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Chapter 1 : Can I have a tutorial please?

Welcome! You have been chosen as the Host of the Gamer System!

What the fuck? Looking around I can see nothing but darkness, only the text floating in front of my face is visible. I can't even see my body when I look down.

Due to the gruesome method in which you died your body was not brought along!

But don't worry, we can replace that easily enough!

Died?! Gruesome method!? I was perfectly fine a moment ago, I was... in a car? I was in the back seat on the way to... my home? Yeah that's right, we had just gotten back from our holiday, I took a nap in the car as my mum drove us home.

Correct, what you aren't considering is the incredibly violent car crash that killed you!

A truck hit the car, crushing your body to paste!

Oh, and your family as well. But they don't matter.

No, I was fine. We were fine. I would have woken up, this is just a bad dream, nothing more. I'll wake up in the car any minute now...

Huh, weird. I wasn't expecting you to freak out like this.

Easily fixed.

Skill Gained

[Gamers Mind] (Passive)

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through.

Allows peaceful state of mind,

Grants Immunity to psychological status effects.

Skill Gained

[Gamers Body] (Passive)

Grants a body that allows for the user to live real life like a game.

Skill Gained

[Observe] (Active)

Provides information on target

Immediately I can feel my panic by violently suppressed, as more text boxes appear in front of me. This is real. I'm dead, my family is dead. I should be sad or angry about that, but I'm not. In fact I'm not feeling anything but... curiosity? Mentally I know that this... skill is messing with my mind but I can't bring myself to be upset about it. Quite literally, I physically can't get upset.

If you are done with your little freak out, we need to go through the character creator.

I feel a brief spike of annoyance at the text box, but it's muted.

Your name as been pre-chosen, so we can skip that.

Please select a race.

[Human] [?] [?] [?] [?]

My name was already chosen? Why? And Seriously? Why give me a choice at all if you aren't going to actually tell me my choices? I'm not going take the risk that the question mark races are insects or animals, so I select Human.


You are a human, just a regular boring human

Humans are the jack of all trades, master of fuck all

Gain 25% bonus class exp

Please select a class.

[Fighter] [Archer] [Mage] [Healer] [Rogue]

Hmm, I've never been particularly strong so fighter is out. I should spend a lot of time thinking about the pros and cons of each choice, but really. Magic? Fuck yes. I don't feel like playing as a support class, so Mage it is.

Please select a specialisation.

[Elemental Mage] [Illusionist] [Enchanter] [Summoner] [Necromancer]

Hmm, Elemental was what I was thinking about, slaying my foes with fire and ice. But Summoner and Necromancer also seem... interesting. Getting a summon to fight for me seems useful, very useful. I don't want to die, again. And having something in between me and my foes could help with that.

Summoning or Necromancy... both are useful. After some thought I go for Necromancer, I like the idea of turning my foes into allies, and necromancers usually have some death magic attacks.

Class Gained

[Necromancer] – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Gain 5 INT and WIS every level.

Skill Gained

[Create Undead] (Active)

100 MP to cast

Create a weaker level undead to fight for you, you can only have 1 undead per 5 INT.

Undead can be dismissed and summoned at will.

Undead Available

[Skeleton Horde] [Zombie Horde] [Totenhund] [Bayrok] [Plague Zombies]

Skill Gained

[Create Ghost] (Active)

100 MP to cast

Create a weaker level undead to fight for you, you can only have 1 undead per 5 INT.

Undead can be dismissed and summoned at will.

Ghosts Available

[Ghost] [Bestial Spirit] [Wraith] [Living Armour] [Spectral Knight]

Skill Gained

[Ray of Death] (Active)

20 MP to cast

Deals 50 points of Death Damage to target.

Skill Gained

[Drain Life] (Active)

25 MP to cast

Drains 25 HP from target and gives it to second target.

Wonderful, I can feel the knowledge on how to use my magic entering my mind. I didn't know if summoner had it's own attack moves but I know enough about necromancers in fiction to know that there was a good chance of some attack skills.

New Skills are unlocked as you level your Class.

Originally there was a skill creation skill, but you can thank a certain cheating asshole for it being taken away.

New Classes are unlocked once Necromancer has been maxed.

Cheating asshole? Whatever, new skills from levelling, got it.

Skills can also be gained through special actions, but that's for you to discover.

Right... so now what?


Level – 1

Class – Necromancer – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

Alignment – True Neutral

HP – 100 [20 per minute]

MP – 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP – 100 [20 per 30 seconds]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 10

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

MP Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

Health = END X 10

SP = END X 10

Kuro? Weird name, but whatever. I can't remember my original name, a fact that should worry me, so I suppose Kuro will do.

As a optional choice, you can choose to take random flaws.

For every random flawed trait that is taken a bonus will be granted.

That's... interesting. Also risky, I have no idea what I could get from it. Is it worth the risk? I have no idea, but I want to find out. I'll take one.

Trait Gained

[Enemy of the Living]

As a necromancer you are no friend of the living, and they know it

All living beings will mistrust you instinctively

Perk Gained

[Lucky Charm]

Increases loot drops

Loot has a chance to be of a higher rarity

It was worth it, fuck people I have my undead. This went well. So well I'm willing to try it again.

Trait Gained


Cold, Calculating, Ruthless.

