Undying Love - Memories of the Past

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She gasped for a breath of fresh air, as the cold sweat poured down her face… regardless of the fact that it was a chilly night. The young girl's silky hair, which was usually organized and wavy, was now in a messy and disoriented state. Her soft porcelain skin glistened under the moonlight, which was radiating from her open window. Her eyes were a deep, thoughtful brown, reflecting many emotions that were coming across her mind. Even in the darkness, it was easy enough to see the girl's silhouette, attractively curvy from the years that allowed her body to perfectly mature. This was no ordinary girl… but the most popular and attractive student at school, Chihiro Ogino.

Chihiro Ogino had to truly thank fortune and destiny; life had really improved for her over the years. Being the plump and regular girl she once was; Chihiro had really changed over the years. Unlike the plump and childish physique she was once had, her body had fully matured with the proper curves and her skin was now perfectly smooth and tanned. Over the years, Chihiro had grown a couple of good inches, making her even prettier, and still able to continue the sport activities that she was skilled at.

Though Chihiro had truly never cared much about her looks in the past, she had gotten pretty self-conscious about the way she looked when she attended high school. It had all started after the first year of high school had passed; things had surely changed from the elementary-school way of things. All of the young females at her school were nearly the same, making sure to wear fashionable clothes of sorts, and to keep up a decent, or attractive look. Those that didn't bother to retain at least a decent look were often shunned and made fun of. Like most high schools, looks and popularity had become a really important thing in everyday life.

When Chihiro had started her first year of high school, she was still the somewhat childish and optimistic girl she was at elementary school. Unlike many of the other girls, Chihiro didn't really care much about her looks… at first. On her first year of high school, many of the first years had pretty much split up into social categories. Those of the lowest social category were social outcasts, or those who didn't seem to fit in with the other students. Even though Chihiro only had the average looks, which were often not cared for in a proper fashion, she still managed to become one of the more popular students at school.

Many of the students Chihiro had once known in her old elementary school also were at her high school. Therefore, she still was able to preserve much of the popular and loveable reputation that she had in the past. Though Chihiro wasn't the prettiest of the high social group, she still managed to make many friends, regardless of her looks. Chihiro didn't have the model looks, but she had three things that many other girls lacked: superior sport talents, successful academic studies, and natural leadership skills. With that, she managed to become one of the favorite students in the eyes of her teachers and peers.

Unlike many of the other sociable girls, she wasn't as bossy and self-centered as the rest of them. Sure, she was still self-conscious about the people she hanged and talked out with, but she still managed to keep much of her caring and thoughtful side. Chihiro was also very active in the different sport teams and extra-curricular clubs, allowing her to make new friends along the way. With Chihiro's constant high marks in the honor roll, the teachers and her parents had no problems whatsoever with the amount of extracurricular activities she was doing.

Amazingly, even with all of the different activities Chihiro was participating in, she still managed to spend a good amount of time with her close friends as well. Though Chihiro didn't have the exact same interests as her other female friends, she still was able to fit in particularly well in her group. Just like any other girl, Chihiro couldn't resist the natural urge of fun gossiping and rumors. Often, the main topic in conversations would be the popular rumors circulating the school, such as who was dating who, or which couples had broken up, and of course… guys. 

After the first high school year had ended, Chihiro's female friends had gotten particularly sick with Chihiro's carelessness in her own looks. After all, Chihiro was in high school… just like the rest of them. Eventually, she was going to mature from the childish person she once was, and face the fact that she would have to be self-conscious about her looks, just like any other girl.

On the following summer of that year, Chihiro's friends had cunningly tricked and forced Chihiro into getting a whole new makeover. Under the willpower of her friends, Chihiro had gone to various salons and stores of all sorts, forced to change the childish looks she once had. By the time the day had passed, Chihiro's nails were fully manicured and polished, much of her skin had been painfully waxed, her ears had been newly pierced, and her once knot-laced hair had been smoothed and curled in an attractive wavy look.

