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Her memories were often jumbled. She couldn't quite match everything in coherent order, there were holes all over to boot. But, within the last few years by herself she found a fine memory that she could come back to.

On a soft rainy afternoon, out on the grounds of the Edwards U.S Air Force base. Yet again, combat training. A capture the flag variant called Snag the Key. A game requiring smarts, precision, and most importantly communication between squad mates. While most squads were able to accomplish such a thing, it didn't come nearly as easy for her.

She was hardheaded, a trait that she had to buffer out if she wanted to fly in the Air Force. And that took a lot of trial and error. And quite a few paint ball rounds to the stomach. A surprise to no one, Danvers and her squad was the first to go out. Not just because of her hotheaded aggression and lack of a plan, but because one of the other teams had one of the best sniper's there, who took them out with little mercy. Ironically enough, Carol was the only one on her team without the splatter of a paint ball on her forehead.

After the match she sat upon a platform, feet dangling on the edge. Her military jacket unzipped to show her black tanktop, both getting drizzled by the soft rain. She was trapped in thought, this was the fifth time in a row that her and her squad had lost. And it was mainly because of her. She was useless on the ground, with as simple a task as grabbing a key! How could she possibly fly an aircraft at this rate? Those thoughts rattled around her head on loop, like nothing else. She was only snapped out of it when she heard the creaking of wood as footsteps came towards her.

It was a man, younger than her by at least six years, blonde slick hair amess by the rain, along with his brownish beard.

"Hey, hothead." Mach spoke, crouching down beside the blonde woman, who immediately groaned.

"What do you want?" she spat at him. His only response was a chuckle.

"Oh, Four words this time! Okay, getting somewhere...Definitely better than 'Fuck off'..."

Slowly Carol turned her head towards him, giving him a glare as she squinted her eyes.

"Okay, did I do something wrong?" Mach questioned, raising a brow.

"Well, first off you shot me-"

"That was the point of the game!" he looked ahead with a smug smile, shrugging as he let out another chuckle.

"Yeah, except you shot me in the chest!"

"Yeah! That was on purpose, by the way." the sniper leaned over to her a bit.

"You better have..." the pilot rolled her eyes as she looked ahead to the training grounds of the base. She rubbed her chest, letting out a sigh. "Cuz that was too painful to be an accident..."

"Well I did want your heart." the soldier spoke slyly. A comment that got no response, as the recipient stared away from him. Unbeknownst to him, her cheeks were heating up just a bit.

"Is that a pick up line? Because it blows..." She stated. Carl Mach slid his feet out, sitting next to her, his feet dangling along with hers as he looked off.

"We should get inside...So you don't get sick." Mach suggested, looking over to the side of her face as she looked down. "Don't want you to get sent back home on something as bogus as a fever."

"Oh look at you, wanting to keep a walking corpse you shot and left to die from catching a cold." she taunted, turning her head to look at him and his smug grin.

"Well...cute corpse." he retorted, looking on at the training grounds.

She didn't know why, but she always found herself coming back to this memory. Especially now, sitting at this metal table, in her metal chair, her hands contained a device binding her hands together in metal covering. In a samm grey room, a silver glass wall in which ahe knew someone was on the other side. She didn't much care however. She was stuck in her memories.

She didn't even notice the door to the room open. Or, more specifically she didn't at all care. Only giving a glance.

She found a surprise in the doorframe, a woman in her thirties, with shoulder length orange hair wrapped into a ponytail, wearing a grey suit and pants.

Carol slowly lifted her head up to her fellow traveller, her binded hands on the metal table as she glared. Not maliciously, it was just a natural expression to her, and the only one she knew to give. "Took you long enough."

"I got here as quick as I could." Pepper replied, sitting down in the chair across from her. "Coming from Asia to the States isn't that easy, you know."

To that, the Galatic woman raised a brow. "You came here from Asia?"

"Yeah." Pepper nodded. under the table her hand stayed close to the smartwatch on her wrist, while the lenses of her glasses filled with information, the camera feed of the room they sat in and the room on the other side of the one-way glass.

She gave the surface of her watch a swipe as she continued. "So what happened?"

Carol simply shrugged. "I don't know. I just woke up and I was underwater..." she attempted to explain. "There was a...purple glow, shining on my fa-"

"Ms. Danvers, lets not talk about that here, right now." Pepper spoke matter-of-factly. Her gaze motioning to the ceiling. the blonde followed her gaze, looking over her shoulder at the camera, staring them both down. "For some reason, your credentials had glitched out. It took us a few hours to get everything back up again, but it's fine now." she smiled, nodding softly.

Carol simply squinted her eyes. She's only been wherever she ended up for half a day at the least, and all of sudden this woman comes in acting like she belonged there. Although, it did seem like shr knew what she was doing. The best thing to do was play along. Of course she didn't do that, but the idea was still there.

"What are you talking about?" the blonde questioned while the orangette looked down at her watch, swiping away at the screen.

Meanwhile behind the one-way glass, the camera monitors to the room, as well as the audio recording went dark, scrambled by some type of disturbance.

The married woman was quick to use this miraculous opportunity. Almost like she caused it.

"That purple light, what was it?" she questioned, leaning over the table with a bit of a concerned tone. "Did you actually see it? Was it a stone?"

"I don't know! I just know I saw it!" Danvers spat out, in a way that seemed out of her control. That was just how she responded, outside of sounding like a machine. "But I don't have it...on me...It was in the water, by a...stadium."

"Was it?...Well now we have a lead on something..." she sighed softly. The business woman then got up from her seat, pushing it in from the side as she eyed her 'employee'. "I'll have you out in a few minutes. Stay there." she instructed, heading for the door. The blonde simply huffed.

It was an hour before they both got to work completely. As promised it only took ten minutes to get her out of Carol out of Chicago Police custody. The rest of the time was devoted to getting the blonde back to full strength. Somehow, she felt weak, something that may have been contributed by her interdimensional travels, or the fact she hadn't eaten anything in hours from her perspective.

They settled down at a fast food restaurant up in the Upper West side. It had a strong resemblance to Burger King, but it wasn't really. The food did taste the same, just...really greasy, which was not a surprise since the squid-man of a cook took up a majority of positions, not just the grill.

The galatic guardian bit into the 'Whopper King' 'King Burger', which was essentially a Big Mac that was somehow cheaper. The business woman simply watched in silence, twirling her fork into the small salad on the table of the booth they sat at.

"Mm! Okay, that's good." Carol seemingly moaned in part of her tasttastebuds being pleasured. her mouth was also full, so what she said came out muffled. Obviously while she was out in space her course etiquette took a hit. "I mean, its not as good as fried Flb'dbi tentacle, but it's surprising really close."

"Carol, can you please swallow before you speak?" Pepper suggested as she continued to stare, her tone full of low disgust at her poor table manners.

Hearing that, the blonde immediately shut her mouth, swallowing her chewed up food with her mouth closed, before picking up her small soda. She then took a sip to clean her mouth some, before swallowing again. "Okay, so...there's a bunch of monsters running around, probably looking for the stones..."

"It's a possibility. Given the sudden frequency of the attacks..." Pepper replied.

"And, while they're doing all that, you, that Captain guy and the weird girl in red are teachers at some school in Japan...teaching kids to be heroes..."

"As crazy as it is..."

"And why would you do that? Seems like a really bad time to pick up teaching with the imminent threat of two universes crashing into each other." Marvel pointed out, leaning into her seat.

"Actually, I don't think it's happening any time soon." the orangette put her hands together. "I mean, you just showed up."

"Okay." the blonde shrugged, looking away for a moment before focusing back on the Iron Maiden. "Meaning what?"

"Remember what Janet Van Dyne said? about the Quantum Realm changing itself on a whim?"

Carol looked up un thought of that, squinting her eyes at that. Nothing. Then again, she didn't understand a thing Hank, Janet, Tony or Shuri said about the subject. "Nope." She shook her head.

"Okay...We were in such a hurry we didn't think about the varying time distribution between us. We entered the Quantum Realm at the exact same time, but because of varying timespan we ended up not just in different locations, but also weeks apart!" Pepper explained as best she could.

Her partner didn't understand a thing. Well, she did, but not all that well.

"So we came in at the same time, but came out at different times." Carol simplified, reaching to the small paper basket that held her fries. All she got was a sporadic sigh and nod. "Why didn't you just say that?"

And it was at this point that this point Pepper not only realized how much she was disappointed it was this woman and not her husband, but that this same woman was a narcissist. Even if she didn't think so, the blonde was definitely full of herself.

The businesswoman let out a breath, gently leaning the side of her head into her hand and shutting her eyes. "You said that light, it was by a stadium near the water?"

"Yeah." Carol nodded as she ate her fries and drank her soda.

"Well we should get moving. Before someone else finds it." Pepper suggested, raising her head and slowly getting out of her seat. "We don't need a fisherman accidentally blowing the whole city up."

While Pepper stepped away from the table to the counter of the food joint to pay the bill, Carol squinted her eyes in thought of that last part. "What's a fisherman?..."

After Carol's refueling the two set out to the streets of Chicago, somehow fitting in surprisingly well. As far as a businesswoman and a blond in a red blue and yellow suit was concerned.

They made their way to where the stone seemed to be. Only to realize that it wasn't a stadium near the water, but an aquarium just by the water.

The two women made their way to the Shedd Aquarium, walking along the path packed with citizens, some passers by, and some in a line by a fold-up table with a familiar old man sitting, with the mustache of a legend and the aviator glasses to boot. On the table, the refined Golden Age 'Marvel' comics. Something that caught Carol's eye.

While Pepper made her way past the line of citizens the the corner of the path, the blonde stopped in her tracks and stepped towards the table, not even minding the line of people or their reactions to some woman in a costume basically cutting ahead of them and picking up one of the paperbacks that read 'The Avengers'.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!" one of the bystanders questioned, immediately getting the heroine's attention, turning towards them with an indifferent expression. "If you want an autograph wait your turn like everyone else!"

"Autograph?" Carol spoke under her breath in confusion, before shaking her head. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I just wanted to...see." she attempted to explain. All while her partner was none the wiser.

Pepper adjusted her glasses as her lenses filled with information while she stared down at the water of the lake. Information that was seemingly unreadable as the HUD of the glasses scrambled subtly. Something messing with her systems. And she had a fair idea what was the cause of it.

"Looks like your tip helped." She stated, turning her attention to her side wher she thought Carol was. Only to realize that she was by the crowd of people a few yards away from her, arguing with her. The business woman simply let out a sigh. "Oh you've gotta be kidding me..."

