Prompt #2 Pizza, Command, Satisfy, Tempt, Moonlight
Title: Blonde is his Sunlight in the Dark
Characters/Pairings: Winter Soldier James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, Captain America Steve Grant Rogers, Hawkeye Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton, Lucky the Pizza Dog
Rating: Mature/Teen
Type: Short story (301 words)
Warnings: Dark thoughts, mentions of self-harm
Summary: The Winter Soldier has a troubled mind, but there are plenty of blondes to keep him in check.

It wasn't uncommon for the archer to pester him, or more accurately his big golden fluff of a dog he secretly loves and somehow always smells of pizza.

He was pretty sure that wasn't a healthy option to give to a dog.

Despite he wasn't the best one to speak with his own recluse bad habits.

If it wasn't proper meals, it was the lack of sleep. Not from the lack of trying.

It's that far too many nights he'd just dream up his worst nightmares, unwanted commands, blood, screams, pain and so much death.

Plenty of hard nights that usually left him confused, disoriented and cold where tossed aside whenever the fluffy mutt with one eye and warm fur. The best cuddle mate to keep the darkness away.

The dog was as dumb as his owner really. And Steve.
Sometimes he'd compare Lucky to Steve, they were a lot alike. Big, warm, go happy idiots with too much energy.

It's the best when all the blondes decide for him it's a movie slumber party in his living room, with a huge nest of pillows, warm soft blankets and such.

A mess of limbs, not knowing where one person or dog started or ended.

No bad dreams to tempt him to do wrong, to the world…or himself.

This makes it worth it. Satisfying even. Looking up from the pile of warmth out to the moonlight of their snoring nest with a smile.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

"Buck.", whispers out sleepily with a doofus smile.

That merely made said owner of the name snort before curling up to that delicious warmth at his back and arms holding him close and protectively.
A snort wiggling closer on his arm reassuringly whilst his owner was already dead snoring at their feet.