Thor was not sure how it worked... How Loki could be here, show up with the rest of the Asgardians at the final battle. Quickly he had explained something about him holding the tesseract in the past, and it had revealed to him is death in a all to near future, though not the specification of how he was to die. In a last ditch effort to avoid his fate, he had bound his soul to the space stone contained within the space stone inside, so ones his mortal coil perished, his soul... Or something or other, would go to the stone instead of the netherworld. Where he would gather strength until he was called upon, which was now... There was a lot more to it than that. Something about there being more than one space infinity stone, but that being impossible since they were the building blocks of the universe, so that had bended the rules of space and time and Thor had stopped listening at that point as they were kind of facing down Thanos himself at his pride alongside his entire army. They had better things to do.

Now though... The fight was over. Thanos was gone... again. Yet Loki, Loki was still here!

Thor couldn't believe his eyes, all the time he had seen his brother seemingly die flashing before his eye, knowing the last one had been real, but somehow Loki would always cheat death. "Loki..." Thor breathed stepping towards him.

The raven haired Asgardian lifted his head, looking at Thor that came for him.

"Loki." Thor repeated.

Then suddenly Lokis mouth curled into a smile. "Pfff."

Thor halted. "Loki?" he asked.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Loki suddenly burst out in laughter. "Behold! The god of Thunder! The ground shakes when-ever he takes a step!" he gestured at Thor.

Thor blinked. "What?" he asked.

"Brother, when father always told you you should be the bigger man, you weren't supposed to take it literately!" Loki continued and he laughed.

Valkyrie… clearly tried not to laugh, but it was a failure as she turned her head away, not succeeding in keeping back her snort, neither could anyone else in hearing range.

Thor glared at Loki. "If you desire to take my position and see if you..."

"Oh no-no-no!" Loki held up his hands. "I couldn't be half the man you are!" he stated, and people could not hold it together as some burst out laughing.

One in particular, a raccoon was just blatantly laying on the ground howling in laughter. "HAHAHAHA! Half the man! That's a good one!" Rocket Raccoon laughed. "Hey-hey!" he jumped up on his legs. "What did the god of thunder say as he walked into the farm?"

"No, please do inform." Loki asked in an outright polite voice. As if he was having a polite conversation.

"Line up the chickens please, I'LL TAKE THEM FRIED!"

And they both laughed loudly falling over each other.

"Because you know, he can make lightning and stuff. So he fries the chickens himself!" Rocket continued explaining the very bad joke.

Loki though didn't seem to mind the horrible quality of the joke, he clearly had way to good of a time. "I like you, talking Gerbil." Loki informed Rocket Racoon.

"Normally that sentence would piss me off. But I am having to much fun. High five horn dude!" And Rocket Raccon jumped giving Loki a high five. "Hey, you know what the blood type of god of thunder is?"

"Fry Thunder?" Loki asked.

"YES!" Rocket shouted and they laughed.

Thor… was not amused, he was beyond being not amused. "Really?" he asked.

"Wait-wait-wait! I got one more!" Rocket exclaimed. "Oh Thor, shining like the stars. So big the planet orbits around his magnificent corpus!" and they both howled in laughter.

"Are you done?" Thor asked, looking like he was only inches away from killing something. Perhaps a talking racoon would be good.

"Brother… If you think I am going to be done with this in this millennia, you really don't know me at all." Loki commented in an amused smirk. "Okay." he cleared his throat as he stood up. "You have witnessed great sorrow, I understand." he stated in a somber tone. "It cannot have been easy... Oh god of thunder and pork roast!" he burst out laughing and Rocket Raccoon was slapping his knees as he laughed.

Thor groaned as he turned around.

"Oh look! The god is walking away the ground is shaking!" Loki exclaimed loudly. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! WE WERE JUST HAVING FUN!" he shouted after Thor.

"I am going." Thor seethed. "To eat a salad and drink some water." he muttered as he walked away.

And Loki laughed as he just fell down together with Rocket. "You know, being strangled to death wasn't fun. But… worth it." he stated.

"Man, you have a sick sense of humor." Rocket grinned. "Cool. Hey I'm Rocket. Nice meeting ya!" he grinned.

"Loki." Loki replied. "God of mischief."

"God of mischief?" Rocket asked. "Woah, I just steal shit."

And Loki laughed. "You know, I have a feeling the two of us will be creating amazing trouble together. Even if we didn't intend to."

"Hahaaa!" Rocket grinned. "I like the sound of that!"