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A New Game

Chapter Fifteen: Time to Rest

Year 284 AC

"I'm home, finally." Naruto pulled the reins of his horse back, slowing the mare's trot down to a stop. The entrance to Sunspear was only minutes away, but the world traveler took this time to breathe in the natural beauty around him. Naruto hadn't realized how much he missed the southern sands until now. And that was without mentioning all the people waiting for him within the city.

"Come on; we shouldn't keep everyone waiting. I don't want to end up in hot water with Rhae." Thoughts of the little dragon scolding him for being gone so long filled Naruto's head as he and his horse rode toward the city gates. However, his arrival was delayed by a lone figure on the sandy road. It was none other than Oberyn Martell. Naruto wasn't too surprised that Oberyn was the first to find him.

"There you are, my friend! It's been many moons since I've seen your face. I've almost forgotten what you look like, honest!" Oberyn's enthusiasm was out in force as he looked up at his horse-perched comrade. And in the face of such vigor, Naruto couldn't help but smile at the viper gentleman. He should've known that time couldn't change a man like Oberyn Martell.

His good-natured smile was still there as Naruto rolled his eyes at Oberyn's antics. He dismounted his horse and went to take the viper's forearm in greeting. Instead, the partying lord of Dorne pulled Naruto in a friendly hug. "I see time hasn't managed to wear you down yet, Oberyn."

Mutually pulling away from the hug, Oberyn let loose a laugh. It was free and loud. It felt rejuvenating having someone willing to jest back and forth with him without fear of crossing a line. Too many people walked around eggshells around him for Oberyn's tastes. "And if the Gods are good- it never will! We already have plenty of gruff with Doran skulking Sunspear. I love my brother, but damn if he isn't a grouch of the highest order."

The newly reborn Uzumaki Naruto couldn't argue with that. Doran was a wet blanket stuck in tradition and isolation. It's why he and Naruto never got along. Sure, they were cordial for the sake of the people around them. But they would never be friends, and that's okay. "So, how did you know I was coming? I mean, I wasn't hiding or anything, but still..."

"That is because I took a page from your book, my sneaky brother in arms. During your little trip, I installed a system of spies and lookouts throughout the country. They reported to me on your progress, and here we are." As Oberyn let Naruto in on his latest achievement, he looked particularly pleased with himself, not that Naruto could fault him for his pride. Quite the opposite, actually. Naruto was proud of his exuberant friend. It appeared that Oberyn learned that thinking with one's head and not their spear could benefit his family more in the long run.

'Maybe he did grow up a little bit.'

"Then you must have a bath ready for me, right? The ride to the capital is as long as it is beautiful." Naruto said this as a joke, but his voice held a little hope. The ride was months long, so a warm bath and fresh meal would do wonders to help his wary body recuperate. And maybe a cup of that famous Dornish red wine for good measure.

"Oho! I forgot how silver your tongue is, Naruto. Perhaps in time, but first, I have a request." Naruto lifted his eyebrow, wondering what Oberyn had in mind. By staying silent, Naruto allowed his friend to speak his mind. "Before your time's occupied by those waiting for you, I ask that we have a battle. For old time's sake."

"Sure, we can do that. However, there's something you should know about me. It was during my time across the Narrow Sea... and back, I learned about myself. My true self, Oberyn." The son of Uzumaki Kushina held his free hand palm up. That's when the same energy he used back at the King's Landing tourney appeared in hand. It was called Chakra, Oberyn recalled silently. Then the blue power went shooting down Naruto's forearm in a spiral.

Suddenly the dead desert air howled like a pack of hunting dire wolves. The startled Dornish man looked around to find countless winds lashing across the golden banks of the featureless desert. It was disconcerting to be in the center of. When Oberyn returned his gaze to Naruto, the blonde held a roaring cyclone like one holds a piece of fruit. Things took a drastic turn after Naruto threw his hand forward, blasting a trench through the sands as large as the gates of Sunspear. "As you can see, I'm a new man now. I feel... complete."

Understandably, Oberyn said nothing for several minutes while his brain tried rebooting. When he finally found his tongue, the gaping hole left by Naruto was partially filled back in but still recovering. His chuckle was more stupefied than nervous as he slung an arm around Naruto's shoulders. "You know what? Never mind, let's have at least one round of drinks before my sister gets her fangs in you."