You don't care what you have to do if it means you achieve your goals

Perk Gained

[Mana Touched]

You are blessed with abundant mana

Mana from INT is doubled


Level – 1

Class – Necromancer – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

Alignment – True Neutral

HP – 50 [10 per minute]

MP – 200 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP – 50 [10 per 30 seconds]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 10

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

MP Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 20

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

Health = END X 10

SP = END X 10

Again, I can't bring myself to regret this. So naturally I should do it again...

Trait Gained


You were born weak and feeble

Health, SP and Health Regen halved

Perk Gained

[Jack of all Trades]

You're speciality, is having a lot of specialities

All class exp is doubled

Kuro Shi

Level – 1

Class – Necromancer – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

Alignment – True Neutral

HP – 50 [10 per minute]

MP – 200 [20 per 30 seconds]

SP – 50 [10 per 30 seconds]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 10

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

MP Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 20

SP/Health Regen = END X 1

Health = END X 5

SP = END X 5

Now I regret it. A lot. The double EXP is great, really it is. But having my health and stamina cut in half is not worth it. I'm done, I am not risking it again.

Skill Gained

[ID Create] (Active)

Creates an Instant Dungeon

Dungeons available


Welcome to the Game 2.0!

Your starter world has been pre-chosen, starting in 5.





Shooting up from my bed I look around in shock, I'm... in a bedroom? I don't recognise this place, I've never sent his room before.

"Kuro! Get up now! You can't be late for your first day!" I here a male voice shout up at me, looking around some more I notice that I am in a school uniform, moving to a mirror on my wall I look at myself in shock. My hair and eyes are black, and my skin pale and sickly. I look like a fucking skeleton, with no muscle mass at all, lifting my shirt I can see my ribs. I need to eat, a lot.

Heading downstairs a middle aged man glares at me from his seat in the kitchen.

"Honestly boy, Kuoh Academy is a prestigious school. There not going to like you anyway, you're just making things worse if your late on day one, so hurry up and get going." he practically sneers at me, I test one of my skills on him [Observe].

Kuroda Shi

Your Father

LVL - 6

Race – Human

STR – 9

END – 8

DEX – 4

INT – 15

WIS – 12

CHA – 8

LCK – 1

Thoughts about you - Disappointment

...My Father? No he isn't, he's just a stranger. Disappointment? Yeah it's mutual 'father'.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going." I say heading out of the house. More importantly, I know that school name. Kuoh Academy. Fuck.

Well I'm fucked, Kuoh is filled with Devils and Fallen Angels, and I can't just hope they don't notice my magic.

I have two choices ahead of me, One, get strong enough to face anything or Two, stay low level and hope they don't notice me.

Fuck that, I didn't die, be brought back and given powers to hide away like a fucking rat. I just need to power level until I am strong enough to protect myself. But first I have school. Oh joy. As I walk towards the school I somehow know the location of an idiot rams into me on his bike.

-25 HP

Skill Gained

[Resist Physical] (Passive) - LVL 1

Reduces Physical Damage by 1%

"Ow, sorry about that. Here let me help you up." he says grabbing my arm and pulling me up from the ground. "Whoa, dude you look weird! Don't worry, as long as you aren't a pretty boy we can be friends!" Issei says. That took half of my health away, that's how weak I am at the moment, I almost died to this.

"It's fine, just watch where you are going." I ground out, hiding my anger, interesting that I can feel anger again. This is the protagonist, enjoying his harem and his super powers and his fucking plot armour. This piece of shit does not deserve boosted gear, not at all. '[Observe]'

Issei Hyoudou

The Future Harem Emperor

HP – 70

SP – 90

Race – Human

LVL – 3

STR – 11

END – 13

DEX – 12

INT – 5

WIS – 2

CHA – 3

LCK – 26

Thoughts about you – Embarrassment

He really is pathetic, I could kill him in two spells. It wouldn't even be hard, no one else is around this path. I could stop this stupid story right here and now.

Quest Added

[This story ends in the prequel]

Objective – Kill Issei Hyoudou

Reward – Boosted Gear, ?, ?

…wait really? I.. I wasn't actually being serious, I was just pissed about my aching body. But that being said... Boosted Gear, just for killing Issei. I should be more hesitant about this as we walk along the empty street, him ranting about the Oppai Paradise we are going to, but I am not. This world is extremely dangerous, and I need any advantage I can get.

Lets think about this, the pros are gaining an overpowered skill, and two mystery rewards. And the cons are the attention I would get from this, I can assume that Rias doesn't know about it yet since it's both of our first days, but if I take it she'll turn her attention to me instead. So will the fallen.

I think it's worth it, as long as I can gain enough power to beat Raynare. All I need to do is hit him with Ray of Death twice, he's in front of me still ranting about Oppai when I start my spell. Looking around to check for witnesses I find none, thrusting my hand forwards a ray of black light hits Issei in the back, knocking him down, it's rotted his uniform and the skin beneath it, as he turns I prepare a Drain Life, a trial of red coming from his and into my hand as he collapses to the ground.

