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One of the most important things to note about this story is that it takes place in Universe 6, about three years before the events of Dragon Ball Super begin. Naruto is a half-Saiyan in this story too. His mother is still the same person: Kushina Uzumaki. However, his father is a Saiyan from planet Sadala. The main premise for this fic that I was asked to write was to make the main pairing be Naruto x Caulifla x Kale. So hopefully you all enjoy it.

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Chapter 1 - Arrival

Caulifla snarled as she pressed buttons and tugged on the steering wheel. "Why the hell isn't anything working?! What the hell is up with this shit?!" she exclaimed out of pure frustration.

What was the problem, you might ask? She and her best friend/sister figure, Kale, were taking a leisurely cruise in their spaceship, visiting world after world in search of fun. Well, Caulifla wanted to have some fun, Kale was just happy to spend time with her sister figure. However, they weren't expecting to encounter trouble in the form of their spaceship malfunctioning along the ride. Well, it wasn't just malfunctioning, their engine blew out and they weren't entirely sure why. Until they could land somewhere safely, they wouldn't be able to check on it to see what might have caused such a thing to happen.

As it was, the black-eyed Saiyan couldn't do a thing to stop the inevitable descent towards the nearby planet. Nothing she tried worked, and it was looking absolutely hopeless for the two of them. Looking at the information on her screen, she saw that the planet they were over was named Earth and it was inhabited by a race of beings that possessed something they called chakra. "Whatever the hell that is." Caulifla muttered to herself before looking out the window at the planet below. "Kale...you might wanna hold on to something. This is going to be a bumpy landing."

Once they entered the atmosphere of the planet, their ship began descending even faster than it already was. Clinging tight to her chair, Caulifla braced herself for impact. Kale was screaming from where she was sitting, so, after gritting her teeth for a bit, the energetic Saiyan shouted out, "Kale! Calm yourself! We're going to be just fine. I promise!"

"That's what you said the last time!" Kale shouted, her nerves still high strung, especially with their ship plummeting towards the unknown planet below them. Sure they had information about it...but information was different than a first hand account. With both females bracing for impact, their ship entered the Earth's atmosphere and began rocking to the point both females had to grip the armrests of their chairs tightly, lest they get thrown around the room. It felt like their spaceship was about to break apart, it was shaking that badly!

As they plummeted towards the planet's surface, a warning began to sound throughout the ship, alerting the two women to the fact that their ship was falling apart. First the rear thruster fell off, then the armor plating began to go, and soon enough, all that was left was the cockpit! Kale, shooting her best friend and sister in all but blood a nasty look, said, "If we die because of this, I blame you Caulifla!"

"Noted Kale. Brace for impact!" the more assertive of the two females shouted as they neared the ground. It didn't take long for the cockpit to hit the ground and go tumbling along, both women feeling rather ill from being thrown around so much. When they finally stopped after the cockpit hit a rather large tree, both women looked down from their positions, seeing as they were now hanging upside-down in the cockpit.

Caulifla and Kale both dropped out of their seats to the ceiling before stumbling out of their ruined spaceship, the two of them rushing to some nearby bushes and hurling up everything they had eaten earlier that day. By the time they finished, both women looked a little pale, but at least they were alive. "I never, ever want to do that again!" Caulifla exclaimed.

"Agreed." Kale said before her senses went haywire and she looked around nervously as a bunch of masked people suddenly surrounded them. "W-who are y-you?" she asked, barely above a whisper.

Unlike her companion, Caulifla prepared for a fight, but before she could charge, an old man stepped forward and offered them a kindhearted smile in an attempt to calm them. After a brief moment, however, his smile turned into a frown and he looked past them at their ruined spaceship. "I don't know who you two are, but I can sense that you do not possess chakra. On top of that, we witnessed your vessel falling from the sky. Is it safe to assume that you come from beyond the stars, then?" he questioned curiously as he looked between the two women. "If so, I'm sure you have just as many questions for me as I have for the two of you. First though, you're looking a little pale. Come with me back to my village and we can get the two of you any medical help you may need. Cat!"

Immediately a purple-haired Anbu member stepped forward before kneeling before her leader. "Yes, Hokage-sama?"

Looking at the female Anbu, Hiruzen glanced over his shoulder at the wreckage. "Collect whatever you can from their ruined vessel and ensure that no one comes near here. I don't want Danzo getting his hands on any alien technology. There's no telling what that rotten bastard would do with it."

"As you command, Hokage-sama." Cat said before motioning to a few of her fellow Anbu to assist her in her task.

Caulifla and Kale could only watch as the masked individuals began to comb the wreckage of their ruined spaceship. After a moment, however, they both turned to the old man and nodded to him before they followed after him.

As they approached the villager proper, Caulifla couldn't find it in herself to be silent any longer. Narrowing her eyes suspiciously at the old man in front of her, she decided to question his motives. "Old timer, why are you so willing to help us like this? What exactly do you want?"

Quirking a brow, Hiruzen turned to glance over his shoulder and offered the Saiyan a small smile. "Let's just say that there's something I'd like to confirm. You see, sixteen years ago, a stranger arrived in my village with dark, spiky hair, quite similar to your own. He radiated power, but it was unlike anything in this world. It most definitely wasn't chakra that he possessed. Instead, it felt quite similar to your own energy. We'll talk more about this in private, however, as I don't want too many people overhearing our conversation."

