Chapter 1: packing for the trip.

It was the start of a sunny afternoon at Hero headquarters, and a small bunch of the heroes were packing up for a special camping trip in the infinity wilderness.

Right outside the headquarters building, Ty, ton ton, Dozer, Margo, and violet were packing up their supplies for the trip.

Ton ton: "Sweet, this trip is gonna be off the hook dudes!"

Ty: "You betcha double T. Once we pick up Lincoln and his sisters from their house, we'll be on our way."

Violet: "You have a point there, although I never enjoyed being in the wilderness since my adventure with my family on Nomanisan island."

After Ty, ton ton, and Margo heard violet mention her adventure on syndromes old island, they started thinking their camping trip would be a little tricky for her.

Skya rolled up with a canister of superchargers at the end of her hook, then she carefully loaded it into ton ton's bed. Dozer rolled up a couple seconds later feeling a little hot.

Dozer: "Can we go already, my radiator feels like it's burning up."

Margo: "Wow Dozer, and we thought you were cranky before."

Dozer: "I've never been cranky my whole life!"

Utterly surprised by Dozer's outburst, the others just continued packing their supplies.

Inside the main computer room of the base, revit, Darwin, blaster, Juarez, and speckles were packing up their side of the supplies. Darwin and his crew were packing up their spy gear just in case, while revit was packing a few of his own supplies.

Blaster: "Yo Darwin, why are we bringing our tech? We're just going on freaking holiday."

Darwin: "Blaster even though we're going on this trip, we have to be able to protect ourselves in case there's still danger out there."

Revit: You're correct Darwin. And By my calculations from teletraan 1, the very core of our world has developed a really bad, thick, and primitive forest near the spot where me, Ty, and the others built a renegade base."

Blaster: "Wait! So what you're saying is… guys actually built an extra base near the wilderness?!"

Just then, Click clack, Ace, and Waldo came in with a container full of small parts.

Waldo: "Hey Revit, we've just finished packing our supplies."

Ace: "And once we empty it at the campsite, click clack will be free to use it as his panic room."

Click clack: "Y-Y-Yeah, I-I-it's gonna be a-a-a-a nice t-t-trip today."

Darwin: "No worries click clack, we've got your back."

Just then, dash, Edith, Agnes, elastigirl, Gru, Lucy, and Dru emerged from one of the hallways. They have just returned from the bathroom, and they were already good to go.

Juarez: "What took you so long?"

Edith: "Agnes kept hogging the bathroom when it was My turn next!"

Agnes: "Come on, I had a really hard time getting it out of me!"

Gru: "Girls, that's enough! Wee don't wanna be late for our leetle camping trip."

Dru was so excited, he just ran out of the base cheering hysterically. Everyone just rolled their eyes, and they made one last check on their supplies.

Revit: "I think our side is packed up, once we pick up the heroes that are packing up at Lincoln's house, we should be all set."

Meanwhile at the loud house, Lincoln and his sisters were packing up their side of the supplies. Viper, mantis, and monkey were also helping out with the packing, because the furious 5 were going on the trip as well. What else was new was that mr. Grouse wasn't living next door anymore, because he past away months ago.(Thank goodness for that!)

Mantis and monkey were helping Lori and luan pack supplies from the kitchen. Monkey was told to go through the stuff in the fridge, and there were some items he found that were a little confusing to him.

Monkey: "Sacrament stroganoff?"

Lori: "Yeah, we often take that stuff on camping trips."

Then viper and mantis entered the kitchen overhearing their conversation.

Mantis: "How could stroganoff be a camping food?"

Viper: "Mantis, can you for once stop complaining about how people control their vacations?!"

Lincoln: "Hey guys, Ty and the others are hear we should get going!"

So once they packed the remaining items into their bags, they hurried out into the front yard.

Garfield, Odie, Arlene, and nermal were all waiting outside before anyone else was, and Ty's half of the group had just arrived. Gru, Lucy, Dru, Margo, Edith, and Agnes were all traveling in the Gru mobile, and tigress, crane, and the Incredible's were borrowing one of the ninja turtles vehicles that they called "The party wagon."

It was based on a Fillmore van, but it had a few thick modifications. It had a painted sticker of a green lady leaning against a giant bomb with the word "Venus" on it. It even had a red armored side door where the soda cannons are shot from, and it has a long red spoiler on the back of it's roof. It even had a set of small monster truck wheels.

Nermal: "Let's get this vacation started!"

After the louds climbed into the big bottom area of the gru mobile, viper, mantis, Garfield, odie, and nermal climbed into the party wagon with the Incredible's.

Monkey: "You sure you guys got the map?"

Ty: "Sure do monkey, (points to the top of his head) just up here."

Revit was standing on the bridge of Ty's nose with a slab of rock sitting in front of him.

Revit: "Map is all locked and loaded."

Ty: "Alright, let's roll out!"

So after monkey quickly bounded on top of the party wagon, the small army of camping heroes set off for the location of their camping location…..The infinity wilderness.

To be continued.