Summary: Ron left. Ron doesn't save him but someone he doesn't expect does. His familiar returns from the dead so to speak. The love he seeks, he finds more than once. His parents and godfather leave him a few surprises, but will he have a chance to also choose or not. And what is Voldemort doing while this all is happening? Will new allies appear, and old Allies turn into enemies? Will people believe to be dead still be alive? It will be a Harry/multi and smarter Harry.
I know a long summary but want to give a good impression of the story. I hope you like the idea that many already made but wanted to give my own spin on it. This does not mean I abandon the adventure of love and life that will continue shortly (hopefully not later than next Sunday).


There are differences with the canon. The differences are: Harry followed the care of magical creatures and ancient runes besides defence against the dark arts his best classes are ancient runes, charms and transfiguration all O's and best in practical and third in theory gave him the top spot even above Hermione with OWL scores Harry's sixth-year classes were all core subjects except history and astronomy and include COMC and ancient runes Neville became a better friend during tri-wizard tournament and knew about the Horcrux and the search for them but wanted to stay in Hogwarts to help the students Neville became a best friend in the fifth year the last meeting before Christmas (in the movie the kiss scene with Cho). Neville tells about his parents, the whole story. Ron goes with the search because still "good" friends Harry doubts, however, but Hermione agrees, and Harry follows Hermione's lead in allowing Ron to join. Harry never kissed Cho but talked with her over Cedric who unfortunately still died after Christmas. Any other changes will be in the story if you find them.

Chapter 1 Saved by small hands and return home

26 December 1997, Forest of Dean

Harry was following the doe Patronus through the woods for at least 15 minutes when the Patronus stop and disappear. Where the Patronus stood before was now a small pond. Harry looks in the pond and Harry doesn't believe it. Harry sees the Sword of Gryffindor laying on the bottom of the pond.

Harry looks around but doesn't see any kind of danger. Harry decided to take his clothes off before jumping into the pond. Harry started to swim towards the bottom of the pond. Halfway down the locket around Harry's neck started to heat up and try to get away from the sword. Harry started having trouble getting the sword and the locket started to hurt. He was almost out of breath.

Right after Harry jumped into the pond with soundless pop a house-elf appeared with a white looking owl. The house-elf looked around and saw the clothes. The elf tried to save Harry. The elf tried a few times, but he doesn't succeed to save Harry when the elf see Harry struggle.

The elf said to the owl "Master Harry needs help, is Master Harry's Miss Grangey or bad Mr. Weezeh close?"

The owl closes her eyes and after a few seconds, the owl hoots and flies of. Just as the elf planned to follow, he hears a small pop and another elf appears.

The elf that just appears said " why is bad Kreacher here? And where is the great wizard Harry Potter sir?"

Kreacher looks at the elf and said "Kreacher is here because Kreacher felt Master Harry through Master Harry's owl He'wig and came here to find Master Harry in trouble. Master Harry's owl He'wig is looking for Master Harry's miss Grangey or bad Mr. Weezeh. Why is Dobby here?"

"Dobby felt the great wizard Harry Potter in trouble and came as soon as Dobby could" Dobby replied.

Dobby continued "Dobby and Kreacher should work together to help the great wizard Harry Potter sir."

Kreacher nodded and both tried to get Harry out of the water. They get Harry above water so Harry can breathe but they can't get him out of the water. Dobby and Kreacher try it a couple of times but the locket keeps dragging Harry down but out of the range of the sword. The dark magic in the locket also works against the magic from the elves.

After almost 10 minutes Hedwig comes back followed hot on her tail by Hermione while all the time Dobby and Kreacher tried to save Harry but only managed to make sure he could breathe some time so he doesn't drown but it didn't work every time they tried to get him out. Hermione said "Kreacher, Dobby where is Harry? What are you both doing here? And how can Hedwig be alive?"

Dobby responds and said, "Miss Grangey Dobby felt trouble with the great wizard Harry Potter sir and found Kreacher here."

Kreacher said "Miss Grangey a few days after bad men entered Master's house Kreacher felt Master Harry. Kreacher found Master Harry's owl and a phoenix but no Master Harry. After Kreacher found Master Harry's owl the Phoenix left."

Dobby quickly interrupted before more could be said "Kreacher and Dobby are trying to save the great wizard Harry Potter sir. Please, Miss Grangey help Dobby and Kreacher to save the great wizard Harry Potter."

