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Several hours later

Aizen's POV

"Damn" I thought, "Now I have to expose my secret to Kaylee and the rest of the Shinigami."

"Come on Aizen, let's go." Ichigo yelled

"I'm coming, damn it." I yelled back

"Well now that Aizen is back with us, we can go up to the seventh floor." Gin spoke

"Now Kaylee said that we can get a house elf to lead us to the seventh floor, by the name of Dobby." Toshiro said


"You called." Dobby said

"Yes, lead up to the seventh floor to the dancing troll's picture, please?" I asked

"Yes I can." Dobby spoke quickly

"Well lead the way, Dobby." Gin said

Seventh floor by the dancing troll's

"Well there you are, can't wait till I get an expiation?" Kaylee spoke/asked

"Of course, do you have a room so that we won't be overheard?" I asked

"Yes I do, just wait a minute." Kaylee said as she was walking back and forth till a door appeared and Kaylee opened it.

Kaylee's POV

In the room of requirements

"Now can you please explain what you meant when you said this was not what we imagined when we built the school?" I asked Aizen

"Well I'm Helga Hufflepuff." Aizen said

"WHAT." I yelled

"Yes, I'm Helga Hufflepuff, Gin is Rowena Ravenclaw, Ichigo is Godric Gryffindor, and you, my dear are Salazar Slytherin." Aizen said

"Oh, I knew I was reincarnated and my previous life was Salazar Slytherin." I asked

"You were also married to Rowena Ravenclaw." Aizen Spoke

"OK, can you please explain how you remember your past life and not any of us?" I asked

"That's easy I was already a soul reaper then, I died years before the founding of Hogwarts, I remember a time when King Arthur was alive." Aizen spoke

"OK, then I can understand that." I said

"Can you please explain why we have to protect the school?" Toshiro asked

"That's easy I'm a trouble magnet." I said

"How are you a trouble magnet?" Momo asked

"Let's see first year, I saved the school from Voldemort, who was trying to get the philosopher's stone, second year, I saved the school from a basilisk & a 17 year old Voldemort, third year, I found out that the person who was their secret keeper was alive and my godfather was wrongly imprisoned, fourth year, I was forced to compete in the Tri-wizard tournament, and Voldemort was brought back to life." I said

"What type of ritual did he use?" Byakuya asked

"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son. Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master. Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe." I said

"Kuso." Byakuya said

"What's the matter?" I asked

"He made Horcrux's, and there are two in this room right now." Toshiro spoke

"Yes, I know of one that's me but I don't know of the other one." I said

"That's fine, it gives us a lead to follow, Rukia if you please." Byakuya asked Rukia

"Yes Brother." Rukia said as she pulled on a glove with a bunny and hit my chest above my heart and out came my chain of fate that was wrapped up with a mutated baby like body.

With an implosion, Kaylee's outfit changed into a soul reaper outfit.

Hogwarts Pov

Boom. Kaylee's outfit changed the top was similar to Belle's gold dress from Beauty and the Beast, while the skirt was a Spanish dancers skirt. Her zanpakuto's was a butterfly swords. (If you don't believe me look up the swords.)

"So I'm a soul reaper?" Kaylee asks

"Not a true soul reaper, just a substitute like Ichigo." Gin spoke

"Well I'm going to bed night everyone." Kaylee said as she got back into her body and left the Shinigami to discuss what to do and what was going to happen in the next few days.

"Night." Everyone replied

Next morning

Kaylee's Pov

Because I woke up too early, I walked down to the kitchen that the twins showed me in second year after all the people have started to spread rumors of me that I'm Slytherin's heir. I went to my space in the kitchen, as I asked the elves if I could have a space for me to cook, as it helps me clear my mind. I started to make a treat for the Shinigami, I made them pokey. As I made pokey I couldn't help but remember the young raven haired boy with glowing red eyes that he just showed me stealing the pokey I just made. In the 3 hours I made strawberry, vanilla and chocolate pokey.

"My friends, I made a treat for everyone can you please put it on the tables for lunch." I ask

"Yes, Miss Kaylee." The elves said

After I left the kitchen I decide to go to the Room of Requirements to train and get use to my swords. As I was concentration on practicing with the swords I didn't hear anybody come up behind me.

