The Three Eyed Crow knows that I need another 'in progress' story like I need my hand chopped off, but this one decided to write itself firmly inside my brain. Damn. Well, here it is my first Game of Thrones Story. Seven Hells.


The battle had ended without fan fair, and the sun had slowly started to rise.

He'd been separated from Pod and Brienne nearly immediately, as jobs had to be doled out and bodies had to be accounted for.

He'd been moved by Tyrion's joy upon seeing him among the living.

"I trust your lady survived the fight?" He asked softly pouring Jamie a drink.

"Of course she did." He snorted. "She's tougher than I."

Tyrion made note that his brother did not seem to argue the distinction that Brienne belonged to him as he grinned into his own ale.

It was a few hours later when he discovered Pod in the melee.

"Where is Ser Brienne?" He asked with a sigh, his eyes sweeping over the crowd.

"I would hope she's seeing the Maester, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that." Pod told him softly.

"What do you mean? Why would she need a maester?" Pod blinked at Jamie's sudden urgency.

"Oh, yes, I forgot we'd parted ways with you before she revealed the wound on her side." He began, but Ser Jamie had stopped listening and barged off towards the tower with quick steps.


He rounded the corner to her chamber without knocking, pushing at the door and finding her there frozen in place and staring at him in an emerald colored robe.

"What's wrong?" She took in the look on his face, moving instinctively towards him.

"What's wrong? Pod said you'd been injured. Why didn't you say something to me?" He demanded, stepping closer.

"It's fine." She balked, moving slowly and painfully towards her bed.

"I'll be the judge of that." He huffed. "Let me see." She gave him an incredulous look, but he nudged her to the bed without acknowledging it. "Lie down."

She gingerly crawled onto the bed and laid on her good side as he undid the tie of the robe and peeled it back from her body. She made an attempt to cover herself and he met her eye.

"I've seen it you know." He lifted his chin in reference to her breast. "Up close and personal. I've nestled my face right up against it in fact."

"That was an emergency." She growled.

"So is this." His voice was low and breathless, and she glanced back to see him wince as his fingers traced the margins of the long gash up her side. It started at the curve of her bottom and wrapped up her side until it came to and end at the base of her sixth rib, just below the swell of her breast. If he noticed the way she trembled when his fingers landed there he didn't show it. "How did this even happen?"

"I have no idea." She sighed.

"You need to see the maester." He risked.

"No." She said evenly.


"There are far more injured far worse." She reminded him. "I'll be fine."

He was already rolling up his sleeves and untying his gold hand, he set it behind him on the table.

"At least let me clean it properly." He sighed, moving back towards the water basin when she offered no protest. She'd left some salve beside the basin and he gathered that as well, before huffing at the task before him. "A little help?"

He lifted the jar of ointment tucked into his elbow towards her with a smirk. She rewarded him with a ghost of a smile, removing the lid and dropping it onto the bed. He squeezed the cloth out over the injury, watching the rivers of water mix with the dried blood and bits of tissue there. Again he winced as she seized up with pain, absently running the flat underside of his right forearm against her cheek gently. She let her eyes drift shut as he went about cleaning the wound and applying the medication.

Jamie found himself watching his fingers move across her pale curves with interest. Her body was so different from what he was used to, so curvy and delicate. Such a contrast to how she was viewed. Such a contrast to Cersei, who was more angular and taunt. The dips in his sister's body were not as drastic as Brienne's peaks and valleys. They were not as smooth. Jamie found himself wishing for his fingers again, so he could stroke her short locks of matted hair from her face as he worked. It was almost odd how little those feelings surprised him. He patted the area dry and began laying fresh cloth over it.

"I figured I'd die." Brienne's voice was barely a whisper.

"We all figured we'd die." He reminded her.

"Yes." She agreed. "But I figured I would especially."

"Why would you say that?" He asked his distressed tone making her forehead furrow.

"I've done all I've set out to do." She confessed. He glanced at her heavy eyelids. "Accomplished all my goals. Kept my vows. I figured it was time."

"You have more to do." He told her.

"Do I?" She breathed. Jamie took note of how red her cheeks seemed to be, laying his forearm against her neck and swallowing hard at the warmth radiating from it. He touched his stump to her head and found it just as bad. He looked towards the door to see Podrick appear. He stepped towards him.

"Get a maester.'' He raised a serious eyebrow and the young man hurried off. Jamie walked around the bed to the other side, and lowered himself down to face her.

"You do." He told her evenly. "I need you."

"You need me?" Her lips barely moved as she spoke but her eyes still rolled slightly at him as they turned up at the edges.

"Yes." He swallowed hard. "We'll move on Kings Landing. It's the next step." Her eyes opened wider into his and she seemed suddenly alert. "I'll need you by my side to remind me that I'm more than Cersei's lap dog."

"Stop." She winced at him like his words were painful.

"Brienne without you I will fall right back into the shell of who I used to be." He looked for a moment that he might cry. "With you, I am good."

Her lips parted as if she had something to say, but she pressed them shut again, with a shake of her head.

"With you I am honorable, and I keep my word. With you, I understand right from wrong and.. " He snorted. "And I actually choose right."

Her lips twitched into a smile.

"With her I am nothing but the kingslayer, oath breaker, man with no honor." The sorrow dripped from him. "I'm powerless against her. Unless I am with you, I don't know who I am separate from her."

"You're Jamie." She breathed, her eyes clouding. "Your name is Jamie."

He smiled at her and she tried to smile back, but exhaustion won out and her face went slack as her eyes fluttered shut. He clasped her hand in his, pulling it to his lips and pressing them against it.

"I still need you." He told her, his voice weak and fearful.