Authors Notes:

Hey there my good people how you doing, okay let me give a little back story about me I'm a huge anime fan (of course) and I've been reading fanfictions for about and year now and I think its about time I start my own creation journey and make my own story.

As I said before I'm just starting out so I apologize if my writing is not up to standard but I will try my beat to make it a pleasant experience.

Story Content:

As you can see by my name I am a huge Naruto and Uchiha fan and one of my favorite characters of all time is MADARA UCHIHA (Man I love this guy no homo) so let me give you a disclaimer Madara is gonna be strong and when I say strong, God help us I'm gonna make him strong.

I am gonna give him everything from the Naruto verse that I believe would fit perfectly with him so he is gonna have all the Mangekyo Sharingan abilities he will have the rinnegan so he will have mastery of all five basic nature transformations, later down the line he will unlock the rinne-sharingan.

I'm also gonna give him Sage mode (But his not gonna have Hashirama's face on his chest he will unlock it naturally) he will get six paths but that is later down the line and he will get some other powers but I will keep those a secret for now (You know, got to keep thing interesting).

I will also make some alterations on some existing powers, forms and justu's (please respect this) there will be a change in his character and personality but he will still be badass and cool, is there gonna be a Harem….. hell yeah (my boy has to get some you feel me)

Also he will be Human, pure 100% Human from beginning to end (end of discussion) don't worry guys all though I'm making him stupid dumb powerful (What do you expect its MADARA UCHIHA)

I will buff up the dxd characters accordingly to keep things interesting and prevent making it completely one sided, there gods in the dxd verse after all, and with that being said enjoy my story. (reviews and feedback would be greatly appreciated) also I forgot to mention this story is heavily inspired by Uchiha's revenge make sure to check it out

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and High School DXD

Speech: "Do not undermine the ability of the Uchiha"

Inner thoughts: 'Is this what you meant Hashirama?'

Justu: "Fire Style Fireball Justu"

As Team 7 successfully defeated Kaguya Otsutsuki we find a depleted Madara laying on the ground just barely hanging on to life, the hard concrete floor underneath his pale white skin and the cool breeze being the only things he can feel 'hmnp looks like I failed again' was the thought that kept ringing in his mind.

He slowly moves his eyes down and notices someone approaching him at first he can't make out who it is, his vision still being blurry by the intense use of his eyes until he takes another look and finally sees that it is his one and only friend Harhirama Senju.

"Is that you, Hashirama?" Madara weakly said "I guess neither you, nor I could achieve what we wanted". Hashirama replied "It's never that easy!; our job is to do all that we can, while we're alive. And then, bequeath the rest for future generations to accomplish." Hashirama stated.

"So naive….as usual" Madara replied (chuckle) "You...were always...the optimist. But perhaps that is the correct path." *Play Akame ga Kill Ost – I've got to go home* "My dream...was squashed. But your dream...still lives on. Madara stated.

"We were both too hasty. We didn't need to fulfill our dreams ourselves. It was more important to cultivate those who would come after whom we could entrust our dreams". Hashirama replied "Which means I would have failed anyway. Since I always hated someone...standing behind me…" Madara stated.

"When we were once said we're shinobi and we don't know when we'll die. And that for neither side to die, we'd both have to reveal what's inside of us and pour each other drinks to toast like brothers. But we're both about to die. Right now, we can drink together as war buddies." Replied Hashirama with a soft smile "War buddies...huh? Well...I guess...that's" Madara concluded slowly closing his eyes never to return to the shinobi world again.*End song*

*Few Moments Later*

Madara's spirit is floating in the vast void of the afterlife however it feels like something is holding him back, it as if some force doesn't want him to transcend further until he feels a violent pull on his spirit and it is moving towards a light.

As his spirit is being pulled, the light grows larger and larger until it completely swallows him up "wake...up" "Wake...up" "WAKE UP!".