Frowning at this, Caulifla looked at her partner, Kale, and nodded her head slowly, giving her a silent message that they'd discuss this revelation later with the old man. It sounded as if another Saiyan had been here, but from the sounds of it, there was definitely something the old man didn't reveal to them.

Looking back at the Sandaime Hokage, Caulifla nodded once to signify that she understood. It didn't take much longer after that for them to arrive at the hospital, where they were taken to a room and looked over by a couple of doctors. As they were examined, the more aggressive of the two Saiyans couldn't help but look at Kale, wondering how they would cope, being stuck on this strange, new planet. It was quite obvious that they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

Kale, noticing her partner's look, offered her a tiny smile and nodded to show that she was okay. "C-Caulifla? Do you think we'll be able to go back h-home?" she questioned uneasily.

Before her best friend could answer, Hiruzen took that moment to explain their situation to them as best he could. "I'm sorry, but I doubt you two will be able to leave." When Caulifla looked towards him with a nasty scowl on her face, Hiruzen held up a hand to silence her and shook his head. "Do not misunderstand me. I have no plans to keep you two here against your will. The simple fact of the matter is that our world currently lacks the technology required to repair your ship. It's quite obvious that it's no longer in any shape to take you anywhere, and without the necessary technology, you're stuck here. I'm sorry."

Caulifla's mouth snapped shut at this and she looked down at her hands, a sullen expression on her face. "So...we're stuck here? Not exactly what I was hoping to hear, old man. What are we supposed to do then?"

The aged Sandaime offered her a polite smile as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "Like I said before, there's something I'd like to discuss with the two of you. I also have something of a proposition for you both, if you'd be willing to hear me out. Once you're done here, we'll return to my office and discuss your situation. Alright?"

Nodding slowly to signify she understood, Caulifla then looked at Hiruzen and offered him a tiny smirk. "Mind waiting outside old timer? I'd rather not show you my unmentionables when these doctors look us over more thoroughly."

Chuckling softly, Hiruzen nodded once before turning and walking to the door. Glancing over his shoulder, he offered Caulifla and Kale another small smile. "Once you're finished, one of my Anbu will bring you to my office. I'll be waiting." And with that said, he left the room and gave his orders to his Anbu before leaving the hospital.

Back in the room, Caulifla could hear sniffling and looked at her dear friend, Kale, to see her with tears building up in her eyes. Sighing, the stubborn Saiyan spoke up to try and reassure her. "Kale, look at me." When she successfully had her fellow Saiyan's attention, Caulifla gave her a small smile. "We'll be alright. Even if we're stuck here for the rest of our lives, we'll make it work. Who knows? We might just enjoy it here. You could even think of it as a long vacation if you'd like!"

Giggling a bit, Kale wiped her tears and offered her sister figure a small smile. "T-thanks Caulifla. I just hope we'll be okay here…"

Later - Hokage's Office

Now that Caulifla and her friend were seated across from the Hokage in his office, the more vocal of the two folded her arms across her chest and said, "Alright old timer, we're here. What is it you wanted to discuss with us?"

"Anbu, leave us!" he commanded, making sure to wait until they were all out of the room. Once they had left, he activated the silencing seals before looking into Caulifla's eyes. "As I said before, someone quite similar to yourselves arrived sixteen years ago. He said his name was Carron. I'm not sure if that name rings any bells for you two or not, but suffice it to say, he crash-landed on this planet as well and had no way of returning home."

Sighing softly, Hiruzen looked towards the ceiling for a moment as if to gather his thoughts before he returned his gaze to match Caulifla's. "My successor, a man by the name of Minato Namikaze, offered him a home here in Konohagakure. This man, Carron, was offered a position in our armed forces, otherwise known as shinobi. Whether that means anything to you or not, it's important to know that the people of this planet are trained as assassins, infiltrators, saboteurs, the works. We hire out our services to people in need and perform such a wide variety of tasks that it's safe to compare us to mercenaries in a sense."

"I see. So a Saiyan, like us, went to work for your village as one of these 'shinobi'? That had to have been interesting." Caulifla said softly. "What's your point though?"

Chuckling softly, the old Hokage replied with, "If you'll be patient, I'll explain." he chastised her gently. "Carron met and fell in love with a fiery woman by the name of Kushina Uzumaki. Originally, Minato-kun had taken an interest in her, but they never got together. Instead, Kushina's heart belonged to Carron. I married the two of them and was more than happy when it was revealed that Kushina was pregnant with Carron's child. She was ecstatic and couldn't wait to give birth to her son. However, tragedy struck on the night that she gave birth."

Sighing heavily, Hiruzen withdrew his pipe from one of his desk drawers and lit it before taking a drag. Blowing a bit of smoke into the air, he shook his head sadly. "You see, Kushina was what we call a jinchuriki, or power of human sacrifice. There are entities on this world known as bijuu, or tailed beasts. She housed the most powerful of them all, the Kyuubi. On the night of her birth, the Kyuubi escaped from the seal on her stomach and tried to destroy the village and its people."

