Chapter 1

I can still feel that agonising burning bar that sat in my chest, when that elevator disappeared out of sight, I still remembered that horrible longing that built when I realised that the girl I hopelessly tried not to love would die before morning. And me being me, I couldn't let it happen, so I got changed and followed the love of my life as she marched through the dead streets. I could feel her apprehension and fear which made her walk faster. I walked around the corner of the old post office when a hand grabbed my arm stopping me.

"You can't save her, she is meant to become one of us." James said

"I can't let her die the way we had," I whispered, looking over the corner and saw she was nowhere in sight.

"He told me Rose has to die painfully and harshly." James muttered, and I exploded.

"I don't give a shit what he wants. He can punish me all he wants, she's not dying." I pulled out of his grip and ran after her.

I just turned to find Royce, Michael, Jamie and few others staggering away with a ripped piece of fabric in his fist. From what I could see the patch was the same colour of her underwear, I knew I was too late as a sharp sting of grief filled my veins. The connection I created with Rosalie was murdering me, familiar blades of pain sparked in my lower parts, head and ribs.

I bolted across the road at inhuman speed and roared at the still figure lying on the ground. I collapsed beside her, her eyes were closed and there was a slow uneven beat in her chest. I didn't think, I unleashed my true self and placed my smoking grey hand to the worst of her injuries which I could see was that her head was split in two.

Her heart beat picked up and I bent down and whispered, in Latin, "The angel I know, the angel I protect."

And with that her face relaxed from a frown. An all-knowing scent kicked through my senses and I felt a hatred so deep crush through me. I pressed a deep, chastise kiss on Rose's lips before taking off into the darkness. I watched as the vampire approached Rose and her eyes fluttered open. I felt James behind me and... HIM.

"Come, you're work is over here" He grabbed my shoulder, "You've got a new assignment."


I didn't realise that the assignment took me away from a 1927 Rochester to a 2004 Arizona and that said assignment was a small human child. I just stepped out of the shadow that I took with James and Purson, our...king. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard someone moving about in the other room, I could only sense one other human in the house. I quickly and quietly made my way towards the noise and stopped behind a pair of doors that allowed me to see into the living room.

Looking in, I saw the human, from what I could tell she looked to be about 12 and on her own due to her tight but ratty t-shirt and faded jeans that was half way up her calves. Something didn't sit right with me, questions were running through my head and I had no way of answering. Questions like Does she have parents? Is there something going on for her to wear ill fitting clothes?

I know that human girls- from this era at least- at a certain age wear short skirts, low tops and elaborate underwear but this...what she's wearing, isn't right. I guess I know where to start. I dart across towards a dark shadow and I step out to a shopping mall that looks like it's about to close. I walk into a shop closest and spend too long trying to find the kids section.

When I finally do get to the kids section, its big enough to be an Olympic stadium. Damn! I sighed getting a start on. I don't really pay attention to what I take, all I'm focused on is the size. I realise, with two arms full of t-shirts that I should have gotten a basket so I venture all the way down to the front where they keep them. After filling the basket I take a deer tour to another shop for jeans. I do the same as I did in the previous shop but as I grab what I think is the seventh pair of jeans, I feel a burning in my core. A vampire.

I growl slightly as I force myself to leave the store, I go to another for her shoes and possibly underwear. I walked into the store when my heart stops, my eyes are glued to her, she looked so different from 1927. Her long blond hair was swept over her right shoulder, her pale body was covered in a simple black vest top, black leather jacket, dark blue jeans and high black stiletto heels. She looks over her shoulder and I'm given a perfect view of her face, there's a slight pained look on her face but it's clouded with happiness. She looks so beautiful.

I'm slowly pulled into reality as a tall, burly guy breaks my view of her and puts his hand on her waist. A growl escapes my throat and the instant I realise, I leave because I knew they would have heard me. I get to another shop with no problem and the second I have everything I leave for the human. It was good to see Rosalie again that she looked happy, but it still kills me to see that what we did have is gone. Our worlds were completely different, that I'm the outsider looking in. But I would never want my life for her, if you can call it a life.

Going from one corner of the world to another possible at different times just to invade the life of someone and change their course to be like me which they go on to do but not after staying within the clutches of Purson for fifty years. No, that would not have been a life for my Rose.

I step out of the shadow and find myself back at the human's house but in her bedroom. It's bare...a small bed to sleep on and a wardrobe to hang clothes in. I set the bags on the bed and began folding her clothes. I grabbed the two baskets and burnt them before investigating the house.