"Excellent Kaylee." Gin said scaring me as I had no idea if anyone was in the room with me

"Gin, please don't scare me because even though you have more years on me I could have hurt you." I said

"Oh, well it's breakfast time and the others didn't see you at the breakfast table and since we have a bond from our human lives, I found you that way." Gin said

"Oh ok, Let me get changed then I'll meet you down by the great hall." I said

Dumbledore's Pov (Didn't think I'd do him)

"Damn that girl for taking my position as her magical guardian away," Dumbledore thought, "I have to find a way to get her back under my control, I know a marriage contract to the Ronald Weasley, yes that would do."


Grandfatherly mask back on "Come in" I said

*door opens revealing Hermione and Ron*

"So how is Kaylee doing?" I ask

"Sir, we don't know because she hasn't spoken to us at all." Hermione answered

"Sir, I've asked her out a million times but she declines and glares at us all the time." Ronald spoke

Flashback no jutsu (yes I've added Naruto things into the chapter too)

"Kaylee, will you go on a date with me?" Ronald asks

"No and if you come and ask me again I know a curse that will castrate you that my mom came up with that I found in her vault." Kaylee spoke

Flashback no jutsu end

"So sir, I've stayed away because I would like children someday." Ronald says

Ichigo's Pov

While we sent Gin up to get Kaylee, the rest of us started to talk about what we're gonna do.

"How about one stays with Kaylee and the rest of us patrol the hallways?" Rukia asks

"That's a good idea Rukia, why don't we do that and switch every hour, is that good for everyone." Byakuya said

"That's good so the first one to start will be Gin, then we will randomly pick another to go to her next class." Ichigo said

Umbridge Pov (Really don't like her at all)

So that little harlot thinks that just because she has bodyguards she can get everything handed to her, well my special quills will change her tune.

Severus's Pov

Well it looks like Kaylee final found her soulmate in the silver haired one, may she stay forever happy with him. I better keep an eye out for trouble as usual.

Fred & George's Pov

Well it looks like out little sister finally found her happiness to come, now we have to find ingredients to get a ritual ready for a prank we will do.

No one's Pov

Later that evening with Gin and Kaylee, Gin was showing Kaylee what to do with her swords. All of a sudden music starts to play

(Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert, Listen to it it's an awesome song.)

You only love me for my big sunglasses

And my Tony Lamas

And my Dodge Dart classic

You said "I'll be Johnny and you be June

I'll ride with you to the moon"

But guess what?


You can't ride in my little red wagon

The front seats broken and the axel's dragin'

You can't step to this backyard swagger

You know it ain't my fault when I'm walkin' jaws droppin' like

Ooh, ah, ooh, ah

Oh, heaven help me

I've been sowing wildflower seeds

And chasing tumbleweeds

But that's just who I be

And you're just trying to slow this rolling stone

But I'm on to you baby

So guess what?


You can't ride in my little red wagon

The front seats broken and the axel's dragin'

No you can't step to this backyard swagger

You know it ain't my fault when I'm walkin' jaws droppin' like

Ooh, ah, ooh, ah

Oh, you only love me for my big sunglasses

And my Tony Lamas

I live in Oklahoma

And I've got long, blonde hair

And I play guitar, and I go on the road

And I do all the shit you wanna do

And my dog does tricks

And I ain't about drama, ya'll

And I love my apron

But I ain't your mama!

So guess what?


You can't ride in my little red wagon

The front seat's broken and the axel's dragin'

No you can't step to this backyard swagger

You know it ain't my fault when I'm walkin' jaws droppin' like

Ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh

As they were practicing with their swords, Kaylee held herself up really well. Then when they were going to leave the Room of Requirements, it suddenly shifted to a room with junk. Kaylee followed the route, Hogwarts showed her a cabinet that looked like the one from second year so she destroyed it completely with an Incendio Tria spell. Then they went and followed the path and found a diadem, which had a sapphire gem in the center and quickly, accio-ed it, then ran out of the room and to where the Shinigami were sleeping, with Gin following close behind.