Quest Complete

[This story ends in the prequel]

Objective – Kill Issei Hyoudou

Reward – Boosted Gear Skill, Sense Death Skill, Final Blow Skill [Drain Life] upgraded

Skill Added

[Boosted Gear] (Active)

100 MP per Boost

Doubles the wielder's power, can be used every 10 seconds

Stored Power can be added to spells, or given to others

Skill Added

[Sense Death] (Passive)

Detect the dying and the undead around you

Skill Upgraded

[Drain Life EX] (Active)

50 MP to cast

Drains 50 HP from target and gives it to second target

If this skill kills, a random Stat Point is also stolen

Title Gained


Increases Damage Dealt to Sentient Humanoids by 50%

Causes Fear in weaker Sentient Humanoids

Class [Necromancer] has reached Level 2

This was worth it, and I leveled from this, but that doesn't change the fact that I have a corpse in front of me, the fuck am I suppose to do with this? I didn't think this through.

Store [Issei Hyoudou's Corpse] in your Inventory

[Yes] [No]

Hitting yes the body vanishes, useful if I ignore the fact that I'm carrying a body around with me. I can't afford to be late today, especially after this. Heading to the school faster, as I get out of breath, I reach the school gate just in time. As I try and pass through I get interrupted.

"Kuro Shi? I am Souna Shitori, the student council president here at Kuoh Academy. I make a habit to met all the new students, when the other new student arrives I will be giving you both a tour of the school." Sona says, the other student? Yeeeah, she's going to be waiting a long time. Or not, since he is technically already here. '[Observe]'

Sona Sitri

The Genius Heiress

HP – 8000

SP – 8000

MP – 12000

Race – Devil

LVL – 38

STR – 52

END – 56

DEX – 58

INT – 128

WIS – 130

CHA – 87

LCK – 75

Thoughts about you – Interest

Oh. Fuck, I have along way to go. Leaning against the wall I wait with her, ignoring the looks sent my way as Sona gets progressively more angry, it's hard to tell, but she taps her finger against her arm as her frown slowly grows.

"Clearly, this Issei has decided that he doesn't want to enter Kuoh any more, so be it. Follow me." she says irritated, as she leads me through the school, she skips a lot, clearly still pissed about Issei not showing up. The tour is fast, barely covering anything before she ditches me at my homeroom. Storming off angrily, poor Issei, you even piss off girls in death.

As the teacher takes me into the room, the class stare at me in slight fear and mistrust. As the teacher tells me to introduce myself she moves away quickly, there's only two people who don't seem to be afraid of me. Kiba, who I expected. And Aika Kiryuu, who is... drooling? I don't want to know.

"My name is Kuro Shi, it's a pleasure, truly." I say sarcastically, they don't like me, so I don't see any reason to be nice. Moving down I take my seat and zone out for the class. I can deal with high school without any actual effort, I've done this all before. I need to get stronger, the first major threat will be Raynare, and I can assume she'll be at a similar level to Sona, if not stronger. So I need to hit level 40 at a minimum before everything kicks off. I need to grind, desperately.

Quest Added [Power, at any cost]

Objective : Reach Level 40 before the start of season one

Reward : Lord of Death Perk

As the day passes my classmates ignore me, put off by my appearance, but that's fine. They only ones who have given me any attention are Aika and Kiba. I don't care about Aika, but Kiba could be a problem, I can't afford to get dragged into the supernatural world until I am stronger. Which means I need to stay away from the Devils who are already sniffing around me, my Sacred Gear drawing them to me like flies to honey. I saw Koneko staring at me during lunch, she seems almost afraid of me. Perhaps it's her connection to nature her race gives her that's causing her apprehension.

Food doesn't taste right any more, it's plain and tasteless.

Before long my first day is over, as I am leaving I spot a red haired girl watching me from a second floor window, but I ignore her, I can't get caught up with devils yet, I need power. Luckily I know how to get it. As I walk home I find a nice quiet alleyway to hide in and use one of my skills, [Id Create].

The only dungeon type I have is Angels. So that's the one I choose.

Instantly I am moved to a ridiculous area, the sun shines brightly lighting up the golden path ahead of me, if someone was to try and describe heaven this is what they would describe, nothing but white and gold buildings atop some clouds that are entirely to solid. In the distance ahead of me is a golden gate, with a large armoured angel blocking the way. I can see a familiar foe flying around above the path.


Level 5

HP – 250

The trash mobs from Bayonetta, there are around a dozen of them, all the same level. I could kill one of them with 5 casts of [Drain Life EX], but with my pathetic HP and their numbers that would be a fools errand, even if I could beat one the others would kill me.

It's fine, I'm a Necromancer, I don't fight like that anyway. I have 15 INT, that's 3 undead or ghosts I can have summoned at any one moment. Thinking over my choices for a moment I use [Create Ghost] to make a [Living Armour], immediately a suit of black armour appears before me, despite being empty it bows to me, a eerie blue glow coming from within rusting metal. A rusty sword is held in it's grip. It is the soul of a long dead warrior bound to his armour, he will serve me as his king in his unlife.

Living Armour

Level 5

HP – 400

It'll help, but we are still outnumbered considerably, thankfully the Affinity's are ignoring us, I think they will continue to do so, as long as we do not advance. I still have two more spots available summons, while I look over my choices I notice that my class EXP rose just from summoning, I wonder if a healer would get exp for healing?

As interesting as that is I need to pay attention to my current problem. Using [Create Undead] I make a Skeleton Horde, 10 skeletal figures rising from the ground as their bones chatter, they are armed with various rusty weapons including maces, great swords and even a pair of archers.