A voice shouts at him Madara's eyes shoot wide open his senses slowly stabilizing until he can see he is a dark room, "Where am I" Madara questions until he hears a voice behind him " You are in my domain reincarnation of Indra but perhaps I should call you Madara Uchiha".

As Madara struggled to stand up, he looked behind him and when he noticed who it was that was speaking,. his eyes slightly widened "Hagaromo Otsutsuki the sage of the six paths" Madara replied slightly surprised, Hagaromo was just levitated there looking down on Madara like a disappointed parent looking down on their child.

"Tell me Madara are you satisfied with how you lived life" Madara gave a deep sign "I suppose not Sage for once I will admit...I was wrong" Madara replied as he was reflecting how his life unfolded, Hagaromo gave him a soft smile "Tell me ghost of the Uchiha, what do you think is necessary for peace...Is it Love or Strength?"

Madara's eyes drifted to the side "As I look back at my life Sage, and saw what has happened I believe both Love and Strength are required for peace." Hagaromo was left stunned after Madara's answer "Not possible Indra and Asura could of never come together." Hagaromo rebuked "You never tried." was all Madara said,

Hagaromo was left speechless, as he looks back at it, he does come to the conclusion that he never really thought of both his son's working together and becoming his heirs "Impossible you cannot have such dominate forces coming together as one" Hagaromo replied pleading his case.

Madara looked at him dead in the eyes "Nonsense...look at what coming together versus separation has brought the world, when we we're united instantaneous peace was born and the flames of war were silenced. Me and Hashirama we're able to build a village and the other nations followed suit.

That Uzumaki and Uchiha brat were able to defeat your mother, stop the infinite tskuyomi and foster world peace and you Sage were able to do the same with your brother, now when we are divided hatred is born, War becomes the norm and pain is a common emotion." Hagaromo pondered on Madara's words, 'Have I really been such a fool as to not notice that both are necessary' Hagaromo thought.

"What's the point of having Strength if you do not have the love to use it correctly as well as What's the point of having Love if you do not have the strength to show it." Madara continued.

Those words burned them selves into Hagaromo's mind 'What's the point of having Strength if you do not have the love to use it correctly as well as What's the point of having Love if you do not have the strength to show it.

Those words kept ringing in his head, "Regardless of what you say Sage all the Shinobi's that had Asura's chakra were noticeably powerful, it is true they believed in love but they also required strength to make a difference so I stand by my initial statement both strength and love are necessary for peace". Madara concluded. Hagaromo was left speechless until he broke out a large smile.

'Perhaps he deserves another chance' Hagaromo thought "What's so amusing?" Madara demanded noticing Hagaromo's smile "I'm gonna give you a second chance" Hagaromo replied with a wide smile "Come again?" Madara questioned.

"I'm gonna give you a second chance at life however it won't be in the Shinobi World I will send you to another Universe and to another world, to see if you can foster World peace." Madara's eyes went wide "You must be joking." Madara replied

"And this time I'm giving you the other half of my power, more techniques, more justu's, more forms and more summonings. I believe after what you said, I can fully trust you with my power and more to become the second and a greater Sage of the Six Paths". Hagaromo concluded "What a minute you aren't joking?" Madara replied, an inner part of him was getting excited to start anew and re-construct his dream.

"However I must warn you the world I'm sending you to is completely different to the Shinobi world, the social structure and beliefs are different, as well as there are more powerful beings in that universe". Hagaromo explained.

Now Madara was getting really excited he always enjoys strong opponents "Hmnp bring it, they do not know who I am". Madara stated Hagaromo gave him one more smile 'perhaps he can do better this time' Hagaromo thought pleasantly he placed his hands on Madara and transferred his power to Madara "Alright then go ahead and change the world Madara I will be watching you."