"No, I just wanted to see these...what are they?" Carol questioned in a confused sense, pointing to the Avengers comic in her hand.

"That, young lady, is a Marvel comic!" Carol turned around to the old man behind the table, adjusting his glasses with a massive grin. " look familiar. Do I know you?"

Upon hearing that she shook her head in denial, despite she herself coming upon the realization that she had seen him before, both on Earth and Xander before it was torn apart. "N-No, I have no idea what you're-"

"Yeah, I remember!" he interrupted abruptly with a joyous tone. "You're the lady from that whole Kree-Skrull war fiasco!"

"No, no no no! That was...Wait, what?"

Suddenly the Galatic warrior felt a hand on her shoulder, and quickly turned to who it belonged to. None other than Pepper.

"Can you please focus?" she asked in an irritated tone.

"Wha-I am focused, thank you very much. I was jus-"

"Help me with this." was her only response. She turned her attention to the old man, putting on a smile. "I'm sorry, she' to all of this."

"Hey, I know that feeling." He shrugged it off. "How're you and your husband doing anyhow?"

To that Pepper stiffened. Because she hadn't told anyone outside of her fellow teachers in Japan about her marriage. Yet somehow this...very familiar man knew about it. Though she was quick to pass it off as just being his Quirk to know things like that.

"Oh, he's fine. Just...away." she nodded with a soft smile. She then turned back to the group of civilians, grabbing Carol by her arm. "We're sorry for the intrusion, we're leaving right now." she assured everyone before pulling herself and her partner away from the small group, even with her small protests.

While the two women made their ways away from the makeshift comic stand, the owner gave an enthusiastic wave, a massive grin on his gleaming face. "Farewell, heroes! Good luck on your journey!" he spoke full of energy. "Excelsior!!"

"I swear, I've seen him before somewh-Ah! Hey!" Carol growled out when Pepper tuggsd her forward into her line of sight.

"Carol! Focus!" Pepper grew a stern and aggressive tone, though not like with Peter and Gwen. "This is important! Or do you not realize our little predicament?"

"I do! I'm just looking around! I haven't seen things like comics before, cut me some slack!"

"I can't! We have a stone right there!" Pepper pointed over the railing of the platform to the water. "There are four more after it!" She shouted out with ferocity. The likes of which made even an intergalactic warrior flinch and step back some as the powerless CEO stepped forward. "I have no idea where they are! And if we can't find them, we're all doomed..."

Carol found herself distraught at that. Not over Pepper, but about what she said. And not just what she said, but the fact that it was true. The situation was dire, and everyone's lives were on the line. Even for an experienced space warrior that was a lot of pressure. And even if she wouldn't show it, she was scared. Scared to fail everyone.

"I don't trust you, not one bit. But I need you to keep your eyes on the ball..." Peppe crossed her arms as she stared at the blonde.

For a moment Carol looked down, nodding softly as she did. "Right...You're right-"

All of a sudden there was a rumble. Like an Earthquake from below them, strong enough to cause the two women and everyone around them to stumble a bit. But just as it came it was gone.

The blonde was left more in confusion than anything, looking atound with a stern battle ready expression. "That was an Earthquake, right?...It's supposed to last more than three seconds...right?..."

"Carol, the stone!" Pepper turned to the waters as it began to ripple, moving in and unnatural way.

Carol turned to the water, as a figure slowly emerged, shaping the lake liquid into a humanoid, faceless figure. A mass of water rose up, forming a hand balled into a fist.

The blonde was ready to go for the stone under the water, but like everyone else found herself caught off guard by the liquid mass being thrust down from above. Thinking quickly she got on offensive defense, her hands swelling with a golden glow as she reeled both of her arms back, before thrusting them both forward and shooting out a hot yellow beam of photons. She gave all she had, but something was off. Her all was weaker than before. And it barely amounted to anything.

The photon blast blew threw the liquid fist, making a hole in it for a moment before it was consumed by more liquid mass.

While everyone, including Pepper ran to shore for cover, Carol stood in dumbfoundment. She quickly glanced down at her hands, still glowing a dim yellow from the blast, before turning her attention to the humanoid tsunami, just in time to feel the impact of its hand hitting her like a truck, with enough force to break the very ground under her feet and send a chunk of the walkway into the water. And Carol along with it.

"Adam! Deploy the M.C.U!" Pepper shouted, slipping out from the small crowd heading to the streets and sliding onto her knees behind a wall, pressing herself against it. "Kinetic pulse Components!"

"On its way! Just hang tight!" A.D.A.M confirmed, while the Water Elemental let out a bellowing whell.

Meanwhile at Montrose Beach the back of the roof to the Stark Technologies private jet opened up in a hexagonal shape, while inside the components and arms moved and twisted at breakneck speeds, attaching and connecting pieces and components to a black and gold armor reminiscent of the Mark 45 armor.

As the machines finished the suit preparations the reactor of the chest along with the eyes lit up a gleaming blue, as its head looked up to the hole above it, immediately blasting off out the jet into the sky. Just as the M.C.U suit got high enough it shut the thrusters of its hands and feet, stopping its ascension and changing directions towards the battle miles away. Turning the thrusters up full power.

Back at the Shedd Aquarium Carol's arm shot out of the water, slamming down onto the obtuse angled platform below the railings of the walkway. She let out a groan as she pulled herself onto dry land, laying on her stomach weakly and wincing some.

"Okay...You got me with that, big guy..." She mumbled under her breath and looked up at the water-made fourty foot giant. There was a dim purple glow moving up its body. The Stone, she was sure of it.

As the behemoth of water slowly stepped away the blonde slowly stumbled onto her feet in a hunched posture, before bending her knees some for a launch. She then shot up, a dozen feet into the air and ready to fly like a rocket. Only to fall face first into shallow water with a groan.

"Urgh..." she growled aggressively into the water, lifting her head up at the monster's backside. Just in time to see a figure fly by. A man in green and gold armor, and a red flowing cape over his shoulders. behind him a trail of green mist. On his head, what looked like a fishbowl filled with smoke. Heading straight for the monster. "What the..."

"M.C.U inbound." A.D.A.M spoke into Pepper's earpiece as she rounded the corner of the wall she hid behind, her eyes tracking the caped figure above while he flew overhead.

"Adam, who is that?" Pepper questioned, and only a second later did she get an answer.

"I'm not sure..." Was his only response.

The caped figure flew fille speed towards the monster's back, lifting an arm towards it with an open palm and shooting out a green ray of energy that blew through it, hitting the purple glow along with it.

As the Water-made monster let out a gargled cry, arching its back, the purple glowing stone was blown out into the sky before flying back into the lake. Only to be caught by the man, flying low on the wate and snatching it as he flew by.

"Gotcha!" He exclaimed, pulling up into the sky before slowing his ascent to a stop. He looked down, opening his palm to see the item acquired. In his palm was the Power Stone, glowing a dim purple. "Amplification...Was hoping for Reality, but this works." Suddenly he lifted his head from the direction of the stone in hand. Something was coming, from below.

Just as he looked down to the water it shot up, rising and forming an open hand to swallow him whole. Quickly the mysterious man shot up higher into the air, out of the water-made hand's grasp before flying back down, past the monster towards land.

With a clank of its metal feet against the concrete ground the black and yellow iron-clad power suit landed in front of Pepper as she ran to the end of the walkway. On its left and right arm silver gauntlets with a purple-ish glow from within the plating. On its back, what looked like silver wings tucked in and down into its back, with sound emitters along them.

Like clockwork the back plating of the black and gold armor opened up wide and making way for Pepper to slip into the suit before shutting tight.

She stepped towards the destroyed platform kneeling down at the crumbling edge and looking down at the obtuse surface below where Captain Marvel slowly stood herself up.

"Are you alright?" Her voice spoke through the suit to the intergalactic warrior.

She just let out a groan, rubbing the back of her head as she stood hunched over. "I was hit...with a tsunami of a hand..." she gave a sarcastic tone. Or, she tried. "I'm doing just freaking dandy!..."

"You're a space goddess, you can walk it off." Pepper simply replied, turning her attention to vast waters and the liquid mass, swinging and shooting arms out from the lake to strike the mysterious caped man, who weaved through it all, shooting green beams from his palms.

"You know who that is?..." Carol questioned while arching her back with her hands on her hips, cracking her spine and letting out a groan.

"Another hero, I think." Peppe stood back up as the two watches the battle in the distance.

"Okay...And what is THAT?!" the blonde pointed towards the humanoid tsunami and turned towards the armored woman.

"Elemental. The water one." Pepper replied offhandedly, stepping off her high ground and landing squarely down on the wet solid ground beside her partner. "We need to help."

"Really? How?" Carol turned to Pepper with a look of frustration mixed with defeat. "My blasts can't hurt it. I doubt yours can either."

"Which means we need a different approach..." Pepper hunched over in her armor, bending over with her silver wings opening up, before blasting off towards the moving fight.

"Alright, time to go big guy!" the mysterious man mumbled to himself while floating backwards after weaving through the Elemental's massive grasp. "C'mon, Potts..." He spun around, flying off towards the pier while the monster followed not far behind.

As he swooped closer to the water, dodging and weaving the monster's advances and firing green beams of energy at the collective mass, Pepper flew high into the air, just above the battle. Just as she flew up into the air she cut off her thrusters, slowing her descent to a stop before elegantly falling back to Earth.

Changing her trajectory straight towards the Elemental her silver gauntlets whirred and twisted up her hands, covering them in plating as she balled them into fists.

The Water Elemental swung its arm back, before swinging it forward towards the Mysterious man, who raised his hands up in defense with visible green mist shielding the impact from himself. Both held their ground, with the caped figure slowly being pushed back with a strained groan.

Only for both to be caught off guard by a massive shockwave, as Rescue built up speed from her descent, combined with thrusters at full speed. She reeled both arms back, purple streaks of electricity pulsing between her gauntlets and wings until she rammed into the collective liquid mass. The moment she made contact and drilled inside the monster, she thrusted her fists together, having built up potential energy in the added components and releasing it all against each other. In an instant the power of the gauntlets was forced against each others, only to immediately disperse outwards inside the beast, spitting it from the inside out with a powerful shockwave.

In a split second a pulse rung out, blowing the Water Elemental apart into nothing but simple water to rain from the sky. The mysterious caprd man was violently blown back, flying past Captain Marvel in the pier and just barely halting his momentum before he ran into and through the wall of the Shedd Aquarium.

