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*Early Morning at Madara's Territory*

"And that is all queen Diana has to report my Lord." These were the words coming from one of Madara's vampire servants as she was briefing Madara on what Diana has shared with her.

"I see, very well then, you may leave me."

"Yes my Lord." and with that, the servant teleported away leaving Madara to his lonesome.

The Uchiha was currently sitting at the edge of a cliff with his right leg dangling and his left knee raised with him resting his left arm on his elevated knee.

He was currently looking at the view of his territory from one of the highest points in his territory, he wished to be somewhere, where he could process all this new information without all the excessive noise produced by his group.

'The Old Satan Faction sure knows how to use a victory.' Indra stated as he began the mental link with the other two Sharingan wielders.

'Indeed, they are not taking a moment to slow down or to celebrate their victory, they are immediately working on their next phase.' Hagoromo said as he was next to join in on the conversation.

'Huh, first they revived the Anti-Christ then they were harnessing Stray-devil energy, after that they freed and recruited an army of Titans and now they are on the hunt for evil and dark dragons, the Old Satan Faction truly do seem to be forming an army for Lucifer and their cause.' Madara said as he began to review the facts and what has occurred recently.

Indra: 'Looks the Akatsuki will need more than just gods to fight off the Old Satan Faction, in terms of numbers they seem to be having the advantage.'

Hagoromo: 'That is true, their power seems to be rising by the day and the more beings they recruit, the stronger they get, as Jesus said they have become a force the world simply can't ignore.'

'In order to fight an army, an army is needed, the Akatsuki will need more powerful allies, time will only tell when this war will officially start, all need to be ready and prepared for me to achieve my goal, the Akatsuki will grow into an unstoppable force, nothing will stop me from winning this time.' Madara stated with his determination being as strong as ever.

Indra: 'Hmph, so be it, by the way, you look behind.'

'I sensed her already, looks like there is another one who wishes to have a heart to heart.' Madara said as he already knew a certain goddess has been slowly making her way towards the Uchiha.

Indra and Hagoromo ended their mental conversation with Madara in order for him to attend to other matters.

"So what is it that you looking for Athena?" Madara questioned as now Athena was standing directly behind him.

(Chuckle) "I shouldn't be surprised, that you were able to sense me, but I'm still impressed that you able to tell it was me without even looking, for all you know I could've been Tiamat or Yasaka." Athena said with a smirk while looking at the back of Madara's head.

"Sensing you is child's play Athena, besides you, give off a very unique type of energy."

"Hooo? Is that right? And what kind of energy do I give off Madara?" Athena questioned with her being rather curious for an answer.

"Hmph perhaps I will tell you some other time." Madara said then closed his eyes and enjoyed the wind gently brushing against his face, leaving it to play with his hair.

Athena was rather disappointed and irritated that Madara chose not to give her the answer right now, oddly enough she was rather surprised at how much she was invested in getting an answer.

"A war looks to be coming." Athena said with her now choosing to change the topic, she decided to shift her attention from the back of Madara's head to the view in front of them and she too savored the feeling of the wind gently brushing against her face and it playing with her hair.

"So it seems, it's only a matter of time before the supernatural world is drenched with the blood of the Old Satan Faction and the Akatsuki." Madara stated with him now slowly opening his eyes.

"What's your opinion on it?"

"War is hell, there is no such thing as a peaceful war, many will die in this feud, however, if war is the path to peace then so be it, I will kill every single one of the Old Satan Faction if I have to, nothing will stand in my way to achieve my goal, I welcome this war, it is but a means for me to get what I want."

Athena couldn't help but smile at his response, his answer just confirmed to her that indeed Madara is not an ordinary individual, and with her also being the Goddess of War she did find it rather attractive that Madara chooses not to run away from the possibility of a war, rather he welcomes it with open arms.

"You do realize, there is a possibility of your followers dying right? Anyone one of them could be a victim of this war, there is even a possibility that all of them could die from this war, what's your response to that?"

"Hmph, then so be it, they all knew what they were agreeing to when choosing to follow me if they can't come to terms that they might die well before their time, then they are free to leave, I do not have time for such weakness, to be even near it disgusts me, when you decided to follow Madara Uchiha, it is to the death, this is not a fairy tale, not everyone gets a happy ending, I myself am fully prepared to die for my dream, opposing the Old Satan Faction already makes me a target...(Chuckle)...I don't fear death, I've danced with it and won many times in my life." Madara said with him reflecting on all the close calls and intense moments he has had in the Shinobi world.

Athena could see in Madara's body language and by hearing his voice that he was holding no deceit, what he was saying was one hundred percent true.

(Chuckle) "Does the same also apply to me?"

Madara closed his eyes and opened them once again but this time with the Sharingan now activated and within an instant all the surrounding area and Madara himself disappeared, leaving Athena to just be standing in a black empty void.

'What the? Where am I?' Athena asked herself as she began moving her head around, however all around her was just darkness, she was all alone in a dark void.

"Well that depends Athena, the real question you should be asking is that do you really want to follow me?" Madara questioned but Athena couldn't find his body, it was as if the void itself is speaking to her.

Immediately after that the landscape around her completely changed with Athena being in the middle of the battlefield, but it was a complete wasteland, all around Athena she could see mutilated corpses of humans wearing strange clothes and what seems to be headbands strapped on to their foreheads.

"As I told you before Athena when you follow Madara Uchiha it is to the death."

Athena turned around and could see Madara sitting on a pile of corpses with a flag dawning the Uchiha crest beside him flapping ever so menacingly in the wind.

(Chuckle) "You think I'm afraid of conflict?" Athena questioned as she was the least bit intimidated by Madara's little show.

"Of course not Athena, you are the goddess of war, conflict is your specialty, but that is not what you should be afraid of." Madara stated with his Sharingan penetrating the very depths of her soul.

Athena just narrowed her eyes as she was wondering what exactly did he mean by that.

"The thing you should really be afraid of is me, there is a reason why my clan called me the Ghost of the Uchiha, I am the shadow that haunts the living, and the Old Satan Faction will be another victim of mine."

Athena started to feel the pressure and intensity in the atmosphere that was surrounding her and Madara.

Athena: "What exactly...do you mean by that?"

"You once told me before that you could tell that I indeed possess more power because I mentioned the name 'Indra's Arrow'."

Athena: "Yes I do remember and I still do believe that you were not bluffing about it."

(Chuckle) "What if I was to tell you that I have reached a level of power greater than that? A power grander than my Ultimate Susanoo, a power so out of this world that it will cause the entire supernatural world to fear me as much as you all fear Great Red and Bahamut?" Madara questioned with his eyes slowly morphing from the Sharingan to the Rinnegan.

Athena took a moment to blink and when she opened her eyes Madara's appearance completely changed, he was looking drastically different from before with his hair now being snow white and his skin changing to a more pale complexion, his attire changed as well with him now being covered in a full-body garment composed of black pants, black gloves and black boots with a flowing white robe with some strange markings Athena has never seen before spread across his chest, but it didn't end there, Athena was quick to notice six black orbs floating behind Madara's back as well as he was holding a thin black staff in his left hand.

"What?! What am I looking at?! You look more like a god now!" Athena said in complete shock and awe as she was not able to comprehend what her eyes were seeing.

"Correction, you are looking at a being greater than a god, if seeing my Ultimate Susanoo was amazing to you all, then what you see before you now will completely terrify you all." Madara stated with him now appearing just in front of Athena at speeds that she couldn't even keep up with.

For the first time in an extremely long time Athena was intimidated, never in all her life did she think a human could make her nervous, but as Madara's purple eyes were staring at hers the goddess of war couldn't stop her heart rate from increasing, she was doing her absolute best to stop and resist her body from fidgeting from the nervousness she was feeling, but even though she could control the muscles in her body, she couldn't control other aspects of her body.

Madara could see a single sweat drop form from her forehead and run down her face at an embarrassingly slow pace.

"Hmph, I will tell you this again Athena, the question you should be really asking yourself is, do you truly wish to follow Madara Uchiha?"

For the first time in her life, Athena was completely speechless, she opened her mouth but to her surprise, nothing came of it, she was completely silent.

"Hmph I see you need time to answer that question, very well then, I will say one thing though, don't look up." And with that Madara completely disappeared leaving Athena alone at the battlefield with all the corpses.

The goddess of war wondered why the Uchiha suggested to her that she should not look up, she decided to go against his suggestion and solely regretted it, Athena's eyes widened in horror as she saw a giant meteor covered in red and black flames heading her way to insane speeds.

Athena knew she couldn't outrun or do anything against such a thing, the goddess of war took a deep breath and closed her eyes hoping that this was just another one of Madara's displays and not an actual threat.

"Open your eyes."

Athena did as she was told and her eyes shot open and she was back to being at the top of the cliff that was overlooking Madara's territory however this time she was alone, she began moving her head around but there was no sign of Madara anywhere.

"What was that just now? An Illusion? Or was I just hallucinating? But it felt so real like I was actually transported into another world (Chuckle) I suppose there really is more to you than I thought Madara Uchiha." Athena said out loud while looking at the sky with an amused smile.

*With Diana*

The queen of the vampires was sitting on top of her bed in her room practicing how to use Kamui with her right hand, she attempted to touch her face with the hand in question and it simply just phased through her face and skull.

'Huh my king wasn't joking, I can truly dematerialize any and all parts of my body at will, such an ability is truly something special, with a power like this any and all physical attacks are completely useless against me for five minutes, and to think my lord gave it to me so casually, makes me wonder what other unique Sharingan abilities my king can share with me, I would like to try those black flames of his, if I remember correctly Tiamat told me they the hottest flames she has ever seen.'

Diana brought her right hand out of her skull and back in front of her however immediately after that she felt a sharp pain in her right eye and instantly deactivated Kamui and placed her right hand over the eye to soothe the pain.

(Wincing) 'Argh...my king was right, it does indeed take a lot out of me, it's only thanks to his blood in my system that I can keep using such power, too bad I'm not an Uchiha...huh...Uchiha?...If only I was an Uchiha...(Giggle)...Diana Uchiha, I quite like the sound of that, Madara and Diana Uchiha...(Chuckle)...I like the sound of that even better.'

Diana stood up from her bed and went to the mirror that was at the corner of her room to look at her reflection and when she saw her Sharingan's looking back at her, the image of Madara appeared in the mirror's reflection.

'Hmph it hasn't been a day yet and I already miss you Madara...(Sigh)...why did we have to meet during these times? Why couldn't I have met you during a time of peace...during a time where all existence wasn't at stake...there is nothing I want more than to just be with you Madara, I can imagine you and I laying together lazily, enjoying the sunset not having a care in the world...(Sigh)...unfortunately we have to wait for such a time...this is why your dream is my dream my dear Madara and I will let nothing stop us from achieving our dream, I want peace so that we can be together without needing to worry about our enemies, we at least deserve that much, I just can't wait for this to be over.' Diana said to herself while placing her right hand on the part of the mirror that was displaying Madara's face.

