Prompt #1 Curved, Quirky, Queen, Torture, Curse
Title: Leaving him wanting more
Characters/Pairings: Black Widow Natasha Romanoff x Winter Soldier James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
Rating: R-18?
Type: Short story (185 words)
Warnings: Mild mentions of BDSM, non-graphic
Summary: The things his spider does to him.

It wasn't the first time that she did this to him.
You'd think he would had learned the first time. And the time after that. And after that.

He just kept forgetting.

Lies really.

He just couldn't resist her perfectly curved body, nor that quirky smirk of hers she'd toss his way as she had her wicked way with him.

She was his best memories of the past, even if it wasn't the best of times for either of them. They have the present and future now. Past be damned.

She is his princess, no his Queen, she could command him to do anything and he would it.
He kneels for her.
Isn't ashamed to let out those whimpers and whines to full out shouts as she does him the way he likes it.

However it was also a torture when she left him still tied and wanting for her.
Making him beg until she'd do anything. Getting him almost to the peak before stopping was the worst.

Curses ran from swollen lips as she left the bedroom laughing and unable to move yet, "Natasha!"