Pepper herself was blown towards the waters, flailing around a bit before catching her balance with her thrusters, stabilizing her balance and standing up right in midair. She let out a sigh of relief, before making her way back to the concrete walkway.

Carol jumped up a few feet into the air, up towards the walkway and grabbing onto the edge with a firm grip before pulling herself up onto the high ground. She was wet, but a bit more dried off than before.

The caped man made his way through the hole in the side of the Aquarium building, leviating out into the light before descending down to the concrete walkway just as the armored business woman landed next to her ally.

"That...was interesting..." the mysterious man spoke with a deep base echo through his fish bowl helmet, rotating his right shoulder up and down. "I think I sprained something..."

"Thanks for the assistance." Pepper stated, stepping forwards some and extending a hand for him to take while he got closer. "Holding him off. My associate here had a hard time with it." she continued, turning her head to the side to glare at the wet blonde, who gave a raised brow.

"What? I don't know what happened! I gave it my all, but I don't knowwhat happened! I can't even fly now!" Carol retorted, spreading her arms apart as she did with a scowl upon her lips. Until the man barged in on the incoming argument.

"Well, you did get your powers from an Infinity Stone, yeah?" the man questioned, immediately getting both women's full attention. Pepper's helmet peeled back to reveal a surprised but reserved face, while Carol glared in intrigue on how he knew such a thing. "And this is a different universe. It makes sense. The stones lost a bulk of their power, so naturally any consumer of them got weaker." He put his hands on his hips, tilting his head in his fishbowl helmet. "Am I right? I know I'm warm here."

The two just stared, in a look of either confusion or intimidation. Who was this guy? And how did he know about the stones, let alone that Carol got her powers from one. Pepper didn't even know that, but this stranger did? Wasn't he a native to this world? And...what was with the orb on his head?

"Too much information?" he continued with a quizzical tone. "Sorry, that...That's an old family habit."

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Pepper questioned with a confused look to match her tone of voice.

"Ah! Right, you should probably know who I am..." He nodded, his round helmet peeling away in a digitized blur to reveal his face. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, with hazel brown combed back hair, a perfectly groomed full beard and powerful emerald green eyes that seemed strikingly familiar. Just to Pepper. And it only lasted a second.

"I'm Quin!...tin!" he stated with an awkward grin, extending his hand to hers for a proper greeting, of which she took with little hesitation. "Quentin Beck!..."

"Quentin Beck, huh?..." Carol raised a brow, giving a stern look up and down his body while his and Pepper's hands parted.

"Yeah...that's my name..." he nodded, putting both hands back on his hips as he looked to the two.

"Alright. And tell me, Beck..." the blonde stepped towards him slowly, looking up at his emerald green eyes while pressing a fist against her palm. "Where the hell did you come from and how-"

"Did I know you were from another universe? Intuition, you could call it." he shrugged. He thrn lifted one of his arms opening his palm. In it, the Power stone, glowing a dim purple. "Now, I think this belongs to you."

The two looked down at the stone in his hands, before he tossed it lightly to them. Pepper was quick to snatch it from the air.

"Thanks..." the orangette spoke softly, letting out a sigh of relief. "Really, thank you..."

"Just doing my best." Beck nodded. But soon his smile went away, his tone shifting. "Now, we need to talk."

Quentin laid everything down that he knew. About his knowledge of the stones and the two of them. According to him they were from Earth-199999, a neighboring universe to his, Earth-199988. In his universe he was also Sorcerer Supreme, or more specifically the fifth runner-up. Still he knew exactly what happened, with Peter's snap and their world's collision course with this one. However he knew nothing about where any other stone was or who was in possession of them.

"Oh that's just perfect..." Pepper sighed in frustration as she paced back and fourth, while Beck sat in a luxury chair by the round windows of the private jet.

"Damn...This is your jet?" the blonde questioned as she looked up and down the cabin.

Her only answer, in a stressed tone, was: "Yeah, you get bored when you're three months ahead of everyone else...Can we just...focus?"

The interior of the plane was pristine, with clean hardwood floors, beneath the, white leather seating and a three inch metal wall in the back, where the 'Modular Circulation Unit' now resided.

"Okay, so what do we do now?" Carol questioned, sitting down on the booth on the other side of the jet with her hands on the table in front of her. "Split up?Leave no rock unturned, twenty-four seven until we just so happen to find another one?"

"No, that'd take too long, you'd all be distorted beyond relief. And anyone who wants to take them for themselves can do so without much of a fight." Quentin explained to the two.

"Which means we can't go alone..." The business woman let out another groan. "We have to stick together...We have to get back to the others

Carol looked up at the business woman, giving a raised brow. "The Japan?"

"Best bet." the Sorcerer chimed in. "Better our ranks the harder it'll be to grab the one we already have." he leaned back in his chair.

"Then its unanimous." Pepper announced, turning away from the two and reaching into her suit jacket to pull out her glasses.

"Wait, I didn't get a say!" Carol stated, while the CEO turned to face her, her glasses on.

"Yeah, but it would be two against one..." she shrugged, while her vision filled with her purple shaded lenses HUD. An incoming call, from Steve Rogers. "Hold on...Adam, set up holograph display." she ordered from her AI. As she turned back around an almost transparent HUD appeared in the middle of the cabin, big enough for both powered-up beings to see while the powerless woman stood.

"Accept call." Pepper demanded softly.

Answering the call, Steve's stoic headshot appeared, filling most of the screen along with other subtle features.

"Steve, is something wrong?" the orangette questioned while crossing her arms. "Did something happen on your end?"

"Scott's gone silent." the Captain stated simply to the other end. "He went to track down the signal Peter gave us this morning, and he hasn't radioed in since."

"Well did you contact Hope?"

"She called me." Steve responded. Pepper looked down, putting her hand on her chin. "He hasn't radioed back in five hours, but the tracker still looks intact so we know where he is."

"If it isn't a decoy?" Quentin chimed into the conversation, and immediately everyone in the cabin turned their attention to him, Carol giving an accidental glare. Immediately the atmosphere changed from tense to tense-awkward. "I mean...Yeah, it might be decoy. And, slash or, a trap to weed you out. But...I don't think anyone really cares for you guys. You're like a bunch of...C-Rank heroes."

Silence filled the cabin, as well as the other end of the call, as the two women stared towards the bearded sorcerer. Carol giving a confused look, like she was offended of being called C-Ranked. But her anxiousness went just as it came.

"Except you. You just got here, so...D-Rank."

Did I say her anxiety went? More, tripled her insecurity.

"Who's that?" Steve questioned, audibly confused.

"Someone else who got stranded here, like Gwen." Pepper explained.

And while she continued Carol turned to Quentin with a confused look. "There are more of...people like you?"

All the while Beck's eyes widened, and he gulped before looking away and mumbling something softly to himself.

"And what about Wanda? Do you know where she is?" Pepper paced left and right between the powered beings.

"She's in homeroom with Peter and Gwen."

"Alright. Tell her to keep an eye on them. I don't really want another anxiety attack until the next Elemental attack..." Pepper huffed. "We'll be back in a few hours, get ready..."

"Right." Steve spoke from the other end. "See you in a few."

And with that, the hud closed, disappearing before the three.

Without skipping a beat the orangette CEO turned around to the two others, walking backwards towards the metal wall as it slid open behind her, revealing a typw of automated workshop storing the Modular Circulation Unit armor.

"Buckle up you two." she suggested, a holographic display appearing beside her while she turned her attention to the suit. "We have a lot of ground to cover. It's gonna get really bumpy..."

He didn't know why. There was no sense of danger visible. Nothing from his sixth sense alerting him to anything. However he still felt a soft unease. And then it hit him, Peter had a fair assortment of eyes on him. looks of awe from fans, gazes of indifference and annoyance for what he's done in the wake of recent events. A small amount stares suspicion and unease. An odd mix of gratfulness, glee or grievance for the young man as he walked down the city block.

After school had ended Peter immediately went to the Support Course building for his hosts, in hopes he would get her back to her apartment safely. In light of both recent events, and the fact that he knows her internal clock is all over the place, he figured it'd be best to do so, lest something happened to her.

He did get her home, however the walk there was quiet. And for most of the time they were together the girl was red in the face. He didn't know why, it seemed out of character for her. Especially after a day presumably with a sentient armor with Mr. Stark's voice. Even when the two got home he couldn't get a conversation going, since Mei cut him off at most points with nervous rambling before running off into her room for thirty minutes.

After calming herself however she came out of her room to speak to the exchange student in his room, only to barely get out anything. The only thing Peter got was that she wanted his suit, and that she may have cracked a way to get the Healing Unit up and running, which she herself found odd. She wasn't one to care about other people's wellbeing, especially people he just met. She also wasn't one to have a frog in her mouth or feel awkward around people. Yet here she was.

And now here he was, walking down the street of Musutafu. No suit, having switched from his U.A uniform into civilian clothing, a simple red shirt with the Japanese symbols for 'Joker' in big bold and black font, and grey sweat pants, for easier mobility.

He was on his way to Yayarozou's home for the class tutoring session. Though it wasn't going to be the whole class he knew Denki, Sero, Mina and of course Momo would be there. And he knew the time to be there, and decided to leave early.

He figured it'd be best to grab some snacks, since he knew it'd be a few hours working on the material that was literally foreign to him. So he stopped by a small grocery store, grabbing what he assumed were chips and trail mix, as well as what he was guessing was a twelve-pack of soda from the store fridge. Everything was in Japanese and not english he wasn't much sure.

Just as he was about to leave the fridge in the back of the story the entrance flew open, almost off its hinges as three men came in. Though their sizes and clothes varied, the cheap bandanas covering their faces made it clear what was about to occur.

"Open the register!" the tall bulky robber started, immediately slamming his fist into the counter and breaking it beneath him in an attempt to intimidate. Its only result was setting the young American into Hero-Mode behind them.

"Ugh! So tired. And bored. And hungry!" A blonde woman groaned as she stretched her arms up over her head, walking down the street with a look of disinterest upon her clear face. She wore a purple and pale-tan skintight bodysuit, with orange accented stripes running along it to separate the primary and secondary colors. All of which was covered up by a simppe brown coat. On her face a purple domino face mask that gave horn-like protrusions on her head.

This was Yu Takeyama, better known to the public as the Giant Hero 'Mt. Lady'. With her simple power known as 'Gigantification' she has the ability to grow up to sixty-eight feet. Though, she can't grow anywhere between that size and her normal five-foot-four height.

"Hero work is a restless job, Mt. Lady!" the fellow pro hero walking beside her spoke. Though he was far more energetic than he should have been.