Madara woke up on a park bench with nothing but his pants on his senses slowly returning to him, as he starts to stand up he begins to scan the environment. He can see objects moving around with in impressive speed, and what interests him the most about these objects is that he can see people inside them "What are these things...some sort of summonings?" Madara questioned he takes another look and notices building reaching to the highs of the heavens, and people wearing clothes he is not familiar with it.

"Where am I?" Madara questioned "You are in the world I sent you to, remember" a disembodied voice replied to Madara "Is that you Sage?...are you communicating me via telepathy?" Madara questioned.

"Hmmmmmmmmm seems you are as sharp as ever Madara, but back on topic as I said this world is different from ours majority of the humans you see around you have no chakra or special powers, technology has developed beyond your comprehension and how society functions is different, so I advise, you to educate yourself as quick as possible of the psychology and structure of this world, alright then I will leave you to it". Hagaromo concluded

"Hmmmm Fascinating...lets see what this world has to offer" Madara slowly started to stretch his body getting his blood flowing then he leaped to the tallest building to exam the rest of his surroundings, 'there must be a library somewhere around here' Madara thought until he saw a building at the corner of the street filled with books "Perfect" he said.

He jumped downed down into an alley way opposite the library, and he waited for the owner of the library to come out and close shop, when he notices a short balled man come out and stand behind the door taking out keys to lock the door Madara teleported behind him, karate chopped him behind the neck.

He then grabbed the unconscious library owner's body, dragging him back into the library, he made sure to close the door behind him to indicate the library is closed. He entered a room and found shelves filled with books and information, Madara began to stretch his neck and activated his Sharingan "Let us begin" was all he said

*12 Hours Later*

Madara is siitting on a chair with one book in one hand and another book in the other hand being surrounded by mountains and mountains of open books all of which he finished reading, he threw the last two books on the pile and digested the information.

"Hmmmm truly a fascinating world I am in, however now it would seem that I require a source of income in order to survive" he said, he went back to the room where he left the library owner grabbed a bucket and filled it with water and splashing it on the library owners face effectively waking him up, the library owners eyes shot wide open and he notices a half naked man looking down at him with red eyes.

"Genjustu" was all Madara said and he demanded the owner give him his wallet, valuables and credit card information, after receiving all of this Madara quickly headed to the nearest clothing store paying for a plain formal shirt and black formal shoes then went to the nearest restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

He then went to a four star hotel to book a night to rest as he entered he scanned the room for any threats after noticing none he then proceeded to take a shower and groom himself in the mirror, but when he saw himself in the mirror he noticed that he was younger, much younger if he were to take a guess he would be in his mid to late twenties he was shocked but decided to brush it off go to bed and rest.

*The Next Morning*

Madara woke up from his sleep and positioned himself up right then took a meditation position to think about what his next plan of action is, 'Alright I have secured funds for now, however I require a more suitable head quarters...something bigger and better then just a room' he told himself, and with that being said he grabbed his clothes, checked out the hotel and began to explore the streets of Japan.

*Play Naruto Shippuden Sasuke theme – Hyouhaku* Madara spent a large majority of his day exploring the streets of Japan and studying the daily lives of the people of this worlds society, as he continued walking he noticed a young girl in the streets begging for some spare change and food, when Madaraapproached her he saw a young beautiful girl with long silky blonde hair that reached to her back, innocent emerald green eyes, she was wearing a nun outfit which Madara found ridiculous. *End Song*

"Ummmmm excuse me Sir could you please donate some money or food it will be greatly appreciated" the young nun begged. "This is ridiculous, pull yourself together child have you no dignity for yourself" Madara replied, the young nun was shocked by his words this was the last thing she was expecting, "How could you say that can't you see this is my only option I have nothing else" the young nun shot back at him

"Pathetic all I see is a child giving up and resorting to begging instead of fixing her situation, let me educate you a bit child, we do not choice our beginnings however the direction our lives is for us to decide, pick yourself up, dust yourself and go live a better life" was all Madara said as he continued on his path.

