She Smiles

She wakes up to the sound of a falling spoon. Of course she does, that's what her sleep is now. Even the slightest sound would alert all her six senses. But she didn't need to check to know who the dumbass in her kitchen was early in the morning. But still, before coming down, she took her gun out of the drawer and loaded it. Better safe than sorry, they say.

As she descended the stairs, she could hear a quite toneless humming. She stopped, considering whether to record it and tease the hell out of him later. But decided against it, since it would be a pain to have his voice in her recording list.

She stopped at the kitchen's door, as expected, none other than her oh-so-beloved neighbor had his back to her.

"Why not leave the gun now, Miyano" He said without turning, "still don't get it why you bring the damn thing knowing it's me" he whispers, but she hears him anyways,

She slides the gun onto the kitchen table and takes a seat,

"Maybe I bring it, because I know it's you" She rolls her eyes, "Still not sure why I haven't blown your ass till now" she whispers, but he hears her anyways,

"You can't" he has her back to her yet she could see the grin on his face,

"And why is that, tantei-san" she challenges, they always bickered like that. They both liked it, it felt home.

"Who would make coffee for you then," he turns with two mugs of coffee, a victorious grin on his face.

She has her hands under her chin, supporting her face. She thinks for a moment, before shrugging,

"Fair enough" Then smirks, "I wont kill you, my coffee maker"

He laughs, putting down her gray mug in front her and leaning against the table with his mug in his hand.

"You should smile sometimes, or else you'll get wrinkles before even getting old. I still think you're an 80 years old grandma, but still"

She hums and brings the coffee to her mouth, taking in the aroma of her most favorite thing in the world. And she knew it was perfectly made, just the way she likes it. Only the smell was enough for her to know that.

"You know, a person might think that coffee has the same effect on you as drugs. Some day they're gonna take you away to a rehabilitation centre, declared a drug addict" he comments,

"You'll still a find a way to annoy me there, wont you?" She takes a sip of her coffee, and the taste melts in her mouth, awakening every bit of her. Like a candle lit with fire. She relaxes, now this, this is bliss. Having all her favorite things in a single room.

"By annoying, if you mean sneaking coffee for you, then sure" he chuckles,

"Wouldn't you be arrested too then," she says after a moment, "Since you bring me coffee, every morning if I must say, you would be declared the drug dealer, the one who provides me with the supply" He laughs, running his hands through his perfect hair,

"But unlike you, I would be taken to the prison the, not to the rehabilitation centre"

"It would be nice you know" she smirks, "Seeing the guy who sent many to prisons, behind bars himself"

"But they'll let me out anyways" he says flashing his thousand volts smile,

"Of course, even the police wouldn't be able to handle your dumbassness" she rolls her eyes, "Anyways, whats up today?" she asks eyeing him up and down, "Youre all suited this early in the morning, when we both know you cant get your lazy ass up for work till 10"

"Ahhh, that's rude, Miyano" he feigns hurt, she raises her eyebrows and he sighs, "It's a case, a challenging one I must say"

"And you still stopped by to make me coffee" she asks bemused,

"Uhmm yeah" he smiles sheepishly, "Besides, we both know how strong you make coffee. Its better if I make it, it's still coffee, I know, but at least its not that dark and strong the way you make for yourself. You'll get killed by it someday"

"And you'll label it as homicide and investigate my case, no?" she raises an eyebrow at him and smirks,

"You know me so well" he says with a soft smile,

"Course I do, I'm your partner, aren't I" she tilts her head back, "Now off you go, detective, before someone else dies"

He laughs, putting his empty cup on the table and straightening up,

"If I need help-" he starts

"I'll be there, Kudo-kun" she finishes before him. They both look at each other, a very owning emotion flashes across their eyes. They knew they would be there for each other, no matter the differences between them, no matter the fights. But at the end of the day, they would be backing each other up. They were the two sides of the same coin. Meant to be for each other.

In her case, she knew that whenever she would need help, he would be there. She knew he understood her, more than anyone else. And just one look in the eye was enough for him to know what was going in her mind. Because she lets him, she lowers her ice barrier just for this idiot of a detective, her partner, and her best friend.

She would be there for him too, at any case, at any event, whenever he needed her; she would give everything she has for him. Because she knows, he would do the same for her.

"Be careful" she says with a nod, a silent stay safe.

"I will," he assures, a silent promise I'll be back.

He walks out of the door, she doesn't bother getting up, he could get out of her house just the way he entered.

"Miyano" he calls from the door, she turns her head to him, "Please eat something, before going to work. At least a breakfast, we both know you won't eat anything else the whole day"

She turns her head back, not even replying. But he knew her better than to expect for it anyways. He shakes his head,

"Bye" he sighs. She waves her hand without turning. And he goes, just like every morning. When she hears her front door closing, she gets up. She washes the mugs and put them in their places, his mug right beside her, side by side. She shakes her head, even though his house was right next to hers; most of his stuff was at her place. He practically lived here. Not that she minded it anyways; it was always good to have someone around. Someone you could be alone with, have nothing to say, but still, feel comfortable in the silence. Someone, whose presence was enough to assure her, she wasn't alone.

She makes her way to her refrigerator to see what she was lacking, so she could get it on her way back. Well most of her supplies were finished by that idiot. She herself eats nothing, like she does, but not that much. But she still keeps her supply of food filled, because she knows that his fridge is always empty. And even if she fills it, he would still come over to her place whenever he is hungry. But not during a case, if he has a case going on, he would eat nothing until he cracks it up and arrests the culprit.

She opens the door of the refrigerator, she pauses, a little bit surprised when she sees a slice of blueberry cheesecake. She gets the plate out and closes the refrigerator. She picks the small note and reads it,

I know you enough to know you wouldn't get yourself something to eat. Don't waste it,

P.S: There's no bacon left, and no orange juice=)

You idiot, she thinks before telling herself she won't eat this. Not after reading the note. But somehow, after getting ready for work, she ends up eating it anyway. And quite surprisingly, it tasted even sweeter.

She smiles, not that he could see her anyways.

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