"There's no way to truly kill a bijuu, I'm afraid. So my successor, Minato-kun, sealed the Kyuubi within Carron's son: Naruto Uzumaki, thus making him the third jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. Carron and Kushina perished on that night, protecting their newborn son from the Kyuubi's attempt to kill him. Ever since then, Naruto-kun has grown up alone, shunned by the community because of what he holds. It's...interesting, however. Naruto has two energy sources within him: chakra and the unknown energy that his father, and the two of you, possess. On top of that, he's an Uzumaki and his chakra is denser than most people's. He has enormous reserves of both types of energy and has great potential. However, the people of this village do everything they can to stunt his growth. Sadly, he has been assaulted before, despite my best efforts to watch over him and keep him safe."

"Anyways, the reason I'm telling you all this is because I'd like for you two to train Naruto-kun in the use of this strange energy of yours. He already has a hard time with control due to his high chakra reserves, not to mention the Kyuubi's chakra messing with his control. With this other energy of his, it also interferes with his control as the two energies don't seem to blend together very well. So...seeing as you two are about the same age as the graduating class, if not a few years older, I would like to put you two on the same team as young Naruto-kun. You would have to accept the position of a Genin, the lowest ranked soldiers in the shinobi corps., but this way you'd be able to learn more about the world you're now a part of, and you'd be close to someone like you. What did you call yourselves again?"

Caulifla sighed and scratched at the back of her neck. "We're Saiyans, a warrior race. Most of our people fight to protect people and such, but I never really gave a damn. My crew and I? We just did whatever we wanted. But from the sounds of it, this Uzumaki kid, he's probably only a half-Saiyan. Still, I'm interested in seeing just what he can do. You said he recently graduated, right? Well, if Kale's up for it, I'll join your village as one of these 'shinobi' and help the kid out. We Saiyans gotta stick together, right? What do you think Kale?" she asked, turning to her sister figure.

Kale found herself frowning in thought for a brief while before she offered Caulifla a crooked smile. "I s-suppose I'm okay with that...if you are Caulifla. But I don't know how much help I'd be…"

"Aw, c'mon Kale! You've got more potential than I do, and you'd be great! You just gotta believe in yourself a little more, that's all!" Caulifla praised, trying to pep up her friend. "Besides, this could be fun! Plus, at least we won't be on our own here. Now stop worrying and cheer up!" Looking back at Hiruzen, Caulifla grinned at him and nodded her head. "We're in old timer. When do we get to meet this kid?"

Chuckling a bit, Hiruzen rose from his chair and stepped around his desk, placing his hand gently upon Caulifla's shoulder. "Tomorrow in the academy at 7:00 AM. For now, let's get you a place to stay, as I'm sure you'd like to get some rest. First though, we haven't properly introduced ourselves to one another yet. My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure. It's a pleasure to meet the both of you."

Caulifla grinned and nodded her head in agreement. "Hiruzen, huh? Nice name. I'm Caulifla and this is Kale. Nice to meet ya old timer!"

Chuckling to himself, the old gentleman shook his head in exasperation. "You're never going to refer to me as Hokage-sama or even call me by name, are you?"

"Nope!" Caulifla exclaimed before giggling a bit. "Now, let's get going! I want to settle in for the night and get some rest. It's been a rough day."

Nodding his head in understanding, Hiruzen was about to lead them out of the office and towards their new residence before he suddenly remembered something. "Before I forget, I need to give you your headbands. You're free to wear them however you'd like, but you'll need them to show that you represent the village of Konoha. Many people wear them on their heads, as you'd expect. Others, however, wear them on their biceps, as a belt, or in some other way." he explained before he went and retrieved a couple of headbands for them. One with a blue sash and the other with a black sash. Handing them over to the Saiyans, he was about to ask them to follow him before he remembered something else. Palming his face, he looked at the two of them and smiled somewhat awkwardly. "I must be getting more forgetful in my old age. I never asked you to explain this energy of yours."

Chuckling, Caulifla nodded her head before she looked into Hiruzen's eyes. "We use an energy called ki. It can be used for all kinds of different things such as firing blasts of ki at our enemies to allowing us to fly through the sky, or any number of different uses. Personally? I just enjoy blowing shit up sometimes with ki blasts and some of my truly big attacks. It's fun!"

"The ability to fly, you say? That sounds quite useful." Hiruzen said as he stroked his beard. "If only we shinobi could make use of such a potent energy source, it would make things easier on us. Still, chakra is quite the potent energy source as well, however there are some drawbacks…"

"Oh? Care to explain old timer?" Caulifla questioned, a curious expression on her face.

Retaking his seat behind his desk, the aged Sandaime Hokage nodded slowly as he steepled his fingers in front of his face. "Well, chakra is a combination of our physical and spiritual energies. However, we have something called a chakra circulatory system. Think of it like your regular circulatory system with blood pumping along your veins and arteries, and then imagine an extra layer atop of that. Anyways, we can suffer from something called chakra exhaustion if we use up too much of our chakra or have it stolen from us in some way. And if we run out of chakra...we'll die. It is that important to our way of life. Every living being in the Elemental Nations has chakra, though most civilians only have enough chakra to get through their basic day-to-day lives. They never tap into their chakra and use it for any other purpose besides to continue living." Hiruzen explained. "Is this energy of yours, ki, the same?"