"Wait...Wait" Madara felt his arm being grabbed by someone as he looked to who grabbed him he sees that is the young nun, "No one has ever talked to me like that, matter of fact no one has talked to me period, they all just look at me like I'm some virus and throw crumbs at me but you on the other hand are the only one that took an interest in me, the only one to talk to me I need to know who are..."

The young nun was interrupted by the growling of her stomach, she looked down to her feet and a red tint filled soft cheeks, she was so embarrassed. "Perhaps you do need some food in stomach" Madara said the young nun meekly nodded "Alright then come along child, lets get you something to eat."

*An hour Later*

We find Madara and the young nun in a restaurant with Madara comfortably leaning back and enjoying his wine while the young nun is stuffing her self with as much food as possible, Madara just observes her, impressed that so much food can fit in that body of hers. The young nun finishes her last dish adding it to the already enormous pile of empty plates that is besides her.

"Thanks for food" she said with a bright smile on her face, Madara just chuckled at her "Now allow me to make a formal introduction my name is Madara Uchiha, and you are?" "Oh yeah I forgot about that, sorry, I'm Asia Argento I'm so grateful to meet you Mr Uchiha" she happily replied "So tell me child what is your story?"

*One Back story Later*

"And thats how I ended up on the streets, because the church would not accept a nun that can heal devils" she concluded with a sad smile, Madara raised his hand to his chin 'Truly this is interesting, so this whole angel and devil thing I read about before is real...huh...I need more information' he thought to himself.

"It would seem life has dealt you a bad hand, however raise your head child I can see you still have dreams, hold on to them and go change your life child, I wish you luck." Madara replied, he then stood up, finished his glass of wine, payed for the bill and left the restaurant.

As he was on his way Madara heard something in the distance "wait...Wait" a voice shouted at him, as he looked back he saw Asia running towards him, "What is it this time child?" Madara asked slightly annoyed "Let me come with you please, you are the only one that spoke to me, the only one that accepted me, the only one after the church to feed me, the only one that hasn't judged me and the only one who even had time to listen to my story, you have basically saved me". Madara stood there just listening.

"I haven't eaten in weeks if it weren't for you I would be dead or would have been taken advantage of, I beg of you please do not reject me I will do anything you ask and I will follow you anywhere all I ask is that you stay with me Mr Uchiha" Asia pleaded as tears started running down her cheeks. "You willing to follow me and my dream?" he asked "I will do anything to make you happy, I hate being alone" she replied "Very well then come along child."

Asia looked up to him and gave him the brightest smile she could muster, 'I guess I will try to make allies this time, in order to bring peace, I suppose this is a better way… isn't that right... Hashirama?' Madara thought to himself. "big brother… Big Brother… BIG BROTHER", Madara finally looked down at Asia as she interrupted his train of thought.

"What did you call me?" he questioned "Big Brother Madara" she said enthusiastically "Or are you not happy with that? is it too much?… I'm sorry" Asia said lowering her head 'I haven't been an elder brother in quite some time' Madara thought to himself (An Image of Izuna smiling flashed in his mind) "Call me what you wish child, I don't mind" Madara stated then he kept walking on his path "Wait for me big brother" Asia said smiling and running to catch up to him.

*A few hours later*

"I see, the problem is, I just do not have enough money, however I thank you for your time we will be leaving now" that was all Madara said as he exited an office with Asia close behind him "Wait are you telling me you broke big brother? Do we have to now sleep in the streets?" Asia was questioning her now older brother "Wait for it." was all Madara said "Huh… wait for what?" Asia asked slightly confused.

'Five...Four...Three...Two...' {"wait"} 'One' Madara finished the count down in his head, he then turned around and saw the person he was negotiating with earlier "Wait perhaps we can work something out" said a young woman, she was about 5 feet 5 inches, she is black but with a light skin tone with a curly haired afro and light brown eyes, she has a voluptuous body structure with a G cup size and a large ass she was wearing a gray crop top with black jeans that complimented her curves.

