into the mostly empty street outside, Tattletale gave Bug-Girl a look. "Flirting with the New Wave girl? Why Bug-Girl, I didn't know you swung that way!"

Naturally, this caught Regent's attention. "You and Panacea? Quick, tell me everything. No, wait, I changed my mind. I'll imagine it instead. I don't want you to ruin the fantasy, dork."

Once again, Taylor's face was flaming red underneath her mask as they slid into the van, each of them carrying several bags full of cash.

"But seriously, that was a good catch, figuring out she was there, and getting her isolated. Nicely done, Bug-Girl." Tattletale patted Bug-Girl's shoulder in approval as they sedately drove away.

"Thanks, I just wish I could have thought of something else to say. I nearly died of embarrassment when the words started pouring out of my mouth."

"What, you didn't come up with those complements off the cuff? I'm disappointed." Alec drawled as he pulled of his mask and lounged indolently in his seat.

Amy slammed the door behind her as she stormed into the house, startling Mark, who was half-zoned out in front of the TV. He looked up as Amy dropped to the couch and buried her head in her hands.

"Long day, kiddo?" Mark offered tentatively, as Amy pulled herself even more into a ball and screamed into her legs.

Vicky came through the door then, carefully closing it behind her. "She's upset that the bank was robbed while she was there, and not only could she not do anything, but one of the villains flirted with her."

Mark blinked. "A flirty villain? Wow, I haven't had to deal with one of those in a while. Sarah used to have a few persistent ones, but as far as I know they're all retired or in jail."

Both girls gave him an incredulous look as he shrugged. "It's a thing. So, what did this particular bank-robber do? Poetry? Roses? Promise to install you as the ruler of a moderate-sized island nation?" The incredulous looks didn't stop. "Yes, there really is a standing offer for your aunt Sarah to rule the Azores as a queen. But enough about old news. What happened?"

Shaking her head to try and block out the bizarreness that Mark had raised, Amy explained "This bug-girl, the new member of the Undersiders, caught me trying to text Vicky, and waxed poetic about me, saying something about 'a face that makes a hundred promises, and a body that stands behind each one.' It was really embarrassing, and before I could shake it off, I was locked in an office until the police got there."

Vicky giggled as Mark shook his head for a moment, before furrowing his brow. "Was it 'A face that makes a thousand promises, and a body that stands behind each promise?'"

"I guess that sounds right." Amy looked puzzled when Mark started chuckling as he grabbed a laptop. Typing quickly, he brought up a video clip.

Amy and Victoria stared in shock as the girl danced around the stage before turning to Mark.

"It's from a Sondheim musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I hadn't thought about it in years, but I guess it is your name."

"Tell me you didn't choose my cape name from a prostitute in a musical comedy!" wailed Amy.

"As I said, I hadn't thought about it for years, and I don't know that Carol's even seen it. This is just a coincidence." Assured Mark. "And besides, she's not a prostitute, she's a slave girl."

Amy's scream seemed to imply that the thought didn't comfort her.

Taylor sat across from Lisa at the table in the Undersider's lair. Brian was getting celebratory pizza, Rachel was grooming her dogs, and Alec had installed himself in front of the TV once again. Lisa gave Taylor a knowing look.

"You're absolutely correct about your theory, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't share it with the rest of the class. They all have different circumstances for being here, and probably wouldn't back a play against the boss."

"Unlike you? You didn't have to give me those plans, you want him to fail, and badly. So why are you still working for him, Lisa?"

The blond gave Taylor an inscrutable look. "Let's say it's complicated, and revisit it some other time. For now, we toast to your impeccable planning." They clinked their mugs together, and Lisa smiled her fox-like grin. "And your taste in ladies."

Lisa's laughter rang through the room as Taylor let her head drop on the table.

Coil sat simmering in anger in his opulent underground office. The grab on the precog went badly, and he'd had to drop the timeline to prevent further complications in getting her later. He couldn't believe that his planned distraction had flopped. It shouldn't be possible to quietly rob a bank in broad daylight, especially not with a member of New Wave there! But they'd managed, and now he owed them sixty thousand dollars for a failed diversion! And he couldn't even complain, because HE HADN'T TOLD THEM IT WAS A DIVERSION!

AN: Ever since I started reading Worm and Worm fanfiction, the concept of someone quoting "A Funny Thing" to Amy has been on my mind. Combine that with Taylor being more together, and Lisa wanting to screw up Coil's plans without getting caught, and you have this.