Unfortunately, this painful and forced changed did not fully satisfy Chihiro's friends; they were still disappointed of Chihiro's weight. Though Chihiro played a lot of sports, she unfortunately happened to eat quite a huge amount of food. As a result, the sports that she played didn't help her to lose any weight, but just to keep up the average weight that she always had. Because of this, Chihiro's friends decided to take the wonderful pleasure of forcing Chihiro into one of those dreadful diets.

Just as much as Chihiro didn't want to admit it, the forced diets allowed her to control her how her overall body was shaped. By going into a reasonable diet, Chihiro was able to positively control her eating habits, and preserve her new, slim look. With the new diet that she had maintained for the rest of the summer, Chihiro's attractive curves and natural beauty were easily seen, regardless of the type of clothes that she wore.

The 2nd school year, when Chihiro had returned from the summer, had been the start of her popularity boost. Chihiro had already been one of the more prominent idols in the school, regardless of her carelessness for her own physical looks. With her new attractive changes, Chihiro ended up gaining more admirers and supporters than ever. From being just being a part of the gang, Chihiro gained more confidence in herself that year, finally taken over the school's student council… and most of the respect amongst her fellow students.

Not only that, Chihiro had also become a main target for many of the eager males in her school. After one year of high school had passed, it wasn't abnormal for dating and crushes to become popular trends at school. In fact, many of the rumors and conversations that went on in everyday talks were revolving around the hottest couples or break-ups at school. With Chihiro's new change, she had predictably become one of the most wanted and attractive eye candies of the male population.

Unfortunately, to many of the guys' disappointment, Chihiro had no intention of dating or romancing with any of the boys, whatsoever. Sure, Chihiro did have her share of secret crushes and all, but she ended up growing out of her temporary infatuations after a few months went by. With all of the newfound attention that was being focused on Chihiro, she was slightly terrified and unaccustomed to catching the interest of so many people.

Besides, Chihiro had been busier than ever that year, since she had decided to participate in more sport teams, and extra-curricular clubs. Chihiro also had to leave out time to complete her 50 hours of community service, which was a requirement for all those in their 2nd year of junior high. With all of her free time being taken up by other activities, Chihiro didn't exactly have any spare time to worry about her love life. She didn't get any chances for dating other guys at school… since her friends were kind of overprotective too. Well, to be exact… it was only her best friend that was against the prospect of having her date other guys… but that's a long story.


A few minutes later…

The pretty woman gracefully got up from her bed, and walked over to her window, staring at the beautiful midnight sky. She always loved observing the night sky from her bedroom, especially in winter, since there would always be that slightly chilly breeze that grazed her skin. With the cool weather, and the clear skies that could only be offered by the winter season, Chihiro always made sure to leave some time each winter night to do some stargazing.

Chihiro couldn't explain it, but the stars and the moon seemed to radiate a special and unique aura all the time. It was one of those strange, mysterious auras that always made her feel calm and comfortable, like the one that had radiated from her childhood spirit friend, Haku. Though she never admitted it to any of her friends, she never bothered to date any of the attractive and sweet guys at school… because her heart still held a sacred and romantic place for Haku.

She blushed at the thought of Haku, the only secret crush of hers that didn't die out over the years. Yeah… she knew that other people would think she was a foolish for still have a crush on a guy… who she met in the young age of 10. Obviously, it wasn't very common to find your so-called "true" love at the age of 10. I mean… would a 10-year child really know what love was for the matter?

From what she heard of her friends' experiences, love in reality was not like how it was portrayed in fairytale books. True, love was often joyous, warm, and comforting to experience… something that should only be shared by one special person in your life. But love also had its downsides; it could also cause great heartbreak and betrayal. It was obvious that in order to receive the pleasures and happiness of love, you had to risk the chance of experiencing intense, emotional and mental pains.

After a few more moments of lingering thoughts around Haku… she sighed disappointingly, and cursed herself for being so close-minded and delusional. What kind of person spends their entire night thinking about someone that she hasn't seen in six whole years?! Chihiro shook her head in disappointment. Almost every single night, she would drift away from her world and dream about him, her only love. Every night that Chihiro dreamt of him, she could see him as clear as day, still being the flawless and caring person that he always was. She was crazy, giving herself false hopes of hoping that her lover would come back to her someday.