He was a tall man with a muscular physique underneath the white skintight shirt and baggy dark blue pants, which were held together by two green lines around his waist like a belt. His head was protected by a white helmet, with a face wide yellow visor that revealed his charismatic grin and his blue, pupiless oval eyes. On his chest, to go with the gold lining running down his suit and padding, a gold crusted 'one million' plated across the chest.

"Especially for heroes like us! That's what my pops always told me!"

To that the blonde rolled her eyes. Not that she was annoyed. Quite the opposite, it was rather refreshing having a hero-in-training was constantly upbeat no matter what. Plus he made her look good in a variety of ways, particularly in the partnership aspect.

"You're father wasn't a Pro the last I checked." she retorted while setting her arms down and her hands in her jacket pockets.

"It still is a quote to remember!" the young hero exclaimed with an optimistic smile. "That and another one. He got it from a comic book character. It went: 'With Great power, comes great respo-"

Suddenly the two heard a crash just a few feet away, as a large bulky body flew through a store door, knocking it off its hinges. The man rolled onto his stomach, seemingly unmoving. He was knocked out, as evident from his body deflating and shrinking to a below average size.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry sir!" They heard Peter's voice, and offhandedly shot each other a shocked and confused expression. "I think we need to call an ambulance..He should be okay-Hey, that isn't nice!" he shouted out, while punches and swings insued.

The two leaned into the doorframe, only to see an aftermath of the fight inside. A line of stands were knocked over, with one of the robber limp against the wall with his face in the floor and his legs dangling over himself, unconscious. Meanwhile the second robber was on the ceiling, tied like a fly in a spider's web, struggling and squirming.

Meanwhile the young man was at the counter, placing the twelve pack and chips on the busted surface with a nervous grin. "Is this soda? I'm sorry, I just really wanna know so I...don't go purchasing... not-soda." he rambled on.

"Hey," both Peter and the cashier turned their attention to the blonde female in the purple and tan bodysuit in the doorframe of the store. "Kid. I know you. Bug-Guy, right?"

"Uh...Spider-Man..." Peter mumbled while veering his gaze away from the Pro. Then he perked up. This may have counted as a second strike, stopping a group of robbers terrorizing a store clerk and causing a bit of minor damage. In the grand scheme of Hero Society would find this very inconsequential but he didn't know that.

Immediately he scrambled to explain himself, stumbling all over himself from the start. "This isn't what it looks like! I mean, unless you thought I just took down a bunch of robbers...B-But I didn't kill them! Just knocked them out! And besides, they threw the first punch. I was-"

"Alright alright cool it Spidey-Boy." Mt. Lady spoke in a bit of an amused tone. "I believe you."

"Say, I've seen you around!" Mt. Lady's partner said as he walked into the shop. A natural smile upon his lips. "The exchange student from America!"

"Right, yeah..." By this point the refreshments had been cleared as being soda, and after paying he stuffed them into his back pack before draping the straps onto his shoulders. He stepped away from the counter, turning to the clerk for a moment. "Do you need any help cleaning? I-I just wanna know...No?...You don't talk that much do you?"

"So you're in the Hero Course?" Yu questioned, stuffing her hand into her pockets.

"Yeah, Class 1-A." Peter shrugged some, before offhandedly turning his attention to the clock hanging on the wall. "Speaking of which what time is-Holy crap!"

"What? What's wrong?" The tall young hero beside the female Pro questioned. The two of them looked up at the clock upon the wall. It was four-seventeen, about thirteen minutes from the class tutoring session actually beginning.

"I'm sorry, I gotta go! I really don't wanna be late!" Peter blurted out, weaving past the two Heroes outside. He ten turned to them as they watched him speedwalk backwards. "That webbing's gonna dissolve in an hour, you guys might wanna call the cops before then!" And with that, the young man turned around, falling into a full sprint down the street and weaving past civilians on his way to his destination.

"Woah!" Kaminari stared on at a twentysomething foot metal gate in front of them. Sero, Ojiro, Mina and Jiro, along with the addition of Gwen and Bakugo.

Before them was what they all presumed would be the gate in front of the concrete path that would lead to the Yayarozou household, as evident by the family name Japanese symbols on the plating of the concrete ends of the twenty-foot fence.

The thing was, the Yayarozou household was not at all a house. Or, technically it wasn't one house. More like six regular two story houses elegantly put together. Up on the hill in front of the six stood a mansion, about five times as big as any of their houses.

All the U.A students stared in awe, as well as surprise. Except for Bakugo. He didn't seem to care.

"I knew Momo's family was loaded, but I didn't think they were THIS loaded!" Kaminari declared in pure astonishment.

"It's bigger than my entire apartment complex..." Gwen uttered, eyes wide in complete and utter surprise. She didn't know Momo or anything about her family and their wealth, so this was quite the surprise for her. Much like her host being there was a surprise for everyone else.

"Are we at the right house?" Mina asked offhandly, a finger on her pink chin while she stared at the place, obviously intimidated.

"It is the place she said to meet for tutoring..." Jiro replied offhandedly, still taken aback by how big the property was.

"So, do we knock?..." Sero questioned, only to see out the corner of his eye the American blonde bend her knees down some before leaping into the air. With ease she scaled the gate, landing in a crouching position on top of the stone pillar holding the gate up.

"Gwen?! What're you doing?!" Kaminari exclaimed in immediate shock.

"It's fine. Don't worry. I'm just scouting the area out." the American stated woth a thumbs up. "Call Momo so she can let us in."

With that Jiro let out a sigh. "I think I ggot the reason why Bakugo is her host now..."

"And what reason would that be?..." they heard Bakugo's voice spoken through gritting teeth. Immediately rhe punk-rocker jumped in complete and utter fear of her life.

"S-S-Speaking of which, why are you here?..." Sero attempted to defuse the situation while Kaminari pressed the big red button on the control panel wielded into the concrete pillar connected to the gate.

"Because I didn't need her getting in trouble on my watch." the spiky haired blonde spat out.

"His mother asked him to escort me." Gwen chimed in plainly. "Which I expected to be louder than it actually was. Still, how chivalrous." she went on while looking away from the group. All the while her host let out a snarl, smoke escaping his palms.


"I'm just saying. it's nice that your mother cares so much on your behalf."

A buzz then filled their ears, as Kaminari pressed the door bell. After a moment they for an answer.

"Hello?" a female voice greeted through the intercession. It didn't sound like Momo however, it was likely a maid. "Yaoyorozou residence. How may I help you?"

"Yeah, Class 1-A?" Kaminari started in an attempt to find the right words.

Mina was next to speak, stepping beside her lightning bolt blonde classmate to the intercom. "We're here for the tutoring session?" Nothing else came from the other side.

Jiro got between her two classmates, speaking into the intercom for a quick moment. "Hello? You still the-"

"You're here!" Momo's voice erupted from the speaker without warning, causing the three students to jump while Gwen, Bakugo, Sero and Ojiro gave one another varying looks, mainly a raised brow. "And early too! But that's okay. Please, come in!"

And with that the gates gave way for the six on the ground and Gwen perched up top.

It wasn't long before the seven students made their way up the concrete path to the Yayarozou household, straight to the front door, which were massive double doors instead. And when the door opened, behind it stood their classmate, Momo, giving a radiant smile to the seven.

"I'm so happy you all could make it." she greeted them. Though he was caught off guard by the fact Bakugo was there. Mina, Jiro, Ojiro and Sero were in the bottom twenty of class grades, so they needed help. But Bakugo had the top five highest teat scores in the class. What would he need to be there for?

And for that matter, where was Peter?

The group made their way inside, and while a majority of the group was guided by a maid to where their study session would be held, Mina and Gwen pulled Momo aside.

"Have either of you seen Peter?" Mina questioned the two.

All she got was a shrug from the exchange as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her cargo pants.

"He said he was coming." Momo stated, grabbing her wrist as she spoke. "Perhaps something came up?"

"Can't have anything to do with the teachers." Gwen retorted. "I probably would've been notified about it."

"Do you think something happened? Do you think he could've gotten hurt? He might've gotten in trouble!" Ashido's voice elevated from slight curiosity to that of fear.

She knew that Peter could handle himself a fair bit, possibly better than their top stars Todoroki and Bakugo, but he was still healing. whatsmore he was still young, not nearly as experienced as his comic book counterpart. That being said, if he had even half of the rogues gallery he had in the comics, and they ganged up on him, he was done for. And right now that thought filled her with a heartaching inducing anxiety.

"Okay, if you're gonna think like that, I implore you to keep it to yourself." The blonde stated plainly, tossing the pink skinned girl a glare that itself said enough. 'Shut it and don't make me think about that, you'll be speaking through a machine.' "He probably got caught up with something. Like fanboys. Or fangirls like you."

"She's right." Yayarozou nodded, keeping an optimistic tone to oppose Gwen's neutral stance and Mina's fearful pessimistic tone. "He may have gotten caught up in something-" she continued, only to stop in her verbal tracks when she heard one of the mansion maids call her name. All three girls turned their attention to her, the host of the session giving a gentle smile. "Yes?"

"I believe someone is here for your studying session? The young man from the recent news..." The maid stated, though with a bit of a quizzical look and tone.

Immediately she, as well as Mina and Gwen knew who it was.

"Yes! Please let him in." Momo nodded, before turning to her pink skinned classmate. "See? Nothing to worry about."

"Actually, Miss Yayarozou..." The maid started, only to clear her throat, her gaze lingering from her employer's daughter. "It's better if you come and see."

To that the three gave looks of confusion. Most notably Gwen squinting her eyes ever so slightly.

The maid took the three towards the front door, and opened one of the double doors to look outside.

What they were met with was their exchange student, Peter. An absolute mess like earlier that day. His once combed back hair a mess, smudges of dirt on his face and clothes. Holding onto his arm like a vice was a maid, a blonde with two carbon gauntlets on her wrists as opposed to the usual puffy cuffs.

"Hey guys..." He greeted with a smile, his gaze lowered as he sighed.

"Natilia found him in the back, and thought he was trying to break in." the blonde maid stated in a cold tone. Much to her captive's dismay. Though he kept what was on his mind on the subject to himself. "You know him?"

"Of course! He's one of my classmates." Momo explained. "Didn't he tell you that?"

"Yes." she nodded, still keeping the same cold tone. "But it's my job to keep you safe. I'd rather not take the chance with you near someone of...controversial relations."

