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Chapter 1: Lydia's Debut

It had been a week since Lydia Garmadon was born. The new Jade Princess of Ninjago. Lloyd and Harumi still couldn't believe that they were now parents, and while most of the times leaders, rulers, or other people with wealth and power would hand their kids off to a nanny, they enjoyed caring for their daughter themselves.

One morning the two went to get her. They walked into her nursery, and looked in her crib. Little Lydia was already awake, and looked up at her parents.

"Good morning, Lydia." said Lloyd.

"Did you sleep good?" asked Harumi.

Lydia cooed and reached up to them. Harumi picked up, and got her out.

"I'll get her ready, I'll see you at breakfast." she told him.

Lloyd gave Lydia a quick kiss, and left.

At breakfast the entire royal family had breakfast.

"So is Lydia ready for her big debut?" asked Misako.

"She sure is." Harumi answered.

Today they were having a ceremony for Lydia to show Ninjago their new princess.

"I'm sure this'll be just as good a ceremony as yours was, Harumi." said the former emperor.

"That was a great day." added the former empress.

Lydia voiced her opinion by cooing.

"Looks like Lydia's excited too." chuckled Lloyd.

Everyone laughed.

After breakfast the two got their daughter dressed.

"There, as cute as a button." said Harumi.

Lydia was now dressed in a green dress with gold rim, and her light hair was in all brushed.

"Well let's get her outside." said Lloyd, picking her up.

Outside the palace, Gayle Gossip, and many citizens were waiting to see the royal family and the new baby princess.

"Hello, Ninjago this is Gayle Gossip reporting from outside the royal palace. Where we'll be seeing Princess Lydia since her birth a week ago." she reported.

Then the doors to the palace opened, and Lloyd and Harumi stepped out with their daughter. Everyone cheered, as they came down the steps.

"And here they are now. Good morning, Your Highnesses."

"Good morning, Gayle. Hello Ninjago." Harumi greeted.

"And here she is, Princess Lydia." said Lloyd.

Baby Lydia was looking at the camera with curious eyes. The ceremony was being broadcast all over the city, and everyone was watching it, even someone no one would expect to.

In Kryptarium Prison, Lord Garmadon was watching the ceremony.

"How does it feel to be parents?" Gayle asked.

"It feels great. We have our own little baby to love and care for." said Lloyd taking, Lydia.

"My son...has a daughter?" Garmadon asked himself.

The next day, the palace got a visitor, it was Cole.

"Hey Cole what brings you here?" asked Lloyd.

"I came with a message from your dad." Cole told him.

That made the couple concerned.

"W-well that did he say?" wondered Harumi.

"He wants to see Lydia." Cole replied.

"What, why?" asked Lloyd in disbelief.

"I don't know. I was just doing my rounds yesterday, when the warden says Garmadon wants to see me. I go down there, and he asks me if it's true that you had a daughter. And he wants to see her."

"When?" asked Harumi.

"He didn't give me a day or time, so I guess that's up to you."

Cole then left, leaving the couple to take everything in.

"I thought your father would be finished with you by now." Harumi.

"I know. Why he'd want to see Lydia is beyond me." Lloyd agreed.

"So...what do we do?"

"Let's just sleep on it." Lloyd told her.

That night, while Harumi slept, Lloyd lied awake. He couldn't stop thinking about his father nearly destroyed all of Ninjago, but he also remembered how his father helped him and his team stop the Oni.

Quietly, he got out of bed, and went to Lydia's room. The baby was fast asleep, under her blanket. He smiled at her, and then left.

"(Sighs), what to do?" he whispered to himself.

"Something on your mind, son?" asked a voice.

Lloyd looked up, and saw his mother in her robe holding a glass of water.

"Mom, what are you doing up?" he wondered.

"Just getting a drink. I take it your father's message has you nervous." Misako told him.

"Yeah, I mean why in the world would he want to see Lydia?"

"Well you never told him he was going to be a grandfather, and now that he's found out that he is one, it's only natural he'd want to meet them."

"But I don't know, I mean he's...evil."

"I know, son. But...maybe he needs another chance." Misako advised, and she went back to bed. And so did Lloyd.

The following morning, Lloyd told Harumi that they would let Garmadon see Lydia.

"If you're sure Lloyd, I'll go with you." said Harumi.

"You hear that Lydia, you're gonna meet your grandpa." Lloyd told his daughter.

Later that day, the three of them drove out to Kryptarium Prison. When they got their, they signed in and were escorted to Lord Garmadon's cell.

"You sure you want to do this, Your Hignesses?" asked the warden.

"We're sure." said Lloyd, as Harumi held Lydia in her arms.

They went through the high tech security system, and the warden let the family walk down the pathway to Lord Garmadon.

"Well hello Father." Lloyd replied, when they came to the end.

Lord Garmadon turned around, and smiled an evil smile.

"Son, so nice of you to visit. Sorry I missed the big wedding. And now I hear, I have a granddaughter." he said.

"Yes, you do." Lloyd replied simply.

"Well, where is she?"

"She's right here." Harumi piped up, walking towards him.

Lloyd stood by his wife, as she showed him the baby.

Lydia turned her head, and looked at Lord Garmadon curiously.

And he too looked at her curiously.

"Hello...Lydia." he said.

To everyone's surprise, Lydia reached out her little hand to him. As to say she wanted her grandfather to hold her.

"What is she doing?" he asked his son.

"I think...she wants you to hold her." Lloyd replied.

"Well, if that's what she wants." said Harumi.

Though he was skeptical, Lloyd pressed a button that lifted up the glass covering his father. Lord Garmadon stepped forward, and held out his lower two arms.

Harumi carefully, handed the baby to him, and instructed him on how to hold her properly. Lydia seemed comfortable in his arms, and she even smiled at him. Garmadon even smiled back, and Lloyd noticed.

He was smiling a real happy smile, and not a sneaky fake one. He reached out to her with one of his upper arms, and Lydia grabbed it and cooed.

"(Chuckles), she's a descent baby." he told his son.

"She seems to really like you." Lloyd replied.

Then the warden's voice came on over the intercom.

"Hate to break up the family reunion, but visiting hours are just about over." he informed.

"Well we better get going now." said Harumi.

Lord Garmadon handed Lydia back to her.

"Well...I guess we'll see you later, Father." Lloyd told him.

"Yes, and Lloyd?" Lord Garmadon piped up.

The two turned around to look back at him.

"Would it be possible for me to see her again?"

Lloyd looked at his daughter, Harumi, and then back at his father.

"Well...I guess that'll be okay."

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