Shaking his head fondly as he led his horse behind him with one hand, Naruto looked amused as he gave Oberyn a side-eyed stare. "It wouldn't be a meeting with Oberyn Martell without booze, huh?"

"Booze and whores, my friend. But my sister would skin me alive if I included the latter, so we must make do with alcohol. Now come along. I know a place where we can sneak a round before word gets out that you have returned." Oberyn pointedly ignored the growing grin on Naruto's face when he shuddered after mentioning what Elia would do to him if he displeased her.

"Okay, but I won't hesitate to throw you in the way of Elia to save myself. Fair warning."

It turned out that Naruto and Oberyn spent half an hour at Oberyn's alehouse of choice. In that span, Naruto had one mug to the four Oberyn consumed. The Lord of Water Gardens was on his way out when the Red Viper reached for his fifth ale. While Oberyn had fun, Naruto started the walk toward the Martell's sky-piercing tower.

Naruto learned that the people hadn't forgotten him during his time away. He was greeted and hailed by more people than he expected, but that didn't stop Naruto from taking the time to respond to each person. It was a mutual respect between humans that wasn't given by most Westeros Lords. Then again, Uzumaki Naruto wasn't born into a position of power. He was a commoner who earned it.

Before the young man knew it, he was at the tower base. The guards were quick to let him in. Soon, it was just him and the endless stairs up. He was moving toward the arduous climb when a blur flew his way. The smiling blonde took and returned Rhaenys' hug in stride, saving the princess from taking a dangerous tumble down the unforgiving steps.

It wasn't until Naruto heard Rhae's laughter that he realized how much he missed the sound. She removed her face from Naruto's shoulder with a face-wide smile. The abundance of positive energy moving through Rhaenys almost made the little lady vibrate in place. "Did you miss me? Did you!?"

"More than the sun itself." Naruto's response flowed easily off his lips. Same as the matching smile on his tanned face. The skilled warrior effortlessly shifted Rhae into a sitting position in the crook of his elbow. Having her there made it easier for Naruto to look into Rhaenys' eyes as they spoke.

Rhaneys looked down in hesitation before finding Naruto's eyes again. "Then you won't leave again?" Her brown eyes reflected a repressed insecurity balanced on a teetering apex of hope and fear. It was easy to forget the trauma Rhaenys experienced with how well she reintegrated herself in Dorne. People adored her, but this was still a girl who saw the sack of King's Landing.

Naruto responded without thinking when he dragged Rhaenys into the comfort of his warm embrace. He took to stroking her hair soothingly. That and humming gently around the answer spoken into her ear. "I won't leave like that again. I promise."

"And we keep our promises." Rhaenys went ahead and finished Naruto's familiar vow. Her words were buried against the fabric of the blonde's shift, but they were easy to hear. A smile fell upon Naruto as he nodded before kissing the girl affectionately on her forehead. "Hmh..."

He had no problems letting Rhaenys stay in his arms for as long as she wanted. However, eventually, the energetic youth would need to run around. Not unlike himself in his younger years. Naruto was proven right when Rhaenys pointed a broad smile at him. "Let's go, Naruto! I want to show you a bunch of stuff! Come on, we can't waste any time!"

"Rhaenys Martell..." The stern tone wasn't lost on Naruto or Rhaenys. When both looked at the newcomer, they knew what was coming. Or rather, who was coming. It was Elia Martell, beautiful as Naruto remembered. However, the pink he spotted in her cheeks was interesting. Not that of a blush, Elia looked like she was physically strained. Her disposition left Naruto with a quirked eyebrow. "You're old enough to walk. Get down."

Naruto held his laughter back when Rhaenys wilted under her mother's scrutinizing stare. It wasn't harsh, just a mother teaching her child how to behave. If someone wanted to see tough, they should've grown up with Puck as their guardian. "You promised Arianne that you'd attend today's lesson with her. Did you not, Rhaenys?"

"Yes, mother." That simple affirmation cemented the fate of Rhaenys' afternoon. She'd be stuck in a Septa's bedroom, unfortunately.

"You can show Naruto around later. After your lesson." Rhaenys' only choice was to nod her head. Though she looked glum about it until Naruto ruffled her hair. It was enough of a boost to get Rhaenys moving. When Rhae walked past her mom, Elia gracefully stepped toward the returning blonde. Naruto and Elia stared into the other's eyes until the latter leaned in and placed a lingering kiss on Naruto's cheek. "I'm glad you're home safe. I would like to see you tonight. If that's alright with you, Naruto?"