Skeleton (Skeleton Horde)

Level 2

HP - 100

They are weak. But at least now I have numbers on my side. After looking over my choices again I pick Bayrok as my last undead, a skinny rotting figure appearing before me, holding a bow in it's claw like hands.


Level 5

HP - 250

This is it I guess, with this I have 12 undead plus myself, sending out my orders mentally I order my Living Armour to guard me while the Skeleton Horde gather in front of us, the Bayrok lurking behind with it's bow.

After waiting for my MP to refill I cast a [Ray of Death] at the nearest Affinity, dealing 50 damage, the instant I do all of the Affinity's swarm towards us en masse. My Bayrok fires at the one I hit with it's bow, striking the angel in the eye dealing 80 damage in an instant. The skeleton archers join in but they are far less impressive dealing 10 damage with every hit, and missing often. With my Bayrok assisting I finish off the first Affinity with another [Ray of Death], or perhaps I assisted it since it did more damage than me.

Of the remaining 11 affinity's 7 land in front of my skeletons rushing them, my skeletons hold them back but I doubt it'll last. One rushes me attempting to strike me down but my Living Armour blocks it's spear with it's body, grabbing the spear it pulls the affinity towards it, and with a brutal swing it cuts the angels wings from it's back, as the angel falls to the ground the Armour impales it finishing it off quickly.

I love my Living Armour already. The 3 affinity's in the air are archers, firing arrows made of light at me and my forces, my Living Armour blocks the ones aimed for me, simply standing in front of me and tanking the blows as I watch it's HP fall slowly. My Bayrok simply dances through the arrows, dodging and weaving as it returns fire with a cruel grin on it's blackened face, revealing sharp yellowed teeth.

Using [Drain Life EX] I start draining the ones in the sky, giving their health to my Living Armour, healing him up. Between that and my Bayrok the archer's don't last long, unfortunately I only finished one of them so I only got one stat point. The Bayrok simply dealt to much damage, taking the kills before I could, but I don't mind. And I'll happily take the single DEX point I got.

My Skeleton Horde put up a good fight, taking out 3 of the Affinity's before they were overwhelmed. The remaining 4 rush towards us as I use [Create Undead] again to summon the Totenhund, rushing forwards a pair of undead hounds leap at the angels, biting and clawing at them as Bayrok fires it's arrows with deadly precision, my Living Armour guarding my from danger.

I drain the angels more, healing my Hounds and Armour as needed, my Bayrok stays back, away from danger as he snipes at our foes. One affinity dies with a arrow sticking out of it's eye as my Bayrok lets out a chilling laugh, another falls as my Totenhund pins it to the ground and rips its throat out savagely, howling in triumph. As the Totenhunds pounce onto another one both tearing at it's arms the last rushes me futilely meeting rusted iron as my Living Armour blocks it, sending it flying with a backhand before it walks forwards and decapitates the rising angel.

I won. My first real battle ending in a victory. Taking a moment to catch my breath, cursing my physical weakness, I look over my forces, my Totenhunds are happily eating their prey, tearing chunks from the angels as they devour it, as they do their HP rises, the wounds they had taken healing.


Level 5

HP – 200

With a smirk my Bayrok returns to my side, completely unharmed. I think he had the most kills of all of us. And of course my Living Armour was the MvP keeping me safe with ease. Opening up my menus I check my stats now.


Level – 6

Class – Necromancer – LVL 6/100 [10%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

Alignment – True Neutral

HP – 50 [10 per minute]

MP – 700 [70 per 30 seconds]

SP – 50 [10 per 30 seconds]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 11

INT – 35

WIS – 35

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

I leveled five times from that, I guess it makes sense since they were all higher level than me. I can have 7 undead now, the start of a real horde. I got some new skills fro hitting level 5 in Necromancer as well.

[Stiffen Limbs] (Active)

20 MP to Cast

Causes the Limbs of the Target to become stiff unless resisted

[Dark Desecration] (Active)

100 MP to Cast

Desecrate the battlefield, weakening all devout or holy units, all undead units take 20% less damage

Lasts until the end of the battle

[Corpus Furia] (Active)

50 MP to Cast

Causes corpses on the battlefield to explode causing 50 Plague Damage per corpse to all nearby units

Dark Desecration looks like it might be my new starting spell, weaken holy? In a dungeon of angels? Yes please.

The big bastard at the gate is just stood there watching us, but I am not ready yet, I can have more undead, so it's summoning time.

With my Bayrok, Living Armour and Totenhunds I'm using 3 spots up, so that leaves 4 more spots free. First I bring the Skeleton Horde back, they were helpful as bait, holding off the angels long enough for my other summons to do their jobs. Secondly I summon another Bayrok, the damage my first one put out was ridiculous. Then I make another Living Armour to guard me, having a amazing army won't mean anything if I go and die to some assassin type enemy.

Looking over my choices I use [Create Ghost] to make a Wraith, the ethereal beings floating in front of me, she appears to be the ghost of a woman in a long white dress with long white hair floating behind her. I chose her for a reason, as a spectral being she can't be hurt by physical attacks and she can deal Death Damage out with her own magic, plus she can cause Fear with her scream. She'll be great for my growing horde.