*Knock Knock*

The moment Diana heard a knock on the door, Madara's image disappeared with the mirror only now displaying Diana's reflection, causing her to be rather annoyed due to someone interrupting her little moment.

"Come In."

And with her permission, Diana's bedroom door opened and it revealed a certain silver-haired demon.

"Rizevim? To what do I owe the visit?"Diana questioned with her being a little surprised that the temporary head of the Old Satan Faction came to see her.

"Do you like your room?" Rizevim questioned with him stepping in and analyzing the little touches Diana made.

"It's good enough."

"Hmph worry not, we have many other bases of operation, and I will say that some of them have rooms with the most stunning of views." Rizevim stated with him now shifting his attention to Diana.

"I would like to see that but, you still haven't asked my question though."

"Come now, there is no need to be so formal, we are comrades, after all, not every conversation of ours has to be about business, so do not be surprised when I ask you how you are doing." Rizevim said with his trademark smirk.

"Indeed you are right Rizevim, we are comrades however, I know for a fact that you didn't just come to my room for a friendly chat." Diana said giving Rizevim a smirk of her own.

Rizevim: (Chuckle) "As sharp as ever Diana Dracula, but indeed you are right, there is a reason I came here."

Diana: "And I will ask again, what is this visit for?"

"Come, walk with me Diana, I wish to show you something, seeing that you are the newest member of our little group."

Diana just nodded at Rizevim's request and followed the silver haired demon out the room into the main hall.

"So what made you decide to join us and leave your beloved Madara Uchiha?" Rizevim questioned with him leading Diana through the main hall towards a certain room.

"Because of Papa, he is the only family I have left and now I have a greater understanding of his reasons, Papa done everything he did for me to become the ultimate vampire and usher in an era where the vampires can rule like gods." Diana said with a straight face.

"Hmph, I suppose that is a good reason, still I find it rather odd that you left Madara so easy, I know very well that you created a close bond with him, it just piques my interest that you could break it so easily." Rizevim said as he looked at with a calculative gaze.

Diana: "What can I say, Madara is no longer useful to me, I simply decided to join the winning team."

Rizevim: "Huh? Is that right?"

Diana's was slowly growing more nervous by the second as she could see that Rizevim wasn't buying her story completely, he seemed to be giving the vibe of 'I got my eyes on you.'

"Do you not trust me Rizevim?" Diana questioned giving Rizevim a coy smile as she was trying to find a way to gain control of this conversation."

(Chuckle) "Trust you? (Scoffs) of course, I don't trust you, come now Diana as someone who has lived for hundreds of years, you of all people should know that trust is one of the most fragile and flimsy bonds in existence, as matter of fact, I don't trust anyone else in this group."

Diana was completely caught off guard, she wasn't expecting such a response, it was causing her brain to go into hyperdrive as she was wondering why the hell are there other members in this group then.


Rizevim: "Why what?"

"Why would you recruit other members for the Old Satan Faction then? Why do it if you don't trust anyone of us?" Diana questioned being extremely confused by Rizevim's actions.

"Hmph you already said the answer, because it's the winning team and also for mutual interest, every single one of you here wants something, whether it be power, riches, glory, territory, success and so on, every single member of the Old Satan Faction desires something and has their own agenda, that makes things rather simple and easy because by joining up we can all get what we want, that is a true bond, once the Old Satan Faction wins, every single one of its members wins, I don't have time for trust, this is not a family, it is simply a business transaction, by joining us, you will get something in return, now that is a bond stronger than any form of trust or faith." Rizevim stated with a devilish smile.

Diana was completely speechless, Rizevim's little explanation completely left her silent, she didn't know to respond to such a response.

"I don't care about trust Dracula, I want to know what do you want when you join this group, everyone wants something, I simply just give you what you want when you join the Old Satan Faction."

"A deal with a devil huh?" Diana questioned.

"Exactly, since time began, my kind gives you what you want in exchange for what we want, but this time, I'm not in the hunt for souls, but in the hunt for every single one your cooperation."

"Is that why you wanted Madara?" Diana asked with her and Rizevim just a few meters away from reaching the door that contained all Rizevim wanted to show Diana.

"Indeed, a human-like him is quite rare to find, I can see he can be quite the asset to the Old Satan Faction, plus, he is someone that is better to have on your side, then have him against you." Rizevim explained.

"I suppose that is true, but don't you think having him here will cause more harm than good? After all, Ophis is on the hunt for him."

(Sinister laughter) "Far from it, in fact, it would be perfect." Rizevim stated with a psychotic grin.

"Why is that?" Diana questioned being both confused as well as curious.

"Simple, because Madara is the bait I need to lure Ophis in, for phase five."

"What's phase five?"

(Chuckle) "Nice try, but remember what I said, I don't trust any of you, so you won't get that information from me, you will simply see phase five put into action when the time comes from me and Hades." Rizevim said.

'I suppose it was never going to be that easy, but regardless I must find out what do they plan to do with Ophis and why they need my king as bait.' Diana said to herself.

"Who knows, maybe I will give you that task of trying to recruit Madara, perhaps he will listen to you." Rizevim said with a smirk then placed his hand on the door handle as they finally reached their destination.

Diana's inner being grew agitated at what Rizevim said, but knew she had to play it cool or she would blow her cover.

"Yes perhaps." Diana responded with a smirk of her own.

Rizevim proceeded to open the door and gestured to Diana to come in and once she walked in, Rizevim closed the door and stood beside Diana.

Diana couldn't see much as the room was incredibly dark with just a faint green light glowing at the corner.

"I apologize for the lack of light, he really likes it dark."

"Who's he?" Diana questioned as she was wondering who Rizevim is talking about.

(Menacing Laughter) "Why don't you see for yourself."

After saying those words Rizevim clapped his hands and the room lit up revealing all its contents to Diana and what she saw shocked her to no end.

At both the left and right side of the room were groups of stray-devils that were all chained up and had multiple tubes connected to their bodies that seemed to be sucking up all their energies, Diana's eyes followed the trail of tubes and saw that they all headed to one big tank that seemed to be containing someone in it.

Diana's eyes widen in shock as she was finally able to recognize who it was floating unconsciously in the glass tank.

"Is that..."

Rizevim: "Indeed it is."

"Lucifer..." Diana said with a pinch of fear and anger in her voice, right in front of her was Vlad's accomplice in the murder of her mother.

The older and more mature-looking version of Rizevim was unconsciously floating in a large glass tank that was filled with liquefied stray-devil energy, God's former favorite was currently shirtless with multiple tubes attached to his upper body just pumping liters upon liters of concentrated Stray-devil demonic energy into his system.

Diana: "So he survived his battle against God then?"

"Yes father was able to escape with his life, God proved too much for father even though he fused with Trihexa." Rizevim said with a serious expression.

"Wait?! Lucifer did what?!"

"Ah I see you don't know the full extent of my father's battle with his father, well allowing me to educate you, Diana, I admire and respect my father more than anyone else, however, I will be the first to admit that in terms of sheer talent, skill and power, father couldn't hold a candle against God, Grandfather was just in a league of his own and when he discovered the divine power known as Ultra Instinct, it made him the most powerful deity in existence."

Diana: "Yes continue."

"Father grew frustrated and envious of grandfather, as he to tried to enter and master Ultra Instinct, but it was to no avail, and when he saw that Jesus was able to enter Ultra Instinct Omen one, he was enraged, father has been attempting for decades and he couldn't even enter Omen one of Ultra Instinct, so he scrapped the idea of Ultra instinct for another form of power."

Diana: "The Fusion."

"Indeed, father studied very closely the fusion technique of the Youkai Faction and was able to reverse engineer his own version of the technique and fused with Trihexa, but with father having complete control of the beast's power as well as his own.

*Towards the end of the Great Christian War*

*Lucifer's Castle*

Lucifer was currently in a large chamber room observing one of the many demonic circles he has drawn as he was edging ever so closer to finding the perfect formula for his version of the fusion technique, the king of devils found the original fusion technique of the Youkai unfit for his liking, he harbored no desire to share a body with Trihexa but rather to have complete control, Lucifer knew very well that the simplest method to this would be to simply just absorb Trihexa however the beast's power is too great for anyone to try and absorb it, therefore the initial start for Lucifer was to fuse with Trihexa but as time progressed allow his body to absorb the beast's power bit by bit until it becomes his own, thereby making him the strongest being in existence.

'Hmmmm this is more complex then I thought, the fusion technique is known to combine two beings into one, however that is not what I'm seeking, I desire a means to fuse with the beast but to still have control of my body, mind, and power as well as the beast's power...hmmmmm...possession wouldn't work, Trihexa's power is too great and even so, I would only be able to control its body and wouldn't be able to access mine...hmmmmm...wait a minute...what if I was to initiate a sealing technique and allow my body to merge with the beast?'

*Knock Knock*

Lucifer: "Enter."

The doors to Lucifer's chamber opened wide as after his permission a group of devils and his second-born son entered with an exhausted look and embarrassed look on their faces.

(Slight Panting) "...Father...I...we..."

"Silence Rizevim, I know full well what happened at the battlefield, currently, we are at a stalemate, we have lost your brother however God lost his trump card as well." Lucifer stated not allowing his son to carry on.

(The Devils): "Forgive us for our failure Lord Lucifer."

"Do not even mention such, your failure disgusts me, this will not go unpunished, however, there are more pressing matters to attend to, Rizevim have you brought it?"

"Yes, father of course." Rizevim said then proceeded to summon a magic circle above the workbench in front of his father and a vial of blood appeared before him.

"Excellent, with this I am one step closer to being the perfect life form." Lucifer said with him taking the vial of blood and intensely analyzing it.

"Forgive me for my incompetence father, but why did you need the blood of a nine-tailed fox Youkai?" Rizevim questioned as he remembered how much his father stressed about attaining the DNA of a powerful Youkai.

Attaining the vial of blood was not an easy task as Rizevim had to kill the current Youkai leader, the father of Yasaka, who was known to be the strongest Youkai leader of this generation, fortunately, Rizevim had enough in him to eliminate the great nine-tailed fox and extract some of his blood before getting caught.

"I suppose it is time I let you know of my plan, I am disgusted with myself for saying this, however, Ultra Instinct is just a power I cannot reach, (Scoffs) the only thing I will admit that God has me beat at, however that doesn't mean I cannot be the ultimate being." Lucifer said with a smirk as he opened the lid of the vial and brought it to his mouth.

"What do you mean my Lord?" A High-class devil asked as he was wondering what was going on in her king's mind.

Lucifer: "You know of the fusion technique of the Youkai correct?"

Devils: "Yes Lord Lucifer."

"I have reversed engineered the technique and have made it my own, however in order to even perform my own version of the fusion technique, the caster still needs the DNA of a powerful Youkai." Lucifer explained then proceeded to drink the blood and immediately felt a small surge of power pulse throughout his body.

