Alright, this isn't my first foray into fanfic, I've been snared for nearly two years now, but this is my first foray into The Mighty Ducks. It comes from my obsessive nature towards the movies, and the fact that I have two younger siblings which are the perfect guise for renting them to this day.

Anyway, this fic has been rolling around in my head for ages, as I've been writing fic in my mind since before I knew it existed. I will admit that the paring Adam/Julie was the first I made an active choice about in any fandom. I couldn't help myself when I was a kid, and still can't.

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This weekend's game was one of the biggest they had ever played. Austin Prep was the only team that the Ducks had lost to since becoming varsity and now they had to beat them to advance in the State finals. This was exceptionally important game for Adam Banks, scouts were showing up and it being his senior year they were more important now than ever. Sure he had received a few bids already, but it was important to get . Not to mention his father was showing up. Yeah it was a big game.

Adam's gaze traveled back down to his work, but it didn't seem to seep in. His mind kept referring back to the game and how he was going to play. His strategy had to be excellent, flawless.


Adam was startled by the shout, but kept his chair from tipping over. He looked up into the eyes of his girlfriend. "Hey Jules."

Julie pursed her lips as Adams gaze focused on some point across the room and she knew he was seeing a hockey rink complete with players, especially him; same reason she had to result to screaming his last name to get his attention a few moments ago. She shook his shoulder causing him to focus on her again. "Adam, you're going to do fine," Julie said as Adam pulled her down into his lap. It was way too easy to worry about him, especially when he was this focused. He had the ability to lose himself when he did.

"It's an important game if we want to stay undefeated. Everyone is counting on me."

"No one counts on you on the ice as much as you count on yourself." She smiled at the words and the look that he was giving her that clearly meant "what are you on right now?" "I mean we count on you, you're not the best for nothing, but don't put yourself too far okay?"

"Julie there are going to be scouts there, and my father," he added making it sound like an afterthought, when really it was the prominent one.

Julie sighed and wished she could just take the time and punch out Philip Banks, but that wasn't an option. "And you. Look Adam, all you can do is play your best, no one asks any more of you but you and your father. Just promise me if anything goes wrong, even marginally so, you'll let me know. I don't need you killing yourself for this."

Adam quirked an eyebrow as a hint of a smile crossed his face. "No?"

"How am I going to get a scholarship without a winning team?" she asked him with a laugh, unable to be serious about the line.

Adam scowled a bit and pulled her closer to him. "Funny," he muttered, pressing his lips to her cheek.

Julie relaxed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled back to look at him, pretending to be nonchalant. "I'm also kinda attached to my boyfriend."

"Yeah?" Adam asked, his smile getting wider as he leaned into kiss her. She turned her head away and

"Well, lets check this wrist out to start," Julie said, picking up his right wrist, which he had injured years ago at the Junior Goodwill games. She massaged it a bit, feeling for injuries. "Feels fine but you're too tense," she said, dropping his wrist and finally letting him kiss her.

"If you have any suggestions on relaxation, I'm open," Adam said, a dangerous glint in his eyes as his hands traveled up his girlfriend's muscular body.

Julie shook her head at him as she picked up on exactly what he was thinking. "Not what you're thinking."

Adam gave her his signature smile, the one that had always gotten to her. "Come on, it will be an endurance test."

"Nice try cake eater." She took herself out of his lap, boys were all the same, and hers considered himself to be deprived. "How about a movie?" she asked, hoping to distract Adam for the incessant worries about the upcoming game.

Adam glanced down at his work, nearly saying no so that he could finish, but he knew he wouldn't do anymore tonight. His two options were thinking about hockey or snuggling on a common room couch with his girlfriend, pretending to watch movie. Girlfriend won tonight. "Sure," he said, letting out a small groan as he stood.

Concern instantly entered Julie's eyes, and Adam wondered why she seemed to think he wasn't able take care of himself. "You alright?"

"Yeah," he said quickly, before giving her a sheepish grin. "Maybe I was working a bit too hard."

She grinned and threw her hands over her head. "Look at that, he listens!"

"You're being melodramatic. Are we watching a movie or not?"

The movie was on the screen before them, and Adam couldn't tell you what was going on. Well he could as Ronnie and Julie was one of Julie's favorite movies, had been for years. She only gave the token protest that Julie could have been a hockey player instead of a figure skater. It was better then Ever After, and other such stuff, considering Julie was a closet romantic, it was their little secret.

But currently, the action on the ice only dragged him back to the upcoming game. He could visualize every play, every move, every shot, his and the other players. That didn't even account for surprises.