To that Mina huffed, stepping up past the Maid and Momo to speak. Only to be cut off by Gwen's sudden hand over her mouth as a way to muffle her words.

"No, he's okay." Momo nodded softly. "Thank you, Ms. Belova. we appreciate your concern." she said with a little bow.

The maid bowed back, and like that let go of the young man, taking a step backwards to allow him his space.

After quickly looking back to her the young man walked up to the porch in front of him, stepping up and through the door.

"Please forgive Ms. Belova..." Momo asked of the young man, letting out a gentle sigh. "She's just very sensitive to others. She's convinced someone's going to come after me for ransom of my father's money." She attempted to lighten up the atmosphere of the halls, letting out a soft chuckle. She wasn't exaexactly joking, but it was nice to she cared so much.

"Well, that'll be awkward when you're a hero, won't it?" Peter raised a brow, cracking a bit of a smile while he looked into the wealthy young lady's eyes. The awkward presence dispelled further from the four, as Gwen watched the two, her hand still firmly on Mina's lips to shut her up.

"I suppose." Momo replied softly, brushing her hanging bangs from her eyesight. And for a faint moment that feeling came back to her male exchange student. That fuzzy tingle down his spine at full force. And he knew the source. The Vice Representative of Class 1-A standing right in front of him.

But just as soon as that feeling came, it went, leaving the young man frozen while Momo turned away. "We shouldn't keep the others waiting!" she stated with a triumphant and determined tone, before walking off ahead.

That was her chance. Mina's moment to swoop in, possibly get a seat beside him. Hopefully help him, she hoped.

But as quick as that hope ignited it was snuffed out, when Gwen put a hand on her shoulder, leaning in and whispering into her ear. "Can you go on ahead. I need to talk to Mr. Tardy."

"W-What?!" Pinky exclaimed in a whispered shout, turning to the blonde with a bit of a frown. "Can't it wait? At least until after the session?"

Her only answer was a glare. And that was all that had to be said. 'Step off so we can talk, or lose your legs for eighteen months'.

At the drop of an imaginary dime Mina's frown turned into a fearful, flustered look. She knew better than to get on her badside. "R-Right..."

With that the acid girl walked off, both flustered that she just missed out on more time with her overall favorite hero, and terrified of his accomplice.

While she walked past Peter down the hall behind Momo the young man snapped out of his sudden train of thought. He took a step, ready to question the pink girl, only for his fellow arachnid to grab him by the strap of his backpack, pulling him close while also holding in place.

"Where were you?" She questioned plainly while looking down at him. There was no visible change in expression, but her piercing emerald green eyes said it all. "We were worried about you. Especially the Ms. Pinky Fangirl." she stated, looking away for a moment down the hall, where their two classmates turned a corner into a room.

"Hey, I'm fine." Peter reached back to grab Gwen's wrist, gently pulling her loose hand from his bag while he shined a smile for her to see. "I was just stopping by a store. I figured I'd grab some snacks for tutoring...And, maybe I stopped a robbery in the process."

"You what?"

"Wel-Hey! It was a kneejerk reaction!" Peter declared, making his way forwatd with his blonde partner following by his side. "I can't just stand by and let something like that happen, knowing I could help!"

"I'm not mad." Gwen clarified. "And I'm not gonna lecture you on it."

To that the young man stopped, turning around to the blonde while squinting his eyes in confusion. "Then...Why are discussing it?..."

"Because aside from popular opinion I do care about my classmates, Peter." she stated, before lifting a hand above his head and giving a single pat. "Now get in there." Not even four seconds later, in one swift motion she spun him around to the open door, before pushing him inside. "Alright, c'mon."

"Yeah yeah I'm going..."

They knew where he was. Or at least they knew where the signal of his suit tracker was. In one of the many Wards near Hosu City. By the lake at an abandoned building weeks from being torn down. The paint of the exterior were faded greatly, almost indistinguishable from the brick's original brownish red color. The windows, or lack-there-of were cracked, ready to break with just a breath.

Across the street of the old abandoned building, perched atop a roof stood his one of his partner. Carol Danvers, sitting down with her legs dangling, as she looked into her binoculars towards the building. both masked by the dark of the light.

"Okay...No type of activity on the ground...Really no type of anything down there actually." Carol said as she lifted her vision towards the docks.

"Alright, everyone in position?" Pepper spoke into her comms.

Behind the building, on the docks Pepper landed on the concrete ground, between stacks of shipping containers to conceal herself. The armored Avenger wore a matte black and silver armor, a skinnier M.C.U build. Reminiscent of the Mark 40 'Shotgun' armor, this variant was built specifically for stealth and recon missions instead of overall performance like her previous build.

She stepped out from between the containers, looking to her left, and then to her right. No one was around. It was all clear. "Cap? How're you doing?

Down on the ground, in the shadows, slipping through a busted shutter window into the interior of the abandoned building Steve was, fully suited up in a dark blue suit, layered by thin navy blue armor plating in the chest, arms and legs. Wrapped around his forearms the carbon armbands holding the nanites of his shield. "In position. No cameras in sight."

"Alright..." With that, Rescue bended her knees down, sqatting before leaping up several feet inti the air, her feet gently landing onto the surface of the top crate stack. Giving her a better view of the shipping docks. "Hope, do you see anything?"

The Wasp wasn't supposed to even be there. She needed to be in the hospital, resting from the Hosu-Elemental Incident. But she insisted. Even with her injuries. She couldn't stand in the sidelines while her partner was in trouble.

The insect sized hero flew through, having slipped through a cracked window to the second level, her wings fluttering a hundred times per minute to keep her in the air.

Like a fly she flew through the halls, making sure to stay above for better overhead. She searched every room on the floor, changing back to full size as she went through. The first room, nothing. Second, empty. Third, a hole in the floor.

"C'mon, c'mon...You have to be here..." She told herself, opening and closing from door to door to find nothing, and letting out an aggravated growl within each room she looked through.

But in the end it was all for not. As her helmet slid back to reveal her bandaged right cheek and fading left black-eye, she let a sigh, putting a hand to her ear. "He's not on the second floor..." she groaned lowly. But all of a sudden she felt something splat onto her back, a white string of thick silk, a webline. And before she had a chancr to react she was tugged off her feet, and sent flying.

"Understood." Pepper nodded as she spoke into comms. "Cap?"

"Looking." the veteran whispered offhandedly, looking through the first floor. Almost nothing. From the looks of it the building used to be a storage facility, though emptied out almost completely say for a few boxes stacked up on some of the dozens of the almost three story shelves. And dozen sheets thrown up, hanging from the first level of a specific set of shelves to the fifth.

"What the..." Steve mumbled under his breath, stepping down the aisle of the facility with light and quiet feet. Making his way towards them he couldn't help but notice something. It was the Ant-man helmet and costume, folded neatly on the shelf, next to an opened box of pizza. Which was missing three slices and still warm. It got there recently. Meaning someone was there, and if they weren't anymore, they weren't that far away.

The soldier spun around, getting a good three-sixty degree look around to try and catch anything. Nothing.

Then he heard something. A whisper in the dark, above him. And then another.

He didn't bother to look up, instead focusing his sight to the Ant-Man suit while the rest of his senses focused on his surroundings.

Then he heard a shift. A scrap against the metal shelf, metal against metal. Someone, something was above him.

But just as he was about to make a move, Pepper's voice filled his ear.

"Steve, you have bogies heading your way!" She exclaimed into the comms, while outside she perched atop a light pole. In her vision on the ground a woman in a matte black jacket ran towards the abandoned building. Along with what looked like a blur speeding past them.

"How many?" The blonde questioned. His answer, the massive garage door on the other end of the building being lifted open to let the evening light inside. The captain was quick to lift his arm, as the nanites from his armbands moved, strutured and materialized his red and white starred round shield.

Without a second of hesitation he reeled his arm back, before swinging it out of his grasp, sending it flying through the facility, bouncing repeatedly off the beams of the metal shelves straight towards the opened garage door.

Outside on the top of the nearby building Carol got onto her feet and stood straight, turning towards the master-of-illusions Quentin he reeled his arm back with an open palm while his other arm was in front of him, throwing up the devil's horns hand signal tilted to side. In front of both his hands glowing symbols similar to that of a sorcerer, only a green color with the pyramid eye in the middle. Needless to say it caught Carol off guard, and she didn't see the bigger light projection begind her.

"What're you doing?" she questioned in confusion.

"Real quick, how durable are you?" Quentin questioned, almost in a grave cynical tone while he turned his head to look at her.

The blonde simply raised a brow in complete confusion. "Pretty durable. Wait, you're asking this now?!"


Not even breaking eye contact he balled his open hand into a fist, before thrusting it forward and shooting the light construct into his ally's back and breakneck speed, sweeping her off her feet and sending her flying into the air, straight towards a shutter window of the building, and seeming Steve, at bullet speed. All while hearing her scream at the top of her lungs for everyone in a five block radius to hear.

After he relaxed himself, standing straight and cracking his neck he looked down at the building while Captain Marvel's flying body busted through the shutter glass. His fishbowl helmet covered his head in a digitized blur, filling with mist while the silhouette of a skeleton appeared on the front. "You can thank me later..." he mumbled, a with an echoey deep base after-voice.

Everything had slowed to a crawl for her. Every second for everyone else was the equivalent of five for her. Feeling the air for her turn into a semi-solid force against her body she ran into the facility through the open garage door.

As the veteran's shield was swung towards her she began her maneuver, intentionally slipping herself off her feet onto her side, sliding on the concrete floor as the shield flew overhead. Then with her hand she pushed herself back up, before reaching out and grabbing an edge of the flying disk. She spun herself around while she propped herself back up on her. Then, turning towards the veteran with her arm reeled back she swung the shield with an increased velocity.

Her actions only lasted three seconds to Steve, and all he saw was a blur duck and grab his shield, before chucking it right back at him at highspeeds.

But just as he lifted his hands up, balling them into fists a shuttee window busted in, as Captain Marvel's body flew into the crossfire.

Taking the impact of the vibranium shield to the back she flew back, falling to the floor and rolling onto her stomach with a growl of pain.

"Eh?" The blur died down, revealing a blonde with silver highlights in her mid-short hair, and neon green eyes with the imprint of ticking clocks in her irises.

Looking down at his fellow captain, Steve kneeled down to her, extending his arm to call the shield back to his abands with a whirring clank. "You alright, Danvers?"

All he got was a groan, full of nothing but frustration and overshadowing pain. This was the first time in years that she'd been hurt in any capacity, which she didn't miss a spec of. Slowly she pushed herself up onto her knees, before planting one of her feet into the floor. "What's that shield made out of?..."