"What else can you offer me Mr Uchiha" The landlord asked Madara "I can offer you many things Ms Nikki Jackson" Madara calmly said with a smirk on his face, she had a slight blush on her face 'you know he is kinda sexy' she thought to herself, "perhaps I can help you with some unpleasant tenants, it is clear that your apartment complex is surrounded by violence, under aged sex and drugs, and to sweeten the deal I will make all unpleasant tenants pay all the rent they owe plus interest if you make me co-owner and offer me and Asia a four star apartment." Madara replied

"Deal your room is 508" she said "Good, please take Asia to our new apartment and give her the keys while I deal with unwanted trash" Nikki didn't waste time she grabbed Asia's hand and guided her to the apartment. 'Alright then lets whats the problem' Madara said to himself he leaped to the second level of the apartment complex and reached a door of a certain apartment, he kicked the door down and noticed the apartment was a mess.

*Play Naruto Shippuden Sasuke theme – Hyouhaku* the air was full of smoke from the drugs being burnt and the scent of alcohol, as he started to walk in the apartment all he saw where passed out drunk college kids on the floor, on his left he noticed a young girl being bent over the table and being fucked from behind by a much older man, to his right he noticed a group of students sniffing Cocaine and popping Xanax.

As he continued walking he came into the living room and noticed a group of male students gang banging two college girls while listening to some hip-hop and trap music, "Disgusting" he said to himself, he grabbed one of the male students by the neck and pinned him against the wall.

"Who of you here own this apartment?" Madara demand "Aye man who the fuck do you think you are?" one male student said as he approached Madara from behind "your worst nightmare." was all Madara said as he backhanded the male student and he flew into the speaker system effectively killing the music *End song*.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and focused all their attention on Madara "Now I will ask again who among you owns this apartment?" one of the male students tried to jump him but Madara simply throwed the student he already had pinned against the wall towards the other student that was trying to jump him effectively knocking them both out.

"Oh my God Tom… hey asshole I really found that guy cu..." the female student was interrupted as Madara just slapped her across the face "Silence child" he calmly said "Hey asshole that's the my sister you just sla…" the other female student was interrupted as he also slapped her across the face.

"GET THAT SON OF A BITCH!" one of the male students shouted, one of them tried to sucker punch Madara from behind but he grabbed the attackers arm, out stretched it and used his other arm to punch the attackers arm breaking his elbow in the process, then he punched him directly in the nose giving the attacker a broken and bloody nose.

Another attacker came rushing in but Madara quickly span around him and kicked the attacker in his back causing him to fly through the wall, another attacker tried a flying kick but Madara already saw this and simply moved out the way, causing the attacker to fly out the window due to his own momentum, every one else started to tremble before him "Who is this guy?" one student asked.

"Fuck if I know some kind real life Bruce Lee" another student replied, Madara quickly dashed in front of one of the students and grabbed him by the neck and was slowly chocking the life out of him.

"I'm going to ask this one more time who of you here owns this apartment?" Madara demanded his voice sending an intense wave of killing intent everyone was scared for their lives and the student who was being chocked started to shit himself, Madara noticed this "Pathetic" was all he said as he tightened his grip on the students neck "It's… Kazami's… place… he… is… in… the… first… room… on… your… left… down… the… hall, the student barley able to speak answered his question.

"Good, now get out all of you" Madara demanded as he threw the student that was in his grip out the door everyone else didn't waste time and followed his command, as Madara made his way down the hall he saw the room of his interest however he heard two voices coming from the room.

"Please Kazami stop this I don't wanna do this" "Come on baby trust me it's not that bad I will be gentle I promise" "Please Kazami stop, stop it" "Shut up bitch and just let me have my fun", as Madara made his way to the door he noticed it was locked, he then proceeded to kick the door down and notice two students in the room a girl on the bed with a male student on top of her.