"But what for father? Why do you need the fusion technique?" Rizevim questioned as he and the rest of the devils were surprised to see their leader drink the blood.

(Chuckle) "Simple, I intend to fuse with Trihexa, however, my technique is different from the original version, it will allow me to fuse with the beast however we will not share a consciousness, I will have full control of everything and over time my body will adjust to the massive amounts of power stored within it and it will make it my own, allowing me to be a complete form, far surpassing anything God can attain, even if he was to master Ultra Instinct, the combined power of me and Trihexa will be too much for him, now come, it is time to find Trihexa and initiate my final plan, although currently there is a stalemate, this war is not yet over, I will have my victory regardless the cost." Lucifer stated with a twisted and devilish smile, then proceeded to exit his chamber with his son and followers following closely behind.

*Heaven in God's throne room*

Just like Lucifer dozens of God's followers entered his throne room with dejected and defeated looks on their faces, they couldn't even muster up the courage to look their father in the eye due to them not being able to save their hero Jesus Christ.

"Father...please forgive us for our failure, we were not able to save Jesus from dying." Michael said as he spoke not only for him but for his fellow angels.

"My son has fought the good fight, he has kept the faith but know this, my children, he is far from finishing the race, Jesus is not completely gone, he is merely enjoying a much-deserved rest." God said but still held a stoic and serious expression.

"Whatever do you mean father?" Gabriel question as God's words were confusing her as well as the rest of the other angels.

"I used a portion of my power to save his soul and as we are speaking his soul will be stored in the body of Jin Toriyama and will be passed down the generations until it will finally be awakened in a young lady who will be named Asuka Toriyama."

Michael: "But why the Toriyama clan father?"

"Because the Toriyama clan are the descendants of Moses as well as they possess the DNA of David, Paul, and Solomon, they are Royalty in Christianity and the only clan that is able to handle the tremendous Holy power of Jesus." God explained.

Gabriel: "Okay we understand why you pick the Toriyama clan father, but why is it that our king's soul will only be awakened in the child called Asuka Toriyama?"

"Simple, Asuka will be the first of many Toriyamas to be a new breed of the clan."

Michael: "New Breed?"

"Indeed Michael, while Asuka is in the womb of her mother, Jesus will play a hand in her development as his soul will be stored in her mother's body, Asuka's DNA, cells and genes will be altered and stronger than any other Toriyama before her, allowing her to be the first in her clan to be able to handle Jesus's full power." God explained as he rested his cheek on his fist and looked at his children with a calm expression.

Gabriel: (Relieved Sigh) "Oh thank goodness, it would seem that not all is lost."

"Not necessarily, it is true that Asuka is the child the prophecy and the one capable of bringing forth the second coming of my son however that is also the problem."

Michael: "How so father?"

"Due to Asuka being the first to have the highest affinity with handling Jesus's full power, it also means that she is capable of handling the Anti-Christ's full power, it would seem Lucifer has copied my plan and also used a portion of his power to save his first born's soul and also intends to store it in the Toriyama clan and use Asuka to awaken his child's soul, therefore Asuka truly is the child of prophecy, she will either be Christianity's salvation or it ends, the pour child will suffer greatly as both souls will wrestle for control, may the child stay strong."

"We will pray for her success father." Gabriel said with a reassuring smile and her fellow brothers and sisters joined her giving their father a warm smile.

(Chuckle) "Please do my children."

*With Lucifer*

*Earth Shaking and Massive explosions*


This war cry was coming from a screaming Lucifer as he was enthralled in an intense battle to make Trihexa submit, the king of darkness last many devils in trying to keep the beast at bay, however, their sacrifice paid dividends as Lucifer was able to get close enough to the beast in order to begin the fusion.

(Panting+ Sinister Laughter) "You're finally mine, now submit to me you filthy beast!" Lucifer commanded and immediately after that, a red and black magic circle appeared on his upper body which caused his torso to act like a black hole which was causing Trihexa's colossal body to begin to be sucked into the magic circle.

Trihexa struggled to keep its ground however the beast could feel itself moving closer and closer to Lucifer's body.

(Deranged Laughter) "That's right, come beast, submit yourself and be one with me, your life and power are but a means to serve a greater purpose than your own, it is to serve my purpose, NOW COME!" Lucifer shouted at the top of his lungs and slowly but surely his body was sucking up Trihexa, piece by piece.

Lucifer placed all his remaining power in the magic circle and Trihexa's body just kept being pulled at a faster rate, causing the beast to roar in panic, however, it was too late, Lucifer's body absorbed about 70% of the beast, Trihexa's struggles were only delaying the inevitable.

"That's right (Sinister Laughter) submit yourself to me, I am your master now." Lucifer stated with his body fully absorbing Trihexa.

Everything went dead silent once Lucifer's body fully absorbed Trihexa with the man in question also not moving a single muscle.

"Is Lord Lucifer alright?" A devil questioned as he and many of his fellow devils just observed a stagnant Lucifer.

'Do not tell me the father's fusion technique was a failure...please father do not tell me you have lost control to Trihexa.'


This was the screams coming from a now uncontrollably vibrating Lucifer, the king of darkness's body began to levitate on its own with him still shaking and vibrating, eventually his head was facing upwards with his eyes rolled back and his arms spread wide.

"Lord Rizevim! Shouldn't we do something?" A devil questioned with him being extremely concerned with the well-being of his leader.

Rizevim didn't respond he just held his ground and looked on with a serious and calculative expression.

Soon enough a black sphere appeared around Lucifer and completely surrounded him, cutting him off from the outside world.

Earth began to shake and dark clouds began to form above the sphere with bolts of lightning striking it every now and then.

"Lord Rizevim! Please my Lord...what are your orders?"

"We will stay and wait."

Devils: "But my lord..."

"I said we will stay here and wait, do not question my authority!" Rizevim said with a stern tone, it pained him just as much as the other devils to see this unfold however Rizevim was wise to know that it was all part of the process, all they could do was just trust in the will power of their king.

The current of the wind began to pick up and to say it was intense would be an understatement, if those who were present were humans instead of devils then surely they would have been swept away by the wind and landed somewhere else on the map, all who were present used their demonic energy to strengthen their footing and just resisted the wind as best they can.

The sphere just expanded in size and screams of anguish could be heard coming from the black ball, one of the devils decided to disobey Rizevim's orders and decided to fly straight for the sphere with the hopes of saving her beloved Lucifer, however the moment her hand came into contact with the ever-expanding sphere, her entire body was vaporized in an instant.

Rizevim: "Fool...anyone else wishes to disobey me and join her in death? No? Good now just stay where you are and observe, it is almost over."

Rizevim's words held some truth as everything around them began to calm down a bit and the black sphere soon began to decrease in size, everything seemed to gradually become more peaceful until all came to a standstill with the black sphere rising even higher than before.

The black ball that was cocooning Lucifer just suddenly exploded, finally freeing God's biggest enemy, however, his appearance changed considerably with his hair now adopting more than one color, his hair was a mixture of silver, black and grey, his eyes changed as well with them being completely black however the Iris in his eyes were silver now, his clothing changed as well as he was dressed in a black coat that was splashed with silver sixes all over, this was accompanied with black pants and black shoes and to finish it off his nails changed color with them being black and growing sharper.

Rizevim and the rest of the devils made their way to Lucifer however they moved with caution and kept their guard on high alert.

Rizevim: "Father? Is that you."

(Sinister laughter) "Who do you think it is Rizevim?" Lucifer questioned as he looked at his second-born over his shoulder.

"So it was a success? But how come I cannot sense your power?" Rizevim questioned as he couldn't scale just how powerful his father is.

"Of course you cannot sense my power, I am at a level that is beyond the comprehension of gods, the only ones that can sense my power is the rest of the top five, which would be God, Bahamut, Great Red, and Ophis, although the fusion is not complete." Lucifer stated while staring at the palm of his right hand."

"What do you mean it is not complete father?" Rizevim questioned.

"Although yes, I am far stronger then I was before, the fusion has had to bring down Trihexa's power significantly otherwise my body would have not been able to cope with it, just as I said before as time is going my body is absorbing more and more of Trihexa's power, eventually the fusion will be complete and when that is done, I will be the ultimate life form, however, for now, I will say I am equal to God at full power." Lucifer stated with him turning around to face his devoted followers.

Rizevim: "So what's next father?"

"What's next is that this war ends in my victory, it is time me and God settle this once and for all."

Lucifer slowly made his way to his son and placed his hand on top of Rizevim and transferred some of his power to his son as a means of protection.

"Rizevim you are going to go to heaven to send a message for me."

*Back at Heaven*

Gabriel: "So what's your next move father?"

"Let me be the one to tell you that." A disembodied voice said and everyone went on high alert, all the angels in the throne room kept their guard up and God just raised an eyebrow as he was wondering who this intruder was.

A demonic circle just appeared in front of God and Rizevim stepped out of it and looked at his grandfather with a devilish smile.

"Well long time no see Grandfather, how have you bee..."

Before Rizevim could even finish his question, Gabriel and Michael charged at him from both sides with the intention of slicing his head off with their holy swords however, before the blades could get too close, Rizevim grabbed a hold of them and crushed them with very little difficulty.

God watched on rather impressed that Rizevim could destroy weapons that were literally designed to be the weakness of devils.

As for Gabriel and Michael, they were completely shocked that Rizevim destroyed their weapons, however, choose no time to dwell on it and charged at him once again with the intention to use their fist, however, Rizevim easily blocked their strikes and looked at God with a rather bored look on his face.

"Really? This is the best your Seraphs can do Grandfather? I am rather disappointed, you have let your standard slip."

God was rather amused at this little display however Michael and Gabriel were not.

"Why you...how dare y..." Gabriel couldn't finish her sentence as God raised his hand to signal to his daughter to stop.

Gabriel and Michael were rather irritated that God signaled to them to back off, however, they did ever so reluctantly.

Relax, I come in peace, you two forget who I am standing in front of, Grandfather can easily kill me in his sleep if he wanted to, I'm just here to send a message." Rizevim said with a smirk.

"So what is it that brings you here Rizevim?" God questioned with him still resting his cheek on his fist.

"As I said, I am here to deliver a message, (Clears throat) now then let me make sure I get this right...(Short Pause)...the time has come God, it is time we settle this once and for all, you versus me, in a battle to the death, to settle who has control of Christianity, you know where you will find me, the place where it all began." Rizevim concluded.

"Hooo? So your father has finally come to face me Rizevim?" God questioned being slightly surprised that his once favorite child actually has the courage to come and face him.

"Indeed Grandfather, he wishes to no longer delay the long predestined battle between you and him." Rizevim stated with a devilish smile.

'Something is not right here.' God said to himself as found it rather odd that Lucifer would challenge him now, God knew he was leaps and bounds beyond his number one enemy, so why would Lucifer have the audacity to challenge him to a battle.