All of sudden they heard a thud, the impact of big metal feet against the concrete floor. Both captains looked toward that shelves, to see the back of a humanoid machine, a robot with bright red coated plating and black under-plating. Its figure was thin, long legs crouched, arms just as stretchy. On either of his thighs were 'Caution' stripes, on his right thigh was a firearm resembling a sub machine gun with an extended nozzle. Swiftly it stood straight, turning to the two with a hunched postire, its glowing yellow optical lenses narrowing down at them.

"Okay, big robot, that's a big robot..." Carol stumbled onto her feet, immediately ready to fall on her partner. But she caught herself, putting her hand onto her back with a groan.

"You take the girl, I got the robot." Captain America stated, spreading his legs for a leveled stance while lifting his hands and balling them into fists.

"What, no...I'll take the robot." Carol retorted, lifting her fists up as she got into a fighting stance next to Steve.

" my guest." he shrugged, while his partner turned her gaze to the red twenty-three foor tall mecha, swiping its weapon from its right thigh into its grasp, before aiming straight for the two.

Her eyes widened as the massive weapon whirred in the mech's grasp. Carol squeaked. Like a mouse in the presence of a cat three times her size. "Okay big boy...Whaddya got?!"

Meanwhile, moments earlier Daisy opened the garage door of the building. And just as she was about to run in along with the blur she felt herself get swept off her feet, as she was tackled by the flying metal black and silver Iron Man armor coming in out of nowhere.

The two women tumbled onto the ground together, before Daisy balled her hands into a fist and thrust them into Pepper's stomach, pumping a concussive pulse into her armor and sending her flying backwards. With pieces of the now cracked torso plating flying off she tumbled onto the ground until she landed on her feet and slid to a stop, using her hand repulsors as brakes until she halted.

"I don't appreciate you coming for my people like this..." Daisy stated in a gruff, exhausted tone, kneeling down before slowly standing herself up with a hunched stature.

Pepper simply shrugged, standing tall on her two feet. "And I don't appreciate you kidnapping my friends. Where's Scott?"

"What, is he someone on your list? Like Carl Mach?!" Daisy spat at the armored woman, who behind the faceplate narrowed her eyes. "You're gonna have to get through me..."

Hope let out a growl from the upper levels, squirming in her new confines, pressed against the wall at the end of the barely lit hallway, strung against it by thick strings of white fluids resembling a spider's web.

"Trust me, their's no point struggling. You're staying right here." a young male voice, a bit deep in bass, stepped forward, seeming to appear literally out of nowhere.

A young figure standing five-foot ten, with a bit of muscle on a toned athletic build, in a metallic black form fitting suit covering his whole body, lined with red lines down and across his upper body that resembled web patterns. The miffle anf ring fingers on both his hands were colored a shiny red, as well as matte red thin twin-wrist gaintlets on either arm. Over his face was a mask, resembling Peter Parker's Spider-Man mask, with wide eyes inside a red frame. On his chest a small spider-insignia giving off a dim red glow.

"I saw you coming a mile away." He stated, crossing his arms as the eyes of his mask squinted. "But I don't know why. Care to explain?"

To that, the Wasp let out a low growl, mainly of irritation. But she calmed herself, as best as possible anyway.

Letting out a sigh she spoke. "I'm here for my partner, Scott Lang. His suit tracker lead us here."

"Scott?..." He tilted his head. He knew the name, Scott Lang: The Ant-Man. But he was trying to figure something else out. "Your partner..."

"Hope! Hope Van Dyne!" she blurted out, causing him to fully pull his attention to her. "The...The Wasp..." She groaned as she stated. She hated that codename with a passion.

"I know. I just wanted to make sure." the masked man uncrossed his arms, stepping back a bit. "He's said a lot about you. Good things, I promis-"

"Where is he?!" she spat out aggressively. Something that didn't even faze him.

"Except the attitude." he continued with a cynical tone. "He's out. I don't know where though, Kamala took him and Peni out to get some fresh air."

"Wait, what?" Hope gave a confused look. "But the tracker-"

"Has a fairly unique USN signal. Almost like it doesn't belong here. Just like you and your friends." the masked man stepped forward, looking Hope dead in the eye through his mask, of which the eyes of it squinted. "You're more organized than us. So riddle me this, just what is going on?"

Outside the building, out on the docks the fight between the armored Avenger and the walking earthquake ensued. And the former seemed against the wall. Both figuratively and quite literally, as Pepprr was launched into the air and through the metal doors of an elevated shipping container with an ear ringing clang against the back of the container.

Leaving a human sized dent she fell onto the floor below, letting out a groan. She looked up at the ceiling of the container and slowly moved her legs to plant her feet into the floor "Why did I choose the least combat efficient suit again?..." she mumbled to herself as she stumbled onto her feet slowly.

"Hey, it was your idea. How could I have known you'd be taking a woman with concussive pulse waves head on?!" Her husband's voice spoke into her ears, complete with his sarcastic tone.

"I know, I know..." she groaned, stepping forward with a hunched stature. She took a step through the busted opening in front of her.

Outside, on the ground, Daisy walked through the docks towards her, hunched over as she growled lowly. Her hair in her eyes while she grit her teeth.

"This isn't good..." A.D.A.M spoke into her ear. "Armor integrity's at twenty-nine percent."

"Can you call any components?"

"The armor-lock plating's too damaged to attach!"

"Of course..." Pepper sighed softly. "Put all power into Concussive-Repulsor-Pulse, and eject on my say so." she looked away as she order the AI.

"Right." With that, the armored Avenger made her way to the ground, squatting down before leaping into the air and falling down to Earth, straight towards her opponent.

Daisy was quick to move out the way, rolling inti a ball to her side as Pepper's feet slammed down into the concrete ground.

Quick to roll back onto her feet in a kneeling position she opened her palm, extending an arm out towards Pepper ready to fire another blast. At the same time, Pepper turned to her, raising both hand up as her repulsors lit up bright. Except the both of them instantly froze. Daisy with narrowed eyes, and Pepper giving a look of shock at what she was looking at.

Right there, in her vision stood a man. Awfully familiar in height, facial expression, a black goatee with a bit of grey stubble. On him was a familiar hot red and gold armor, with a glowing blue chestpiece.

Standing before her was her former employer. Present husband, love of her life, and future father of her children. Tony Stark, kneeling right in front of her, somehow, some way.

"Pepper, look at me. Look at me." he spoke. It was the same voice. Exactly. And she had no idea why. How was he even here?

"T...Tony..." She stared on, petrified at the sight. Slowly she lowered her hands, with her repulsors dimming.

"Yeah. It's me, Pep..." He nodded with a small, sincere smile. Slowly he raised his hand from his side, reaching for the cheek of her helmet, until the wrist of his hand was caught firmly by hers.

"How...How are you here?..." She muttered softly, the upper part of her faceplate splitting apart and sliding back to reveal her eyes. Her eyes so filled with sorrow, anguish just seeing him after so long. "Y...You're here!" She whelled, pulling her arms outward and wrapping them around Tony, holding him tight. Already she was on the verge of tears, just being able to see, touch, hold him after so long.

Daisy simply watched, slowly getting onto her feet as she stared in utter confusion and surprised. She didn't know how, or why, but this stranger came out of nowhere, literally out of thin air.

"Where have you been? I've been so worried! Steve was so worried, we didn't know where you ended up or when! We couldn't-" Pepper struggled to speak through her weeps while she cried into her husband's shoulder.

"It's alright. It's okay." he comforted with a soft whisper.

"I missed so much!..." Pepper spoke softly as she held onto him tight, likr she was never going to let go. Until she heard his voice speak words that may very well have broke her heart.

"I'm sorry, baby. I don't wanna go, but I have to." Tony spoke solemnly.

Pepper's eyes shot open, and she inched away some to look him in the eyes. "What do you mean? You're here. We need you, Peter needs you."

"Not yet." he smiled softly. Almost like it was the last smile she ever see from him. Gently he put a hand on the side of her faceplate as her eyes let streams of tears fall down for him to see. Despite her protests, the Stark couldn't stop it, as his touch began to fade, along with his body, in a shimmering dust. "I love you. So much. Keep Peter and Gwen safe. please..."

"W-Wait, don't go! Please, don't!-" Her tone grew desperate as she pleaded for him to stay. All to no avail as she felt his body lose its tangiblity, his body dissipating into shimmering red stardust. "Don't...Don't leave me..." she let out one last plea, her eyes wide and streams coming down her cheeks as she saw red dust that was once her husband blowing away.

The two were shrouded in silence as they were left alone once more, Daisy staring down at the woman covered in power armor. She stepped forward towards Pepper as she regained her composure, raising an opened hand to her. One well precise Concussive blast would snap her neck, though she wouldn't be able to accomplish that task in her state. So one full power blast would have to do. However before Daisy could fire off she heard a voice only she recognized.

"Wait! Ms. Johnson, stop!" a voice filled the air, young and bright, but panicked and frantic. The tipsy woman turned her attention to the source, which was above her with legs stretched a good ten feet upward. her distance was wide by at least ten feet with every step. "She's like us! She's a hero!" the young girl's legs retracted back to normal length, returning to normal height below the drunk standing at five-six.

Her skin was a dirt brown, flawless complexion, her eyes a dark brown along with her shoulder length hair a silky black color. On her a blue unzipped hoodie and white t-shirt.

"Kamala, what're you talking about?" Daisy looked down at her, narrowing her eyes. "Where's Peni and Scott?" she questioned, immediately grabbing Rescue's attention, as the upper part of her faceplate collapsed down to cover her eyes.

"With this guy in a cape and fishbowl helmet! He said I needed to stop you!" Kamala explained, only to look away for a moment down towards rhe armored Avenger. " that Iron Man?"

Daisy turned her attention back to the woman in black and silver armor. With every second questions piled up for her. Who was this? How did Kamala know her as this 'Iron Man'? Was she really the threat that she foresaw her as?

The black haired woman took a step forward as Pepper stared up at her, shooting herself off from her kneews and onto her feet. But just as the two got closer Kamala's arm stretched between them, before the rest of her body slid in between them.

"He's not the bad guy! He's like me, and Peni, Miles, Scott!" the young woman attempted to explain to Daisy, catching Pepper off guard behind her.

"Like you?..." Pepper questioned, to which the young woman turned towards her.

And it was at that moment she realized the gender of the person in the suit. "Oh, you're a woman...But you're from another Earth, right?!" She asked, getting closer and closer, and causing the Quirkless hero to step back.