"Of course, Elia." Naruto wanted to pull Elia into an overdue embrace, but there'd be time for that later. For now, he settled for a heartfelt smile. "I'll see you tonight."

As Elia followed her daughter up the stairs, Naruto stood there wondering about the weird heat in her cheeks. 'Perhaps she is under the weather? I'll ask her later.'


Naruto turned to see Ashara standing there in her typically impeccable style. It was only a matter of time before her beauty left Naruto staring, much to the purple lady's delight. Because it allowed Ashara to do the same as she took in the much-missed sight of Naruto.

But Naruto wouldn't let himself stay distracted for long. He snapped himself from his stupor and slipped on his trademark grin, bringing light to the castle hallway. "Ashara! I swear you sneak up behind me more than anyone alive."

The pristine beauty with starlit skin flashed her best coy smile. One of her hands moved down, settling on her hip as she addressed Naruto. "Is that so? Maybe I'm a witch from the Shadowlands~? Wouldn't that be something?"

His expressive grin stretched far across Naruto's face, forcing his eyes to shut. It only added to the genuine presentation of happiness finding a home in Naruto. Man, it was good to be back. "Now, that wouldn't surprise me!"

"Well?" Ashara putting forth her pointed question, drew Naruto's eyes. When he opened those piercing blues of his, the Uzumaki saw Ashara with her finely-kept eyebrow lifted in a questioning tilt. She pulled off the look quite nicely. "Get over here and hug me."

His mind was quick to supply an amendment. Ashara makes everything look good.

Naruto had no reservations in doing as she asked, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her tight against his body. The pressure against her shapely form pushed a pleased sigh from Ashara as she returned the gesture by wrapping her slender arms over his shoulders.

If she had it her way, Ashara would have stayed like this until the sun went down. But the guards watching her and Naruto didn't sit well with the woman. She separated herself from him just to loop an arm through Naruto's. "Walk me to my quarters."

"It would be my honor to walk the beautiful Lady Dayne to her room. Thank you." Naruto purposefully chose a stiff tone common among Westerosi knights. However, he mixed the mockery with some truth when he called Ashara beautiful. Anyone with eyes could see that.

"You are finally learning how to speak to a woman, assassin. I am so proud." It was Naruto who started things off by laughing at her teasing tone. Then it continued with Ashara demure giggling.

"How have things been here in Dorne?" Naruto asked his friend, ignoring the assortment of handmaidens and ladies-in-waiting that whispered about him and Ashara being together. There were some things in court that never changed.

"If it weren't for Elia asking for my help with Rhae, things would be dreadfully bland. At the very least, the number of suitors has lessened since I moved to Sunspear." Ashara made her comment flatly. However, there was a distinct twinkle of mischievousness in her clearer than crystal eyes. To the surprise of no one, Ashara knew what she was doing.

"Talking about other men like that while on the arm of one?" Naruto turned up the theatrics when he held his chest with his free hand, feigning heartache. "Are you trying to make me jealous? That isn't very nice of you, Ashara."

Ashara covered the smile Naruto brought forth with his antics. Lady Dayne went ahead and pulled Naruto's arm closer to her chest. It allowed her to lean against his shoulder more. "Awh? Does that make you jealous~?"

He wisely avoided walking into the trap poised by Ashara's loaded question. The elegant lady on his arm was sure playful today. Thankfully, the appearance of her room saved Naruto from needing to come up with an excuse for his silence. "Here we are, safe and sound. That will be five gold dragons, please."

Instead of paying him, she took the open hand and pulled Naruto into her room. Naruto was caught off guard, getting him to unsuccessfully ask her what she was doing. "You didn't think I was done with you, did you? You just got back, Naruto. I plan on taking quite a bit of your time. Now, be good, and wait here."

Left with nothing to do but wait, Naruto made himself comfortable on the foot of the bed, sitting and waiting. When Ashara came out of the conjoined room, she was in a sheer nightgown that hid nothing of her naked body. Naruto's overwhelmed brain mustered only one thing. "What?"

His stupefied reaction is what Ashara aimed for. Getting it caused the lovely woman to preen at his tongue-tied look of awe. But this was only step one of a larger plan. "What do you think~?"