Level 5

HP – 200

With this my Horde is ready for battle. We approach the far larger angel as it starts at us, unlike the affinity's I don't recognise this one. Wearing full plate golden armour, and wielding a greatsword bigger than me it glares from beneath it's helmet, towering over all my forces, I'd guess it's around 8 foot tall, with equally ridiculous golden metallic wings jutting out of it's back.

Guardian Angel (Elite Enemy)

Level 20

HP - 5000

This thing is dangerous but I can't just slink away into the shadows like some rat, I came here to level and that's what I'm going to do, opening up with a [Ray of Death] I piss off the hulking angel as it charges, my Skeleton Horde surround him just being annoying as me Totenhunds use hit and run tactics lunging at it's back then fleeing as it attempts to turn around. My Bayroks pepper it with arrows from a distance, aiming for the weak points in it's armour. Using [Dark Desecration] I weaken the angel, and strengthen my undead as they take less damage. Not that it saves my skeletons as they are swept aside, often falling in a single hit. Then I use [Stiffen Limbs], the angels swings becoming slower, allowing my Skeletons and Totenhunds to dodge it's massive blade. My Wraith throws orbs of black energy at the foe leaving black marks on the armour where they hit. Spamming [Ray of Death] at the beast I hide behind my Living Armours as they stand between me and the danger. Though truthfully they might not be needed this time as the angel fails to deal with the agile Totenhunds missing time and again, it might be big but it's dumb. It's health is dropping fast from the constant ranged damage we are dealing.

Before long we have the dumb angel down to 1000 HP, maybe I overestimated the fool. As I think that it leaps into the air it's wings spreading wide as it hovers in the air, it gives off a golden aura as it aims it's spear at my Totenhunds, disintegrating them both with a golden ray of light. My Bayroks spam it with arrows as it turns to me and aims it's spear at me, just as it's spear starts to glow my Wraith let's out a ear piercing screech causing the angel to clutch at it's head, interrupting it's attack. Before it can prepare it's attack again we pummel it with attacks, my Rays, the Wraiths Orbs and my Bayroks Arrows all striking at the large target, there's even a surviving skeleton archer joining in, it missed almost all it's shots but at least it's trying. As it's wings get torn apart by arrows the angel lands back on the ground, it goes to charge over the skeletal corpses on the ground but I use [Corpus Furia] to make them explode into clouds of green gas, there's 9 corpses there, so that's 450 damage, enough to finish this fool.

And that is my second victory, I could get used to this feeling. First things first I bring back my Totenhunds, how dare he hurt my puppies? I see more skeletons rises from the ground, it looks like as long as one survives then the group will come back, useful. Next I check my stats again, I know I leveled up from that.


Level – 11

Class – Necromancer – LVL 11/100 [4%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

Alignment – True Neutral

HP – 50 [10 per minute]

MP – 1200 [120 per 30 seconds]

SP – 50 [10 per 30 seconds]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 11

INT – 60

WIS – 60

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

[Dark Gift] (Active)

400 MP to Cast

All undead units deal 25% more Damage and gain [Inflict Curse], causing their attacks to have a chance to cause [Curse].

Units inflicted with [Curse] take 30% additional damage, and regenerate HP, MP and SP 25% slower

[Raise Dead] (Active)

25 MP per Targets Level to cast

Raises the corpse of a unit on the battlefield to fight for you

Raised unit will die after the battle is finished and cannot be raised a second time

[Mark of Death] (Active)

200 MP to cast

Cast on a friendly undead unit. Anyone who kills this unit will become [Marked for Death]

Units [Marked for Death] will take 1000 Death Damage once the battle has finished

[Speak with the Dead] (Active)

50 MP to cast

Summon the spirits of the departed to communicate with them

The Spirits are not bound and are not forced to obey the caster, the spirits can end the spell themselves

Taking a moment to laugh maniacally I immediately summon more Totenhunds, I can summon four more times now, two more Bayroks join my forces, they are just too good for me not to summon them. And for now I'll take another Skeleton Horde and another Wraith, I know all these are useful. Now I have a horde of 34 undead following me, admittedly 20 of them are weak skeletons but they serve their purpose as meat shields. Or bone shields?

Looking around I can see a chest has appeared in front of the gate, my reward for getting this far? Opening it up I find a card, a crystal and a dagger.

Starting with the card I use observe on it.

Summon Unlock Card – Bone Mouse

Adds [Bone Mouse] to Create Undead

That's... useful? I think? Not sure how good a mouse will be but whatever, using it makes it disappear into a black mist. As the knowledge enters my mind I frown, I know that mouse... it's a Yugioh card. That's odd, good to know but still odd. Will I one day have the Blue Eyes White Dragon under my control? Moving on I use observe on the crystal next.

CHA Stat Crystal

Use to increases CHA by 5

Fair enough, I love free stats after all. I use it immediately feeling small changes to my body, my skin becomes a little less sickly, while staying pale, my hair becomes less greasy gaining a small shine to it. Even my eyes change slightly looking less dull and empty. So CHA affects my looks? Good to know, maybe one day people won't be scared of me, not that I particularly care what some humans think. The dagger proves slightly interesting, even if I am not a melee user.