Hermione quickly said, "of course what do I need to do?"

Kreacher said, "quickly to the pond Miss Grangey."

Hermione immediately went to the pond and saw a struggling Harry. Hermione quickly tries to reach Harry. When Dobby and Kreacher saw Hermione grab Harry and pull Harry up and they used their magic again. This time with the help of Hermione, they got Harry out of the pond even with the locket struggling against them.
When Harry landed on the ground just outside of the pond Hermione hugged him, Dobby went for Harry's closest leg and Kreacher was standing near Harry's head with his head bowed to the ground while Hedwig was sitting in the closest tree looking at Harry.

After a few minutes, Hermione sat up and said, "Harry, what were you doing in the pond?"

Harry first gave a hug back and said "thank you, Hermione. Dobby, you and Kreacher too."

Harry hasn't noticed Hedwig yet. Harry started telling Hermione about the doe Patronus, the same one his mother had, showed her the pond the sword of Gryffindor, the locket struggling, fighting him and Dobby and Kreacher trying to save him but the locket also fighting against their magic.

Hermione let out a gasp and hit him before saying "Harry James Potter you prat; you could have died."

Harry looked a bit embarrassed before saying "Hermione I am sorry; I was just so happy to see the sword of Gryffindor so I wanted to get it as soon as possible so WE could destroy the Horcrux."

Hermione looked at him and saw nothing but the truth and determination. Hermione sighed and said, " I understand but if you want to try again give me the locket first, so it won't happen again."

Harry gave her the locket and dived into the pond. In less than a minute he re-emerged with the sword in his hand. Hermione felt the locket pull away and said, "quickly Harry stab it."

Harry grabbed the locket and gave Hermione the sword and said "no Hermione you do it. You deserve it. You saved me and always stood by be me, you deserve to do this."

Hermione is doubting if she is strong enough. Harry saw the doubt and said, "Hermione do it for me, for the time we stood together and for all the help you give me over the years."

Hermione nodded after that and Harry went to the nearest branch to place the locket. Hermione asked, "why do you place it there?"

Harry said " Hermione we tried to destroy the locket and so did Kreacher, but it is the Slytherin Locket. We thought we needed to open it to destroy it and what does Salazar Slytherin know for?"

Hermione thought for a moment before saying "well the hate for muggleborns and muggles. T..." Harry interrupted "which is false."

Hermione asked, "what, what do you mean?"

Harry answered "Hermione Salazar Slytherin didn't hate muggleborns or muggles. Well not before muggles attacked and killed his wife and three children. His wife was a muggleborn."

Hermione was shocked but before she could think more about it Harry said "Parseltongue is what I mean just like the chamber if I say open with parseltongue there is a big chance it will open, but we must watch out the diary wanted to attack me to protect itself and the locket had the poison and the inferi. We need to expect that the locket could still have protection. Are you ready Hermione?"

Hermione put the sword up, nodded hesitantly and said with a shaky voice "y-y-ye-yes H-Harry."

§Open§ Harry hissed.

The Slytherin locket opened up and black smoke came out saying in English "I saw in your heart girl. Should I let lover boy see your heart?"

Before Hermione could answer the black smoke, the black smoke started to show an image of Harry kissing different girls. Harry saw it and screamed, "Hermione don't look, just stab it."

Hermione gets tears in her eyes seeing smoke-Harry kisses Ginny and gave Hermione a Harry grin which Hermione always liked and still does which always makes her knees go weak.

After Ginny smoke-Harry kissed Luna and again the Harry-grin. Hermione had tears in her eyes, but she could understand kissing Ginny what he really did, and she could understand Luna. After Ginny and Luna, smoke-Harry had other girls kissing him and smoke-Harry and the girls liked it. The girls that smoke-Harry kissed were in order after Ginny and Luna, first was Susan Bones kissing and rubbing her breast making her moan slightly.

The second is the Gryffindor chasers from Harry's first five years, Angelina, Alicia, and Katie. Then Katie Hufflepuff's friend Leanne. Su Li, Cho Chang, Marrieta Egdecome, Isobel and Morag MacDougal (twins), Lisa Turpin and Mandy Brocklehurst from Ravenclaw, Megan Jones, Sally-Ann Perks and Hannah Abbot from Hufflepuff, the Patil twin sisters at the same time. After the Patil twin sisters Hermione started to cry she tried to hold it in but know it was too much.