Naruto's eyes had a will of their own, looking down at the hypnotic showcase of Ashara's more than generous figure. Swallowing around nothing, he forced out a distracted reply. "You look... ravishing?"

"A peculiar choice of words." Oozing confidence, Ashara sauntered her way to Naruto and sat in his lap, tucking his hips against the inside of her thighs. When Naruto tried a response, she put a finger to his lips. It was Ashara who filled the silence. "You know how I feel about you, Naruto. We talk, we laugh, we flirt..." She couldn't help but smile at the attentiveness coming through Naruto's gaze. That intensity always burned at her soul in the best of ways.

"Despite having a clumsy start, you became one of my only best friends. You and Elia helped me out of my darkest days and the depression that followed. I cherish you for that... now I can't think of life without you in it. Do you understand?" Her finger on his lips transitioned into Ashara cupping Naruto's warm cheeks and her lips hovering near his.

"After your latest foray into the world, I'm done waiting." The soft caress of her breath on his lips was more distracting than it had any right to be. But Naruto fought through it.

"I can see that." The romantic pair found a set of matching grins at nearly the same time. Naruto continued the playfulness when his hands found their way to Ashara's hips, earning him a hum of approval. "You sure..."

His question was put down right quick by a faux annoyed Dayne. "Naruto, if you finish that question... I will bite you." Her stare downright challenged him to call her on it. "Here are your options. Kiss me or kiss me. Pick one."

Naruto went into a thoughtful showcase as he pondered Ashara's ultimatum in good humor. He sealed his decision when he pulled the woman in by her hips and decisively sealed their lips.

The beauty melted into the kiss with a silent sigh. Ashara immediately craved more, pushing back into Naruto while her fingers tangled themselves in his wild hair. She shoved against Naruto, deepening the passion while her body grinded into his. Now that she had Naruto's lips, Ashara didn't want to let them go.

When her stiff nipple incidentally scraped across the rougher fabric of his shirt, it forced a moan from her. The slight opening of her mouth was all Naruto needed to push his tongue forward into said opening. Their tongues whirled and swirled together at a leisurely clip, a far cry from the insistent and needy way Ashara rocked her hips against Naruto's forming bulge.

It took a substantial amount of willpower to disengage from their tongue-rich kiss. The moment those tongues parted, Naruto and Ashara had nothing to mute their heated panting. Leaving their desires naked and more pronounced. "Get back here, you..."

His throaty demand sent a wave of pleasure down Ashara's spine that she felt in all the best places. Oh, the things she planned on doing to this glorious man. "Clothes first..." Standing up and taking Naruto with her, the purple lady of Starfall took it upon herself to strip Naruto down. The first thing Ashara removed was his shirt, freeing his perfectly-toned body to be admired. Something she did when she paused and chewed on her lower lip.

Restraint long forgotten, Ashara leaned in and started kissing a horizontal line across Naruto's warm skin- just under the collarbone region. Further down his body, her hands rubbed hungrily at the blonde's abs. Her thumbs mapped out the grooves between each rung of muscle until she stumbled upon the knot keeping his pants secured, sending a new shiver of anticipation through Ashara's dampening womanhood.

Her hands hesitated on the strings before they dove down to press upon the underside of his cock's bulging outline. Having proof, he was every bit as excited as her made Ashara moan wantingly along Naruto's neck. The sound left his concealed manhood pulsating for a real taste of her touch.

From there, it was a race to get his pants down his legs, and as soon as Ashara had the fabric at Naruto's ankles, she stepped back and admired what her work unearthed.

It felt natural to measure what Naruto was working with before she did anything else. And the first word that came to mind was big. Not to mention his thickness. Naruto's short chuckle made Ashara look up at those divine muscles, so perfect for holding her down and fucking her. Then she finally locked eyes with him. The look of hunger Ashara found in them caused more arousal to run down the inside of her thighs.

'Oh gods, I want him so badly! This handsome beast of a man.'

But lust or not, Ashara refused to be a meek noblewoman. She would make Naruto struggle... just a bit for his prize. When stepping forward, she cupped his cock right beneath his swollen head, so when she stroked his throbbing manhood, it rubbed the heavy crown against the smooth skin of her palm. "Oh~! What am I to do? Trapped alone in a room with a beast such as this?"