God: 'This makes no sense, why would Lucifer challenge me? He knows very well that is a death wish...unless...he has gained some power that can rival my Ultra Instinct.'

The Holy One took one more look at Rizevim and saw from the confidence and arrogance that Lucifer's second born was displaying that his hypothesis may be correct, this caused God to adopt a more serious and focused expression on his face.

"He has gained new power hasn't he Rizevim?"

Rizevim remained silent and just allowed his smile to expand even further, and that all but confirmed God's hypothesis.

God: 'Huh...what can it be? What power can Lucifer possibly obtain that can give him the confidence to face me? I know he sealed Bahamut not long ago but even so if he was to use my best friend against me that wouldn't be enough to defeat me, so what exactly does Lucifer have up his sleeve? Unless...no...it can't be...even he is not mad enough to use IT...or is he?'

"Very well then Rizevim, I will meet with your father, now leave us." God demanded but his calm demeanor was long gone with it now being replaced with a dead-serious expression.

"With pleasure Grandfather." Rizevim said performing a mocking bow then disappeared with a magic circle.

God: "Michael."

"Yes, father?"

God: "In fact, this is something you all need to hear, so pay attention my children."

All the angels didn't hesitate and gave their father, their full and undivided attention.

"This battle between Lucifer and I will determine who is the victor in this accursed War, but also it will determine the fate of Christianity, as Rizevim said it is the long predestined battle between me and my child, so I wish to prepare you my children, if Lucifer did what I think he did, then I may not return." God said with a dead-serious expression and tone and it sent shivers down the spines of his angels as they have never seen their father this serious before.

"What do you mean you may not return father?" Gabriel questioned with her fear levels slowly rising as she was not liking what God was insinuating.

God hesitated to answer her question, he knew very well that what he was going to say next will extremely upset his devoted angels.

"It may very well be a battle to the death, therefore, I may not make it back alive, this may very well be the last time you see me." God said with a straight face.

When his angels heard his words, the emotions they felt was indescribable, fear, shock, anxiety, they all came rushing into their hearts as although they are the warriors of God, they were not ready for a scenario where they would have to carry on without him.

"You surely must be joking father." Michael said as he refused to accept the possibility of carrying on without the Holy one, losing Jesus was one thing, but to lose God, is just simply a reality they cannot bare.

"Does it look like I'm joking Michael? You all may need to prepare for life without me." God stated then stood up from his throne and started to take his first steps to the gates of Heaven.

When God's children saw the seriousness in his face eyes, the majority of them collapsed to the floor and began crying their hearts out as they just couldn't accept that this is actually happening.

Gabriel grabbed a hold of her father's legs as she refused to see him go into a battle that he may not come back from.

God looked down to see his daughter crying and clinging on to his left leg for dear life, and there was a part of his heart that ached in pain to see his children in this state, he would like nothing better than to stop all the crying but he knew better than anyone that he has a duty to do.

"Please father...(Sobbing)...I'm begging you...don't go...the possibility of life without out you scares me to my very core...(Sobbing)...please father...there has to be another way...I will even fight Lucifer myself...so please I'm begging you...(Sobbing)...please don't go..." Gabriel pleaded with all her heart while clinging as tightly as possible to God's leg.

"Gabriel, what does second Timothy one verse seven say?" God questioned as he looked down to his daughter with a straight face.

Gabriel: "Please father do not make me say it..."

"This is an order Gabriel! what does second Timothy one verse seven say?"

(Sobbing) "For you did not give us the spirit of fear...(Sob)...but the spirit of love, power, and self-control." Gabriel quoted but still clung on to her father's leg.

"So what are you so afraid of Gabriel? You, my precious daughter, know that we are at war and sacrifices have to be made, we cannot permit evil to win and if that means I must die in the process then so be it, know this my children, I not only fight for the sake of the supernatural world but for the sake of you all, so please Gabriel release me." God requested.

"NO!...(Sobbing)...I just can't do it...(Sob)...I already lost Lord Jesus...I simply cannot lose you too father...(Sobbing)...I just can't...I won't be able to cope without you...please father don't leave me...(Sobbing)...don't leave us."

"Come now Gabriel, this is not like you." Michael said as he made his way to her in order to try and make her let go of their father but she didn't budge.

(Excessive struggling) "LET GO OF ME MICHAEL! So what if it's beneath me, if it can keep father on the throne, then I will act like this for all eternity...(Sob)...I'm sorry...but no...I just can't lose you father...I refuse it." Gabriel said with her never-ending tears.

"Enough Gabriel! be at ease my child." God said as he placed his head on top of his daughter and used a fraction of his power to put her to sleep.

"No...father...please...d...o...n...t...g...o..." Gabriel could feel her strength weaken and a deep slumber looking to conquer her body.

"Listen closely Michael, if I do not return, then I place you as my successor, please lead the children of Israel in my absences, and do take care of Gabriel for me." God said with a painful smile.

"I will, no matter what father, I will not let you down, you can always count on me." Michael said with a single tear running down his face.

Once again God gave his child a painful smile and began making his way out of his throne room to the gates of Heaven and as he was making his way to the exit, all his angels broke down around him and to the side of him, crying and begging him not to go, but it was to no avail.

God signaled to his angels who were guards to open the gate, and it was by far the most painful order they had to carry out because they knew in their heart of hearts they didn't want to open the gates, but no matter what they could never defy the Holy one and go against his orders, therefore, they opened the gates with indescribable regret and reluctance.

When God reached the gates he looked back to his crying angels and gave them one last smile.

God: "Remember my children, no matter what, I am always with you, just as I said in Psalms 27 verse 1, I the Lord am your light and salvation, do not fear, for I shall give you strength, never be afraid, farewell my beloved children."

And with that said God exit heaven and made his way to the location where he will face Lucifer.

*The Garden of Eden*

"How long is he going to keep me waiting?!" These were the words coming from a now impatient Lucifer as was getting tired of just waiting for his enemy.

Lucifer was currently sitting on the edge of a mountain that was overseeing the whole of Eden, with its majestic environment, it's deep forests, expansive rivers, and diverse wildlife, it was truly one of the seven wonders of the supernatural world however Lucifer did not pick this location for its beauty.

The king of the devils chose the Garden of Eden because this is where the feud between him and his father began, where Lucifer caused Adam and Eve, to it the forbidden fruit and cause them to become the enemies of God.

Just as Lucifer was reminiscing, a large bright light appeared in the sky and was making it's way to an open field, and Lucifer knew very well what was the cause of that light.

(Sinister Chuckle) "It would seem that you have finally arrived...(Scoffs)...father...let us settle this once and for all." Lucifer said with a devilish smile then got up and also made his way to the open field.

Once Lucifer arrived and God took a look at him and saw how drastic his appearance changed this all but confirmed his fears.

"Lucifer, how could you have done such a thing?! For you to absorb Trihexa! This is madness...this is insanity!" God claimed as he could sense the enormous power of the beast emitting from Lucifer's body.

(Sinister laughter) "Madness? It is beauty, art, and most of all creation, and let me correct you there because you and I both know that no being can absorb Trihexa except for her, I don't have her power so instead I fused with the beast."

"Fusion?! How can that be? Only the Youkai can use such a technique and even so, fusion combines two beings into one, but I can only see your consciousness having control." God said as he was making sure to analyze every expect of Lucifer's appearance.

"Hmph, it's my own personal fusion technique inspired by those animals and as for the fact I am not a Youkai well...even you can connect the dots." Lucifer said with a twisted smile.

"Of course you had a hand in the death of Yasaka's father, but why Lucifer what do you hope to achieve? you have completely eradicated the Sages, manipulated and used the Draculas, sealed away my best friend, and ignited the flames of this accursed war, just what do you hope to achieve?" God questioned while looking at his enemy with a straight face.

"What do I hope to achieve? (Psychotic Laughter) that should be fairly obvious, I wish to become the ultimate life form, first I will kill you father, then after I will rule Christianity, followed by the world and supernatural world, then finally I will go after her and the one in control of all reality." Lucifer said while forming a dark ball of energy in his hand and admiring its beauty.

"And you genuinely think you can challenge her? She is the direct rival and opposite of Trihexa, you won't stand a chance against her, you're power is immense but your fusion has also weakened Trihexa's power greatly, this power of yours has only made you on my level now Lucifer, how do you suppose you can challenge her with an incomplete technique?"

(Sinister Chuckle) "How about you take a closer look, oh Holy one." Lucifer suggested then made his way to his enemy.

God did as Lucifer suggested and when he did, it shocked him to no end.

(Sinister Chuckle) "That's right father, the technique may be incomplete now, but as time keeps going, my body is making more of Trihexa's power my own, eventually all the beasts power, as well as my own, will be at my disposal making me the ultimate being, so as we keep on speaking, my power keeps growing, soon I will be at a level that is beyond your reach God." Lucifer said with a twisted smile while placing his left hand on God's shoulder.

"So this is it huh? The long predestined battle between good versus evil, father versus son, I held such high hopes for you Lucifer, there was a reason why you were my favorite, if only you were able to reach you're potential." God said with a rather sad and hurt look on his face.

"Hmph don't worry father, I have high hopes for me as well, once I kill you, you can rest easy knowing that not only did I meet your expectations, but also exceeded them." Lucifer said as he took his hand off God's shoulder and just looked him in the eye.

"You will never win Lucifer, there will always be someone or something that will stop you, reality doesn't belong to you, it belongs to all of us, why can't you understand that my child, it's not too late Lucifer, there is still time for redemption, this madness just cannot be allowed to continue."

(Scoffs) "There you go again with you talks of redemption, enough of that nonsense, if you wish to stop me, then you must kill me right here and now because I will never stop trying to fulfill my goal."

"No parent wishes to kill their child, let alone a father wishing to kill his son, but if this is who you are Lucifer then so be it, it is also a parent's duty to discipline their child when they are out of order." God said with a single tear running down his face.

"Hmph don't get emotional on me now, you are God after all and I am the devil, we simply do not go together, it is time we end this, only one of us can be allowed to exist, so let us make this a glorious conclusion to our rivalry father." Lucifer said then began to power up.

"The time has come, to put a stop to you, Lucifer." God said as he too powered up and entered Ultra Instinct omen 1.

God and Lucifer continued to glare at each other, not taking even a moment to blink, both increased their power and it caused God's divine silver aura to go back and forth with Lucifer's dark grey aura.

Every living animal in Eden stopped what they were doing and kept their focus on the vicinity of Lucifer and God as something told them they were endangered.

Clouds began to form above Lucifer and God as it would seem these two beings powering up was causing quite an upset to the environment.

God and Lucifer looked at each other once more before both of them took a deep breath and launched at each other with the intent to kill.

Once their fists collided, unspeakable damage came upon the open field they were just now conversing on, animals took to the skies, trees became uprooted, and the surface above them created a massive crater.