Sacrificial Dagger

Has a chance to inflict [Marked for Sacrifice] on hit

When a unit with [Marked for Sacrifice] dies, all friendly units gain 100 HP

100 HP is pretty good, 100 times 34 is ridiculous, healing my entire horde with a kill is insane. I have noticed something slightly worrying, none of my Undead are levelling, at all. At their current levels they won't be useful forever, once I get to the higher levels my Level 5 undead won't be any use at all. I'm hoping I just haven't found out how to level them yet, and that they aren't hard capped at their summoned level.

Moving towards the gate I go to push it open and a text box appears.

Recommend Level for this dungeon is 30

Are you sure you want to continue?

So this is the real dungeon, all we beat was the bouncer, fine. I'm not risking everything on a dungeon 3 times my level. Heading back the way we came I dismiss my horde, I can bring them back anytime, they are simply waiting for me to call them back to me. Moving back I head through the portal at the start, reappearing in the alley I left. It's been awhile since I entered so I head out and go home, barely acknowledging my 'father' as I head into my room. Once night falls and the old man goes to sleep I'll go back in and redo the opening of the dungeon a couple more times, gotta get my level up.

- Next Day -

I've noticed something odd... I don't need sleep, at all. I didn't bother sleeping last night, instead I thought the same enemies a few more times, it got easier with every attempt as my level and horde grew in power and size. I have about an hour before I have to head to school so I'll look over my spoils for now.


Level – 29

Class – Necromancer – LVL 29/100 [78%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

Alignment – True Neutral

HP – 65 [13 per minute]

MP – 3000 [300 per 30 seconds]

SP – 65 [13 per 30 seconds]

STR – 12

END – 13

DEX – 12

INT – 150

WIS – 150

CHA – 15

LCK – 13

150 INT, or in summoning terms 30 summons... I haven't even summoned any new ones yet, instead just using my current 12 summons to overpower that poor guardian angel, most times he doesn't even get a chance to use his second phase attack. I ordered my undead to not finish off the affinity's when possible so I can use [Drain Life EX] to get a stat point, it's nice but not enough, 65 HP is still pathetic. I think the dungeon has a diminishing return problem, there's always something in the chest but nothing as good as the first time. Maybe there was a bonus for the first time a chest is opened? I was running out of time so I couldn't reach level 30 like I wanted to, so I don't have the level 30 kills yet but I did get the level 20 skills.

[Essence of the Fallen] (Passive)

Gain MP from being around Corpses

Each corpse on the battlefield will increase MP regeneration by 10%

[Command Undead] (Active)

Target Level x 20 MP to cast

Take control of an undead that was not created by you

[Command Spirits] (Active)

Target Level x 20 MP to cast

Take control of an spirit that was not summoned by you

[Summon Spirits] (Active)

200 MP to cast

Summon a spirit to fight for you, you can only have 1 undead per 5 INT.

Spirits can be dismissed and summoned at will.

Spirits Available

[Ghost] [Scheming Spirits] [Chained Soul]

[Ray of Enfeeblement] (Active)

200 MP to cast

Causes Targets to become weak and sickly, preventing SP and HP recovery until lifted

The MP bonus regen is nice, I haven't had a chance to use Command Undead or Spirits yet since I am just fighting angels. And I haven't summoned any spirits yet, why this and Create Ghost are separate I don't know, especially since Ghost is classed as a Spirit and not a Ghost. Just weird to be honest. But Ray of Enfeeblement is nice, stopping the big guy from regaining his stamina, I don't think he has a way to heal but it'll be useful against people with healers.

Moving on to my loot, I haven't even used observe on it yet, focusing on grinding my level instead. Pulling the assorted loot out and placing it on my bed I look over it. 5 Cards, 2 Crystals, an Amulet, and a Robe. Starting with the cards reveals pretty much what I was expecting.

Summon Unlock Card – Cadaver

Adds [Cadaver] to Create Undead

Summon Unlock Card – Lost Soul

Adds [Lost Soul] to Summon Spirits

Summon Unlock Card – Mammoth Graveyard

Adds [Mammoth Graveyard] to Create Undead

Summon Unlock Card – Shinobi Necro

Adds [Shinobi Necro] to Create Undead

The last card is different, slightly at least...

Summon Unlock Card – Summoned Skull

Adds [Summoned Skull] to Summon Greater Demon

Missing Pre-Requisite Skill

Summoning Demons? That's not a necromancer skill, there must me a demon related class I can choose eventually. Interesting but no use to me at the moment so it goes back into my inventory until I can use it. Moving on to the Crystals...

END Stat Crystal

Use to increases END by 5

LCK Stat Crystal

Use to increases LCK by 5

Nice to have, I use them both immediately, feeling my body strengthen slightly. Soon I might even have the HP of a regular skeleton, fucking Weak Trait... moving on before I get angrier at my pitiful HP.

Amulet of the Lich

Doubles all Death Damage dealt by the wearer

Grants all Undead controlled by the wearer a 25% damage boost

Robes of Mannimarco

Grants all Undead controlled by the wearer a 25% damage reduction

Grants all Undead controlled by the wearer a 25% damage boost

They are amazing of course, there's only one problem. They look so... edgy. The Robes are plain black with a red trim on the arms and collar, which is fine if you ignore the giant red skull on the front, it looks so fucking dumb. But it's amazing. The Amulet is simply a black skull shaped piece of metal, nothing special looks wise, I can wear it under my uniform. The Robes are going into my inventory, I'll wear them in Dungeons but never where people can see me.