"Ashara..." He tried growling down at her. It worked until she took his cock with both hands and doubled the stroking. The pleasure of it made his knees buckle and his buck. "If you don't..."

"What? What are you going to do about it~?" The heat and hardness she felt filling her hands were too perfect. She couldn't stop teasing him with the short pumps that only made Naruto harder in her hands.

Naruto answered her question by grabbing hold of Ashara and spinning her around. He reeled her back into his chest, pulling her hair clip out with his teeth. It made Ashara gasp as her long hair fell unhindered. Naruto finished his assault by pulling the straps of her gown down, leaving her naked to the attack of his rough hands. His forceful palming of her perfect tits ripped out a loud moan that Naruto basked in hearing.

Continuing his relentless groping at her chest and nibbling at her neck, Naruto only got more enthusiastic as the lady's bare ass grinded eagerly into his groin. "You only have yourself to blame for what happens next, Ashara."

"I don't think you have it in you. I think... oh!" Her provocation ended when Naruto threw her onto the bed. Landing on her hands and knees, Naruto was quickly upon her, taking Ashara by the hips and rubbing himself against her dripping, vulnerable core to her cooing delight.

Glazing his angry-looking cock in the horny fluids leaking from between Ashara's legs, he aimed the swollen head against her folds. The brief rub against her ready flesh sent visible shivers down the beauty's spine. "You keep calling me a beast, my lady. Well, let me show you what a beast would do!"

That's all the warning she got before Naruto drove himself into the snug fit of her cunt. The pair groaned together as Naruto slid to a stop halfway inside her. For a long moment, he halted himself and savored the heat of her aching, wet cunt. During this lull, Ashara rolled and shook her hips for more. "Fuck! Oh fuck~! Fuck me, Naruto!"

Unwilling to keep her wanting, he took control of her hips, stopping their enticing twerk mid-motion. Naruto gradually pulled inch after soaked inch of cock from her heated embrace. Not only did he get a disappointed moan, but Ashara's walls also went and snapped shut around him to impede his evacuation.

The instant she tightened up, he slammed the remainder of his meat into her with a grunt that went mostly unheard over Ashara's unrestrained moans. How could she not with how deep he forced his way into her? He was putting her womb in depraved peril so effortlessly that it heightened her senses to the tenth degree.

"Tight..." A sighing Naruto wasn't the only one experiencing a near mind-numbing bliss. Ashara was in the throes of a mini orgasm from having Naruto so deep. The sensation of his rugged cock left her panting with little dots filling her vision.

When Ashara finally started gathering herself, the thrusts rocked her in full. Naruto spared her nothing in driving himself forward until he settled balls deep in her pussy, setting her round ass against his waist with a flavorful SMACK followed soon by Ashara's songful cries. And another and another until there were no apparent stops, only a body-clapping pounding fueled on passion.

"Nnph~! Ah! Yes! Yes~!" Every resounding snap of Naruto's strong hips was another chance for Ashara to lose herself in the pleasure of being split open. Any of the blonde's thrusts could've easily punched into her womb. But that fat cock of his consistently drifted back before the deed was done. Gods, did it feel incredible. But as the number pussy-drilling thrusts amassed, she yearned for her lover to ride deep into her womb. Now, if she could only catch her breath and tell him as much.

After kissing at her cervix with his cock for who knows how many times over ten minutes and feeling her stuffed hole dripping onto his balls just as much, Naruto finally voiced something more than an incoherent grunt of desire. "I think that was enough of a warm-up. Right, Ashara?"

His comment caused her glazed eyes to widen in shock and arousal. Naruto already made her cum three times over, and he dubbed that a warm-up? Ashara hadn't even realized that her pleasure-addled brain forced a consenting nod for more.

The difference between how Naruto took her was immediately apparent. Using Ashara's well-lubricated folds to his advantage, Naruto filled the purple woman harder and much faster than Ashara was ready to take.

Ashara felt every bit of pleasure surging through her pooling in her trembling arms, which clawed hopelessly at the sheets. Her attempt to stay upright worked for now, but it was a losing fight against those thuds hitting the back of her womb.

Once that first gasp fled her mouth, it was over for the beautiful woman, who crumbled around the ecstasy. Ashara fell onto her chest, but so did Naruto. He put all his weight on her back while plugging her womb with his swelling shaft. It was Ashara's voice that pierced the sound of their rutting. "I'm cumming!"