Shaking her head, Caulifla offered him a wry grin. "Nah, if we use up our ki, we won't die or anything like that. We'll just be absolutely exhausted and won't be able to do much with it until our reserves recharge. This chakra stuff, however, sounds kinda interesting. The drawbacks kinda suck, but it sounds kinda neat. I can't wait to see what you people can do with it. I bet we could have some pretty awesome fights too!"

Chuckling softly, the elderly Sarutobi nodded his head before he rose from his chair once again and motioned for them to follow him. "You'll get to see a wide variety of techniques that chakra allows us to perform. People can spit fireballs, walk on water, any number of things using chakra. If you're that eager to fight some strong opponents, however, I wouldn't mind setting up some sparring partners for the both of you. You might be surprised at how strong some of my shinobi are. On top of that, when out on missions that take you out into the world, I'm positive you'll meet plenty of strong shinobi to fight. For now, however, let's get you two settled in. I'm sure you'll like it here."

The Next Day - Academy

As Caulifla and her partner were escorted into the academy building, the two sixteen year-old Saiyans looked into one another's eyes before nodding slowly. Caulifla secretly hoped that by going through with this that it would help Kale in the long run. She was timid and shy and was only really comfortable in her presence. The more assertive of the two Saiyans wanted to get Kale to come out of her shell and buck up a bit. Hopefully by fighting some strong opponents and being around these people, she'd get better.

As they approached the door leading into the classroom where the newly graduated students were located, the Anbu escorting them held up a hand, motioning for them to wait a moment. Caulifla and Kale watched as he entered the room and spoke with the instructor, a man that they had been informed was called Iruka Umino. Looking at her best friend, Caulifla offered her a small smile as she placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you ready for this Kale? We're about to meet our fellow Saiyan for the first time. I'm eager to see what he's like! How about you?"

Kale smiled somewhat awkwardly before she nodded her head. "I just h-hope he's nice. I'm...nervous about this. What if I'm not cut out for this?"

"Aw, you worry too much Kale. You'll be fine! I promise that no matter what, I'll always be here for ya. As for Naruto, I'm sure he'll become a great friend. After all, he's a Saiyan too and we've gotta stick together, right?"

The timid Saiyan nodded her head slowly before jumping a bit as they were called into the room. Shuffling her feet a bit, she followed her more assertive partner into the room and looked around at all the newly minted Genin in the room. It didn't take her long to spot her fellow Saiyan sitting in the topmost row by himself, away from his fellow graduates.

Naruto had spiky black hair and deep, violet eyes. He had six whisker-like markings, three on each cheek. Even though Naruto was seated, they could both tell that he was a bit taller than the two of them were. As he looked at them, they watched as his eyes widened fractionally and realized that he could sense they were like him. While Kale offered him a shy smile, Caulifla folded her arms across her chest and grinned up at him, earning a grin in return.

"Well, would you two care to introduce yourselves to the class?" Iruka questioned, bringing their attention to himself.

Caulifla's grin never left as she nodded at the man. Turning to face the class, she put a thumb against her chest and said, "The name's Caulifla. This is Kale. Good to meetcha!"

Chuckling a bit, Iruka spoke up once more. "Why don't you two take a seat next to Naruto-kun? Naruto, raise your hand so they know who you are." he instructed, looking to Naruto as he raised his hand.

"Thanks teach!" Caulifla said before she took Kale by the hand and walked with her up to the top row. Pushing Kale in front of her, she made her fellow Saiyan sit down in the middle seat before sitting down next to her. "Naruto Uzumaki, right? We've heard about you from the Hokage. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do."

Naruto found himself grinning as he looked at the two of them. However, as he looked at Kale, he couldn't help but frown for a moment. "You okay? You're looking a little pale."

Kale glanced at Naruto shyly before looking at Caulifla for support. Sighing to herself, Caulifla decided to explain. "Kale's shy. Don't worry, once she gets to know you better, I'm sure she'll be more open with you. Kale, at least say hello, okay?"

The timid Saiyan looked at Naruto for a moment before smiling weakly at him. "H-hi Naruto. N-nice to meet you."

Placing a gentle hand on Kale's shoulder to show his support, the violet-eyed young man smiled kindly at her. "Nice to meet you Kale-chan. I hope we can be good friends."

Before anymore could be said, Iruka clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. However, before he could speak, a pink-haired girl spoke up. "Iruka-sensei, why are these two here? They didn't graduate with us. We don't even know anything about them."

Iruka sighed before looking up at the three Saiyans for a moment as if he was debating on what to tell the class. Looking at Sakura, who was seated next to a young man by the name of Sasuke Uchiha, he began to explain, "Sakura, Caulifla and Kale are special cases. Hokage-sama has permitted them to join as newly minted Genin, just as you all are. Now, if there are no more questions, allow me to begin with team assignments. Team 1…"

As the academy instructor began to list off the teams, Naruto and his fellow Saiyans tuned him out for the time being so they could chat a bit. "So, you two are like me, right? I can't sense any chakra in you, but you possess an energy similar to mine. Just who are you?" he whispered.