Julie hit him on the shoulder and glared "You're not even pretending to pay attention."

Adam was dragged back from his thoughts of the set up he and Guy had planned to look at his girlfriend. "Hmm?"

Julie snorted and rolled her eyes, as she pushed her way out of his arms and stood. "My point exactly. Come on."

Adam grinned and his arms circled her waist from behind as he caught up. "So you've warmed up to my relaxation ideas?" he asked, nibbling on her ear a bit.

Julie had different ideas, elbowing him lightly and walking a few feet away and turning "Nope, another one of my own. Get your gear, if you're so worried then play with me, for fun," She said stressing the last two words "We'll see how often you can score."

"On ice, several times, but off the ice you seem to keep blocking all of my attempts."

Julie merely gave him the 'I know I'm superior grin.' "It's cause I'm the best," she said, before walking away for her dorm room. "On the ice in twenty Banks."

"You got it Gaffney."
Once they were suited up and both out on the ice Adam felt a sense of calm come over him. He was never tense on the ice, on the ice was easy, it was everything else that led to the tenseness off the ice. These were the moments he liked to treasure, gliding across the ice him and the puck, and of course the enemy. He smirked a bit at that, watching Cat skate out to the goal, suited up in her old Bangor uniform.

"Are you just going to skate around the puck or are you going to start taking shots at me?" Juile asked through her helmet as she watched Adam focus on the puck.

"Remember you asked for it," Adam said lightly as he let his stick hit the puck for the first time and headed for Julie at the goal.

"Excellent game, fifteen goals is impressive, especially against me."

Adam gave her a look. "Out of how many shots?"

Julie smiled with pride as she laid her helmet and gloves on top of the goal. "I wasn't keeping count, but they were up there. You'll do fine. I'm thinking if we kept you on the ice up until game time you'd be fine."

Adam took her hand and began to skate backwards, pulling her along with him. "No see, game plus scouts, plus my dad, is not relaxing. Out here with you, most definitely," he said smoothly as he came to a stop.

With a talent he had learned from a year of dating Julie, he pulled her close and kissed her. As usual positioning was odd due to being on skates and all the gear, but it was no less enjoyable then always.

The sound of tisking off to the side finally broke them apart. They looked up to see Goldberg and Averman looking at them with the same disapproving looks Orion would be making if he'd caught them. "Macking on the ice," Goldberg said with a sigh. "It's a wonder we win any games with this kind of thing going on."

Adam turned to look at them, keeping an arm around Julie's waist, and holding her close. "She's helping me relax."

Averman grinned down at them goofily. "The Cat-a-nator is busily seducing our prime player. Working for the enemy catlady?"

Julie narrowed her eyes and looked quite like a cat ready to pounce. "You want to be stuffed in my goal, because we can have that arranged."

Goldberg tapped a finger to his chin as if considering. "Cat lady is on to an idea. We could tie him to a goal, and get Fulton and Russ down here to take shots. Not to mention having Banksie and Germaine firing. Whatdya say buddy?" he asked, turning to Averman and thumping him on the back.

Averman turned to Goldberg and pointed. "You, my friend, are sick and twisted."

"Comes from being tied to the goal when I was ten and left there. And you, you my bestest friend, you left with the rest of them."

As much as he loved the guys, Adam was curious as to why they were down by the ice. He was one of the few people who would be on the ice this late without reason, just as his girlfriend was one of the few people who would come with him. "Why are you two down here?"

"No one could find you two, but when there were no odd sounds coming from Adam's or your room, we figured you guys could only be on the ice."

"Doing the same thing on the ice you would be in a bedroom."

"Making out in hockey gear?" Adam asked jokingly, making his face completely blank. "I'd like to think I'm better than that."

Julie moved back a bit and whispered in his ear, "It's always been my dream to strip you from the hockey gear."

Adam couldn't stop himself from smiling at that revelation. "Mine too. We'll have to do something about that."

"Cake eater has gone back to being dreamy," Goldberg quipped from his spot in the stands.

"Let us pause for a collective Aww," Averman said, raising his hands in the air as if he was ready to cue an entire stadium. "On three now. One, two-- "

Julie looked up, and Adam could tell she was pissed that they were still there. "Was there any reason people were looking for us?"

"Emergency team meeting. Something about idiot one and idiot two not speaking to each other," Goldberg grumbled. "Neither of them are invited. And as you Cat lady room with idiot two, your presence is necessary."

Julie sighed, thinking about Connie and Guy's not so nice break up and the tension that had ensued. "Alright, we'll be up in a few."

"Don't get lost."

"In the showers," Averman finished gleefully wiggling his eyebrows.