It's so dumb...

Putting everything away I head out, not noticing the confused look on my 'fathers' face as I leave, it doesn't take long to arrive at the school gate, and this time my lungs don't feel like they are trying to kill me. I enter completely ignoring the looks the students are giving me, I already know they don't like me.

- Sona Sitri -

As she watched the new student walk into the school, Sona narrowed her eyes at his back. He had changed, a ridiculous amount. From a purely physical perspective she could see that he had put on some muscles, not many but they were there. This skin, which looked sickly just the day before had a more healthy look to it, as did his once greasy hair. But far more importantly his Magic had sky rocketed, to a nonsensical amount, her own was stronger of course but for a human to go from having so little magic to this in a single night was unheard of, and highly impressive. So much so that Sona was reconsidering letting Rias have this one... she knows Rias's upcoming problem, but someone with this level of power didn't come along every day. And Kuro would make a fine Bishop... if only she didn't already have two bishops.

Unfortunately she only had a Knight, a Rook and 7 Pawns left. But he would be a wonderful Pawn for her Peerage as well... she had some serious thinking to do.

- Kuro -

Classes sucked, I could be spending this time building my horde and gaining power, instead I'm doing basic maths. With 120 INT this isn't even a challenge, I finished the worksheet in five minutes... unfortunately the harpy of a teacher just gave me another, longer harder worksheet. Which I finished in 7 minutes, but the demon just gave me more worksheets, this is discrimination against smart people. I briefly fantasise about introducing her and her worksheets to my horde, before getting to work, spotting Kiba holding in a laugh as I do.

Yuuto Kiba

The Avenging Knight

HP – 12000

SP – 15000

MP – 5000

Race – Devil

LVL – 32

STR – 87

END – 71

DEX – 148

INT – 46

WIS – 49

CHA – 98

LCK – 51

Thoughts about you – Amusement

Glad you find this funny Kiba, I'm so fucking happy to amuse you. I could take you, probably. If I had all 30 summons, and my gear I could take him, with his fucking 12k HP. Wish I had 12k health... maybe it's a devil thing? Maybe I can become a Lich, wait aren't lich's basically walking skeletons? Maybe I should rethink that...

- Later -

The old hag obviously has a special skill to summon worksheets, because the more I completed the more she made appear. But I am done, school is over and I don't have to do maths any more... my head hurts. I've learnt that all teachers punish genius, I tried speeding through the work but they just kept adding more, but now I am free from this hell. Ignoring the mistrusting glare of a cat loli I leave the school looking for a empty alleyway to hide in. as I move I can feel some ones eyes on me but I can't see anyone, I can't detect life... only death. I move around at random but the feeling doesn't go away, I can't see anything so I decide to just do it. Heading into a empty alleyway I immediately jump back into the dungeon, and the feeling disappears immediately, if they were watching they must be pretty confused right now, but fuck them. I almost reached their levels in a single night so I don't see a reason to fear them, I just need more power.

Switching to the stupid robes I summon my entire horde, smirking as we heavily outnumber the angels. I'll never be outnumbered with my legion of dead. And I still have 18 more summons to choose. Picking Mammoth Graveyard I am immediately disappointed as it fails, saying I need to be level 30 for that undead. Then why add it to my list? Fine, I'll take a Chained Soul. Which also fails saying I need the Trap Soul skill for this spirit...

Counting to ten to calm myself I go over my options again.

First, three more Skeleton Hordes, taking the number to 50 total skeletons, the base of my horde. Then I take 3 more pairs of Totenhunds, getting a pack of ten total. Another Bayrok to take me to five total. Three more wraiths and three more Living Armours to pad out my forces, I like having multiplies of five. That's 25 total summons, leaving me with 5 left to summon. Most of my forces are physical damage dealers except my Wraiths so I select Lost Souls and summon them 5 times. 25 souls rise up from the ground, wearing long black robes and glowing with a purple light, their faces twisted in agony.

Lost Soul

Level 20

HP – 1000

Fuck yes, my first higher level summons. 25 Level 20 summons, which make my other undead seem weak in comparison, damn it I like my other summons...

Sending my new legion forwards they shred the affinity's in record time, but really with a horde 100 strong what chance did the 12 angels have? The big bastard does equally little as he is overwhelmed by the lost souls death magic. And that is enough to level me, hitting the big 30.


Level – 30

Class – Necromancer – LVL 30/100 [2%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

Alignment – True Neutral

HP – 90 [18 per minute]

MP – 3100 [310 per 30 seconds]

SP – 90 [18 per 30 seconds]

STR – 12

END – 18

DEX – 12

INT – 155

WIS – 155

CHA – 15

LCK – 18

[Damnation] (Active)

500 MP to cast

All non-undead units will gain [Damned]

[Damned] units take double damage from Death and Plague Damage

[Enhance Undead] (Active)

2500 MP to cast

Enhance a undead under your control increasing its level by 5

Can be cast multiple times but undead cannot be raised past the Necromancer's Class Level

[Create Soulflask] (Active)

250 MP to cast

Create a glass flask that can hold a single soul within it

Dying souls will be drawn to open soul flasks

[Create Mummy] (Active)

200 MP to cast

Create a mummy to fight for you, you can only have 1 mummy per 5 INT.

