It took all the energy in his body to turn back time and summon the time Goddess. Yes, she was grateful and asked where he would rather go instead of her domain. "I want the chance to clear my head- to fight the special list of people who wronged me."

"With guaranteed wins?" The goddess asked in her usual condescending tone.

"If it's worth having your throne returned to you."

She chuckled.

Kabal shook his head and sighed, "Look, at the end of the day, I just want a place where I can kick my feet up."

"Given your past, I can certainly see why that would be the case." She waved her hand to open a portal. Now, it's just a matter of whether or not you trust me enough to design your fate."

"I guess I have no choice, right?"

"But do you have faith?" The portal was ready.

Kabal knew he had no choice but knowing what he knew of all his previous fates, "Might as well." He made a running leap into the portal, arriving on what appeared to be an island. As soon as the portal closed Kabal's kind filled with memories.

He was covered in blood, standing at the top of a hill. Below him were the bodies of all his past enemies, even a few friends (goodbye Kira and Kobra...)

Kabal had the memories of the battles, but he still had no idea where he was. In the distance was a large white house. He started to walk closer, but as he did, he noticed his body; his breathing- everything seemed so...normal.

Removing his mask, he took a look at his hands. His skin was a normal shade of tan, no longer the victim of third-degree burns. His black hair hung slightly lower than his cheekbones but nothing near the 'animalistic' look he had before.

As he approached the house, he looked out in the opposite direction; this was an island. In the dock was a small battleship/submarine. Who's island was this?

He walked to the entrance of the house, passing by a helicopter pad, several cars, and even a tank. Kabal was a little hesitant until he felt a weight in his pocket; he had a key.

He walked in the house, it seemed strange, yet familiar. He somehow knew where the bathroom was and decided to take his chances using the shower. Maybe there would be some clean clothes he could steal.

The shower was a work of art, made to look like a waterfall. Kabal stripped off his bloody armor and clothing. He took a moment to look in a nearby mirror and was brought to tears. Even if this was all a dream- he had his body back, his humanity.

He turned on the water and ran his fingers through his hair. As his hand touched the tiled wall he felt a 'clink', a ring? He placed his other hand over the silver band. He had never seen the ring before, but much like everything else, it seemed so familiar.

"Hello, my love," a woman's voice said in a soft, sensual whisper. Her delicate fingers traced down his chest to his abs as she joined him under the warm water. Her skin was pale, like ivory or milk.

He knew who this was. "Sareena?"

"I love the way you say my name."

Kabal turned to face her, looking into her dark eyes. "Sareena?" With her black and white, two-toned hair and diamond facial tattoos, she was a very unique girl, to say the least. The last time Kabal saw her was years ago when he was a slave of the demon lord, Quan Chi. But did that happen in this new reality?

Sareena kissed him down his chest, as she elegantly lowered herself to her knees.

Kabal's cock was hard. He couldn't even recall the last time he felt a woman's touch. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he could- he could remember every detail of how they met, and the first time they made love. They had been in the caves, he had saved her, to keep her as his bride. And now here she was, naked, on her knees, with a sparkly black diamond on her finger.

"What are you thinking about, my love?" she asked, licking the tip of his cock. She let her tongue play over the surface as she gave soft kisses. Looking up at Kabal, she awaited an answer.

"You, my bride, and the beautiful light of happiness you have brought to my life."

Sareena smiled. "Do you remember the first time I touched you?"

Kabal nearly lost his balance as she put her lips to his ball sack, lovingly sucking on each testicle in turn. And yes, he did remember. Sareena told him she had been a slave since her entire life, never knowing true love. Quan Chi had abused her, taking her virginity so that she would always be his property. So in the safety of the caves, he undressed, letting her touch him in any way that would make her feel empowered.

"Your cock is much bigger than master Quan Chi." Sarenna explored her fingers down his shaft, to his hips, while her opposite hand caressed his testicles, moving dangerously close to his asshole.

Not that he would have minded. Kabal's body was opening up like a flower; every touch left him craving more. It took every ounce of restraint to resist grabbing her hair and forcing his cock down her throat. But the rush of sensation was becoming too much to take. His hard cock was fully erect and gushing with pre-cum.

The sight made Sareena smile. She took it upon herself to lick him clean, with a series of sensual kisses. "You don't taste like Quan Chi. Master's body always tasted bitter. But not you..." She dragged her tongue along his pubic hair, up to his navel. "You taste so sweet."

Kabal reached his hand to touch her cheek. She looked up at him, their eyes meeting. He could have done anything at that moment but the only thing he wanted was to lift her chin, to get a better look at her beautiful face.

Sareena smiled sweetly and licked her lips. "Will you hold me?" She guided his hands to her naked hips, allowing him to undress her. With her body exposed, she got on his lap and rode him slow and hard. The rhythm of her hips allowed her to move up and down on his manhood, uniting their bodies in deeply passionate love.

The same way he was fucking her in the shower of their lavish home. With her legs wrapped around him, Sareena was holding on with every ounce of strength. "Fuck me harder, Kabal. Fuck me like you mean it."

Kabal could feel an intense orgasm building in his core, one that could possibly leave him weak in the knees. So like a true gentleman Kabal carried Sareena to their bedroom to finish the deed.

The way Sareena's back arched when she climaxed, made her luscious breasts appear even more full and voluptuous. "Kabal, you are such an exquisite lover. What did I do to deserve someone as perfect as you? My love, my prince."

Kabal kissed her lips, sucking the air from her lungs as he blew his load deep inside her pussy. "I'm the lucky one," he said with a gasp. "To have such a beautiful, kind, amazing woman as my bride."

Both their bodies exhausted, Sareena lay in her husband's arms resting her cheek to his chest. "Today has been so wonderful."

"That it has." Kabal stroked Sareena's hair, down to her naked back.

"When you sent me to the mainland, so you could take care of your 'private business.' I went to see a doctor."

Kabal suddenly paused, glancing at his wife in horror. "Are you unwell?"

"I felt unwell, but now I know the cause." She moved to kiss Kabal's lips. "I'm pregnant."

Kabal cupped her face. overjoyed, this new life was truly a dream.

But little did he know- there can be no light without darkness.