Before they would descend to the crater, Lucifer chose to have another go at God, but the Holy one quickly disappeared then reappeared behind Lucifer and blasted him away with a beam of Holy energy, causing Lucifer to crash into the mountain in front of him.

God summoned his two giant golden wings and just stayed airborne, observing the spot where Lucifer crashed into the mountain, however, he did not have time to even blink as Lucifer emerged from the hole in the mountain and blitzed his way to God with blistering speed with the intention of punching his head off.

Due to Ultra Instinct's self-movement, God was barely able to dodge Lucifer's punch, however, Lucifer was able to scratch God's left cheek which now started to ooze blood.

'His dangerously fast.' God said to himself while placing his fingers on his cheek to confirm if indeed he was bleeding.

"Hmph that is the first of many scratches you will be obtaining in this battle God." Lucifer said as he too summoned his two large demonic wings.

They launched at each other once again and their fists sent shock waves all over Eden, God quickly created some distance between them and summoned a hundred Holy swords in front of him and launched them towards Lucifer who just smirked and created a ball of dark energy in his hand and launched it towards the incoming swords which completely vaporized them., however, the swords were only a decoy."

God appeared behind Lucifer once again with the intention to stab him with a Holy sword however Lucifer caused his aura to increase which acted as a barrier and completely devoured the sword.

Lucifer tried to strike God once more but Ultra instinct just caused God to dodge Lucifer attack with ease.

'Tch! Ultra Instinct is assisting him greatly, I can't land a blow on him, and this is only Omen one, Hmph well this was never going to be easy, I mustn't forget that I am fighting the strongest of the gods, I can't afford to make mistakes.

Lucifer backed away from God and brought his hands together and beneath him, a large black magic circle appeared and an enormously huge skeleton dragon began to emerge from the circle.

God: 'I see, so Lucifer has brought one of his many pets, well then, let me respond in same vain.'

God raised his hand to the sky and a large bright light appeared above.

Lucifer: 'So he is bringing that huh? Hmph let's see which of our pets is the strongest.'

Lucifer's enormous skeleton dragon finally emerged and once it looked at God it released an ear-piercing roar, that scared many of the animals in Eden, the undead Dragon flapped it's bony wings and took to the skies to level itself with its master.

Lucifer landed on top of the dragon's head and when he looked up at God he could see that his father's pet had finally emerged from the light and was more than happy that God picked one of his favorites to battle Lucifer.

A flaming gold Phoenix spawned from the light and flapped its wings ever so gracefully, many of the animals thought that the Phoenix was the God of the animal kingdom, they simply couldn't keep their eyes of God's pet.

The Gigantic Phoenix descended and made it's way to God, so he can also stand on top of its head and engage in battle with the enemy.

"Hmph you're Holy Phoenix against my cursed dragon, seems like an even match up, but let's see which one is stronger." Lucifer said then brought his hand together and all of a sudden everything seemed to be drawn to him.

His cursed Dragon opened its mouth and began taking a deep breath, which caused it to act like a vacuum, sucking in everything sight, trees, animals, large rocks, they were all being consumed by Lucifer's pet, almost as if they were just mere fuel.

'What is he up to?' God questioned as he just observed more and more of the environment being eaten by the dragon.

The undead dragon finally ate its fill and just closed its mouth and just looked at God and his Phoenix with blood lusted as it was just waiting for its master to give it a command.

Lucifer: "HELL'S GUN!"

Once Lucifer uttered those words his dragon opened its mouth and began firing those giant rocks that it consumed before towards God like a machine gun, and the difference is that these large rocks were now coated in a dark slimy aura that corrupts and corrodes anything it touches.

Immediately God ordered it's Phoenix to start flying around, dodging the incoming projectiles however that was proving to be difficult, as they were coming at breakneck speeds it was as if the Dragon was a high powered machine gun.

"Tch...Damn it, these boulders are a problem...Argh...keep flying my partner." God ordered his Phoenix as he and his pet just barely dodged.

As for the rocks that missed God, when they made contact with the environment, it just caused massive destruction, mountains began to break down, rivers began to dry up and the lush green life began to die and rot bit by bit.

"My Garden, Damn you Lucifer!" God cursed in anger as the destruction he was seeing to his masterpiece was fuelling his rage.

(Sinister laughter) "If you don't like it, do something about it Holy one." Lucifer mocked.

God had enough of the running and ordered his Phoenix to head straight for Lucifer's dragon and as the rocks were heading straight for them, God and his pet just outmaneuvered them on their course to attack Lucifer and his pet.

While on their way, God raised his right hand and created a giant light spear above it with the intention of eradicating Lucifer's pet dragon, however, Lucifer was more than prepared for this.

His Dragon stopped firing rocks and soon started to regurgitate the animals it previously consumed and they all dropped to the floor all being half-eaten and covered in dragon saliva.

God saw this and was slightly disgusted at this sight, but more than anything, he was wondering what Lucifer was planning.

Lucifer for this moment, removed his focus on God even though he was still incoming and gave it to the half-eaten, decaying animals that were still trying to get their barrings, he extended his right hand and each animal was hit with a blast of energy.

Before God could get too close, Lucifer ordered his dragon to jump back to create some distance between him and God, this caused the father of Christianity to stop his charge as he was wondering what was next.

Lucifer just smirked and snapped his fingers which caused the half-eaten animals to start to exponentially grow in size.

God observed this and one by one he saw the decaying animals growing into giant monsters, eventually, a giant decaying lion, bear, eagle, deer, snake, tiger and elephant were glaring at God with their blood lusted demon red eyes.

'Hooo? They are not ordinary puppets, they are infused with Trihexa's energy, this will not be plain and simple.' God said to himself while analyzing the gigantic animals in front of him.

Lucifer: "Attack my minions."

Immediately, Lucifer's giant eagle charged for God at unbelievable speeds, which caused the father of Christianity to be slightly surprised and that's all Lucifer needed.

God was able to order his Phoenix to dodge the incoming eagle, which it did ever so slightly, but as said before that was all Lucifer needed, he just wanted his eagle to be close enough.

Lucifer: "HELL'S GRENADE!"


Lucifer's eagle exploded on command, which caused God to take flight due to the blast while his Phoenix, crash-landed due to it being badly injured, Lucifer's animal puppets, took this moment to rush the Phoenix while it was down and gang up on it, which was proving quite the strategy.

The giant snake wrapped itself around the Phoenix and began squeezing the life out of it, while other animals attacked any part of the body that was not covered by the snake.

God's pet was desperately struggling to stay alive, however, that was proving to be quite the challenge, all it could hope for now was for God to save it, as due to the power of Trihexa that was boosting these giant animals, it was interfering with the Phoenix's ability to regenerate.


Everything came to a standstill as they were all wondering what was causing such a ferocious war-cry.

God emerged from the rubble he was in with his aura being much more intense, and when Lucifer took a look at his silver eyes, he could see God was very much angry.

'Hooo? Omen 2 huh? Well then, looks God is taking this more seriously.'

God wasted no time and blitzed his way to the giant animals and when he was in contact he punched the giant lion with such force that it came like a speeding bullet towards Lucifer.

God's former son just raised his right hand and blasted away the incoming lion with a demonic ball of energy, which caused blood to be splattered everywhere, however little did Lucifer know that God was using the Lion as an object to obstruct Lucifer's vision.

Once the Lion exploded into a bloody mess, God immediately appeared in front of Lucifer and gifted him a skull-cracking punch, this caused Lucifer to take flight and crash into a nearby mountain.

God gave him no time to rest as he blitzed his way once again to Lucifer and kneed him in his abdomen, causing Lucifer to travel through the mountain and end up on the other side, creating quite the whole.

Lucifer: 'Argh...his fast...I need to get my bearings quickly.'

God blitzed his way once more and tried to attack Lucifer, however, this time Lucifer was able to catch his punch causing God to come to a halt.

"Not so fast, you forget there are others who wish to play with you." Lucifer said, then his giant Tiger appeared behind God, hoping to land a sneak attack, but to Lucifer's surprise God didn't even flinch, he just kept his eyes solely on the king of the devils.


God increased the aura of Ultra Instinct and just the sheer heat from the form was enough to melt the flesh off the already decaying tiger, leaving nothing but bone now, rendering it completely useless.

Lucifer's eyes slightly widened in surprise as he was never expecting this, he shifted his attention back to God's eyes, and when he saw the seriousness in them and it caused him to lose his concentration.

God took that opportunity to use his other hand to land another punch on Lucifer's face causing him to get airborne once again.

As Lucifer was out of the way temporarily, God turned around and now focused his attention on the disgusting beasts that were, attacking his beloved fists.

Before their heart could make a beat God appeared above all of them and raised his right hand to the skies.

"Begone with HEAVEN'S RAGE!"

A thousand Holy swords, spears, and javelins appeared in the sky with all of them pointing straight for Lucifer's pets, God snapped his fingers and his divine punishment came down upon the beasts but also on his beloved Phoenix.

Once every single weapon hit their marker, the dust began to settle, and once God got a clear visual, there was nothing but destruction, everything was eradicated, from the beasts to his Phoenix to the surrounding environment, it just looked like a wasteland with no sign of life, all God could see was soil.

God decided it was time to stop being God the forgiver, and start being God the divine punisher, he just looked at the destruction he caused to his beloved Eden and held no remorse, he knew now more than ever, that this will be a battle to the death and Eden will just be a victim of God and Lucifer's brawl.

God saw a small speck of fire emerge from the soil, and it brought a smirk on his face as he knew very well what was the cause of it.

The speck of fire grew into a blinding light and once it subsided God's Phoenix stood tall once again, ready to go for another round of fighting with Lucifer and his dragon.

(Chuckle) "Good thing you are known as the bird that rises from the ashes, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to launch that attack my pet." God said to his Phoenix with a smile.

The Phoenix just brought it's head closer to God and began rubbing it against his body.

"I'm glad you are here with me my partner, now come, we still have a job to do." God said while stroking the head of his Phoenix.


God and his Phoenix shifted his attention to where the noise was coming from and saw a black beam of light coming from the surface and reaching far beyond the clouds of Eden.

'I have angered him, as he has done with me.' God thought to himself as he observed the high surge of power Lucifer was giving off.

Eden began to experience some rather worrying earthquakes and vibrations due to Lucifer's power flex, the land began to crack and crumble under the pressure of God and Lucifer's power, the Ecosystem was now on the verge of crumbling and breaking apart, Eden was meant to be a garden, a place of beauty, not a battlefield, the land was becoming upset and it was showing.

Dark clouds covered all of Eden with a few lightning strikes making an appearance here and there, all the surviving animals and creatures began to howl, roar, and hiss in despair as their home is going down the path of destruction with God and Lucifer making it their battleground.

Lucifer stepped out of the beam of black light and absorbed all of it, making it more powerful than before.