After the Patil twin sisters came Daphne Greengrass, Tracy Davis, Pansy Parkinson, Astoria Greengrass, the Carrow twin sisters and Lily Moon from Slytherin. Fay Dunbar and Demelza Robbins from Gryffindor. The last girls smoke-Harry kissed were Fleur, Gabrielle, Hestia Jones (Megan's niece) and (Nymphadora) Tonks.

Smoke-Harry then turned towards Hermione and said, "as I would ever kiss you, let's stand I would like you and certainly never love you a know-it-all, bossy, beaver face, bushy-haired, insane mudblood."

Hermione almost dropped to her knees but heard another voice that sounded like Harry screaming "that isn't me Hermione. I would never call you mudblood and you know I never kissed all those girls only Ginny that is your best friend besides Luna."

Hermione was crying, everything started to blur. Harry screamed "Mione listen to this voice, my voice. Hit it with the sword, don't trust the locket. DO IT 'MIONE I TRUST AND LOVE YOU."

At the love you with Harry's voice Hermione wiped her eyes and hit the Locket with the Sword of Gryffindor. Harry, Hermione, Kreacher, Dobby, and Hedwig heard a scream that could make blood turn into ice and saw the black smoke disappear into the sky.

Harry walks toward Hermione and grabbed her in his arms and hugged her. Hedwig flies off and lands on Harry's shoulder. Harry sees that while he keeps hugging Hermione. Hermione is crying in his chest while she grabs with both hands his shirt letting the sword fall onto the ground beside them.

Harry had tears in his eyes for the hurt Hermione feels but also for seeing his first friend and companion on his shoulder. Harry feels his heart heal a little bit. Feeling less hallow now Hedwig was back and Hermione in his arms, but still missed and loved Ginny.

After a few minutes, Harry softly said: "Mione we need to return to the tent it is not safe here."

Hermione nodded in his chest. Harry started to lead Hermione when he said: "Kreacher follow us with the sword and Dobby if you want you can follow us."

Kreacher bowed and said, "yes Master Harry." Dobby said, "Dobby could carry the sword of great wizard Harry Potter sir."

Harry said, "thank you Dobby but Kreacher could do it, right Kreacher?"

Kreacher replied almost happy "yes Master Harry."

After almost 20 minutes Harry sensed the wards and after a few minutes, they pass them and see the tent. Harry walks with Hermione still clutching his shirt into the tent and the elves follow Harry inside. Harry leads Hermione to her bedroom and makes her lay down. Just as he wants to leave Hermione grabs his hand and said, "please don't go."

Harry said "I don't want to, but I need to talk with Dobby and Kreacher. I would just be in the next room. I promise you after I talked with them, I return here."

Hermione said "please."

Harry sighed "okay give me a minute."

Harry walked into the room and said, "Hedwig please stay inside the tent maybe Kreacher can make you some bacon strips."

Hedwig hoots happily and flies towards the kitchen. Harry said "okay Kreacher can you make Hedwig some bacon strips? And put the sword on the table."

"Yes, Master Harry" and Kreacher pops out.

"Dobby can you put on some extra protection around the tent?" Harry asked.

Dobby nodded. Harry said "okay thanks Dobby. I needed to return to Hermione, but I want to thank you Dobby. You too Kreacher and I can't forget you Hedwig thank you" Harry shouted the last part towards the kitchen.

Dobby replied and said, "no Dobby need to thank the great wizard Harry Potter sir." Harry shakes his head and walks back to Hermione. When he opens the door, he sees Hermione lying with her back to him. Harry hears her crying and walks to the other side of the bed so he can look at her face.

Harry sees Hermione's crying face and said "Mione what you saw isn't real. You need to believe that, more importantly, Tom lost another Horcrux."

When Harry started talking Hermione cried for a second until Harry grabbed her hand halfway through his sentence. Hermione opened her eyes and look at Harry. Harry gave her a signature Harry grin and Hermione gave a watery smile and gave him a signature Hermione hug. After a few minutes, they lay down in the same bed and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in the main room of the tent, Kreacher and Dobby were looking at each other while Hedwig was in the kitchen eating bacon strips Kreacher had made. He knew where the bacon was in Grimmauld Place so he could call for it even with the protective spells from Harry and Dobby surrounding the tent.