"Y-Yeah?...Wait, you're from another Universe too?!"

Daisy was quick to let out a groan of annoyance. She was wrapping her head around the situation slowly, she had yet to figure out how Kamala was even here or what was going on. With a low growl she shouted, getting both lady's attentions. "Someone tell me what the hell is going on! Now!"

"Scott! Where is he?!" Pepper questioned once more, stepping forward some towards the young hero and the Earthquake inducing woman.

Kamala let out a tiny squeak, looking up at the armored woman. "H-He's with that guy with the fishbowl helmet!"

"And who is that?!" Daisy shouted out her question, in need of an answer

Inside tthe abandoned facility was an all out war. And both captains were being slaughtered.

The speedster set her sights on Steve, nearly overwhelming him with a cycle of furious strikes to the body. Normally her punches would amount to little more than a regular punch, less actually. But utilizing her Quirk each impact was like a bullet that wouldn't penetrate the skin. Each hit leaving an after image with each attack. From a punch across the face, to elbows to the sides and stomach, to kicks in the back in a vicious cycle.

Everything was a blur to Steve, but somehow he noticed something in her afterimage. it was a second, but he saw the figure slide a few inches back and reeling her arm back, before lunging forward and thrusting her fist straight for his jaw.

It was only a split second. But she could see the whole event play out like a movie. Just as Motto threw her punch Captain America lifted his arm up. Everything was set in motion, nothing could be stopped for her. Her eyes grew wide, as the nanites of his arm guards materialized his shield. He raised his arm up, putting his weapon in the way of her fist's trajectory. The impact had the kinetic force of a frag grenade, sending out a loud bang. While the Vibranium shield absorbed the redistributed kinetic heading towards its wielder, Motto was blown back into the air, flailing as she let out a scream.

She was only silence by a flying Captain Marvel, who had been tossed aside like a ragdoll by the red and black mech. When the two women made impact with each other they both let out audible groans of pain, Before falling to the ground with a loud thud with Carol landing on her back and Motto landing on top of her on her stomach, with her feet in her face.

Steve turned his attention to the massive mech standing over him, as it took a step towards him, his glowing yellow lenses nartowed as it got closer. The captain raised his shield, readying himself what would happen next. Something that never came.

Suddenly the twenty foot mech suddenly stopped in his tracks, its lenses widening a bit while it lifted its head up just a bit.

At the same time the sound of footsteps filled everyone's ears, running through the opened garage door as a voice shouted out. It was medium pitched for a little girl, as she exclaimed towards the speedster on the ground.

"Wait! Miss Motto, they're not the bad guys!" A foreign voice exclaimed, that of a girl. Her voice caused everyone to turn their attention to her.

In their sights stood a young girl no older than fifteen years old, with black short hair that was somehow both messy and neat at the same time, with single curved ahoge hair strand on the top of her head, and a red hair clip holding her bangs above her black eyes.

"Peni!" Motto blurted out, looking up from the ground. "What're you talking about?!"

"They aren't with the lightning guy! They're like us, they're looking for their friend!"

Suddenly the group heard a whirring whine, coming from the massive humanoid machine. It was trying to say something, but didn't have any words left to speak.

"Because of Beck!" The young girl replied sternly. "He can explain it better than me. Doesn't seem like hus first time with this..."

To that the red and black let out another whine. Though, this time they could hear words through his vocal static as "Seriously?"

"Hey! You don't know how we got here either! So don't 'Serious' me when I might have a pliable source!"

Back and forth the mech and the girl bickered towards one another, like an old married couple over dinner reservations. While they did, the two older women on the sidelines got onto their feet, Motto holding onto the wrist of the gand she used and failed to punch Captain America with.

"What kinda metal is that thing made of?" the speedster groaned as she looked towards the veteran.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out..." Captain Marvel huffed as she looked towards the two, arching her back a bit with a groan.

"Is everyone alright?!" They all heard the voice of Pepper as she and Kamala rushed in. Daisy made her way in behind

them, stumbling just a bit.

"Just peachy..." Carol let out another groan.

"We're alright..." Steve nodded towards the three, grabbing his shoulder gently. "Just a little bruised up..."

"I think I broke my hand..." Motto whined, like a child in comparison to her opponents.

The red and black mech simply gave a thumbs up, its optical lenses nearly closing as its vocal capacitor whirred.

Something Pepper never thought she'd seen in her life. Unless it had golden yellow plating in between the red and black, that is.

"Alright...Where's Miles?" Daisy looked around the room, pivoting her head from side to side.

"Miles?" Carol questioned with a raised brow, only to get an answer from the speedster beside her.

"From another universe. Ya know, got a whole arachnid theme to him?" Motto looked up at the blonde, before turning to the three newcomers. "No seriously, I think I need to go to the hospital..."

All of a sudden they all heard a crash from above. Both the mech and the young girl perked up, the ahoge on her hair straightening upwards at the sudden incoming danger above the group.

Before anyone knew it, a piece of ceiling fell, along with the floor of the room above it. The cause, the man in black and red having been run through it and sent hurling downwards, right into the aisle of shelves. With his lower backside making bone breaking impact with the metal surface of a shelf he fell to the floor, he fell to the floor, his body spinning before landing face first abruptly.

"Miles!" Daisy and Kamala called out to the man, while the blonde speedster ran to his side in a blur, sliding to his side in just under a second.

"You alright?" she questioned the man, who simply growned, rolling onto hus sode and lifting his upper body with a huff.

"My back...Oh my back..." he groaned out, the eyes of his mask narrowing as he winced.

"Yeah, sorry about that." They all heard, turning their attention to the source, as the sorcerer in green lowered himself through the hole in the ceiling, covered some in green mist. With him, the man they were all looking for, Scott Lang, dangling in his one arm grasp, and his insect sized partner, The Wasp, landing on theground and growing to full size. "He was just going to attack me."

"Quentin?" Steve mumbled to himself softly, while his blonde associate spoke up abruptly.

"Where have you been? Could've used your party tricks while I was getting thrown around like a ragdoll!" she shiuted at him, much to the mech's dismay of being called out.

"I was busy. Getting these three." Quentin replied, landing on the ground softly with his green mist dispersing into the air. "Which presented alternatives better than all of you killing each other."

To that the walking Earthquake generator narrowed her eyes. "Killing eachother?" she grumbled lowly, with her gaze inching towards the armored Avenger.

"Anyway, I assume you all know each other..."Quentin continued, dropping his fellow teammate to stand on his own. "Captains, Motto Yohayai, Daisy Johnson, Crawler." His hand gestured to the shorter blonde and silver haired woman, before gesturing to the brunette, and then the massive twenty foot robot. All of which gave a look of confusion.

"Hey! What about me?!" Peni screamed out in a comedic manner from the background of the situation.

"Do we know you?" Daisy questioned while stepping forward, ahead of the others.

"Me? No, not at all." Quentin took a step forward to the group, opening his arms to them some. "I shouldn't exist in this reality. Or any of theirs really." He gestured to the group, specifically the other-worlders that had found their way here. "My name is Quentin Beck. Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-1999988."

Everyone in the room simply stared, giving off looks of confusion, suspicion, awe, or for Kamala and Motto, all three. And the first one to speak up was the youngest of them all.

"Sorcerer Supreme, eh? Then tell us, oh Great Wizard of Oz, just why is it that we found ourselves in a world completely upside down of our own, and how do we get back?!" Peni questioned, with a rather aggressive tone in her otherwise upbeat sounding voice. "Because last I checked, the fabric of reality doesn't tare on its own."

Kamala was the first to chime in, stepping ahead of Daisy and Pepper. "She has a point. Someone or something had to of done this."

"Unless you brought us here." The sorcerer turned his attention behind him a bit, to the arachnid themed hero in black and red, arching his back to pop something back into place. "Is that the case, Beck?"

Quentin simply stood silent, as the eyes of everyone, aside from Steve, Carol, Pepper, Hope and Scott stared him down for an answer. And with each second they grew even more suspicious of who these other-worlders, people who attacked them moments earlier and had the apparent intention of killing them.

This could get messy. Truthfully, no one of his associates knew why he was there, or what his true intentions were. All they knew was what he told them, and it wasn't much.

The fishbowl helmet slid back in a blur to reveal his face, as he took another step. In his right hand a green mist formed, condensed into a ball of mystical energy.

Upon the glimpse of it, Miles, Peni, and the twenty foot mech known as Crawler were the first to react, with two of them ready to jump back and one with his hand on the sidearm attached to his hip. However something was off. Normally when it came to danger, some type of instinct would take over. A sixth sense to put it simply. And none of the three had that shiver down their spine as a result from it.

"Quentin? What are you doing?!" Pepper questioned, stepping forwards, while the walking earthquake machine raised her arm, much to Roger's dismay.

"Ms. Johnson, hold on!" Kamala shouted, taking a step forward towards the older woman.

However, before anyone could do anything a light hit them. A shining green color blindinf everyone's vision the moment the sorcerer opened his hand.

And then it faded, allowing everyone to finally see their surroundings. Nothing but darkness surrounding them. aside from each other, they couldn't see anything.

"What the-" The young Pakistani girl mumbled, taking a look around. Only to be caught off guard by the screaming of the speedster as she zipped around them all in panic.

"What is this?! Where are we?! Are we dead?! Is this the afterlife?! I can't be dead! I had so much life left! I was only twenty-five!" Motto panicked, zipping around and around for any light, only to fail.

Then, a voice filled everyone's ears. It was the sorcerer in green, which seemed to echo from nowhere, like a diety speaking to his followers.

"You aren't dead, Yohayai. No one is dead. This is just a demonstration." He explained, getting a more skeptical attitude from the others.

"Demonstration?" Daisy questioned, raising a brow and putting a hand on her hips. "On what exactly?" she walked forward some, looking up at the black void as she did. Only to run into a body, that seemingly wasn't there before. She immediately jumped back, seeing the sorcerer just a few feet in front of her.

"On what brought us here." Quentin stated, lifting his arm up slowly with an open hand. A green sorcerer's circle appeared by his fingers, as he twisted his wrist.

Suddenly the darkness lit up, by a single orb of light right in front of Peni, causing her to jump back a bit as a result.

"I assume you all know Multiverse Theory right?" Quentin questioned, looking around the black void as he walked toward Peni and the light. All eyes on him.

"The Multiverse theory is the idea that there's more than one universe." Peni explained, looking up at the man in the green cape.