"Me too!" Her insistent grip on his cock was too tight to withstand. Naruto could only give in to his bliss. Something the blonde did happily.

"Insi- AAH~!" For Narut, shutting off Ashara's brain was as simple as packing her with his sweltering load of freshly brewed spunk. It more than filled her womb and left both panting in the aftermath with a glow of satisfaction. Naruto lay peacefully on her back until he felt Ashara kissing his hand.

"You were... amazing, Naruto. Didn't know you had it... it in you." She chimed in with a breathless laugh that quickly became a sultry groan when Naruto answered by grinding his hips into her from above.

"Oh? Did you think I was done with you after just one round? I don't think so, Ashara."

"Ngh~ Nooo, wait~!" Thankfully, he stopped himself before things could start again in earnest, making it infinitely easier for Ashara to get her request out there. "Back, on my back. I want to see you."

Naruto showed his agreement by pulling himself out of Ashara. She whimpered quietly as his warm cum oozed onto the sheets. That was a problem for later. Ashara was more interested in rolling over and letting Naruto position himself over her.

When their eyes locked, Ashara knew it was now or never. That didn't stop her heart from beating faster. "Love you, Naruto." There. It was out there and couldn't be taken back.

The blonde's stare softened for a second, then a smile sprung to his face. "I love you too, Ashara. Have for a while, I think." He solidified his stance by kissing her on the lips gently.

Ashara blessed him with a radiant smile that spellbound Naruto long enough for her to wrap her arms around his neck. Tugging his head down until Naruto's ear hovered near her mouth, Ashara had an order for her lover. "Now fuck me like you own me~!"

Naruto's naked look of lust sent a renewed wave of excitement through Ashara, one ending with her eyes closed and body preparing itself for her lover.

Lover... the word reminded Ashara that Naruto had one more person to talk to.


"Oh fuck..." But until then, Ashara planned on enjoying her new lover's surprising skills.

Later at Water Gardens

"And that's how my great odyssey played out! From the shores of Dragonstone across the Narrow Sea and back to the cold stone of the North." Naruto put the finishing touches on his oratory feat with a wide smile. He added all this flair just to make the young Martell girl's experience better- and it worked wonders.

"That's so cool!" Rhaenys extended her last word over several seconds. It was a result of her uncontainable excitement. "I want to see all those places, but mother said they are too dangerous for a young girl."

A smiling Naruto ruffled the pouting Rhaenys hair, turning said pout into a smile. "And she is right, Rhaenys. They are dangerous, even for someone like me." But that's how the world worked. Danger in one corner and joy in the other; oftentimes separated by a thin, unseen line.

Rhaenys came forward with an answer that surprised Naruto with its speed and content. "I know. That's why I will get strong enough to protect you!" There was nothing but confidence in the young noble's vow, which warmed Naruto's heart immensely.

Naruto did the only thing he could when he pulled Rhaenys into an all-encompassing embrace. He used his strong arms to keep Rhaenys secured as his eyes slid shut. 'You're already stronger than you know.'

The two of them sat on the bed looking every bit like a father and daughter should. However, the time came when Naruto needed to send Rhaenys to bed. He did so after putting a gentle kiss on the girl's forehead. "Go on, it's time for you to sneak back to bed. Hurry before your mom finds out you're missing. She always does."

His jovial tune pulled a melodious giggle from Rhaenys. Before scampering off, the young princess gave Naruto a big smooch on the cheek. "See you tomorrow!"

"See you tomorrow, Rhae." The door clicked shut but didn't stay that way for long. This time on the other side of Naruto's door was Elia with a wry smile. It was clear that Elia saw her daughter trying to sneak back to her room.

"If I'm not mistaken, that was my daughter slinking out of here like a thief in the night. But I suppose I can look the other way just this once."

Naruto grinned at the dutiful mother, feeling no guilt for his influence on Rhaenys. "I hate to say it, but no one was going to stop her. Not on my first night back, Elia." The pair devolved into companionable laughter till Naruto asked about Elia's health. "How are you feeling?"

Specifically, Naruto was asking about Elia's health condition, which Naruto only learned about when they arrived at the Gardens. To say he was shocked would've been a mass understatement. Naruto stubbornly insisted that she allow him to treat her. Eventually, Elia caved and let Naruto work his magic. And thus far, it worked like a charm.

