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I was currently laying in my bed as I contemplated the day I had just had.

The town of Kingston lay quite outside my room as I stare at my ceiling while my lamp on my nightstand stayed on even with all the other light sources turned off. After weeks of trying I had a magic that I could do, and it was considered a party trick by most mages.

Don't get me wrong illusions could be useful. I still remember all the times in my past life I had used illusions to great effect in some D&D games I participated in while at college. The problem was that I either used the illusion to keep a fight from happening or just distracted the enemy until I could use a stronger spell to kill them. Both were not options for me in this world.

At least my new parents were happy for me. Mom showered me with even more affection than usual (How I haven't drowned from it yet I'm still not sure). Dad had a rather proud look on his face as he watched me make an illusion of a man and women dancing in ballroom clothes. Both were insanely supportive of my new magic but that didn't change the fact that illusion was a very bad choice in magic for this world.

At I first I thought I could just use illusions until my channels developed enough for other magics but there was another problem there too. In this world, if a mage used a type of magic long enough then they would Bond with the magic.

The process of Bonding is both very useful and very annoying at the same time. On one hand, Bonded magic was easier to use and uses less magic as well. On the other hand, it became a lot harder to used other types of magic other than the bonded one. There was a reason why most mages had one magic they used and maybe one or two small simple magics to help.

If I keep using illusions sooner or later, I would Bond with it and be stuck with it. It was possible to Bond with two or even more different magics, but it was a very long process that took years if not decades to happen. Time was something I didn't haveā€¦ at least I think I don't have enough. Not going to lie it's been a while since I saw Fairy Tail and while I remembered the general arcs the little details escaped me. It doesn't help that I never watched passed the Grand Magic Games arc just read some wiki articles.

I'm screwed, aren't I?

With a sigh, I turn to my side as I stare at an Earth Land map in my room. My eyes roamed the map and took in every detail of the rather detailed map. I had got it a few months ago and appreciated it. I knew a war would come to Fiore from an empire whose name I forgot lead by the most powerful dark ever. Also, something about a dragon human thing that was black, ate pure magic and can cause the apocalypse.

Yup, I'm screwed.

I shake my head as I once again focused on the short term. I had to make this magic work. I was given an inch and I'm going to take a mile and then some. If illusions were my weapon, then I would perfect them until they were a force to be reckoned with. All of this was a lot easier said than done.

With another sigh, I start to drift off to sleep with a single thought in my head 'I will survive.'

As I stood in my room staring at my reflection in the full-length mirror only one thing came to my mind 'God I am so skinny.'

I was very thin even with all the food my mother provides me which I just assumed that I got lucky with genetics. I was short and had a very round babyish face with blue eyes and short light brown hair that was slicked back just how I liked it.

After staring at my reflection for a good few minutes I decided that I needed to get into shape. Yes, I'm a five almost six-year-old boy but considering the future I really need to be in shape to help me fight any opponent I would face. I would also like some sword training but that could wait until later.

As ideas about how to gain muscle mass were circulating through my brain I heard a shout from downstairs. "Bishop Sweetie, breakfast is ready!", mom shouts upstairs in a calm and even voice even though she was shouting. Just another question to add to the mystery that is my mother.

I head downstairs and make it to the dining room and notice that dad wasn't here. I take a set and ask, "Where's dad? He's usually here for breakfast."

Mom looks up from the sink where she's putting the dirty dishes in. "He got a call from the hotel and he's needed for a very important guest that going to be there soon." She says with her wide inhuman smile on her face. She soon takes a set as well and starts to eat the pancakes she made.

About halfway through the meal, she asks me a question. "Is something wrong Sweetie? You've got a contemplative look on your face," she says with a tilt of the head.

I pause for a second, then I speak up. "I was thinking of getting some exercise in." I look towards my skinny arm as I talk. "I'd like to gain some muscle."

Mom looks at me in confusion and asks, "Why? You're too young for something like that and what do you need muscle for?"

I look at her face as I say, "I don't want to get buff or anything just to get some power in my body. If I'm stuck with just illusion magic some strength would be a nice thing to have."

Mom just smiles another wide inhuman smile as she lets out a chuckle. "Well", she says "If you just want some muscle for that then I can help."

I look at her with a raised eyebrow. Mom is by no means unfit but I've never seen her work out before. Not to mention that she herself is rather skinny like me too. She notices my look and simply smiles wider (somehow) and she stands up. Then in a moment, I would not be forgetting soon she lift the table full of food and other stuff with one hand like it's nothing.

I let out a "what" as I just stare at her. She's just holding the heavy table with one hand and no sign of trouble at all. Yet another thing to add to the mystery that is my mom. She after about 10 seconds put the table down and looks at me.

"You don't think I just lay around the house all day when I not cooking, or cleaning do you?", She says in a very gleeful voice and a sly look.