Caulifla smirked at him before she answered. "You're right, we don't possess chakra. I promise we'll explain later, away from all these people. Suffice it to say, however, that we have a lot to talk about Naruto. For now, let's listen for team placements."

Nodding his head in understanding, Naruto tuned back in when Iruka got to Team 7. "Team 7 consists of Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Yakumo Kurama. Your sensei is Kakashi Hatake." Iruka said, though it was easy to see he had expected for Naruto, the class clown, to be a member of that team.

With a shrug, Iruka continued on. "Team 8 is Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuga, and Shino Aburame. Your sensei is Kurenai Yuhi. Team 9 is still in circulation, so moving on to Team 10. Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi. Your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi. Finally we have Team 11, consisting of Naruto Uzumaki, Caulifla, and Kale. Your sensei is Anko Mitarashi. Heh, good luck." he said, chuckling a bit afterwards. "Anyways, you're free to do as you like for the next hour. After that, make sure to be back here as your senseis will be arriving to pick all of you up." Iruka explained before he gathered his things and left the room.

Before Caulifla or Kale could say anything to Naruto, someone approached them and began to speak. "Man, it's a shame you ladies are stuck with Naruto, of all people. The dobe can't even form a proper clone! Here's hoping he doesn't get you killed on your first mission out of the village."

Looking at the person that spoke, Caulifla narrowed her eyes at the boy. He was somewhat scruffy in appearance and had red markings on his face with shaggy brown hair. On top of his head was his pet dog who simply barked once at them. "You shouldn't underestimate him. Naruto's got a lot of potential, unlike you. Now why don't you shoo and leave us alone?" she suggested, waving her hand dismissively at him.

"Naruto? Potential? Really?" Kiba barked out a laugh. "Whatever you say babe. When you want to get with a real man, just know I'm always available." he said before returning to his teammates.

Kale frowned as she watched the Inuzuka male leave. Looking back at Naruto, she couldn't help but voice a question to him. "He's rather rude, isn't he? Just how do you put up with him, Naruto?"

Sighing to himself as he ran a hand through his spiky black hair, Naruto looked calmly into her eyes and gave a shrug of his shoulders. "I'm used to that kind of treatment by now. It's just how things are when it comes to me. People treat me like crap all the time and I've just learned to deal with it. It's best to just ignore people when they get like that. For now, let's put that aside and go someplace where we can talk in private. I'm eager to learn more about my new teammates."

Caulifla nodded her head and stood up before motioning for her teammates to follow her. As they neared the door, she couldn't help but notice a girl watching them closely. Tilting her head slightly as she looked at the girl, the Saiyan woman was about to say something before she shook her head and decided against it. Instead, she left the room, followed by Kale and then Naruto.

After a short while, they arrived on the roof of the academy building and sat down facing one another. "Before we begin, what was with that girl looking at us like that?" Caulifla questioned curiously.

Sighing as he rubbed at the back of his head, Naruto shrugged his shoulders again. "That's Hinata Hyuga. She's had a crush on me for a while, but I'm not really sure how I should feel about her. Most likely she was just trying to size you two up and make sure you weren't planning to 'steal' me from her. Honestly, I'm not really sure what to think of her. I'm flattered, sure, but after all the shit I've been through, I just dunno. Besides, her clan consists of a bunch of dicks that treat me like shit. I'm not interested in dealing with their crap any more than I have to already."

Nodding her head in understanding, Caulifla looked into Naruto's eyes for a while before offering him a smile. "So, I'm sure you have questions for us. I suppose the best place to start would be telling you that we aren't Human. We're from a planet pretty far away called Sadala. We're what you'd call Saiyans, a warrior race that fights to protect other worlds and people. Of course, I don't really give a damn about any of that crap. I just love a good fight and the stronger an opponent, the more fun I get to have. You, Naruto, are the son of a Saiyan and a Human, making you the first half-Saiyan I've ever met. That's why you have two different kinds of energy within you: chakra, the energy the people of this planet have, and ki, which is the most common type of energy you'll find out there in the great, big universe."

At first, naturally, Naruto was a bit skeptical of what he had just been told. However, as he took the time to think on it, he came to the understanding that it made a great deal of sense, as funny as that sounded. So, folding his arms across his chest, he frowned in thought for a moment before offering Caulifla a smile. "If you're telling me the truth, then why'd you come to this planet? 'Cause I'm damn sure you didn't know about me before you came here."

Chuckling a bit, Caulifla shook her head before shrugging her shoulders. "Kale and I were on a vacation of sorts, just touring the universe really. Unfortunately...we kind of crash-landed outside the village. Needless to say, we can't exactly leave your planet anymore, so we're stuck here. The Hokage offered us a place in the village as a couple of Genin, sooo...yeah. He told us about you and asked that we teach you how to use your ki. So, grats Naruto, you've got the great Caulifla as your instructor in everything ki related!"

At first Naruto found himself smirking at the thought of getting stronger thanks to these two, but after a moment he frowned again and looked hard into their eyes. "Did the old man tell you anything about who my parents were? 'Cause I've asked him before, but he hasn't told me a damn thing."