27 December 1997. Forest of Dean

Hermione woke up feeling a warm body behind her. She felt that one arm was holding her around her waist. When she tried to remove the arm, the arm pulled her tighter to him. Hermione felt the muscles and knew she couldn't break free without waking the person up if she could break free. She tried to turn around when the arm released some of his power. She succeeded in turning around and she almost gasped. She sees Harry Potter her best friend lying behind her and holding on to her. Suddenly all the memories from the night before came back to her. She started sobbing again but the sleeping Harry pulled again with his arm Hermione to him. His arm now on her the small of the back and her head against his muscular chest made her stop sobbing having Harry right next to her. Harry makes her feel safe but also makes her blush madly.

After almost half an hour Hermione was almost sleeping again but suddenly sat up when she remembered that nobody was on the lookout. The sudden movement woke Harry up. Harry looked at Hermione and quickly moved his arm which disappoint Hermione, but Harry didn't notice.

Harry was blushing and mumbled a sorry and quickly left the bedroom. Hermione heard the bathroom door open and close. The door opened again a few minutes later. A few minutes after Harry left the bathroom Hermione let a heavy sigh. Harry wouldn't return to the bedroom, let alone the bed.

Hermione didn't want to leave the bed it was very warm. The only time it was this warm was when she was in France with her parents. Also, this warmth is different and so much better she realized before she reluctantly gets out of bed still fully clothed in the clothes from the night before when Hedwig came in and wanted her to follow.

Hermione screamed "HEDWIG!"

Hermione ran into the main room seeing Hedwig sitting on Harry's shoulder bumping her head against Harry's head. Harry was also petting Hedwig. Hermione knew if Hedwig was a stuffed animal it would be crushed, she sees how happy Harry is and she started to think about Crookshanks hoping he was safe at the Burrow where she left him.

She heard someone in the kitchen and hoped Ron returned. When she looked into the kitchen, she sees Kreacher and Dobby fighting to make breakfast for Harry and Hedwig it seems. Hermione realized that she was almost happy and relieved seeing it wasn't Ron.

Hermione takes a seat at the table in the main room and said "good morning Harry and you too Hedwig. It is so good to see you again Hedwig I also missed you."

Hedwig hoots happily, fly toward Hermione and land on her shoulder. Hedwig nibs her ear and bumps her head against Hermione. Hermione smiled and scratched under Hedwig's feather the same way Harry always did. After no more than half a minute Hedwig flies back to Harry's shoulder.

Hermione again noticed his muscular arms in his jacket and the broad shoulder. Hedwig sat on his left broad shoulder. She almost hoped she could feel his muscular arms around her again soon. Hermione was shocked that she thought about that. Harry loves Ginny and only loves me as a sister. Harry is also my best friend before even Ginny my best girlfriend and Luna my other best girlfriend.

'I should not love Harry that way. Harry loves Ginny and I love Ron, right? Right?' Hermione thought. Hermione didn't know anymore she was sad when Ron left but now she was almost happy that Ron wasn't here. 'She felt that way for years, happy when Ron wasn't near her and Harry until last year, she only tolerated him. It changed when she stayed at the Burrow before their sixth year.'

'From the end of their third year she was jealous of every girl that talked with Harry, but last year she wasn't anymore she realized she loved Ron, not Harry, so she was happy for Ginny. They were both glaring at Fleur during their fourth year but before that, they were best friends. She was jealous of her and Luna, during their fifth year when they talked to Harry but like she said that was before it changed at the Burrow before their sixth year.'

Hermione thought 'what are Dobby and Kreacher doing here and how could they find us? I need to know and where is the sword of Gryffindor?'

Hermione asked, "Harry where is the sword?"

Harry looked at her for the first time since she entered the room. Harry was a bit red from embarrassment but said almost confident "I put it in my room for now against the nightstand on the right side of the bed so you see it when you enter and can use it if you need to. Dobby made sure only you or I can grab it."

Hermione said "okay. Harry can you tell me what Dobby and Kreacher doing here you said that Hedwig was hit by a killing curse so how can she be alive, she did NOT have the same protection you had."

Harry gave a sly smile and said "I also don't know Hermione, but I don't care about that right now, to be honest. I am just happy that she is back or alive. I, however, do not know what Dobby and Kreacher are doing here or how they found us. I wanted to ask them that but when I entered the kitchen and started on some breakfast for Hedwig and me, Dobby and Kreacher almost chased me out of the kitchen."