"Which, by us four being here, proves." Miles continued, stepping forward some. "Your point?"

"Each universe in the Multiverse is protected by a barrier of pure concentrated energy." Quentin stated, looking to the orb and grabbing it. "Enough to make it virtually impossible to cross between them."

"Unless you have enough power to break through." Pepper finished.

Daisy just shrugged, looking around to the others. "That doesn't really explain what's going on here."

To that Hope spoke up, doing her best to rationalize the semantics of it all. "Someone used enough energy to break the barriers between our universe and this one."

"They used three Infinity Stones to do it." Scott contributed. Much to everyone else's confusion.

"What's an Infinity Stone?" Miles questioned, the eyes of his mask giving a raised brow expression.

"Oh, it's like a...It's a glowing rock. Like a gem, but not really..." Carol attempted to explain, causing everyone to stare at her as she struggled to. "They're really, really powerful. Like, 'keep our universe from collapsing on itself' Powerful."

"We came to get them back, but we've been having difficulties on it." Steve chimed in to explain.

"That explains the incidents occurring, and at least one of you being there..." Motto tapped her chin with her thumb.

"But it doesn't explain how we got here." Miles spoke, glarong at Beck through his mask. "Care to explain why that is?"

With that, and no other words Quentin lifted his hand up, the orb of light in his grasp, until he crushed it in his palm. Ince he opened it again, images left his palm. Images of not one, not two, but thousands of Earths, all filling their surroundings.

Everyone stared, most, like Carol Kamala and Peni, a bit slack jawed. There were so many of their planets, their homes. Some more notably different than others.

"In the act of using the stones to escape their original universe, they must of blown past hundreds of others, creating holes in each barrier and allowing them to all spread into the current."

"Current?" Kamala asked, scratching her head.

"The current of their universe coming here." Beck stated, gesturing to the Captains, insects and Iron Avenger.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that our universe is coming here?!" Carol shouted out, eyes wide.

"Yes. And in the process hundreds of others will follow." Quentin nodded as he turned his head to the blonde. "You four are simply the first wave of this...Universal Convergence."

"And if this...'Universal Convergence happens?" Daisy questioned once more. Her heart was beating double time, as her mind dreamt up the worst possible outcome in this situation, only to be proven wrong, given something even worse.

"The collision of all the combined universes will create an output of energy a hundred times bigger than the Big Bang, at least-" he started.

"And if that happens we're dead..." Pepper finished, looking down to the void that was the floor.

"Well, is there any way to stop it?!" Kamala stepped forwards, desperate for any type of solution.

"Yes. There are five stones in this universe that should not be here." The sorcerer explained. As he did, images materialized in front of them all. Of the five Infinity Stones. "Space, Time, Reality, Power and Soul. We'll need all five of them, and someone strong enough to bring the back to their original universe."

"We've already got the Power Stone." Carol stated, smiling some. But that smile was soon washed off her face.

"One down, four to go. Except one is taken by Thanos. And another is in position of All For One." Quentin explained, much to everyone's dismay and confusion.

"Thanos? Who's Thanos?" Motto asked in place of her associates.

"The man who caused all this." Steve answered, before asking one of his own. "Who's All For One?"

To that, the Sorcerer simply let out a sigh, looking down. He shut his eyes for a moment as he spoke, much to the dismay of everyone else.

"All For One is the embodiment of evil. The ultimate villain. The Devil..."

Hours passed since Class 1-A's tutoring session, which while it was useful information about the rules of Hero Society, left someone of a bad taste in his mouth. Everyone was great, minus Bakugo, who cursed up a storm the whole time thanks to Gwen's blunt but sly comments on his intelligence on the subjects at hand. The information wasn't even the problem. While he didn't agree with certain aspects of it, it wasn't troubesome at the moment. Especially since if he needed to act, he had three separate outlets to approve on.

The fuzzy feeling of the night was...The fuzzy feeling. The whole time he felt a tingle down his spine, the same as before. Except this time it was twice as vibrant. It wasn't like his normal sixth sense, which would heighten his reflexes more than before. It actually made him lower his guard, involuntarily. Made him more vulnerable. He was able to realize it happened around Yaoyorozou, but why?

After the session everyone made their way back home, which for Peter meant walking from one corner of town to the other, since his train route was shut down to inspect the infrastructure. He left the Yayarozou household by 7:15 PM, and got back to his host's apartment complex by 8:35 PM. A full hour and ten minutes of walking, that could've been cut down if he had just swung instead. But he didn't want to attract anymore attention. Not that he didn't, anyway.

Once he got to his destination he walked through the double doors, walking through the medium sized lobby, and heading up the stairs ro the third floor his Host's apartment resided at.

He walked to the end of the hallway to the door of her apartment, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the key given to him, sliding it into the keyhole and turning.

And in that moment he noticed something. Two voices in the apartment. One he knew, Mei Hatsume. But the other, he had no idea. It sounded feminine and mature, and the sound of it made Peter struggle to keep from laughing himself.

The young man pushed the door in to aallow himself through, and after walking through the frame he closed the door, allowing him to feel the full force of the laughter echoing through the apartment.

"How you doin', good lookin'? I'm doin' good, handsome, how bout you?" Peter heard from the living room of the apartment. It was his voice, in use of the stereotypical Brooklyn accent. He could feel blood rush tonhis cheeks from the embarrassment. Because he knew what was being watched, and he cursed himself for doing so in the first place.

On the couch facing away from the young man was the young inventor, Mei Hatsume, legs crossed as she watched what was on the screen. Beside her, a woman, with sea green hair, of which her roots were covered by an orange bandana wrapped around her head.

"No wonder you took this kid in! He's adorable!" the woman spoke, letting out a small gentle laugh.

The young girl tilted her head, looking away and up to the ceiling. "I wouldn't say adorable!..." She trailed of a bit, her own cheeks red as she looked up, a bit of a flustered smile on her face.

That was when she noticed the exchange student behind the couch, walking into her line of sight with a nervous smile. "What? Mei, I'm hurt." He joked.

"Peter!" the scope-eyed young inventor grinned, quickly uncrossing her legs an spinning her body around to face his. Now he could clearly see what she was wearing, a simple white T-shirt and purple sweatpants. "You're back! It took longer than I thought it would!..."

"Yeah, I know..." He looked away, rubbing his cheek with a finger as he chuckled. "I take it you missed me?"

"Eh..." Mei's eyes veered away some at that. She didn't know it, since there was only a few people in the world that she cared enough to pay attention to for more than a minute, but she did miss him around her. Partially because she wanted him to help her test out the new equipment she made for him.

"So you're Peter Parker!" The two youths turned their attention to the sources of the voice, the green haired older woman, as she vaulted over the couch to the other side, right in front of the exchange student. Immediately she extended her hand to him, giving a cheesy grin in the process.

Now he could see her clearly. She was a grown woman, about twenty-eight, with green eyes and sparkling pearly white teeth, as well as a noticeable slightly muscular physique. She wore a sleeveless navy blue shirt with a high collar, currently unbuttoned, allowed a bit of her cleavage to show. On her lower body was puffed shorts, with green and orange pinstriped design. Around her torso was a corset, with smiley-face pins all over it.

This was Emi Fukudado, the Smile Hero: Ms. Joke. Though now a teach of a Hero School to the Southeast, she has had a long line of stylistic success in her career, in terms of apprehending villains in the wackiest or most unorthodox ways possible. With her Quirk 'Outburst' her contagious laughter can make eben the coldest of hearts howl with uncontrollable laughter. Mostly, anyway.

"Nice ta finally meet ya!" She greeted with a mass grin, waiting for the young man to take her outstretched hand, which he had undoubtedly. "The name's Joke. Miss Joke...Don't wear it out!" she stated, taking a serious tone for a moment, before howling out another fit of laughter.

"Uh...Yeah, I'm Peter Parker!...But, you already knew that..." Peter veered his eyes away from the older woman.

"Well of course I do! You're all over the news!" Joke stated optimistically, much like Mei herself. She even followed it up while looking away. "Even if it's for vigilantism."

"Right..." the exchange student huffed, looking down some. Only to perk back up woth her next statement.

"Besides, I always make it a point to know about my niece's boyfriends!"

Upon hearing those very words his cheeks began to burn, growing red as his eyes widened. "B-Boyfriend?!"

It was at this very moment Mei sprung up, flailing her arms in front of the both, a completely flustered grin on her face and a crimson red in her cheeks. "Boyfriend?! I never said boyfriend, he's just the exchange student I'm taking care of, that's all he is!"

However Emi simply continued on, not bothering to look at the two. Almost purposefully oblivious. "I probably shouldn't say 'boyfriends' as in plural. I don't think she's ever been interested in a boy before. Or anyone for that matter!" she turned to them with a soft grin, while Peter went pale, and Mei burned red. "It warms my heart to see she found such a good future husband."

Cue the chibi angel Spider-Man escaping Peter's mouth, while Mei laid into the couch to bury her face into one of the cushions in pure embarrassment.

"Anyways!" Joke continued on, putting both hands on her hips as she smiled down at the young man. "Sorry for the sudden barging in, buuut I'll be staying here for the next few days."

That statement caused the pink haired girl to shoot up from her hiding place in the couch cushions, eyes wide and her girin as big as ever. "Really?!"

"What?! Why?!" Peter blurted out a bit, obviously still flustered by the situation. Even more so when Emi continued.

"You know why, Itty Bitty Spider!" She leaned a bit closer. But as soon as she spoke again her voice held a serious tone. "Someone broke into this apartment last night. They could've hurt my niece."

That was true. The night before someone broke into the apartment and stole something from them. But they could have just as easily gone after him, or worse, her.

"So..." Ms. Joke looked away, her hands on her hips. "I took my vacation days to visit, and make sure she was okay. I'm happy to see you drove the burglar away."

"You got beat pretty easily, though..." Mei chimed in, looking up to the ceiling while tapping her chin. "Clearly you need an upgrade!"

"I was taken off guard." Peter countered, to which his host jumped off the couch, turning away from the other two.

"That's no excuse! Lucky for you I took initiative of cooking up a few babies, just for you!" She turned towards him, grinning like a madwoman. She then looked away for a moment, putting a hand on her chin. "They're prototypes though. Heck, they might not even work!"

Cue chibi Peter with a sweatdrop in the background. "That inspires confidence..."

"I'm sure whatever it is, it'll work perfectly!" Emi encouraged the young girl, giving a thumbs up. "Just like this relationship!"

She didn't get a response to that last comment. As both youth's sould had left their bodies at the exact same time.

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