Like almost every morning, Tony came late into the office.

Again and again he called absurd thing as reason for it, but today he did not have a valid reason. Usually he spent the night with a long-legged blonde, or was up till late in the nigth. But today he had overslept because he felt sick.

"DiNozzo, you're late," Gibbs welcomed his oldest agent.

"Sorry, boss, but I do not feel fit." Tony answered truthfully.

He could not read from Gibbs' facial expressions whether he believed him or not.

But Tony suspected the latter, since he had already brought this excuse on several occasions.

"Let's get to work." Was the only thing Gibbs said before he disappeared, probably to get some coffee.

Slowly, Tony sauntered to his desk and began to work on the files that were stacked there clean and neatly.
Ziva and McGee looked at each other in amazement, because Tony did not behave like Tony: that is, telling them about last night or a movie, nor cracked a joke and even didn't made a stupid commend.
Ziva just shrugged her shoulders and then turned back to her files to work on.
An hour later, Tony realized how slowly the painkillers were working, as his headaches got worse again.
He rummaged in his drawers for a new pill, but found none.
"I'll be in Abby's lab for a while, if anyone should look for me," he announced, making his way to the elevator without waiting for anyone to respond.

As the lift came to a stop in the basement the doors opened and Tony could hear the for Abby typical loud music from the lab.
With the headache he had, it felt like someone slapped his head with a sledgehammer again and again.
He had reached the facility in two steps.
With skilled hands he switched off the hell instrument.
"Who dares to lay fingers on my music?" He heard Abby growling from the next room.
"Me Abs." Tony replied.
Abby poked her head out of the room, with one of her pigtails falling in her face.
"Tiger, what are you doing down here? You do not look well," she whined as she fell around his neck.

"I have a headache and the pills are not working anymore and I do not have any more upstairs. It occurred to me that you always have some here."
"Poor Tiger. I'll get you one right away." With that, Abby disappeared back into the next room and started searching for a tablet for her tiger.
After finding one, she got a glass of water and gave both to Tony. He accepted the tablet and glass thank.
"Thanks Abs, you saved my day."
Strengthened again, he went back into the office and sat down at the PC, where he began playing a game he had secretly borrowed from McGee.
He spent the next two hours this way, always careful that Gibbs did not catch him playing.

While Tony was playing and the other two agents were working on their files, Gibbs had disappeared to get another coffee.
He had a bad feeling in his stomach since he had been up that morning.
This made him restless all morning, which was the reason for his increased coffee consumption.
Coffee was the one and only thing that could calm him down now.
As he turned the corner and approached the doors of his favorite coffee dealer, as his colleagues called him, a black sedan approached him.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the car stop behind him and a man in his mid-twenties in a black suit getting out and walking toward him.

"Agent Gibbs, I'm Thomas McFaden. I work for Senator Julian Gromwich. He asked me to pick you up and drive him to his office." Addressed the man the NCIS agent.
Gibbs studied the man closely and his gut feeling told him that that was the moment he had been waiting for all morning.
"I hope there is good coffee there, otherwise I will leave immediately," Gibbs said before moving to the limousine.

About ten minutes later, the driver of the limousine parked the car in front of an expensive-looking building from the time of the American Civil War.
Mr. McFaden had jumped up from the passenger seat and was about to open the car door for Gibbs, but Gibbs had already got out and climbed the stairs to the lobby.
McFaden managed to catch up with Gibbs through a small sprint before entering the lobby.
Another man, Gibbs guessed another Gromwich employee opened the door for them and called them in with a bow of the upper body.
"Senator Gromwich is waiting for you in the living room," the butler told the two men.
Together, the two moved to the right, where a large white double door formed the passage to the living room.
McFaden paused at the door as he signaled Gibbs to enter the room and make himself comfortable.
"They'll bring you a coffee right awaySir," he said.

Shortly after Gibbs sat down on the three-seater couch, a woman came into the room and brought a tray of coffee, milk and sugar.
She set the tray on the small table next to the couch and left the room again.
When the woman had left the room, a man entered, he was in his mid-sixties and approached Gibbs.
"Agent Gibbs, thank you for coming so quickly. I'm Senator Gromwich," said the man, shaking Gibbs' hand.
"I did not have much choice," said Gibbs, taking the hand.
The senator just looked at him questioningly.
"I needed coffee."

The two men sat down and together drank a cup of coffee while they did a bit of small talk.
"Agent Gibbs, I'm sure you're wondering why I asked you to come here. One week ago, my son was badly wounded in action. According to the statements he was able to make when he was taken to the hospital, he was kidnapped and tortured. The police could not get any more out of him before he fell in to a coma."
"I'm sorry to hear this Senator, but what does that have to do with the NCIS? That does not fall into our area of responsibility, especially if it happened during a mission."
"Agent Gibbs, this is happened here ... HERE in Washington and not anywhere in Iraq or Afghanistan. My son was attacked here in the US and the Marine Corps did not even move a finger.."
Gibbs disbelievingly looked at the senator as he told him where this attack had taken place.
Gibbs knew this was impossible, because if a member of the USMC or the USN were to do something like that in their home country, and especially in Washington, the NCIS would be notified.

"As I said, I'm sorry to hear that. I will immediately set my team on it to see who slept on the job and did not inform us. I promise you senator; we find the guilty party. "
"Thanks, Agent Gibbs."