Hermione gave a small giggle at that picturing it... wait she never giggled. However, she couldn't contain herself picturing Harry being scared and running away out of a kitchen followed by two house-elves while he fought Tom multiple times almost fearless. Hermione thought 'wait, house-elves.' She wanted to scream at Harry about the work they were fighting over. 'It seemed they wanted to do it, but why?"

Hermione started to think about what she knew about house-elves and she was almost shocked by how little she actually knows about house-elves, maybe after the war, she could learn more after she found her parents.

While Hermione was thinking she didn't notice Dobby and Kreacher had made breakfast for Harry but they both made it so there were two plates full of breakfast before Harry and both elves looked at Harry hoping for something Hermione saw in both elves' eyes.

Harry took a bite of both plates and said, "both taste great but I can't eat all of it so I give Hermione one plate so she can also enjoy it."

Kreacher bowed and popped out and Dobby was nodding so enthusiastic and so hard it was a miracle his head didn't get separated from his body. Dobby popped out while he was still nodding. Harry shook his head with a smile. Harry felt like the war was not going on at that moment with Dobby and somehow Kreacher.

He liked Kreacher during and after they stayed for a time at Grimmauld place but he hated seeing Kreacher remember him of Sirius' death, but he had forgiven Kreacher when he knew that he was ordered by Bellatrix on Lord Voldemort or like he always said Tom's order.

Harry decided right after they fled the wedding that Voldemort didn't earn to be called that so when he meant Voldemort, he would say Tom so would Hermione and traitor Ron.

'Yes, Ron is a traitor, this was the last time. He already was on thin ice after their second year, then when he got the firebolt, then in his fourth year, in their fifth- and their sixth year. Ron was jealous when he studied or talked with Hermione, the worst was after he returned with Hermione from Slughorn's party even though he went with Luna. But leaving during this important task that would make Tom mortal and possibly end the war if they succeeded was a bridge too far for me' Harry thought.

After breakfast, Hedwig flew to a perch that was in a corner to sleep and Kreacher popped in to take the plates and has brought butterbeer because he knew Harry and Hermione like that. Before Harry or Hermione could say anything Kreacher popped away.

The rest of the morning they stay quiet and Harry was thinking about what the next Horcrux could be. Hermione, on the other hand, was thinking about everything that happened after they got the sword of Gryffindor. Hermione wanted to feel when she woke up in Harry's arms, it felt so good, but she also looked through her memories to make sure she didn't miss anything. The problem was every time she was close to something the thought of waking up in Harry's arms came back. It also happened when she thought about what the Horcrux showed her, she needed to think about waking up in Harry's arms or she would probably cry again.

When Kreacher and Dobby return with lunch and Dobby this time placed a plate in front of Hermione, Hermione thanked him while Harry thanked Kreacher. After lunch was done Harry stopped Kreacher to pop out and asked "Kreacher how did you find us? I mean the protective spells and charms we used were to prevent anyone from finding us. So how did you find us, and do you know how Dobby did find us?"

Kreacher bowed and said "Kreacher found Master Harry thanks to Master Harry's owl He'wig. When bad men try to enter the house, Kreacher and Master Orion's protection saved Kreacher and the house. Af-"

"Wait, Kreacher, do you mean that Grimmauld Place is still safe?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Master Harry the most ancient and most noble house of Black is safe. Kreacher defended it and Master Orion's protections are there to prevent the family house of the most ancient and most noble house of Black in London to fall to enemies of the house and its Master. Kreacher knew bad men were enemies and the house also knew. Kreacher and the house fought the bad men before they reached the first room from the hall. Kreacher and the house won for Master Harry" Kreacher said will looking proudly.

Harry slid to his knees out of the chair and hugged Kreacher with tears in his eyes. After almost a minute Harry pulled back and said, "thank you Kreacher."

"Is Master Harry pleased and did Kreacher do well for the Master and the most ancient and most noble house of Black?"

"Yes, Kreacher is I am very pleased, and you did very good for me and the most ancient and most noble house of Black," Harry said.

Kreacher could just barely contain himself to do the same Dobby did most times did but it was visible on Kreacher face that he was very happy.

Hermione saw this but she wanted answers. Hermione asked, "could you please continue Kreacher?"

Kreacher bowed towards Hermione and said, "of course Master Harry's Miss Grangey."