After a few more seconds of staring I say, "I really didn't know what you did other than cook or clean. If you can help me mom then I would be grateful for it."

"Oh, don't say that", she says with a far too happy voice. "After we get things done here I have a feeling you not going to be thanking me anymore." As she says that her inhuman smile gains a rather scary edge to it.

'What have I done' was the only thing that I could think of at that time. Be careful what you wish for you might just get it and then some.

Dad was a decently tall fellow that often wore brown leather suit vest with a bow tie and a round lens glasses. He has the same color hair as me that has been neatly combed and somehow makes a handlebar mustache look good. Basically, what anyone thinks of when they think of a 19th-century businessmen.

Currently, he was looking around nervously at the shop me and him were in. I had convinced him to take me to a weapons shop and buy me something for my birthday. Convincing him was not easy as he was steadfast in not buying me a thing that could kill me. In the end, I had convinced him to buy me a training sword instead.

It had been a few weeks since mom put me on that hellish training regimen but considering my arms were starting to get a little mass I guess it's working. Even with the training, I need a weapon to hurt people since an illusion wasn't solid. I doubt that an imagery sword will do little in the stabbing department. I guess if the enemy was laughing at the fake sword it would be a good opportunity to run up and punch them. Going to need to write that down for later.

The shop we were in was small but very well varnish one with all manner of weaponry on its walls and selling shelves. The man running it look like a standard blacksmith except his clothes were not full of soot and were actually very nice looking. Guess the man needs to look good for customers.

"Calm down Dad were just getting a dull training sword," I say with a sigh at how the man looks like he's about to run out the store. I am the scared little child and he's the brave big adult, right?

He lets out a little sigh before speaking. "I know son, but I just don't want you to get hurt." He says while looking down at me. "Isn't your mother already helping you get stronger with that training regimen?"

"She is", I say while trying not to shiver at the thought of the training "but having something that could do real damage would be nice."

He gives me a weird look before shaking his head. "It's like you're expecting to be in a war soon." He mumbles out. Ahhhh the simple thoughts of the ill-informed.

Dad soon starts talking to the owner about training swords and other stuff. I don't pay too much attention as I start to look around the shop. Even if I was in a different world all the weapons look like they could be from my old one. To be fair this world was made by someone from my old world so that might just be expected. Still would have liked to see a unique weapon or something while I was here. Maybe a whip sword or something.

As my thought wondered so did my eyes as I looked around the shop when I stopped on a certain blade. It was a saber. My eyes remained looking as memories flooded my mind.

In my past life, I had a grandfather who fought in World War II. He was in a cavalry regiment. He didn't see battle as he and his horse were mainly used to carry things around when cars were not available or couldn't be used. He was given a pistol and a cavalry saber for defense and was quite proud of both. He would show off both to me all the time when I was a kid and I had always thought it neat.

The saber was nothing special just a simple steel curved blade with a nice handle. It looked like it had never been used a day in its life but was an overly well-made sword from the looks of it. Just looking through brought back memories. I wondered how my old grandfather was doing. Probably still complaining about how the kids of today had no respect or about my grandmother's cooking.

As I stared I heard someone walk up behind me. With a quick glance back, I knew it was my Dad. He had a contemplative look on his face as he looked from me to the sword. After a few seconds, he said, "Come on son the good man is bringing out some practice blades for you to choose from."

With a sigh, I head over to look at all the wooden or dull blades. None were of note. All were basic swords that had little effort put into their making. In the end, I just picked a standard dull-looking basic sword and we were on our way out.

After a short walk through town, we got home but before I could get through the door Dad stopped me. He got on his knee and looked straight at me. "You're growing up so fast and it seems like I am missing all of it." He says sadly.

This rather confused me. Dad was by no means a bad parent. He spent most of his day at work but the time he could spend with me he made sure was nice. While I would say I'm closer to Mom he was by no means a forgotten part of my life. Very appreciated. To be fair we did need money to live. Kind of how the world worked.

He rubs my head a little before speaking again. "I talked them into giving me more hours off work, so you'll be seeing your old man more often." He says with a smile. "Genius child or not you still my son and I want to be there for you."

I'm not sure how to handle the news. Sure, I guess it would be nice to spend more time with him but it's not like he needs too. Mom spends more than enough time with me. Why does he feel the need to as well? Good to know people in this world were just as confusing as my last.

Dad gets back on his feet and moves to enter the house. "Were going to have a great time together so be sure to look forward to it ok." He says with a smile to me before heading into the house.

I just stand outside taking in what he said. I was still confused but if he wanted to spend time with me then I'm not going to stop it. Despite how confusing this was I couldn't help a small smile coming on to my face. With that small smile, I walk into the house and get ready for dinner.

It's a shame that dad died a week later.

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