"Weird. You'd think he'd have told you something about your parents." Caulifla stated as she folded her arms across her chest, having the wonderful effect of pushing up her breasts a bit. "From what he told us, your father was a Saiyan named Carron. Your mom was some woman called Kushina Uzumaki. Apparently she was the second jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, which you now hold in your gut." she said, pointing towards his stomach. "Not sure why you were used to seal that thing, but whatever."

"Second jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, huh? Well damn. It's sorta like a family heirloom then, only the damn thing's a giant furball with extraordinary power at its disposal." Naruto joked. "Not happy that the old man wouldn't tell me anything about them, and I'm even more pissed that he didn't tell me about the Kyuubi. I had to find out from a damn traitor called Mizuki. He used to be an instructor here before I had to kick his ass."

"Damn, that's harsh. You'd think the Hokage would've told you at least about the Kyuubi being stuck in your gut. I mean, it's kind of important, right?"

Sighing, Naruto shook his head before offering them a smile. "I don't really care anymore. Tell me, what's it like out there? What's Sadala like?"

Caulifla grinned and wrapped an arm around Kale. "Well…"

An hour later

Team 11 couldn't help but groan as one as they were annoyed by a few of the other graduates for one reason or another. Hinata was determined to investigate the two female members of the team while Sakura tore into Naruto for some reason that he honestly couldn't fathom. "Sakura, just go away already." Naruto said, beyond irritated at this point.

Scowling at him, Sakura would have said more, but one of the windows exploded inwards as a small ball landed in the room before it burst apart, a banner soon appearing near the front of the room. Looking at it, they saw that it read, "The Sexy and Single Anko Mitarashi-sama!" Blinking in stupefaction at this, they watched as a woman appeared before the banner.

The woman had purple hair held up in a pineapple fashion similar to Shikamaru's hairdo. She had brown, pupil-less eyes and wore a large grin on her face as she looked around at everyone in the room. Her attire was interesting, at least to the members of Team 11. She wore a mesh bodysuit under a large, tan trench coat and wore a skirt that went to just above her knees. On her feet she wore the traditional shinobi sandals, and around her neck was a necklace that had a single snake fang dangling from it. "Alright brats, where's my team?!"

Rising from their seats, the members of Team 11 smirked down at Anko before they made their approach. "So you're Anko-sensei, huh? We should get along well." Naruto said.

Looking at her three Genin, Anko grinned a bit wider before she motioned for them to follow her. As they left the room, they saw some of the other sensei approaching the room. Nodding at them in greeting, Anko soon led her team out of the academy and in the direction of one of her favorite places in the village, the dango shop.

As they walked along, the two Saiyan women couldn't help but notice the glares sent Naruto's way. Frowning at this, Kale stepped up to Naruto's side and looked at him cautiously for a moment. "How can you deal with all of this? T-they keep glaring at you and...and saying things."

Sighing softly, Naruto placed a gentle hand on Kale's shoulder before smiling at her sadly. "I'm so used to it by now that I just don't care anymore. They hate me simply because of what I am. Yes, it used to bother me a lot, but I decided a while ago that I don't need to bother with them. If they can't accept me as a member of this village and as a person, then why should I give a shit about any of them? For a short while, I once considered doing everything I could to earn their respect and admiration, simply because I didn't like how they were treating me and I wanted things to be different. But...there's really no point in it. Let 'em hate me. So long as they don't try anything again, I'm content to just leave them alone."

Kale frowned deeper than before as she listened to what the people were saying. Slowly, she shuffled a bit closer to Naruto and reached out for his hand before quickly retracting her hand, unable to bring herself to take his hand in hers. She wanted to be supportive of him, but she was still a shy, timid mess.

Seeing this, Caulifla smirked, figuring she'd tease her friend later. Before she could say anything to either of her teammates, they arrived at their destination and entered the small building. Anko grinned as she led her team to a booth, sitting down next to Naruto while the two full-blooded Saiyans sat across from them. When a waiter came by to ask what they'd like, the quartet placed their orders before looking at one another.

"Alright you three, I've heard a bit about you and your situation from Hokage-sama. I've heard that you two use a different energy from what we typically use, so mind explaining in a bit more detail so I know what to expect from you?" Anko questioned.

Taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly, Caulifla folded her arms across her chest again and began her explanation on ki, its uses, and generally giving an in depth explanation about what exactly ki was. As she talked, their food was delivered to their table and the quartet began eating, though Caulifla continued with her explanation. By the time she had finished, Anko was grinning. "Damn, kinda wish I could use this ki energy now. Sounds like it would be pretty useful."

"Oh, it is. Plus, the ability to fly is pretty neat!" Caulifla exclaimed before she popped a dumpling into her mouth and chewed for a while. After swallowing, she nodded once. "Hey, this stuff's pretty good!"

"Trust me, there's a lot of delicious food in this world. I'm sure you two will enjoy everything you get to eat." Naruto said with a grin. "Now, you told me before that I have ki as well. Will you two really teach me how to use it?"