Kreacher turned back and continues his story "a few days after Master Harry and Master Harry's Miss Grangey and Master Harry's bad Mr. Wheezy didn't come back Kreacher tried searching for Master Harry but Kreacher didn't find Master Harry. Kreacher did Kreacher's best but it wasn't enough to find Master Harry."

"Almost two weeks after leaving Kreacher felt Master Harry but it was weak when Kreacher arrived Kreacher found Master Harry's owl and a phoenix Kreacher had never seen before. The Phoenix has like Master Harry's owl He'wig a bond with Master Harry. Kreacher thinks because Master Harry's owl was weak Kreacher couldn't find it before the Phoenix healed and enter the bond."

"Kreacher took Master Harry's owl home, fed and took care of her. Almost one month ago Master Harry's owl He'wig was fully healed. Three days ago, Kreacher felt a weak bond with He'wig but something was wrong before Kreacher could leave Kreacher lost the connection. Then last night Kreacher felt Master Harry again through He'wig and it was stronger and Kreacher left almost immediately. Kreacher found Master Harry in the pond fighting to breathe."

"Kreacher tried to save Master Harry but Kreacher couldn't. Kreacher asked Master Harry's owl He'wig to find Master Harry's Miss Grangey or Master Harry's bad Mr. Wheezy. When He'wig flew away Dobby came and said Dobby felt that Master Harry was in trouble and came immediately to help Master Harry. Kreacher and Dobby tried to save Master Harry but didn't succeed until Master Harry's Miss Grangey came to help Kreacher and Dobby."

Harry sighed and Hermione didn't know what to say. When after a few moments nothing was said Kreacher asked his question "does Master want to go home?"

Harry looked at Hermione who was biting her bottom lip and said, "it is your choice, Harry."

Harry looked at Kreacher and asked "Kreacher are you sure Grimmauld Place is safe from the death eaters and Tom Riddle their leader is also known as the dark lord to his followers?"

Kreacher bowed and nodded and answered "yes Master Grimmauld Place is safe from bad men. Grimmauld place has friends and family to help Master Harry."

"Who do you mean Kreacher?" Harry asked.

"Kreacher can't say, Master Harry, Kreacher cannot."

"Kreacher I order you to answer me."

Kreacher falls to the ground and is fighting with himself. Hermione quickly screamed "Harry stop it say that he doesn't have to answer, it is hurting him. STOP IT HARRY!"

Harry saw Kreacher shaking with pain on the floor like he is being hit with the Cruciatus Curse. Harry quickly said "Kreacher stop. You don't have to answer."

Kreacher stopped shaking on the floor and bowed "Kreacher is sorry he can't answer Master."

Harry sighed and decided to ask one other question "Kreacher can you tell me who ordered you not to tell me?"

Kreacher shook his head "Kreacher can't tell young Master Harry yet."

Harry said "yet? What do you mean yet?"

Kreacher started shaking again and Harry immediately said: "okay Kreacher can you tell me when the time is there?"

Kreacher stopped shaking and nodded "yes Master Harry Kreacher can tell Master when Kreacher can or is allowed to answer."

Hermione was seeing this but thought about sleeping in a normal bed where it is safe. Hermione said, "Harry I think we should go to Grimmauld Place if it is safe to plan our next step to find one of them."

Harry nodded and said "you are right Hermione I guess that is a good idea. Oh, and Kreacher I think you are happy to hear that the locket is destroyed."

Kreacher looked with open eyes "what Kreacher saw was the truth when dark smoke left the locket yesterday?"

"Yes Kreacher, Hermione destroyed it with the sword all thanks to you, Dobby and Hermione."

Kreacher did the thing nobody would ever expect he rushed to Hermione and hugged her leg as Dobby does with Harry most of the time. Kreacher let go and said "Kreacher thanks Miss He'mione for destroying the locket and completing Master Regulus's final order."

Harry was shocked to hear Kreacher call Hermione by her first name. 'Kreacher only did that with him and his previous Master Regulus, he never did it with Sirius even when Sirius started to treat Kreacher a bit nicer after Christmas and that was probably why Kreacher showed regret after Sirius died. I talked with Kreacher after that and he was mad at himself for killing his Master and his favourite (if only) Master's brother' Harry thought.

Harry said ''Kreacher just to make sure, there are no enemies in Grimmauld Place neither is there a chance to be attacked by the enemy and even if they attack the house can protect us, right?"