Then, the reality of her situation hit her hard. What happens if those special moments when she met him, were all but a dream? What if her so-called "love of her life" was nothing more but an illusion she created… to comfort her from the problems that faced from moving to a new home? What happens if he was never… real? What if…?

She moved her head from side-to-side in great disappointment. False hopes and haunting dreams about her past did not mix well together. She was already stressed enough at school with the loads of homework she was getting, the nagging teachers, the high social class she struggled to keep up with, and the false mask that she wore everyday, trying to hide all of her darkest emotions and thoughts from the world. She did not need the problems of the past to add to her frustrating life.

And yet... she was the only one to blame. She was the only one who reminded of herself of these things. She was the only one who brought herself false hopes. She was the only one who spent her school days… daydreaming, wondering if Haku would finally come back to her.

After her stay in the Spirit World, Chihiro never bothered to tell her parents or friends of her unforgettable experience there. Was it all a dream to begin with? Besides, even if those memories she had experienced were true, people would believe she was a nutcase. Who would ever believe about a world of dragons, magic, and spirits? To begin with, she didn't even believe in those things when she first arrived at the Spirit World. What more with other people who haven't even been there? And with all of the pressure she was getting at the time, of adapting to a new place… a new home, it just made it seem like that her experience was nothing more than some fantastical world that she created to escape her worries.  And even now, after 6 entire years, she didn't even know if her experience was even real to begin with… or just a piece of her fancy getaway of reality.

A few more moments of peace… and Chihiro knew that nothing could divert her from the truth. No, her time at the Spirit World just had to be real. Everything she experienced there… just had to be real. It seemed so real to begin with… and she knew there was always something that proved that her magical experience was real.

Chihiro walked slowly to her table, and picked up a small, wooden box. Chihiro held the wooden box tightly to her chest, remembering why she had specifically requested for a beautiful, green dragon to be engraved on the front of the box. Her mother had always asked her why she had chosen such a design, for it didn't range in Chihiro's tastes… but Chihiro never did bother to explain her reasons. This was personal to her; something that she couldn't share with anyone else… this was a dedication and remembrance for her only love, Haku.

The young girl slowly opened the box with much care… as she stared at the precious item lying on the dust-free and elegant green wood. There, before her eyes, was the special purple hair tie that all of her friends at the Spirit World wove, to protect her from harm.

Even after all of the years had passed, the purple hair tie had miraculously not lost its unique and mysterious shine. The purple hair tie still sparkled just as beautiful as it did… when she first received it from Zeniiba a few years back. The purple hair tie also was in perfect condition… showing no decay or wear whatsoever. The purple hair tie was special and precious to Chihiro; she made sure to take extreme care of it. Though this hair tie looked a lot prettier than all of her other regular ones, she did not risk using the purple hair tie every day. Chihiro would only risk wearing the hair tie on only the most special of occasions, such as the anniversary of the day that she visited the Spirit World, and met… Haku.

Chihiro wondered to herself every single night, trying to understand why Haku wasn't able to fulfill his promise. So… if her experience was real to begin with, why hadn't Haku come and visit her all of these years? Surely in six years, he would be able to spare just one day to see her. But no, instead, she never heard from him again. Then, other horrible realizations stabbed her fragile heart...

Maybe her prince charming had forgotten all about her. Maybe he still wasn't able to work off his contract. Or maybe… maybe he found another lover to replace her. Maybe he moved on with his life, unlike her, who was dwelling on her unbelievable dreams and memories of the past. Just maybe, he never intended on keeping his promise that she treasured so dearly all those years. Maybe he didn't even love her. She whimpered sadly at these thoughts, as she shredded her last bit of hope into a million pieces. Maybe all of this time, she had wasted 6 years of her life, worrying about someone who never cared about her to begin with.

Oh, Haku... where have you been all these years when I needed you?