"Are you the one they call Kazami?" Madara questioned as his eyes where moving around scanning the room he just entered. "Yeah so what of it punk?" Kazami replied "You are being evicted" Madara calmly said.

"Say what now, hey listen here old man I don't know what you talking about but you better..." Kazami was interrupted as Madara dashed to the bed grabbed him by the neck and started dragging him out the room "I said you are getting evicted so please vacate the premises" Madara stated as he was starting to choke Kazami to death, "Do we have an understanding?" Kazami nodded his head as fast as he could "Good" was all Madara said as he threw Kazami out the window. Madara dusted off his hands was about to leave until he flet someone grab his hand

"Ummmmmmmm excuse me sir thank you for saving me just now" it was the girl Madara saw in the bedroom she was about 5 feet 4 inches with pale white skin, she had black pig tailed hair with each tail reaching her upper back, she had dark violet eyes she had about C, cup size and firm and perky ass, she wore a white shirt with black text on it that said "Fuck the System" that only reach down to her upper stomach and she also wore black mini skirt she had a tattoo of a flaming skull on her right thigh and a nose piercing.

"Leave" was all he said, the girl was slightly hurt by his words but she gathered all the resolve she could and continued with the conversation "You see the problem is I have no where to stay, I am only able to pay off my college fees by selling drugs and that bastard Kazami allowed me to stay here because I was too good at selling drugs for him" she replied to him "Then get a job" was all he said "No one is willing to take a drug-selling college student who looks like a punk" she replied.

"But perhaps you wouldn't mind me staying with you, I will make it worth your while… Big Boy" she gave Madara a seductive look "like I said, leave" Madara said again getting slightly annoyed.

"Okay look right my parents died when I was about 15, I have been living in the streets my whole life since then and have lived a very bad life okay, the only good that has come in to my life is the fact that you busted down the door and saved me from getting raped, you have essentially saved me and I feel like sticking with a guy like you, my life can finally change for the better, I want to return the favor of you saving me by sticking by your side and helping you any way I can so please Mr take me with you."

"Are you willing to serve under me and help me fulfill my dream?" Madara questioned her "Sure why not I owe that much at least." she replied "The name is Madara Uchiha try and keep up" "Asuka Toriyama, lead the way Madara".

But before Madara left he went back to Kazami's room as he remembered there was a safe beside his bed, he took a glance at Asuka and she knew exactly what he meant, "The password is 22579" she answered him, as Madara punched in the code and opened the safe what he found was a War chest of valuables.

'Hmmmmmm perhaps the drug business does have its benefits', he thought to himself, he grabbed the two duffle bags that were across the safe and started filling them with money, gold and jewelry he, took two stacks of cash and threw it to Asuka "go and sort out your debts and then return to me I will be in apartment 508" Madara told her and with that being said she followed his instructions. Madara grabbed the two duffle bags and proceeded to his apartment.

*A Few Moments Later*

Madara reached the door of his apartment and started knocking on the door "Just a minute" a voice could be heard within the apartment, the door opened and Madara noticed Asia wearing a white apron that said "Fuck you and eat my cooking" Madara raised an eyebrow at this.

"Ohhh big brother you back" Asia then proceeded to embrace her older brother in a hug, she then made room for him to enter as he made his way to the living room he noticed Nikki Jackson sitting comfortably on one of the sofa's, Madara simply went single sofa seat and placed the duffle bags at his feet.

"I assume you the one who influenced Asia to wear that apron?" Madara questioned Nikki "She is just so cute and innocent I just had to" Nikki smiled with a mischievous grin, "What do you not like it, big brother?" Asia asked seeking her older brothers approval, "No" Madara simply said "Then if big brother doesn't like it, I don't like it." Asia stated as she gave back the apron to Nikki, "You just had to ruin my fun didn't you" Nikki said with a fake pout.