"I've never felt better. Thank you, Naruto." And that was the truth of it. Since Naruto's chakra treatment, she didn't experience the shortage of breath or chest pains that had been plaguing her in recent months. Elia felt like a brand new woman, inside and out.

"I might have been surprised you kept this to yourself for this long. However, I wager spending this much time with me has made you all kinds of stubborn. Sorry about that..." Naruto had a good share of worry in his words. However, he didn't see a reason to make it a big deal. The problem was solved, and it was time to move on.

Elia sat beside Naruto with a smirk. If Naruto had known her growing up, he wouldn't be making such a claim. During her childhood, Elia could be quite the hellraiser when motivated. "I've always been stubborn. But you probably made it worse." She finished her remark by nudging Naruto in the ribs.

Naruto nodded along, smiling through the painless ribbing dropped on him. He could envision a younger Elia making all kinds of headaches, not unlike Rhaenys with her energy rushes. "Not that I mind the surprise visit, but what brings you to my room?"

Elia didn't answer Naruto until she first put her cheek down on the top of Naruto's shoulder. The warmth coming off him enveloped the woman, leaving her to sigh contently. "I wanted to talk about you and Ashara."

A bashful Naruto moved his hand back and rubbed at his head with an unsure smile. "A-Ah? You heard about that, huh?" It shouldn't be a surprise that the assassin was a private person. Hence his reaction.

She was delighted to see Naruto so clearly happy. If anyone deserved it, it was Naruto. With a knowing smile on her serene face, Elia enlightened Naruto on her involvement in his new relationship. "Of course. I was the one who pushed Ashara to follow her feelings."

The thank you Naruto planned on sharing stopped when Elia followed her statement with a vague inclusion of a single word. "But..."

Naruto's furrowed brow turned into outright surprise when Elia climbed into his lap. While he was dealing with his shock, she intertwined her fingers with his so they were holding hands. "Wha... what are you doing, Elia!?" The only thing keeping Naruto off his feet was Elia herself. If she was anywhere else, we would have shot upright instantly.

"It's true that I pushed Ashara to chase a relationship with you. Could you let me have that same chance? Will you love me, Naruto Uzumaki?" The steadiness in her mocha eyes was shared by her hands, which didn't waver in the slightest. Naruto was frozen by Elia's confidence. To be honest, it was breathtaking.

"Elia... I..." Naruto went to reiterate his intentions of faithfulness to Ashara when something his new lover said to him came to mind. They were words Ashara said to him upon the group's arrival at Naruto's estate.

Elia has something important to tell you. I want you to hear her out... for me.

Naruto was smart enough to understand that this was what Ashara hinted at earlier in the day. As the realization shone through his eyes, Elia swallowed nothing and continued speaking from the heart. "Ashara and I had a discussion about you while you were gone. We both admitted to loving you, Naruto. But we knew that if you had to pick one of us over the other, you would pick no one. That was unacceptable."

With a clear idea of where this was heading, Naruto listened intently to the woman's every word. Assumptions aside, he didn't plan on saying anything until he knew what Elia was thinking to the letter. Until then, Naruto was very much a captive audience of one.

"I know I told you in the past that I wasn't ready. I'm ready now; will you have me? Will you love me?" After the failure of her first marriage, Elia believed that the only love she needed was the love of her family. Her self-imposed exile from romantic love didn't last long.

Over time, Naruto found his way into her heart. He was kind and selfless with her daughter. He was ruthless to their enemies. And he was confident in himself- all things that appealed to her Dornish heart. Naruto Uzumaki might not be ideal for all women, but he was perfect for her.

Naruto gave Elia his answer when he pulled her forward into a body-melding kiss. With the Martell beauty moaning against his lips, the blonde found himself clutching her tight throughout the expression of love and desire. He lost track of how long their lips worked flawlessly against each other, but Naruto loved every second of it. "If you two crazy women will have me. Then my answer is yes."

An overwhelmed and downright beaming Elia wore a smile that was stifled when she slammed her lips against Naruto's mouth. She rode the wave of momentum until her man was on his back beneath her. Pushing her tongue into his mouth, Elia got a groan from Naruto when her hands shuffled into his pants and grabbed hold of his manhood.