Kreacher nodded and answered "yes Master Harry the enemy will not attack soon. The last time all that entered were injured when they left. Some with major wounds even Kreacher couldn't heal, those have probably not survived. Most had middle injuries and if treated they were out for a few weeks if not months. A few with small injuries that after healing and rest or a few days of rest, they could do what the dark lord demands."

"If Master Harry still requests Kreacher's answer then yes Master Harry the most ancient and most noble house of Black, the family house in London is safe and protected from most attacks, only large forces or a few strong witches or wizards can damage the house enough to get past the hallway Master with few to no injuries."

"The house has protection from Master Orion if there is a Master of the house of Black with Black blood. So yes, Master Harry Grimmauld Place is safe. Master Sirius probably told Master Harry, but Master Harry's grandmother was a Black before becoming a Potter."

Okay, Harry decided "we will return back to the house Kreacher."

Hermione asked, "Kreacher do you need help to get us to the house?"

Kreacher said, "no Miss He'mione Kreacher can do it twice."

Hermione looked at Harry and said, "Harry call Dobby so we can go to Grimmauld Place at the same time."

Harry responded with "yes Hermione. Dobby?"

Dobby appeared with a small pop. "What can Dobby do for the great wizard Harry Potter sir?"

"Dobby can you take me to Grimmauld Place 12 the ancestral house of Black."

Dobby nodded and replied, "yes the great wizard Harry Potter sir, Dobby can do that."

Kreacher immediately said "Master Harry after the attack the defences stayed up because only the Master can disable them. With the defences, only a house-elf of the house of black and the Master can enter including the one they carry. However, Master Harry needs to bond Dobby to Master Harry even then if it is house Potter the house Dobby choices, Dobby and Master can enter otherwise not."

Harry sighed 'of course, there is never an easy way.' Harry said "okay Kreacher can you tell me what to say to bond Dobby, if Dobby wants to. Do you Dobby?"

Dobby launched himself to Harry's leg and said, "Dobby love to be the great wizard Harry Potter's elf sir."

"Kreacher if you please can tell me what to say."

"Of course, Master Harry. I, Master Harry's name and black offer dobby the house-elf to serve Master Harry and house that Dobby wants. If Dobby agrees, Master Harry says so mote it be. That is the bond Kreacher thinks Master likes best."

Dobby immediately said, "the most ancient and most noble house of Potter the great wizard Harry Potter sir."

Harry said "thank you Kreacher. I, Harry James Potter-Black, offer Dobby the house-elf to serve as my elf and as an elf for the most ancient and most noble house of Potter."

Dobby quickly said, "Dobby the house-elf accept the great wizard Harry Potter sirs offer."

Harry finalized the bond with "so mote it be."

A light beam between Dobby and Harry appeared before it disappeared. Kreacher almost looked with a longing to the beam. It was so long ago that Kreacher was bonded to a person, Regulus was the last one and he was already dead for 17 years. Kreacher didn't want to bond with Sirius as a person until it was too late.

Harry felt a little thing in his magic and then said, "We should better go."

Harry woke Hedwig up and Hedwig didn't like that. Hedwig was angrily hooting. Harry said, "Hedwig, we return to Grimmauld Place and we need to pack so if you could come out, we can leave."

Hedwig flew to Harry's shoulder and landed on it. Hedwig nibbled his ear because she wasn't really mad, she just didn't like to be waking up when she just went to sleep.

When also Harry exited the tent, Hermione cast the spell to pack up the tent. After that, she disabled the protective spells and charms Harry put up days ago.
Harry asked Dobby to disable the protection he set up and a second later those were also down. Kreacher took Hermione's hand and Dobby took Harry's hand. A second later they popped out with Hedwig on Harry's shoulder.

27th December 1997, 12 Grimmauld Place

Harry and Hermione, were amazed by the difference when they were popped into the living room. It looked like someone lived here for the last couple of months. They were shocked when they heard a female voice screaming through the house "they are here and unhurt."

Harry and Hermione heard many footsteps on the stairs and turned around to look for the slightly familiar voice when Harry was tackled down by the voice. Harry looked and saw a blur of red hair because his glasses were knocked off when he was tackled. When Hermione gave him his glasses and Harry put them on, he saw ...

Let's end her. Please let me know what you think of the first chapter of this story. The next chapter is a lot of introductions, why they could enter 12 Grimmauld Place and Harry learn more about the wizarding world and himself.

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