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Kind of a sequel to my fic Teaching. Basically a series of lemon-ish about Toan putting his lessons with Alnet to good use on his adventures.

Toan licked his lips nervously as he sat on Momo's bed.

She had said it was important, said it was something vital to his future on his quest. Instead she was sauntering slowly across the room to her window and closing the curtains.

Not that he objected as such. Her short shorts that showed off her nice bum and legs left little to the imagination and for a moment he fantasised about how it would feel in his hands.

"I hear that you're travelling across the world," Mom said as she turned to face him, a smirk on her face.

"Well yes I am," Toan said with a slight swallow. Momo's outfit was looking even more tight fitting right now and he could feel his manhood smirked even harder.

"You're going to meet plenty of pretty girls," she said as she stepped closer, her hands reaching behind her back for some reason.

"I suppose so," Toan replied and suddenly she grinned.

"Then I suppose that it's my job to teach you how to please those girls," she said and Toan's eyes widened.


With one swift movement, Momo's top came off, exposing her pert, round breasts and the words died in Toan's mouth.

"My grandfather won't be back for a while yet," she said with a smile as she undid Toan's trousers. Toan smiled. This was going to be good.