"That's the plan! The old timer wanted us to stick together and asked us to train you in the usage of your ki. From what I can sense, you've got a lot of it, but it's pretty much untapped potential right now. I'm guessing you've used your chakra pretty much exclusively, haven't ya Naruto?" Caulifla questioned, receiving a nod in confirmation of her assessment. "Well, we'll have to teach you how to draw on your ki energy before anything else. Considering the fact that you have two seperate energy sources within you, it might be kinda difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, then we can teach you how to fly and fire ki blasts and all kinds of wonderful things. Plus, there's a bunch of stuff about the Saiyan race that I need to tell you about, Naruto."

Anko chose this moment to speak up, a small, barely noticeable frown on her face. "So, you two really are from another world then? You're gonna have to explain all of that to me in detail later. For now, we need to go over introductions and the usual jazz about how you aren't really Genin yet and whatever."

Naruto's eyes widened as he turned to look at his new sensei. "Wait, what?! What do you mean we aren't Genin?"

The violet-haired kunoichi looked at Naruto and quirked a brow. "What? You didn't really expect that academy crap to be it, did you? No, the real test is held by the Jonin sensei of each team. Most of them are pretty much guaranteed to fail, but that's to be expected. The academy just isn't the same as it used to be, so a lot of your fellow graduates just aren't prepared for this lifestyle." Anko explained.

"Now, ignoring that, let's get introductions under way. I'll show you how it's done, sooo, here we go!" she exclaimed before pointing a thumb at her chest and grinning. "The name's Anko Mitarashi. I'm a sexy badass that's looking forward to teaching you three. I like dango, my friends, a variety of sweets, and snakes. I dislike my old sensei, Orochimaru-teme. I also dislike rapists and punks that don't know when to shut their damn mouths. I also dislike creeps that target my friends. Have to admit I also dislike that Asuma Sarutobi guy for hitting on Kurenai so much. She's mine damn it!" Clenching her fists, she soon shook her head and continued on. "Anyways, I've got a few hobbies, my favorite of which is torturing the poor bastards brought into T&I. Finally, my dream? Meh, I suppose my biggest dream is to kill Orochimaru and get this damn hickey of doom removed." she said, rubbing at the mark on her neck. "Naruto, why don't you go next, hm? And don't try to feed me any of that fake bullshit either, because I'll know."

"I wasn't planning on it Anko-sensei. That part of me...I want to say it is mostly gone. My name, as you know, is Naruto Uzumaki. I like ramen, training and the few friends I've actually got. What I dislike..." he paused for a second here as he considered his dislikes. "I dislike being lied to. I used to dislike what the villagers thought of me and why they were like that but now I just don't give a damn. I don't like the three minutes it takes to heat up ramen. As for hobbies...I know it's not entirely healthy, but I like training. Maybe a little too much, but not like those Green guys," at this Naruto paused and shuddered as he remembered his friend, Rock Lee, and his friend's sensei. "Dreams for the future were next right? While I used to dream of wanting to be the Hokage...I'm not sure if I want that anymore. What I do hope for though is to become friends with Kale-chan and Caulifla-chan here and learn about my race. Hell, I'd even love to travel through space and meet all kinds of other races, including others of my kind! I know that's pretty much a pipe dream though, considering our world lacks the technology required to craft a spaceship." Naruto admitted with a sigh.

Anko nodded in understanding of this before turning to Caulifla. "Alright, it's your turn Cauliflower." she said, a grin on her face, waiting to see if she could get a rise out of the Saiyan.

Twitching, Caulifla looked into Anko's eyes and snarled for a moment before thrusting a finger in her face. "The name's Caulifla. I like fighting. A LOT. The stronger an opponent is and the more thrilling the fight, the happier I am! I also like my gang, especially Kale. I also like the food I've tried on this planet, so that's a plus. Dislikes are next right?" receiving a nod in confirmation, Caulifla folded her arms across her chest and looked up as if in thought. "Hmm, I dislike boring shit, especially a boring fight. I also dislike people picking on Kale. Mess with her and you're fucked. I also dislike weaklings hitting on me and Kale. Hobbies...hmm. Training and fighting are my hobbies I suppose. Dreams? Meh, I haven't really given it much thought. I suppose I'd like to be the toughest bitch out there in the known universe. That's something to aspire towards, right?"

Chuckling a bit, Anko nodded her head and grinned at the sixteen year-old Saiyan. "Damn right that's a worthy goal. I'll do whatever I can to help you achieve that goal of yours. Now, Kale…" looking towards the timid Saiyan, Anko offered her a kind smile and said, "Why don't you introduce yourself?"

The timid, yet beautiful Saiyan fidgeted a bit, but soon looked into Anko's eyes and nodded her head once. "O-okay. M-my name is Kale. I like Caulifla, animals, flowers, a-and some other things. I...I dislike anyone that s-speaks bad about Caulifla. I...dislike that I'm so worthless and unable to r-really help Caulifla in any way. I have a few h-hobbies I s-suppose. I like c-collecting cute things, such as stuffed animals and cute little keychains and o-other things. I also like flower pressing. D-dreams? I'm...not s-sure. I want to be more u-useful to Caulifla...and I suppose now that I-I'd like to be helpful to N-Naruto. I also want to get s-stronger."