Lucifer: "Come!"

And with that single word, Lucifer's undead dragon launched from where it was and landed just behind its master, itching to go all out.

Both Lucifer and God now stood on the heads of pets and glared at each other from far ends of Eden, both were getting a bit more serious but were not yet at full power.



Christianity's Creator and number one enemy launched at each other at hypersonic speeds and when their pets collided it caused a catastrophic shock wave.

The second their pets butted heads, God and Lucifer jumped off their heads and proceeded to cause their fists to collide which caused an even greater shock wave, damaging a good portion of Eden.

Two separate battles began to ensue, of Lucifer vs God and the Phoenix vs the Dragon, as for God and Lucifer both of them looked like lines colliding with one another to the average naked eye, the two opposing forces of Christianity constantly went back and forth with one another, landing punches, dodging kicks and all-round just trying to overpower one another.

Every time their strikes connected a bolt of lightning would make an appearance in the background, visually showing how unhappy Eden is with this brawl.

As for the Dragon and Phoenix they were locked in an intense stalemate of fire breathing with no side showing any sign of victory, however, the animals couldn't help but awe in fear at seeing these two legendary creatures trying to burn each other, it was looking more and more that their beloved Eden will be destroyed by the power of these beings.

(Psychotic Laughter): "Now this is what we are all about father! Me and you...father and son trying to kill each other...you cannot write a script better than this...come at me, God! Fuck your compassion! Show me how much you truly HATE ME!" Lucifer said with a twisted smile while being face to face with God as they were engaged in a power struggle.

Both of them had their fingers interlocked with one another, do their best to try and overpower the other while glaring at each other with the intent to kill and Lucifer was absolutely loving it, he has never seen God this angry, since the day he kicked him out of Heaven and ripped off his angel wings, oh how he wanted payback for that humiliation, and he was going to get it no matter what.

Lucifer quickly kneed God in his abdomen, causing the Holy one to lose the power struggle with Lucifer, and God's former favorite took this moment to place his father in a rather aggressive chock hold.

Lucifer began tightening his fingers on God's neck while looking at him with his smile growing more twisted and psychotic by the second, he raised his free hand and a black ball of demonic energy, began spiraling in his palm and he simply just brought it to God's chest and allowed it to do its thing.

God was sent flying due to Lucifer's attack causing him to crash into multiple mountains.

(Wincing) "Damn it...Lucifer's attacks are getting stronger...if this carries on...I will have no choice but to enter Omen 3." God said as he emerged from a whole in the fourth mountain he crashed into with his robes starting to take some serious damage.

Lucifer wasted no time and blitzed his way to God, intending to kick him in the face, but God caught his leg and throw him away as far as he can in order to create space between them, but Lucifer would not give God a second to breathe, he knew he had the advantage, so it didn't matter how many times God would try and create distances, he would close it as soon as he got his bearings, once again he blitzed his way to god in order to punch him.

God didn't have a second to think, he instantly blocked Lucifer's punch, but the sheer force of it caused God to go deeper into the mountain.

"I am not giving you even the slightest chance to recover...(Sinister Laughter)...doesn't matter how much or how many times you try and create space, I will always hunt you down." Lucifer said being up close and personal with God.

God could see that right now he was at a disadvantage, that power Lucifer just had brought him more power then God intercepted, he needed space, being stuck inside a mountain with Lucifer right in front of him was not an ideal situation, he needed a diversion and had the perfect ability for it.

"Holy Light!"

God's body radiated a blinding light which caused Lucifer to temporarily lose his vision, God took this opportunity to punch Lucifer away and get out of the mountain however the minute God got out of the hole, he immediately had to start dodging as a laser beam came charging his way.

Lucifer had a third eye on his forehead, emitting a powerful laser beam towards God, but was growing more frustrated at the Holy one, because he just kept dodging and ducking the laser beam.

(Slight panting) "Tch...if that thing so much as touches me, I am in trouble, but this is a problem now...Lucifer has the perfect attack that allows him to keep his distance while still being able to attack me, looks like I will need to enter Omen 3 in order to..." God couldn't finish his sentence as he had to dodge an incoming laser beam.

When God looked behind him, he saw that the laser beam completely sliced the mountain into two further confirming his resolve to avoid that attack as much as possible.

"Hmm...looks like his attacks are getting slower, that ability must be taking a lot out of him, looks like this is my chance to capitalize." God said to himself as each time he kept dodging Lucifer's lasers, he made sure to get closer and closer.

'Hmph fool, he must believe that my attacks are getting slower, but he is precisely falling for my trap, he knew I was such an actor.' Lucifer said to himself as kept on launching slow laser beams.

As God edged closer and closer Lucifer, just continued to launch weak attacks, until God was close enough that's when Lucifer became more serious, he snapped his fingers and instantly Lucifer's dragon appeared beside them and launched straight for God, opening its mouth and swallowing him whole, or so it thought.

There was a moment of silence as all just came to a standstill, although he saw it with his own eyes, Lucifer refused to believe it was this easy, he made sure to keep his guard up and his concentration on high alert.

For the first time in quite some time, Eden was experiencing a sense of peace and quiet, even though a large majority of it was damaged due to the power of God, Lucifer, and their pets, mountains were now reduced to just rubble and large rocks, 80 % of all plant life and vegetation were dead, the soil, the trees the beautiful flowers were all just withered away, rivers dried up and entire valleys were a shadow of their former selves.

All the animals just watched on in despair as the Eden they once known was no more, one of God's greatest creations was dying before their very eyes and they could do nothing about it.

Lucifer still kept his guard up, as he knew it was a foolish thing to think it was over against a being like God and sure enough, his hunch was correct, Lucifer began to see his dragon emit steam and radiate from its body a massive amount of heat.

"Tch...damn it... SPIT HIM OUT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" Lucifer demanded but unfortunately it was too late for his dragon.

The dragon began roaring and screaming in pain as it felt there was a burning inferno inside its undead body and it was nothing less than excruciating, it began swinging its head mindlessly as it lost all common senses, the pain was a bit too much.

The dragon eventually ceased its tantrum and just looked at Lucifer with worried eyes, Lucifer was rather surprised by the sudden stillness until his dragon exploded in front of him, causing bits of the monster to fly around all over Eden.

Lucifer wiped some of his pet's blood off his face and just saw God looking at him shirtless being completely calm and stoic.

(Sinister laughter) "So you have finally brought it huh? Ultra Instinct Omen 3, you are finally going full power father, I have been waiting for this, God at his best." Lucifer said with a devilish smile.

God just watched on with a stoic expression, he could see that the only way to finish this was if he went all out against Lucifer, there was no other option.

Lucifer just clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and began powering up to his fullest extent as well as he has been dying to see what this fusion can do when he is going all out.

The earth below them began to quick and vibrate violently as it was barely able to withstand the pressure God and Lucifer were giving off, but even though the whole of Eden didn't collapse due to these powerful monsters, it was without repercussions, the ground began to split open as the cracks it sustained before just evolved into something much bigger, causing a large number of the animals to fall within the cracks, killing them instantly.

Lucifer stopped his power up and God continued to look at him unfazed as he was more than ready to take on his former favorite at full-power, there was first the calm before the storm, both fighters just glared at each other and took in this moment as they knew this will be the last time this entire place will experience stillness like this.

Lucifer took a deep breath allowing the cold breeze to brush against his face before launching full force with the intention of punching God's teeth out.

In the nanosecond that he had, God simply just raised his right hand and caught Lucifer's punch with ease, still giving his trademark stoic look.

God shifted his head to the side and saw his injured Phoenix resting on the ground trying to regenerate from its wounds hoping to recover quickly so it can assist its master, but God had other ideas for it.

"Go, leave this place, you have done more than enough my friend, go and rest in heaven, I will make sure to catch up with you soon." God said, but the Phoenix could hear from the tone of his voice that God was not sure if he would actually make it back.

The Phoenix wanted to stay behind, but it knew very well that God, would just force it to leave with one of his many abilities, therefore it gathered its resolve and simply flew away, giving God and Lucifer's their privacy.

(Sinister Chuckle) "Now it's just me, you, and the hell we have created." Lucifer said with a smirk.

God paid attention to Lucifer's words and looked around him and just saw chaos, his beautiful garden, just looked like a graveyard from hell, all its beauty and life was just substituted with death and decay.

Lightning just kept striking in the background further emphasis Eden's anger and sorrow at the destruction it has experienced, God and Lucifer were hurting Eden and the land just simply wanted them to stop.

God-focused his attention once again on Lucifer, and God's number one enemy was loving the glare the Holy one was giving him, he absolutely loved how he was the only one who could truly get under God's skin and break his composure.

"Come enough talk, we now communicate with our fists." Lucifer said then used his other hand to land a punch on God and to his surprise, it actually landed.

Although Lucifer successfully punched the Holy one, God's head only slightly moved a few centimeters as if to indicate that Lucifer's punch was nothing, God-focused his attention on Lucifer once again and gave him the look, 'Is that the best you got?'.

Lucifer seemed stunned that his punch had very little effect on him.

'Did I miss calculate? Is Ultra Instinct Omen 3 more powerful than I anticipated? Wait no it can't be...don't tell me...his close to mastering it...'


God released a monstrous roar that seemed as if a beast was fused with his voice and the sheer force of the roar caused Lucifer to be launched to the ground.

Lucifer immediately emerged from the rubble and when he looked up to God, he could see the sliver aura of Ultra Instinct was slowly growing.

'Damn it... he is getting closer to mastering it, don't tell me Ultra Instinct is responding to him just as my power is responding to me...he is getting stronger as time goes on, just like me, this is not good, if he can master Ultra Instinct before my fusion can be complete, then all this will be vain...I cannot let that happ...'

Lucifer's train of thought was interrupted because God blitzed his way to him and punched his enemy in his abdomen.

Lucifer spewed out jugs of blood from his mouth, however, God didn't give him a chance to recover, he immediately gave his enemy an uppercut and Lucifer took to the skies.

God refused to take it easy and just kept coming towards Lucifer faster and harder, which sent him flying all over Eden, it just looked like thin lines were attacking Lucifer all over.

When Lucifer was airborne once again God, appeared behind him once again and kicked him in his spine, and God was sure that he heard a few bones snapping from Lucifer's body.

Lucifer plummeted once again, creating a gigantic crater like no other.

God's former favorite just kept spewing out gallons of blood from his mouth, he couldn't move for a little bit because he could tell that his spine was shattered from God's kick, it was a good thing he had Trihexa's power otherwise it would have taken days for his spine to be fully restored, but due to him having the beast's power, the regeneration was happening absurdly quickly.

(Wincing) "Argh...damn it this is not good, that bastard has pinned me to a corner and is not wasting his advantage, it's no wonder Bahamut lost to him, Omen 3 is causing such trouble and Ultra Instinct is not even in its perfect form...I need to dig deeper into Trihexa's power if I am to win this battle."

