Oof. This is embarrassing. Umm...here we go.

I am deeply sorry for not updating for a year :(

You see, I'm/was a graduating student so school requirements made me amnesiac, badly forgetting that I have a story to finish. Seems like my commitment had been divided by 'rigorous' studying (which is bullsh*t) and other...hobbies (sleeping, eating, wandering, travelling, writing original stories, etc.)

And when I realized that I have a story in fanfiction, I immediately looked it up and was overwhelmed by guilt. It seems that I have not updated ever since I've finished my training in the mining industry (I think I know why. Reason is, it was a painful month because my dear aunt died and the news killed half of my brain...so yuh, 'amnesia').

But the reviews...the reviews melted my heart. Because of that, I am currently working on the next chapter! Yey!~\()/~ .

With that, I might be able to offer one chapter a week considering that I'm now an unemployed young adult whose graduation had been delayed due to the pandemic (should have had it in June but...oh well), so I sort of have quite a lot of time in my hands.

So, thank you very much for the attention War Flower had been garnering! You have my undying grattitude. I hope you'll all stick around for the journey our baby Hima will be having.

P.S. I actually posted an author's note on my profile but I realized no one would notice since nobody's going to be given a notification if I edited my profile. So...here we are :)


Can I ask for a favor from the readers.

Umm...you see, I remember I was in a dilemma on the romance part.

I was torn between Madara and Tobirama OωO. These two hot dudes are just a sight that I don't know which of them should I ship with Hima (when she's in the right age, of course). And...urggghhh I AM TORN! Though a little part of me wants Madara ;).

I would have to let you readers voice out your opinions on who. PM me about it or tell me in the comments (๑•́ •̀๑), because as embarrassing as it sounds, I don't know how to make a poll. Yikes. I still feel like I'm new to fanfiction's functions and layouts.

With that said, I'll be waiting!

Stay safe! More love and blessings to you all!