Caulifla frowned at her friend and shook her head. "Kale, how many times do I have to tell you that you aren't useless to me? I trust you with my life. You're my most important friend for crying out loud! We're really going to have to work on your confidence Kale."

Naruto smiled at Kale and patted her on the shoulder. "It's okay Kale-chan. We're here for you and I promise you're going to get tougher and gain more confidence by the time we're through with you. Besides, we Saiyans gotta stick together, right?"

Anko grinned at her three precious Genin before standing to her feet. "Alright, with introductions out of the way, I want you three to head on home and get some rest. You're to meet me at Training Ground #44, otherwise known as the Forest of Death, tomorrow morning bright and early. We'll hold your test there. See ya later kiddos!" she exclaimed before vanishing in a Body Flicker.

As soon as Anko was gone, Naruto scowled and looked at his female teammates. "Great. She's left us to pay the tab. Damn cheapskate." Naruto said with a sigh. "I'm assuming you two don't have any of this world's currency on hand, do you?" Receiving negative shakes of the head from both of them, the black-haired youth sighed again before digging out his wallet and placing down enough money to pay for the food and drink they had ordered. Afterwards, he stood up from his chair and looked at the girls. "Well, wanna hang out for a while? We can even train for a bit if you want?"

Grinning at her new friend and fellow Saiyan, Caulifla stood up and punched one of her hands into the other. "I like the sound of that. C'mon Kale, let's go have some fun tearing up one of those training grounds!"

Nodding slowly, Kale stood up as well before smiling awkwardly at her friends. "I-I hope I don't let you two down…"

Sighing at this, Caulifla flicked Kale in the forehead lightly before wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Stop being such a downer Kale. You'll do great! Now let's go!"

Chuckling a bit, Naruto led the way out of the shop and towards a training ground he frequently used. He was eager to see exactly what his new friends were capable of. This should be fun!

Later that Night

The three Saiyans were surprised when they returned to Naruto's apartment complex. The reason behind their surprise is the fact that they were next door neighbors, Caulifla and Kale living in the apartment just next door to Naruto's apartment. Sure, it wasn't the greatest building in the world and half of the time shit didn't work how it was supposed to, such as the water heater crapping out on Naruto when he goes to take a shower, but it was still nice to see his new friends living in the same building as him.

At first, they were content to just wish each other a good night and sweet dreams, but Caulifla frowned and invited herself into Naruto's apartment, Kale following immediately afterwards, as she didn't want to be without a familiar face all by herself. Sitting down on his couch, Caulifla looked into Naruto's eyes and frowned. "Naruto, this building's a dump. I love the fact that we're in the shadier part of Konoha, but I think you need to talk to the Hokage about a new home for the three of us. Hell, your parents might have even left a home for you that the old timer hasn't told you about. Not sure why he's keeping secrets from ya, but it's not really any of my business. I just know I'd prefer to have somewhere nice to live rather than this dump. Wouldn't you?"

The violet-eyed Saiyan nodded slowly before walking into the kitchen and began cooking something up for the three of them. "I dunno either, but I'm sick of him lying to me. First he lied about why I'm so hated by everybody, and then he continues to lie about not knowing my parents. Makes it pretty damn hard to trust him. So if he refuses to give me my inheritance from my parents, I'll just have to do something about it. 'Cause let's face it, I'm sick of living a shitty life because of his poor decisions."

Before Caulifla could say anything, she found herself quirking a brow as Kale stepped up beside Naruto and smiled bashfully at him. "C-can I help you cook N-Naruto?"

Looking into Kale's eyes, the taller Saiyan nodded slowly and began to instruct her on how to cook the dish he was currently making. As they got to work, Kale gradually growing more comfortable with Naruto, Caulifla couldn't help but smirk to herself. Having him around is going to do wonders for Kale. I'm glad.

The Next Morning - Forest of Death

The Saiyans were looking past the large fence into the dark forest, each of them listening to the various sounds that came from within. Each of them could sense that there were some rather powerful creatures in the Forest of Death, and the two, more energetic Saiyans, were pumped up, eager to get in there and kick some ass. Kale was a bit more reserved though and couldn't help but fidget nervously as she listened to the sounds the animals were making.

After about half an hour of waiting, Anko finally showed up and they turned to face her, Caulifla and Naruto both grinning at her, their excitement rolling off them in waves. "So what's our test, Anko-sensei? Do we get to go in there and kick some ass?!" Naruto exclaimed eagerly.

Chuckling softly to herself, the violet-haired kunoichi shook her head. "Patience Naruto-kun. Patience." she chastised him. "Your test is simple enough. I've hidden three objects of great importance within the Forest of Death. Find them, survive whatever might lie in wait, and return here with all three objects before two hours are up and I might officially accept you as my team. Just be warned that the forest is an incredibly dangerous place and you might encounter some…'interesting' situations in there. Do have fun now!" she exclaimed before she hopped the fence and dashed into the dark forest.

Looking at his teammates, Naruto smirked and said, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get in there and have some fun!"

Giggling a bit, Caulifla nodded her head before she hopped the fence with Naruto and Kale following immediately afterwards. "This is going to be awesome!"

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