Jerking against his throbbing tool, Elia pulled away from his mouth with a hum. She broke the small cables of spit left over from their deep kiss and smiled innocently. "I've waited long enough for this. I want it now. Now." And the quickening strokes from her hand said that Naruto had little choice in the matter.

Not that Naruto planned on turning her down. What was he? Crazy?

Elia wiggled Naruto's trousers down his thighs just enough to get his erection out and into the open. She looked at her prize with undisguised want before nibbling on Naruto's bottom lip. Speaking through his groans, "Not with... all that gown on."

"That doesn't even make grammatical sense, darling." But Elia was proud of inspiring that kind of reaction in this handsome man. Releasing his hot girth, she slowly peeled away her night dress from her body, making her modest breasts jiggle as she tossed the garment aside.

"Fucking beautiful..." The words came without a semblance of control. And Naruto blamed Elia for giving him a look that boiled his blood with desire. Her subsequent smirk only took his problem and amplified it by eleven.

Elia nodded her head during her self-given task of getting Naruto's shirt up the front of his toned body. It worked as planned because once high enough, Naruto flung the unnecessary item away. "And I am all yours. All that's left is to prove it."

Naruto tried running his hands along Elia's body. It didn't work out due to a smirking Elia knocking his hands away. "No. I'll do it." Putting one hand on his chest, her other hand took Naruto by the base of his cock. And when she started rubbing him against her core, they both graced the room with some sort of groan.

With what she wanted in hand, patience wasn't in high supply. Not with Naruto, and certainly not with Elia. Once she lined him up, Elia sent her hips down. The way Naruto stretched her around his cock sent a rolling burst of pleasure through his partner, culminating in Elia throwing her head back with a quaking gasp.

She took to rocking her hips back and forth, dragging him against her silken walls with an intensity that grew as she went. It wasn't long before Elia reached the point where only bouncing up and down on Naruto's lap could scratch that infamous itch.


Soon the bedroom filled with the frequent sound of her backside rebounding off the top of Naruto's thighs. Mixed in with that were moans, some muffled and others loud. Throughout it all, Naruto couldn't take his eyes off the sight of Elia riding mindlessly on his cock.

Damn, she looked perfect!

Plenty lubricated with her warm juices, Elia hilted herself fully on his cock. While her body gasped and tightened, Naruto jolted upright and grabbed a handful of her hair to better pull her into a possessive kiss. Wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck, Elia divided her attention between battling his tongue and riding Naruto hard enough to make the bed rattle underneath them.

With the control of being on top, Elia set a ravenous rutting that made it difficult for Naruto to match from below. So instead of a clumsy attempt at keeping up with her, Naruto timed a powerful thrust deep into her cunt with the descent of Elia's hips.

The delightfully devastating claiming of her womb triggered an orgasm that left her entire body quivering. Elia clung to Naruto for dear life as she screamed into his mouth. She wasn't alone. Though quieter, Naruto also groaned against Elia's lips as her walls hugged his lurching dick like a glove. There was nothing he could do but empty his seed into her one emphatic splurt at a time.

Naruto pumping her full of his virile heat made Elia go limp into his muscular body before she came to with a satisfied shudder. Elia needed a minute before she moved her swollen lips from Naruto's mouth. Her breathing was a little rougher, and sweat trickled from her temples, but it only made her look more at peace. "My love..."

"Hm?" A distracted Naruto hummed out his reply while Elia nibbled teasingly just underneath his chin.

"Thank you." She doubled down on her appreciation with a chaste kiss on his lips. Hers was a gesture of affection that Naruto returned happily.

"I should be thanking you, Elia." Naruto didn't elaborate on why. However, his shining blue eyes expressed the depth of his feelings in a way words couldn't.

Ignoring the blush on her cheeks, Elia struck Naruto with a lascivious stare. Along with it came a little grin he'd kill to see again. "Then thank me properly, love. Give me more~"

Naruto didn't have much experience when it came to relationships. Forget a relationship with two women. But he'd do his best to give Elia and Ashara the life they deserved. Thankfully, Naruto had time to learn this new game.


Writer's Note I: Hello! As the last two words say, I decided to end the story here. With Naruto's past revealed somewhat and a payoff for his relationships with Elia and Ashara, I felt this was the time to finish it. To be honest, I'm proud of how this story did, especially without relying on canon material. Maybe I'll write a sequel around the main content of the books/show, but for now, this is it.

Thank you for reading.