Mummys can be dismissed and summoned at will.

Mummys Available

[Sadikh] [Khri-Habi] [Aptrganga] [Akert] [Ze'Atashma] [Kher-Minakh]

Damnation is very useful, especially now that I have my Lost Souls, Create Mummy is interesting but I have on idea what all those summons are, experiments for later I guess, I use Create Soulflask immediately, looking at the glass flask with runes along it in my hands, cool but I don't know what I can do with souls, do angels even have souls?

But the real gem is Enhance Undead, finally I can level up my guys. This place is fucked now.

It takes a while, as I have to let my MP regen but eventually I have my entire legion up to level 30.

Skeleton Horde

Level 30

HP – 2000


Level 30

HP – 3000


Level 30

HP – 2500


Level 30

HP – 3000

Living Armour

Level 30

HP – 4000

Lost Soul

Level 30

HP – 2000

They are far more impressive now, the Skeleton Horde have a red glow coming from their empty eye sockets and a black aura around them, their weapons have been upgraded to a black metal, with green ooze dripping from it, gaining Plague Damage to their attacks, maybe the Archers will even hit something now.

The Bayroks have gained a shadowy aura around them, making them hard to look at, their stealth capabilities greatly increased. Their arrows are coated in poison, and made of a far greater material, they are becoming true assassins.

My precious Totenhunds have grown up, into snarling beasts bigger than great danes, their claws and fangs are sharper than ever. And perhaps more importantly they have gained enhanced senses, no one will be sneaking up on us with my pack sniffing out stealth units.

The wraith and lost souls haven't changed much, maybe it's a spirit thing? Their aura has grown denser and their attacks more dangerous but they are still the same appearance wise.

My Living Armour's have gained a shield in their empty hands, and their rusty armour has been replaced with dull black plate armour, no one is getting though them now, I'll be safe behind them.

My army is wonderful, and powerful. I really am on the path to becoming the Lich King, now all I need is a cursed sword and a few million more undead. Before I go through the gate I open the chest and gain another card, I can always use more summons.

Summon Unlock Card – Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower

Adds [Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower] to Create Undead

I can summon... a tower? Why? Well I have a free spot since I leveled up so why not? The tower that rises from the ground is massive, towering over me.

Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower

Level 30

HP – 10000

10k health is amazing... but what does it do? It doesn't attack it's a building, whatever it's mine now. Opening the dungeon proper I lead my horde in the tower going back into the ground, I think it will reappear when we start a battle. Guess I'll find out what it does later. Walking into the dungeon I can't help but feel proud of my legion, from having some weak skeletons, a suit of armour and an archer to a horde of 100 badass undead.

I take a moment to look around, the path splits off to three different areas, a golden forest, a white temple and a lake surrounded by flowers. There's another gate ahead with three key holes in it and a weird angel dragon guarding it, there are dozens of Level 20 Affinity's and some other types of angels flying around above the paths.

This dungeon is completely fucked.

- Bonus Scene – A King's Council -

"So, I take it everyone has seen our new student..." Rias started as her peerage gathered in the old schoolhouse.

"Of course, he is in my class after all." Kiba said casually, thinking of the anti social teen.

"I haven't had a chance to speak with him, but I've certainly heard the whispers, and I've certainly felt him throwing his magic around..." Akeno said seriously for once.

"I don't like him... he's... wrong." Koneko whispered already knowing what her King had in mind.

"What do you mean Koneko? I know he is... somewhat eerie in appearance, but he doesn't feel wrong to me." Rias said worriedly.

"I don't know, he smells of death and decay..." Koneko continued, not willing to admit that she was afraid of the wrongness that surrounded around the new student.

"Koneko... will it be a problem if he joins my Peerage? Can you work with him? You all know why I need someone strong and this Kuro is gaining power at a ridiculous rate. I had to agree to a lot to get Sona to let me have the first chance at him, will you be ok if he joins us?" Rias asked seriously, in most situations Koneko's words would be enough to put her off Kuro, but she was getting desperate, desperate enough to recruit him even if Koneko didn't want him to join.

"I... I'll be fine, I can handle it..." Koneko whispered, still not willing to voice her apprehension and worry.

"It's settled then, we will be getting a new family member soon!" Rias said excitedly, something like pale skin and empty eyes didn't matter to her, not if he could save her.

"Do you really think it's going to be that easy to recruit him? He isn't a people person to put it lightly, I've never even heard him speak except for when he was introducing himself." Kiba asked, not getting caught up in her enthusiasm.

"It'll be fine, I know he already knows about the supernatural after all, my familiars saw him teleport from a alleyway, so he probably already knows about devils and angels, I just need the right moment. Besides the Fallen are already sniffing around him, I have my familiar watching his house and they've seen one of the Fallen hanging around near his home, a lot. When the Fallen attack him, I can save him and recruit him then. I'm sure he'll be overjoyed to be apart of out family." Rias said confidently.

Authors Note : To be clear this isn't a rewrite. I'm still continuing my other story. I'll alternate between the two

A lot of the Necromancy stuff is from the Necromancer CYOA by The Scientist, and modified to match the Gamer setting

This one will probably be less lemon based, maybe one or two a chapter.

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