"Lets us get back on topic, I dealt with that unwanted trash of yours and brought back something to brighten up your evening" Madara said as he put one of the duffle bags on the table in front of him, she stood up and went to open the duffle bag and what she saw inside completely blew her mind, "How?" she asked dumb-founded, "I am the Uchiha I always get things done Ms Jackson." Madara calmly said as he rested his right cheek on his right fist.

Nikki started to bite her bottom lip when looking at him,"Call me Nikki, you know I really love a man that can get things done" she said as started to lick her lips and seductively approach Madara "Hoooooooo what are you planning?" Madara questioned her as he noticed her approach him, Nikki said nothing as she was now sitting on his lap, her body facing his and she started to wrap her arms around his neck.

'Hmmmmmmmmm I never really did embrace the touch of a woman back in the Shinobi world maybe this time I should change that' Madara thought to himself as he let Nikki kiss him, at first it started off akward due to his lack of experience however he began to understand that he must apply more effort, he then grabbed Nikki's ass and began to deepen the kiss.

Nikki was taken a back by this sudden change but very much enjoyed it, he then begins to bite Nikki's bottom lip which gave her a surge of pleasure and bliss, lust started to take over, she couldn't take it anymore she wanted him and she wanted him badly, the hunger was consuming her, just as she was about to undress…

"Ummmmmmm excuse me, do you two still realize that I'm right here?" Asia interrupted them with a bit of an annoyed and jealous tone, they both completely stopped and Nikki got off Madara. She placed a finger on her lip still feeling the pleasurable pain from Madara's kiss 'that was heaven' she thought to herself, she then grabbed her duffle bag took one more look at Madara and gave him a wink, "I will see you later Daddy." she said to him and then walked out the apartment.

"Asia, earlier today you told me that you had some sort of healing technique, would you mind showing me?" "Sure I don't mind big brother." Madara then stood up and went to the kitchen to get a knife, once he got it he sliced open the palm of his hand causing large amounts of blood to escape.

Asia quickly rushed to her elder brother and started using twilight healing to close the wound, "Honestly big brother, you didn't have to be so extreme." Madara just stayed silence and observed, 'Impressive her healing ability is close to that of Hashirama's.' *Knock Knock* "Enter", "Hey Madara I'm back, thanks for allowing me to sort out my money problems, they were becoming a real pain in the… Ummmmmmmmmm why is there a nun here?"

"Asia this is Asuka, she will be living with us." "Hi I'm Madara's little sister" "Little sister? But you guys look nothing alike and also you a blonde" "It's a long story" Madara said. Everyone now moved to the living room and took a seat "So whats next?" Asuka asked, "I need to learn more about this supernatural world I read about" Madara replied, "Why? its all just a bunch of myths and fairy tales"

"Not necessarily, there is more to this than you think" Madara responded "What ever, personally if you ask me I think this is just a waste of time" Asuka then got up and went to go take a shower.

There was a short silence until Asia decided to break it, "Ummmmmmmmmm big brother can I ask you for something?" "What is it?" "Could you register me into a school?" "A school you say and what would be the reason for this?"

"I want to know how it feels to be a normal girl, and to make friends with people my age, when I was alone with Nikki she told me there is a school called Kuoh academy that I can try to register to." 'This might be a good thing for the time being, the school will keep her occupied and I won't have to baby sit her' Madara thought to himself "An excellent Idea Asia we will go register you tomorrow."

Asia then ran up and gave her older brother a tight hug "Thank you so much big brother I will make sure to do my best." Madara then got up and went to his bedroom to rest for the night.

*The next morning*

Madara woke up and was about to get out of bed but felt something weighing him down, when he removed the blankets he saw Nikki sleeping peacefully on top of him. "How did you get in my apartment?" Madara asked slightly annoyed

"Well good morning to you too, and to answer your question I always keep a spare key of my tenants apartment" Nikki replied with a wide grin, Nikki then positioned herself so her face would be facing Madara's face, "How about we pick up where we left off huh" Nikki said giving Madara a seductive look, Madara just used two of his fingers and flicked Nikki in the forehand

"Now is not the time" "Booooooo you not any fun" Nikki said with a childish pout, Madara then got out of bed and went to go take a shower.

