Rhaenys hid behind her mother as the stranger approached. She had heard her mother yelling at this same man earlier about her father.

"Rhaenys go watch your brother" Elia told her coldly.

"Ok mama". She replied as she started walking toward her brother's room at Dragonstone. She didn't understand why her mother had been so mean over the past few days. Ever since they left King's Landing. While she was sad to leave, she was happy to get away from her Grandfather. He was always mean to her and often caused her to run from whatever room they were in crying and leave her Grandmother and mother to comfort her. Rhaenys didn't know where her grandmother went but she knew that she was going to have a baby soon. As Rhaenys thought this, she finally got to her baby brother's room.

"Maybe If Nana's baby is a girl, she could marry Aegon" she thought. She had once overheard her mother and father arguing over whether she had to marry her brother if he was a boy back when Elia was still pregnant with him. She did not want to marry her brother. She wanted to spend time with animals like her kitten. Her brother was asleep, which made her happy, as this meant she had time to play with Balerion. Balerion was curled up in a black ball in a box with blue and purple blankets. When he saw her perked up and excitedly ran towards her while meowing happily. She heard more yelling from where her mother was and pretended not to hear them. She played with Balerion and made sure her brother was asleep for a long while.