God just slowly descended to the surface but made sure to keep his eyes on Lucifer, as the for the king of the devils, once he felt that his spine was fully restored struggled to get on his feet, but eventually done so and climb out of the crater to face God once again.

God: "Surrender."

Lucifer: "You wish!"

Lucifer launched a laser at God, however, the Holy one easily dodged it, all Lucifer could see was his after images, Lucifer kept on trying and they all resulted in failure, God just kept dodging until he was standing right in front of him.

Lucifer looked visibly exhausted, his breathing was heavy and he was standing upright, God could see that Lucifer won't be able to hold out long, it was only a matter of time before he won.

"I will say this again, surrender Lucifer." God said with his cold eyes piercing Lucifer's very core.

(Heavy Panting) "Hmph...you really think I will give up?...after all, I have been through...after all, I have achieved...you expect me to just roll over and make you win?!"

"Yes." God responded immediately and that calm and unfazed look he held was starting to infuriate Lucifer.

(Heavy Panting) "That look!...I have always hated that smug look on your face...listen here father...(Scoffs)...I would rather die...do you hear me?...you will never see the day when I drop to my knees and beg for forgiveness...you and I are eternal enemies...if you want to stop me you will have to kill me...DO YOU HEAR ME FATHER?! END M..."

Lucifer couldn't finish his sentence as he felt an extremely sharp pain in his stomach, he looked down to see a holy sword driven deep into his body, he raised his head once again to look at God and began coughing out blood once again.

When Lucifer's eyes looked into God's eyes, he could see they held a large amount of sadness and regret.

(Panting + Coughing Blood) "What's with that pathetic look?...Huh?...don't tell me you regret this...(Coughing Blood)...you know how it is between me and you...it's kill or be killed...so do your duty and finish what you started...YOU HEAR ME?!...END IT!"

"I told you this before Lucifer, you are my child, you were my favorite, it hurts to ask a father to kill his son, I wish I could have been able to save you, to do things differently, may you rest easy my son." God said with a tear running down his face.

God snapped his fingers and all around them were a thousand golden holy swords aiming at Lucifer.

"Goodbye Lucifer." God said then ordered all thousand swords to penetrate Lucifer, and one by one they pierced into his skin and due to their holy energy, began burning Lucifer from the inside.

Lucifer just dropped to his knees and looked as if he was on the verge of death, he was a bloody mess with him having gaping cuts and wounds all over his body.

"Time to end this, Crucifixion!"

When God uttered those words a gigantic Holy cross appeared in the sky just above Lucifer.

(Psychotic Laughter) "THAT'S RIGHT...DO IT!...EMBRACE THE KILLER IN YOU...END IT!" Lucifer shouted while looking at the incoming cross.

God just gave Lucifer one last look of regret before turning around and walking away, and so the Holy cross began making its way towards Lucifer.


God just chose to ignore Lucifer and summoned his angelic wings and flew away from the danger zone as the Holy Cross was going to crush everything in the vicinity.

Lucifer just kept looking up and smiling at the cross, the fact that his impending death was just a few meters above him, didn't faze him, in fact, he embraced it, he enjoyed the fact he pushed God to kill, pushed God to be a murder, he truly was the only one that could get under God's skin.

*Crash + Earth Massively Shaking*

God landed on the only mountain that was still intact from the intense battle, God didn't even bother looking at the destruction he caused, he could already tell that Eden was now completely ruined and lifeless, he also didn't bother to look to see if Lucifer was crush under the cross, he just kept his regretful eyes to the ground and kept walking away from the mess he and Lucifer created.

'Tell me something, what is it that you wish to accomplish?'

Lucifer couldn't feel a single part of his body, everything was just dark, and still for him, all he knew was that the cross was resting on top of him and the soil was beneath him.

'I asked you a question devil, what exactly do you wish to accomplish?'

Lucifer: 'What is this? Who are you? Why is your voice in my head?'

'Why is it that you lower life forms cannot follow instructions? Answer the question devil, what were you hoping to achieve in this battle?'

Lucifer: 'Lower life form? You do realize who you are talking to right?'

'Hmph please...you are Lucifer, the former angel of God, now king of the devils and ruler of hell, I know exactly who you are, hence why I say you are a lower life form.'

Lucifer: 'Enough of this! Answer me! Who are you?!'

'I am what you all refer to as the beast, the end of all things, I am Trihexa.'

Lucifer: 'Impossible, you just a mindless beast, you have no intelligent consciousness.'

Trihexa: 'Assuming is a dangerous thing Lucifer, now answer what did you wish to gain from taking my power and defeating God of the bible?'


Trihexa: 'Control you say? How boring and cliché, a lower life form seeking power, so that he can control the world and engage on a pathetic power trip, what a waste of my power.'

(Chuckle) 'World?...(Chuckle)...who said I would be stopping at controlling the world?'

Trihexa: 'Hooo?'

'I wish to control all reality, to put it simply this entire system is flawed, every single one of these beings that draw breath, do not know how to live, they are idiotic, ignorant and wasteful abomination that do not deserve to live, I will change that, by ushering in a new system where under my control, all shall be perfect and how it was intended to be.'

'Control all reality? You do realize that you are going to have to challenge my opposite, the beginning of all things, the one who brought all to existence, you truly think, you can defeat her when you can't even defeat God of the bible?'

'That is why I have your power beast, however, you choose to be stubborn and not give me access to all of it, submit to me, and I will show you what a being with proper direction can do with your power.'

Trihexa: 'Is that right? Your body is too pathetic and weak, there is no way you can handle all my power right now, you lower life forms need to adjust, however how about we make a deal Lucifer.'

'A deal? You do realize what you are getting yourself into right? It is unwise to make a deal with the devil.'

Trihexa: 'Hmph please...you really think you can intimidate me? I can easily break this flimsy fusion you created and devour you Lucifer, now about my deal, I will lend you more of my power on one condition.'

'Which is?'

Trihexa: 'Destroy my opposite, you must kill the mother of all creation, so essentially just carry out your plan, and end her control of all reality.'

'And what exactly happens once I have killed her?'

Trihexa (Sinister Laughter): 'Come now Lucifer, you're the devil himself, I'm sure you can figure out what happens next between you and I.'

'Huh? So we will be on the same side until, I defeat her, Hmph very well then, I will not lose to you when the time comes beast, I will tame you, so let's do it, you have a deal.'

Trihexa: 'I will enjoy watching these events unfold, now brace yourself, devil.'

*Earth Shaking*

God stopped right in his tracks when he felt the surface begin to shake and vibrate.

"It can't be!" God said to himself as he refused to believe Lucifer was still alive.

The current of the wind began to pick up once again and very ominous looking dark clouds began to form above the cross with them releasing a few lightning strikes.

God turned around and couldn't believe his eyes, just standing above the cross was the image of Trihexa and Lucifer standing side by side smiling at him in a menacing manner.

A giant bolt of lightning striked God's Holy cross, specifically where Lucifer was and due to the intensity of the strike, it caused the cross to start crumbling.

*Earth massively shaking*

God did his best to try and keep his balance as this time it felt as if an earthquake was attacking Eden.


A beam of black energy shot up to the heavens and completely darkened the skies and vaporizing whatever was left of God's cross.

God looked to the ground and could see a figure standing right in the middle of the beam of energy and his fears of Lucifer actually surviving were only now increasing.

'How could have Lucifer survived? Unless...has he fully mastered Trihexa's power?.'

The beam of energy began to subside and all went into Lucifer's body and when God saw Lucifer and sensed his power, he couldn't help but feel nervous.

Lucifer blitzed his way to God and just stood a few meters away from him, God didn't even see Lucifer move, one moment he was there and the next he was behind him.

'What is this, why do I feel intense pain from my left shoulder.' God asked himself while still looking at the spot Lucifer was previously at.

God then heard something drop beside him and when he looked to see what it is, he saw his left arm on the ground completely lifeless.

Blood began spraying out of God's left shoulder and it was causing him unholy pain, he quickly placed his right hand on his left shoulder in order to try soothe the pain.

"Painful isn't it?" Lucifer said as he removed some of God's blood from his razor-sharp nails.

Both God and Lucifer turned around to face one another and it was a complete switch in expression with God now being the one expressing pain and nervousness and Lucifer just looking on with a calm face.

God tried to rush Lucifer but the moment he tried to take a step, Lucifer just appeared in front of him with his right arm impaling God's chest.

God started coughing out jugs of blood due to the holy pain he was experiencing, once again he couldn't even see Lucifer move, it was just too quick for him, almost as if Lucifer was moving faster than time itself.

Lucifer removed his arm from God's body, and both of them could see the gaping hole on God's chest.

"Now remind me again, what did you say to me father? Oh yes I remember, you told me to surrender, I would love to hear you say that again, go on let me hear those words once more father."

God just dropped to his knees as his body was having a difficult time coping with the injuries he sustained, he was losing large amounts of blood and was now knocking on death door.

"What's the matter? What happened to that confidence of yours? Come, let me hear you say those, tell me one more time how I should surrender." Lucifer said while grabbing God's hair and raising him up to face to face level.

Lucifer took his free hand and gouged out one of God's eyes, and all over Eden, you could hear the painful screams coming from the Holy One.

Lucifer just took a moment to admire God's eye in his hand before crushing it and he made sure that to make God look at him crushing his beloved eye.

"Hmph, I wish your devoted followers could see their beloved God in this pathetic state, to think the most powerful god in the supernatural world is at my mercy...(Sinister Laughter)...how the tables have turned, know this father Eden was where it all began for me and you, and this is where it will end, you're going to die here oh Holy one." Lucifer said with a psychotic smile.

God could see that he had no chance against Lucifer any more, he is at a level beyond Ultra Instinct Omen3, he hated to admit, but Lucifer was right, God is going to die here, but not in the way Lucifer thinks.

'Lucifer is just too powerful now, there is only one thing I can do now to stop him...my dear children, I know very well that you cannot hear me but know this, all I ever want was for all to prosper in this world, for there to be winners, but it seems I have failed in achieving my dreams, I trust that you, my children shall carry on my will and bring forth stability in Christianity, take care of things for me, my beloved followers.'

God struggled immensely to place his right hand on Lucifer's forehead and when he done so, it made Lucifer what on earth God was doing.

"What is this? some pathetic attempt to attack me?" Lucifer questioned in a mocking tone.

(Coughing up blood): "Goodbye...L...U...C...I...F...E...R." God said with his strength diminishing by the minute.

(Sinister laughter) "I really do love your optimism, its what really made you stand out from the other gods, to think that you are right on death's door and you still have the audacity to say goodbye to me, as if you are going to win...(Scoffs)...it truly is a fool's optimism."

God simply ignored what Lucifer said and channeled all his remaining power and life force to his right hand.

(Coughing blood): "This is it...begone beast...ONE THOUSAND SEALS!"