As Madara made his way down to the kitchen he could see Asia waiting patiently for him, and Asuka making breakfast, "Its about time what was taking so long big brother?" "Its not important, are you ready to go?"

"Hold on you two have some breakfast before you leave" Asuka interjected. Asuka then gave both of them a plate of some classic eggs and bacon with some buttered toast. "So… how is it?"

"This is quite impre…" Madara was interrupted by Asia's response "THIS IS AMAZING! YOU HAVE GOT TO TEACH ME YOUR SECRET."

"Sure I don't teaching you Asia", as Madara observed the back and forth between Asia and Asuka he thought to himself ' The last time I remember having breakfast like this, I was still a young child, how time has passed' and with that he finished his breakfast and walked out the door not waiting for Asia to waste more time. As Madara and Asia reached the gates of Kuoh Academy Madara completely stopped where he stood and remained completely still.

'Something seems off about this place' 'You can feel it too huh?' 'Is that you sage?' ' How else would it be Madara, but never mind that, there is some sort of strange energy in this place' 'Not only that there seems to be multiple signals of the same energy'

'Hmmmmmmmm that is true Madara, proceed with caution, also be on alert you being watched.' 'You mean the red head girl in the window I knew she already was watching me.' ' I suppose only a fool would doubt you, however here is a tip try activating Sage mode it will assist you with your sensory abilities and it shouldn't be that difficult since you used Hashirama's sen-justu before. "What's wrong big brother, is something the matter?" "No, let us continue Asia."

*Few Minutes Later*

We find Madara and Asia in the principles completing the registration forms. "Alright Asia it seems that you are now a full time student at Kuoh academy, now if you are to please come with me so we can find a uniform that can suit you.

Asia then looked directly to her elder brother seeking his input, "Go ahead Asia, you will find me here waiting for you", and with that being said Asia got up and went with the principle to find a suitable school uniform leaving Madara to himself.

'Now let us figure out what is this strange energy' Madara then began to close his eyes, control his breathing and didn't move a single muscle in his body. After a short while of gathering natural energy Madara seemed to obtained markings on his face (Basically the exact Identical as Hashirama's sage mode).

After entering sage mode Madara sensing greatly increased, ' This energy I felt before it seems dark, corrupted and chaotic, also it doesn't seem human, wait a minute one of this signals is closing in on my location'. *Knock Knock*.

"Enter." Madara said after deactivating sage mode "Good Afternoon Sir, would you please come with me my club president would like a word." The door was open by a handsome teenager, he had silky blond hair, light blue eyes and a mole underneath his left eye, he was dressed in the male uniform of Kuoh Academy.

"Now tell me boy, why would I do that?" Madara questioned the blond "We can offer answers, after all we did notice you stay completely still when we were watching you, so there is no point in acting oblivious" The blond responded.

"Very well then, lead the way boy." before Madara left the room he left a shadow clone to attend to Asia when she is done. Madara was being led through the main campus to an old Victorian designed building that gave off an ominous aura.

Madara and the blond reached the door and when they entered they were greeted by a beautiful red head. "Ahhhhhhhh please come in, I've been waiting to meet you."

I believe this is a good spot to end it, like I said it's my first story guys so if its not up to standard I greatly apologize, and some feedback would be greatly appreciated and don't hold back guys if I want to improve I need some tough love, you feel me just point out some errors and somethings I can do better.

Also I apologize if its long and boring, trust me guys it will heat up soon you know (I got to create some build up you feel me ) and also the new characters that may be introduced in the story trust me they will all have important roles I don't wanna create characters for the sake of creating and with that being said I will see you all later.