Immediately after God uttered those words, Lucifer felt a shock to his heart he instinctively released God in order to try assess what was wrong with him but God quickly took his right arm and wrapped it around Lucifer's neck.

Lucifer's eyes widened due to the immense pain he was feeling, as he was wondering what on earth was going on with him.

"Argh...What did you just do to me?" Lucifer questioned God in a rather panicky tone.

(Heavy Panting): "It's my trump card...the One Thousand Seals...in exchange for my life...I can seal away any being...no matter how powerful they are..."

"Impossible! Not once have I known of such an ability." Lucifer said with his fear levels slowly rising.

(Painful Chuckle) "It was a gift from her...the one you wish to defeat..."

Lucifer: "The mother of a creation..."

(Coughing Blood): "Indeed...as I said before...goodbye Lucifer..."

*Back with Diana and Rizevim*

"So what happened next?" Diana questioned as she was beyond invested in this story.

"Father could tell grandfather wasn't bluffing, therefore he did the only thing he could do."

Diana: "Which is?"

(Chuckle) "I see you really invested in this story, but anyway father undid the fusion technique, causing him and Trihexa to split, grandfather due to his injuries was too delirious at the time, so he didn't notice that father undid the fusion, this prompted grandfather to seal Trihexa and die in the process." Rizevim said while looking at his unconscious father.

Diana: "Resulting in Lucifer surviving?"

"Indeed, father was able to get out of that mess, being the only survivor to make it out of Eden."

"If Lucifer survived, then why is he in such a condition?" Diana asked as she was wondering why the king of the demons was still recovering after all this time.

"Good question, when father undid the fusion, it resulted in much more damage than anticipated, father was alive but barely, it would seem that if one fuses with a being that is greatly more powerful then them, it will result in possibly fatal consequences when undoing it, however, father survived and used all the power he had left to escape the crumbling Eden and made it back to me and his demons."

Diana: "Crumbling Eden? What became of Eden then?"

"It's gone, the Garden of Eden is no more, it could not withstand the battle between father and grandfather, so know how exactly grandfather died, it is true that God sealed Trihexa with a thousand seals and sacrificed himself, but most of the supernatural world doesn't know exactly how it happened." Rizevim said as he shifted his attention to Diana.

"So it was who carried on where he left off?" Diana questioned while still looking at Lucifer with cold eyes.

"Indeed, we went into hiding and over the years the world simply forgot about us, and due to his inactivity everyone just believed that father died alongside grandfather, that is when I created the Old Satan Faction and have been moving in the shadows, slowly and carefully recruiting members for father's cause, the time will come when all this work will finally pay off."

Diana's eyes began to widen in shock as she began to realize why Rizevim was collecting members and artifacts for the Old Satan Faction.

"Wait a minute...don't tell me one of the main objectives of the Old Satan Faction is to undo the sealing of Trihexa and reunite the beast with Lucifer?"

Rizevim just gave Diana a devilish smirk as he was impressed Diana was able to figure out what they were doing.

(Menacing Laughter) "Very good Diana, I'm impressed that you were able to guess what our plans are...indeed one of our objectives is to retrieve the Holy grail so we can undo grandfather's One Thousand Seals and once father is fully recovered, he will fuse once again with Trihexa, making him the Ultimate being once again.

Diana couldn't even begin to imagine how powerful and dominant Lucifer will be once he fuses with Trihexa again, with God out of the picture there was literally no one who could stop him, she even had her doubts that Madara could compete with a Lucifer that is fused with Trihexa.

"What's the matter, Diana? You seemed a little worried?" Rizevim questioned while carefully analyzing Diana.

(Shakes head) "Forgive me, I was daydreaming, I just can't imagine how dominant he will be now with God not being there to stop him." Diana said trying to cover up for the worried look, she already knew Rizevim had his eyes on her, she cannot look even the slightest bit suspicious.

However she couldn't help but be worried, God the most powerful of the gods had to sacrifice his life just to stop Lucifer, he wasn't even able to kill him, she was wondering if Lucifer pushed God to sacrifice himself, what would he do to her beloved Madara Uchiha once he is fused with Trihexa again.

"Come let's meet with the other members, we need to set into motion our next move." Rizevim said as he began making his way to the exit expecting Diana to follow behind him.

Diana just took one more look at Lucifer, the thought of killing him right now when he was vulnerable kept cropping in her mind, but she knew if she did so, she would be dead and that would be unfavorable to Madara as he still needs Diana to gather more information about the Old Satan Faction as well as she wasn't confident in her ability to use Kamui to get out of here without a scratch, she needed more time to practice.

Diana eventually turned around and made her way to the exit, once she was out of the room, Rizevim snapped his fingers and the room went dark once again, then sealed the room.

Rizevim: "Come let's make our way to the meeting room."

*The Conference Room*

"Nein! I achieved far greater than you did!" Hitler shouted at Napoleon as the two dictators were going at it, arguing who had a greater impact on the world.

"Idiote! Any Niais with power can start a World War, but it takes a true genius to rule it, something you cannot do." Napoleon said as he got up close and personal with Hitler.

"Haaaa?! Do you know who you are talking to Zwerg! I am the Fuhrer, I brought the entire world to its knees, and I can do it again." Hitler stated while looking eyes with Napoleon.

"Who are you calling midget? You Connard!"

Hitler and Napoleon and were just a few seconds away from tearing each other apart.

"Why is it that men always like showing off who has the biggest ego?" Victoria questioned while observing the argument between Napoleon and Hitler.

"It just their base nature." Medusa said as she stood beside Victoria.

"Ain't that the truth." Hera said as she too was observing Napoleon and Hitler.

*Doors Open*

Rizevim and Diana walked in and almost saw got hit by an incoming projectile, before the doors open, Hitler summoned a gun filled with magical energy and was ready to blast off Napoleon's head, however, the French icon dodged the magical bullet, causing it to head straight to the door.

Rizevim simply caught the bullet with two fingers before it could cause him and Diana harm and look on at Hitler with a bored look.

"I believe I said we are all allies here Adolf." Rizevim said while crushing the bullet in his hand.

"It's because of this Zwerg, he lacks respect for those who are superior to him." Hitler said while shifting his attention back to Napoleon.

"You Connard! I challenge you to call me a midget one more time!" Napoleon dared as he raised his aura.

"Pfft please, I am the Furher, your Zwerg energy cannot intimidate me."

"ENOUGH!" Hades said with him releasing a large amount of energy, essentially forcing Hitler and Napoleon to stop and obey.

"Thank you, Hades."Rizevim said and Hades just gave him a nod.

Victoria looked at Diana and called her over and the vampire simply made her way to Elizabeth's mother.

"Come sit next to me, let us chat." Victoria said to Diana, and the Queen of the vampires simply obliged.

"Tell me, what kind of man is Madara Uchiha?" Victoria questioned with Medusa also looking at Diana as she was also interested.

Diana was slightly surprised that Victoria asked her such a question, but knew she was undercover, so she had to play along.

"Whatever do you mean by that?" Diana asked while at Victoria.

"Well, I would like to learn more about the man who helped destroy my favorite city." Victoria with a calm demeanor.

"I never took you for the type to want revenge Victoria." Medusa said as she and Diana were wondering was the former queen of England holding a grudge against Madara for destroying London.

"Revenge? (Chuckle) please...if there is anyone I should be angry at it's my daughter Elizabeth because I know due to her personality, she must have forced Madara into a fight, but even with her I don't care, I'm not angry, just curious, I heard that yesterday he gave Cronus a quite the scare." Victoria said.

"Well yes, he unleashed a power called the Ultimate Susanoo and was causing quite the stir, but if you wish to know about Madara Uchiha, well I can say he is a man of immense power and is extremely driven, almost as if he is possessed, he says his goal is world peace and constantly reiterates, that he will stop at nothing until he achieves his goal, and the truly scary thing is that I doubt the world has seen him at full-power."

"Hooo? Is that right? I can see why Elizabeth has taken an interest in him." Victoria said with a smirk slowly emerging from her face.

"Perhaps we will see him go all out at some point, after all, Ophis is on the hunt for him." Medusa stated.

Victoria: "But even so, a human that can challenge the gods, is quite a fascinating thing, I'm sure my daughter didn't fare well against him."

"She didn't, Cleopatra had to step in and beg Madara to stop, otherwise, she would've been killed." Diana explained.

"Ah of course Cleopatra, I always had a soft spot for her, Elizabeth's best friend."

"Tell me something, whatever happened to you Victoria? And how did you end up in the Old Satan Faction?" Diana questioned.

(Finger tapping on lip) "Hmm? Where do I begin? well, you obviously know that the Royal family of England are immortals right?"

Diana: "Yes."

"Well it would seem that was a problem for the neighboring countries and England's colonies, it was my family that gave birth to the United Kingdom and made England the most powerful country in the world, however, you know how the old saying goes, 'for what comes up must go down.' the likes of America, Scotland and Ireland rebelled against England and wanted their independence, there was also other members of my family who wished for this as well and that's were our downfall came."

Diana: "Explain."

"We of Royal blood were blessed by God with immortality, but it is not complete immortality we can't die from old age, illness or hunger, but if someone was to cut our heads off, then we would surely die, so there are ways of killing us, that very fact tore my family to pieces, half of the family believed that England should rule the world, while the other half believed the other countries should be free and that's when the bloodshed began."

Medusa and Diana just kept giving Victoria their full undivided attention as this story was getting more interesting.

"While other countries were waging war against England, there was also a war happening within the Royal family, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters, it was a massacre because whoever could claim the throne, would be able to carry out his or her will and decide the fate of England and the world, we all fought against one another to take the throne and didn't care what we needed to sacrifice in order to rule, the fighting kept going, but once I eventually claimed the throne, it was too late, other countries claimed their independence and England lost the power it once had."

Medusa: "Carry on."

"While I am the strongest member in Royal family, only my ancestor King Arthur was equal to me, therefore all other members of my family backed down because they knew they couldn't challenge, however, they did fear that, I will try to make England the powerhouse it once was before, so there were multiple assassination attempts on my life, this is when I faked my death and let Elizabeth take the throne, my daughter would be the shiny trophy that keeps the other half of my family happy, while I move in the shadows."

"Wait? So what happened to the other half of your family, those who wanted to see England rule?" Diana questioned.

"Dead, I am the only surviving member from that side of the family, the fools got arrogant and underestimated the other half, that was their downfall, but in the end, the other half got want there want and believe I am dead, but soon, they will realize, that I have been quietly plotting on returning to the throne, so for now, I don't mind Elizabeth, running around and playing queen, unfortunately for my daughter, it will not last long."

"Excuse me ladies, but I would I appreciate it, if you pay attention, we are now commencing phase four of our plan." Rizevim said while getting Diana's, Victoria's, and Medusa's attention.

And that's a wrap, as usual, tell me what you think, so until next time.

Uchiha Wannabe Signing out peace.